Licking Pussy

First time giving head> Be 18, short, skinny, long hair, glasses> Go on Craigslist m4m> Post age and stats just to get interested guys in my area to send me dick pics while jerking off> Get an email from a 35 yo guy with 10” dick looking for a bj> He’s about a foot taller than me and a little chubby but idc it’s kinda hot (always liked the idea of being a sub twink sissy)> Get his address and drive over but start getting cold feet > Park by his house and smoke a bowl to lower my inhibitions> Convince myself to go through with it because the chance to suck a dick that big is a “once in a lifetime opportunity”> Meet him in his garage > Notice he’s wearing sweat pants and his cock is bulging> He shows me into his living room where he sits on the sofa and there’s a bakırköy escort beach towel laid out on the floor for me to kneel onto> Get a wave of fear as I’m sitting between his knees and his half-hard dick stares at me and I realize that I’ve never really blown a guy before> Work up my courage as I help him pull his pants the rest of the way down > Start by licking and kissing the head of his cock> Put the whole thing in my mouth and stir it around with my tongue> Suck and tug to try and get it hard when I look up to see his head resting on the back of the couch> He lets out a few moans and I can feel my mouth getting fuller and fuller> Before I know it, his dick is the size of a big cucumber and I can barely fit half beşiktaş escort of it in my mouth> Rub my lips down his shaft up and down and rub his cock on my mouth and face> He winces and tells me to watch the whiskers as my face wasn’t as smooth as I thought it was> Tongue and gargle on his big, low-hanging balls to try and make up for it> Go back to sucking and stroking > He’s getting more and more worked up and asks me if I “like that big, fat dick?”> I moan emphatically in agreement with my mouth full> I keep trying to throat him but I can’t seem to do it> I take his hand off of his knee and put it on the back of my head > He gives my head a push and thrusts a bit as I go down > His head finally slips into my beylikdüzü escort throat and he holds my head down as I gag and my eyes water> I’ve been rubbing my dick since I started sucking him but it’s getting hard to hold back the cum> After throating him for a few minutes there’s thick spit going everywhere and it’s running down my chin and onto my chest> I’m pretty sure I can’t hold my load much longer and my knees are starting to hurt so I kinda zone out and start use my mouth like a Fleshlight bouncing on his dick> He’s breathing fast and tells me he’s about to cum> Start stroking his cock and tell him to cum on my face> I blow a huge load on the towel underneath me> He grabs his dick and jerks off onto my face, glasses, and some gets in my mouth > Cough and gag on the incredibly powerful flavor of his cum > Shakily start up and ask him where the bathroom is. > Squinting with one eye open, I use the towel I was on to wipe the cum off myself in the mirror and soak up some of the spit on my shirt> Go back into the living room> As I’m leaving he says thanks> “No! Thank YOU!”



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