First Time, Gay, My History (fantasy #3)# 5Who the hell was at the door? I put on my best “I’m hungover and sick face” and crack the door………ugghhh……it’s one of my best friends Terry, I go into my spiel, man sorry dude, I’m crashed out and tired….he says….. I heard yelling when I pulled up and went around to the side of the house to see what the fuck was going on. He says….I saw everything through the blinds. I am blushing and freaked out, I tell him to get in the house in case someone drives by. We walk into the living room together, me covered in drying cum and sweat and my best friend. My black lover lays on the couch and smiles, we made some noise huh?…and laughs! I tell Terry I need to talk to him privately, he just says I need a drink…so I mix him one. He blurts out: I never knew u were bi, you all blew my mind while I watched you, I was worried I would get busted peaking with a hard on. I was amazed and relieved and asked him to hang out for the duration if he wanted. He immediately said I ain’t sucking no dick or getting fucked, I said fine, do what u want and headed to shower up. I arrive back in the living room after my shower and clean up, I think my ass has just accepted the abuse and has just gone numb. I could almost fist myself in the shower I was so loose, and that turned me on to no end. Now I have to face Terry, he is naked on the love seat opposite ( I honestly can’t remember his name so we will call him Mark) watching porn pendik escort with a hard on. He tells me mark said no clothes allowed for the duration of the weekend so he complied!! We all discussed stds and Mark and I explained that we were barebacking now and asked him his situation. Terry said he hadn’t had sex in ages and believes he should be 100% clean, I say I am good with it, and Mark agrees. I look at Terry jerking off, he’s so fucking turned on, I just walk over, get on my knees, look him in the eyes and tell him I have always wanted to suck his cock. He tells me he’s jerked off so many times thinking about us getting together, and he just couldn’t cross that line. I smiled and took his beautiful 8” cut cock into my mouth. Teasing him and sucking him I tell him how much I wanted a threesome with him and my ex wife, dreaming of him fucking her while I licked his balls and her pussy. Eating his cum from her and cleaning his cock. He closed his eyes and moaned deeply and his cock erupted in my awaiting mouth. I swallowed every drop, sucking and kissing him until he was spent and soft. Mark smiled as I looked at him and he told me he would wait for later to cum, but that he enjoyed watching his bitch service another cock. I made lunch for everyone and played bartender into the afternoon, I knew this next session was going to be awesome and wanted those two drunk and myself tipsy, so there were no inhibitions and we could fuck like kağıthane escort a****ls. I took a break and cleaned and lubed my slack hole, put on a cock ring and slammed my drink down. I walked into the living room and said I wanted to get fucked, I wish I had had some lingerie to wear but it wasn’t in the cards. I told them to sit together and proceeded to suck and play with both of them until they were moaning and rock hard. Kneeling there holding two huge cocks was one of the most erotic things ever, lapping up their pre cum, licking their balls just basically being a sexual slave for their pleasure. Terry blurts out that he wants to fuck me, NOW, I ask him how he wants me and he tells me to suck Marks cock while he fucks me from behind. I get between Marks legs and he jambs his dick in my mouth, I can’t wait for my best friend to finally fuck me and start moaning like a slut. He teases my hole with his fat head, I am desperately trying to push back against him so he can get inside me, he laughs and says bud, you REALLY want my cock don’t you? I am getting in a frenzy and try to talk with a 10” black cock being thrust into my mouth, he finally puts his head on my puckered hole and slams balls deep in one stroke. He has a fat mushroom head and god it feels good hitting home, my cock starts to squirt and I cup a hand under it to hopefully catch it all. I am in heaven, two cocks using me maltepe escort at their will, Terry starts pounding me with Mark cheering him on. “Fuck that ass, make him know whose boss, we are going to fuck this boy till he can’t walk” the next thing I hear is “SWITCH”, Terry pulls out and sits sweating on the love seat, cock covered in my ass cum, I spin around and offer my ass to Mark. Taking my hand from under my cock I see there is a tablespoon of my cum in it, I show it to Terry and dump it on his throbbing cock, licking the remainder up while looking him in the eyes like a fucking whore. I slobber and suck my cum off his prick, as Mark, who doesn’t give a shit, starts pounding me mercilessly. All I can do is wrap my arms around my best friend with his cock in my mouth and cum….again and again, taking me to the limit, I start thrashing around and trying to move but they keep driving me from both ends, once again I am out of control and start to drift out of consciousness, Mark is deep in me, wrecking me for the umteenth time, my whole body is cumming and I love it. Both loads hit me at once…swallowing and getting creamed I am in heaven, I’m a rag doll, they pound my holes laughing as I convulse and fall to the floor. Used and abused I curl up on the floor panting, sweating and shaking. I am feeling the residual spasms travel through me and I hope I made everyone happy.I wake up later alone, in a dark house, WTF happened? I am crusted with cum and can barely get up. I mix a drink and hit the head to relieve myself. I feel my ass and it’s so fucking used, I can’t believe I am still going. It’s now I hear voices on the back patio, I walk out and tell them we can’t make noise because our houses are so close. They tell me to chill and get ready….for the jacuzzi. Saturday pm next?



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