We are in the lounge and sitting on the couch! I am wearing my suit and silk boxers and you are wearing a short skirt and low cut top! God you look so good!

We start by having a drink and then I take your foot and just catch a glimpse of your black thong! As I move your foot up on to my lap and start to massage it I cant stop thinking about you black thong! I start to get very randy I am starting to get very hard and you can feel it on your foot and just smile to yourself, which I don’t see! I start to move my hand up your leg massaging as I go to see if I can get any closer to your black thong! I am as hard as a rock and you know it as you feel it under your foot!

And start to get horny! You know what I am doing and decide to play along! But not let me know! So you slowly move your foot that’s resting on my lap on to my bulge in my trousers! God that feels good! You close your eyes and just lay there with a small smile on your face! As I slowly move my hands up past you nee I keep going this time stroking the inside of you leg as I move my hand higher and higher I go past your skirt and you start to really get turned on!

I know you are getting turned on by your breathing and keeps going and touch you black thong by this time you are wet and I can feel your thong I is soaked and start to massage you from the outside of your wet thong! I just keep rubbing up and down and start pushing in a bit harder as I rub up and down! Then I go to the side of your thong and slide on finger in and find your clit and just put my finger on it and rub round kocaeli escort in circles for a minute! You start to rub your foot on my bulge and I move a second finger under your thong! And just dip it into your pussy just a bit to make you feel its there and then I push my finger in fast and hard and then pull my finger out slowly wile I am still massaging your clit in a circle motion! Then I take my hand out and make you stand up! I am going to tease you baby for a wile! And that’s a promise!

I pull your skirt up and rip off your thong! And pull you back onto the couch and with your skirt up round your waist and your bare pussy glisten in the light I move my mouth over to yours and kiss you passionately! And wile I kiss you I push my finger into your pussy hard this time and fast soon I have pushed another finger into your fantastic pussy it sucks on my fingers trying to get them in deeper!

All the time I am rubbing your clit with my thumb you start to moan a bit and I stop kissing you! And move my mouth down to your big left tit and start to lick your nipple then I suck your nipple into my mouth and suck hard It hurts a bit and I stop sucking when I hear you whimper! I pull my fingers out of your dripping pussy and move my mouth down to your clit and suck it in and nibble ever so lightly while you massage your own breasts and tweaking your nipples! I then dart my finger deep into your pussy and start to wiggle it about by doing the come here with my finger! I then stop and open the bag a had brought with me and pull out this 9inch long 3inch think kocaeli escort bayan vibrator and put it down next to me you look at it and think ohhh yes!

I smile and pull out a set of handcuffs and cuff your hand you offer no struggle and I go back down between your leg’s and pick up this monster of a vibrator and turn it on you see that it don’t just vibrate but it wiggles and turns slightly!

You know what I am going to do and you open your legs more and I slowly tease your clit with it and then I slide it up and down your pussy lips and then without any warning! I push it in hard and fast but only half way and leave it there for a second then I nearly pull it out all the way very slowly and then push it in all the way and just leave it in there all the way to the hilt! And then I turn it on full and it start to vibrate and wiggle like mad and then I get a feather out of the bag and start to tickle your right nipple and then I move it down to your clit! And slowly move it round and round then left to right all the time that monster of a vibrator is still inside you to the hilt!

Vibrating and wiggling like mad! I see your not far and wile I leave the vibrator inside your pussy doing its magic I turn to you and take my trousers off and you can see my 9inch dick is so hard! And I pull it out and offer it to your mouth and wile you are washing my big dick with your mouth you start to suck like you have never sucked before! And after only a couple of minutes of working my dick in your mouth you fell my dick twitch kocaeli escort and you know what’s coming next but you don’t care! As you are just about to cum your self you can feel that the big monster that is burred deep in your pussy!

And my hand and finger teasing your clit you know you cant hold on for any longer so with a very long hard suck on my cock I start to cum inside your mouth and you dribble some down your chin and I rub it into your tits! You are coming by now so hard that you think you are on a roller coaster of joy and ecstasy! After a couple of mins my dick start to come back to life and I un cuff you! And make you get into doggy stile and take you from behind I am now as solid as a rock again and start of slowly fucking your tight pussy hard but slow and I move my hand round the front to you clit! And start to massage and rub faster and faster!

And then I insert a finger into your tight pussy as I start to fuck you harder and harder and harder then I pull my finger out and grab hold of your hips and pull you back as hard as I can every time I thrust forwards in to your fantastic pussy and I start fucking you faster and faster harder and harder you know your tight pussy cant take much more of a hammering but are enjoying a fucking of your life wile I am fucking you harder and harder faster and faster you move your and to your clit and start rubbing yourself off as I am really fucking you fast and hard you feel my balls slapping against you and tell me to fuck you harder!

So I am now at full speed and know I ant going to last much longer but I don’t care as I know your going to cum soon so as I near I feel your body start to shack! And I start to cum inside you as you cum at the same time and after we come we collapse and your lying on top of me and just lay there feeling fucking fantastic!



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