First time without a Condom and first time with aThis is the story of the first time I ever came in a girl or woman with out a condom and about the first time I ever fucked 2 women from the same family.It all started during my sophomore year of high school. I started dating this girl from school, she was a junior. Went to events like football games, dances, etc. After the first couple of months we started having sex. First it was with a condom, but she assured me we would do it bareback as soon as she went on the pill. I could not wait. Unlike now, there were no condoms that felt like nothing was there.The night finally arrived when we fucked with out that damn latex barrier. We could not wait!The place was in her bed at her house. We started out like we always did. Foreplay, her giving me a great blow job, me eating her out and then 69. Then she was on her back, legs spread open waiting for my big raging hard on. As my cock approached her pussy I could feel the heat come from between her legs on my cock. I did not remember ever feeling it before. Likely because of a condom. She grab me and helped it thrust deep inside of her.She had a huge orgasm almost instantly and I could not hold back and emptied my cum filled balls deep inside of her. We had worked up quite a sweat and had to rest a bit. After an hour or so we fucked again, this time taking a bit longer, but I was able to cum just as much if not more deep inside her hot tight pussy. After this we fell asleep.It was no big deal for me to spend the night. It was a weekend and my parents thought I was at a friends house. I even had my friend canlı bahis cover for me in case my parents called. This was also a time without cell phones, so getting away with stuff like this was a lot easier. My girlfriends mom did not mind either because she was 17 and knew she was sexually active. Who do you think helped her get the birth control pills?The next morning when I woke up my girlfriend was gone. I thought she got up earlier as was already downstairs. Instead she had to go to work and left me a note.As I was getting ready to leave her mom came in the room. Now it was not like you think. I was already showered and dressed and so was she. She offered to give me a ride home. I had my motor dirt bike, so said no thank you. She then offered to at least make me breakfast. This I did not turn down. Her mom was a great cook. After breakfast we talked for a bit and then the subject turned to sex. Again this is not what you think. My girlfriends mom was about as liberal of a parent as they come. As long as her daughter did well in school, stayed away from d**gs, alcohol and other i*****l stuff she pretty much had the freedom to do what she wanted.She asked how did I like sex with her daughter and how did I like it without a condom. I said it was the greatest and she was my first time without a condom. come to find out I was also the first guy to cum in her daughter without a condom. I asked if we were too noisy the night before. She said no, not at all. She then openly admitted to it being a very long time since she had sex and did miss it. Not sure what to ask at this point, I asked how bahis siteleri long. She admitted 10 years. She was 45 at the time. Again not sure what to say I asked what does she do for sex. She admitted to using toys. I got to admit I had never really heard about sex toys up until that point. I mean, yeah I had heard of dildos, but that was pretty much it. I had this confused look on my face. She asked if I wanted to see and followed her to her bed room. She showed me what they were and described what they were used for. Like the smart ass that I was then I asked her to actually show me how she uses them. I expected her to say no. But she took her jeans off, pulled her panties off, laid on the bed and started to show me. I was dumb founded and just stood there staring at her mature hairy pussy while she rubbed herself with a moving fake dildo, shaped like a cock.I got a hard on almost instantly. She saw this and started to rub me through my jeans and undid my belt, pulled my pants and underwear down. My cock sprang out. She immediately put her mouth on it and took it deep in her throat. This was something I had never experienced before and after a few very short minutes blew my load in her throat. There was no time for a warning, I just did it. After she pulled away I apologized. She said don’t worry she loved every drop of my cum. At this pint we finished undressing. She asked me what I did with her daughter for sex. I told her. At that point she said we are going to do some new things. One of which was her sitting on me and riding me.After I was able to get hard again I took her from behind, güvenilir bahis then with her on her back. For some reason every time I tried to cum, she would stop and we would change positions. This never happened with her daughter. When I had to cum I would cum with out my girlfriend making me stop. This started driving me crazy. I wanted to cum in her pussy so bad and could feel my cock about to burst.This is when she laid me on my back, straddled me, sank her hot pussy down on my cock and started riding me. She went fast, then slow, then she would change it up. At least 4 times I got close to cumming as I felt her pussy getting tighter on my cock as if it was going to suck the cum out of me. This is what her daughters pussy did, only my girlfriend would let it happen and we would cum together. I was getting confused and concerned I was not going to cum and would have to jerk it later. My worries were put to rest when all of a sudden she rode me even harder and her pussy tightened on me even more than before and right when I expected her to stop and loosen up, her pussy clamped down even more and I had the hardest, longest and most intense orgasm cum I had ever had up to that point. It was so massive and intense I almost passed out and was utterly exhausted when it was over.After it was over we both could hardly move. When we were able to finally move I had to eat some more to regain my strength for the ride home.After that I continued to have sex with my girlfriend and her mom both, until my gf went away to college. Then it was just me and her mom having sex until I was done with high school and I went off to college. Her daughter did know, but did not care that I had sex with both her and her mom.This was the first time I ever had sex with 2 women in the same family. But not the last. That story is later.



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