First time swingingMy exwife was interested in having sex with other women and men. On our first date she told me how she wanted to be in a orgy. So I should of known we would be having lots of different sex escapades after we got married. It was not until a few years into the marriage that we tried to swing.First couple was not going to happen. We decided to try to just meet with a man or woman. Well things ended up with a man.We are close to a military base and the first guy was from the base. We chatted online and he came over that weekend. My exwife had huge tits and she worked out a lot. The guy was a little shorter than her but she was so ready to get some new cock in her she did not care.The first 20 minutes where a bit harsh with people being scared to make the first move. I went up to go get a drink and asked my wife to come with me. I asked her if she wanted to do something or not. She was so scared he would not want to do anything she did not want to get naked. I told her I would go in and see and then call her into the room if he wanted to do something.Within sakarya escort less than a minute I called her into the room. The guy was so excited and just did not want to be forceful.I had her sit on the couch between him and me and told her she was about to get the hell fucked out of her. She just turned red. Which at the moment I flipped her shirt up over her head and exposed her DDD tits. The guy started sucking on the tit closet to him and I did the same. Within a minute she was undoing her pants trying to get her panties off to get her soaking pussy played with.The guy turned to me with a look of, “what am I allowed to do!”I told him that she loves to have her pussy ate out. With her shirt still over her head. I got my cock out while he was going down on here and stood over her so once she started to come out from under her shirt my throbbing cock would be in her face, which only took a few licks till she wanted to see who was down on her.Now, my exwife would cum just sucking dick. So she was going wild at this point. I barely ever ate her pussy. adapazarı escort So she had my thick cock jamming down her throat while this guy was going to town eating her pussy.About 4 minutes of that she demanded someone start fucking her pussy. The other guy was fumbling around trying to get a condom on with his fingers already soaked with pussy juice I decided to start the fucking while he got his condom on. Which after a few strokes she slide off the couch to get in doggie position. Which to my amazement while I was fucking her she went under to lick her clit while my dick was pounding down on her. Which is also when I found out he was bi……… Once I saw he had his condom on I slid out of my wife and he latched onto my dick with his mouth…… This was the first time I had a guy suck my dick and he was wanting my cum, which I was not even close. I just pulled back after a few seconds and told him she was ready for him.At this point I just moved back and went to wash off a little bit. He was having a ball, my wife was ontop of him grinding the hell sakarya escort bayan out of the poor fella. He had his head between in her tits and within a couple of minutes he tapped to stop because he had nutted. Which I took up fucking the hell out of her again but was back on the couch. She was riding me, cumming, and saying how badly she wanted it up the ass. The guys face was just amazed with how she wanted to keep going. She reached over to his dick and start to jack him off to get him hard again. The only issues was he was not that big, but he did go back there and try to go in while she was grinding on me. Which he spent more time playing with my balls then trying to get in her……. Which I did not say anything I just know things will happen including other people. Which to stop him with playing with my balls I let him in her pussy again until he nutted within 5 minutes. He was so fixated on how my wife was sucking my dick while he was pounding her he just nutted. Now, at this point, he had enough and just wanted to watch.Overall my wife was extremely happy with how things went….. Until later when he was sending me messages begging to just get to take my dick and not have to deal with her…….. I never saw the guy again after that one meeting. Which her and I had other people we got to play with later.



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