First time with brother (Fiction)This story is fiction and it wasn’t written by me.As Melody was getting out of the pool, she saw her dad had an erection, under his swimsuit, and it was huge from what she could make out, like she had heard her mom say. He was trying to be cool about it, but she most assuredly saw, and like many thing, it got her very wet. She started thinking about him playing with her pussy, and than giving her his cock. And of her dad, cumming deep inside her with his big cock. She excused herself as she left, “I’ll be right back I gotta text a friend,” She tried to make a quick excuse to go leave, and play with herself. “Okay well come back you noob,” her brother said.She got to her room and got comfortable. She closed her eyes and imagined her dad eating her out, and than she imagined him slowly massaging her pussy with his big dick. She could hear people walking in and out of her house so she tried to be quite. She was fantasizing about her father fucking her.Suddenly there was a creaking sound, and she could see a pair of eyes looking in the room. Her heart sunk for a moment as she realized she had forgot to lock her door and she froze, She could see it was her brother, and while nervous, horny, and unsure what to do, she whispered loudly to him, “get in her and lock the door behind you.” Her brother, was apparently very turned on by whole thing, entered the room and quickly and shut the door and locked it.Melody, embarrassed by the whole thing, but her head, tried to hide her face from her brother, who was watching the whole thing. Having her brother watch her, started to turn her on, to the point where she couldn’t control herself and she started quietly moaning.After a couple minutes she could feel the heat leave her face as she became less embarrassed, or more used to it, and had the courage to look at him. Next to her only a couple feet away and watching her intently, he wasn’t saying anything. But she could see that his cock was hard. izmir escort “What am I going to do to keep him quite?” She wondered. She crawled on her knees closer to her brother who backed up against her bed, but still smiled, as she pulled off her bikini top.“b*o, can you keep this a secret between us? Please? It would mean a lot to me?” she touched his chest. “Hmm… wh.. what do I get in return?” He asked semi-confidently. “Hmm how about in return, you can have me?” She started to untie the string on his board shorts, she had never felt so horny since the first time she had sex.“how about anytime you want, I can play with you little b*o?” She slipped her hand down his pants and grabbed her brothers cock. “Anytime I want..?” He asked. “Sure b*o.” she started to jack him off under his swim shorts. ‘I can’t believe I am touching my brothers cock’ she said. She got more wet the more she thought about how dirty what she doing, and what she was about to do, was. She was surprised as she slowly handled his cock, it was extremely big for his age.. ‘Dad’s is probably even bigger than I thought.’ She thought. She could feel her brothers cock getting wet with pre cum so she stopped, and started to pull down his shorts. “Lets both get naked b*o.” He looked extremely nervous and hesitated. “Melody, this is my first time.”She almost laughed, it was obvious, “I’ll go easy on you,” she said wickedly. And she stripped her brother down, exposing his cock.She moved in close, kneeling down to suck his cock, slowly, not to get him too excited for his first time. She thought it was cute how he twitched as she sucked him off, and she didn’t even have to touch her pussy to feel like she was about to climax. “Wait.. I’m about to..” Her brother started to say, but she slowed down, and he stopped. “Don’t cum yet!” She said and she stopped sucking his cock. “Here lets get up here” Melody suggested and motioned to her bed, and her brother pulled himself up on it and lied down. Melody moved escort izmir herself close to the edge of the bed and pulled herself on top.Her brother was laying down, with his cock straight up. Melody couldn’t resist any longer, she wanted it. She climbed on top of him and slipped her brothers bare cock deep inside her pussy, which was still wet with her dogs cum. She grabbed his chest and tried to keep quite as her brother penetrated deep inside her. He was holding her legs with one hand and grabbing her nipple with his other, than he slowly moved his arm on her leg towards her sticky clit, and massaged it for her as she rode him.“Oh my god yes b*o,” she bent over so she was right next to his head as she rode on top of him. “Just like that!” He looked so focused as he fucked her, she bit his ear, and he turned his head towards her. He moved in close and started to kiss her, making her even more wet, “oh b*o she exclaimed,” as he kissed her neck, she slowly moved her hips. He put his arms around her, pulling her close. Melody couldn’t help herself.She started to make out with her brother as she rode his cock, trying to push him deeper and deeper inside her. She couldn’t believe what she was doing, but there was no stopping now. Her brothers tongue was deep in her mouth and his cock was tight inside her.She kept riding him for a few minutes until he squeezed her legs, “I’m.. gonna cum” He hesitated to say, she tried to slow down again, “It’s no good,” Her brother said and he tried to push her off. She pushed him back down, “It’s okay, I’m on birth control, and I have an emergency plan B pill, you can cum inside me.” He looked surprised and happy, “really?” “Yeah, cum inside me b*o, this is your treat, don’t tell anybody.” She bit his ear again and moved her hips vigorously around his cock.He grabbed her tight and they both started to cum. She could feel her brothers sperm gushing inside her, filling her deep inside. They both embraced and moaned as they came izmir escort bayan and than they finally collapsed. She ran to the bathroom and looked for her Plan B, her only one she had never planned to use and pulled it out and read the tag. “Use within 42 hours, Effective for 4 days.”Although she had just fucked her b*o she got even more wet. She took the pill, and walked back into her room where her brother still lay on her bed. She climbed in next to him, and grabbed his cum covered cock, “we have 4 days to have as much fun as possible,” she started to jerk him slowly for him to become hard again. He became erect again almost instantly, and pushed his older sister over, stood up, and pulled her by the legs to the edge of the bed, his cock now hard again, above her cum covered pussyHe than teased her, pushing his cock across his sisters pussy and her sticky clit. Melody wanted more of her brothers cum, and she spread her pussy wide for her brother, who plunged it inside her. She wrapped her arms around the back of his head as he gave it to her rough. His cock was big, but she was already well lubricated from his cum, so her brother was able to fuck her deep, and fast. “Give me more of your cum brother.” She whispered to him as he fucked her harder and fast. Finally he started to slow down and pulled himself close, so his cock was pushing against her deep inside, before he unleashed his load. She could feel his hot cum and she kissed him, as he twitched and came more and more. “Yes, give me all of it b*o.”She was overflowing now, but the pulse of her brother cock shooting cum inside her was making her orgasm endlessly. Finally he collapsed and pulled out, Her brother looked exhausted. “Don’t worry b*o, you have time to recuperate.. I mean we do have 4 days after all.” She went to the bathroom, managed to clean some of the cum off herself, and put on a bikini before heading back outside. Her brother, still getting dressed, stopped her on the way out, “I’ll probably come by tonight, you know, for some more play time with my sister..” He said. Melody smiled, “Just come into my room tonight, I’ll be waiting.. with nothing on.” She put on her bikini and left her brother dazed and pleased.



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