First Time Fuck With Best FriendTHIS IS A TRUE STORYThis happened with my best friend and I. We had just graduated high school and I was moving a few weeks later. So one of my best friends asked me to spend the night at his place since we weren’t going to see each other for a while once I moved. I set up my sleeping bag next to his bed and we were talking. It was probably around midnight and his annoying conservative extremely religious parents had finally gone to sleep. We were reminiscing about our years at high school and talking about all the girls we fucked when he asked me if I’ve ever fucked a guy before. I was kinda shocked by the question but thought it was hot. I said no but wanted to. I asked him. He said no but he wants me to fuck him. He said illegal bahis he use to always stare at my cock in the locker rooms at school and wanted to taste it and have me fuck him. This really turned me on so I got out of my sleeping bag and jumped on his bed. I immediately took his boxers off and mine and started to jerk his cock, he jerked mine! Then he wanted to suck mine and I wanted to suck his, so we 69’ed. I was sucking his nice cock and he was slurping all over mine. It was amazing. Once he got my cock nice and wet he wanted me to fuck him, so he got off me, turned around to get into doggy position. I spat a huge loogey on his asshole and began to push my cock in. He let out a loud moan, so we had to stop for a sec to make sure his religious parents illegal bahis siteleri hadn’t woken up. They didn’t so I pushed my cock all the way in his super tight ass! I kept pounding going deeper and deeper with every thrust. He was loving it, moaning! I was fucking him and jerking him off too. He was in heaven! He then wanted to taste his ass on my cock so I pulled out and shoved it in his mouth, he tried to deep throat it but couldn’t and always ended up gagging. He then got into missionary position with his legs up and was fucking his tight hole again! I wanted to feel his cock too so I pulled out and bent down getting into doggy position. He then started to rim my hole to make it wet, it felt real good. I could feel his cock head teasing canlı bahis siteleri my hole circling it, until finally he shoved his cock deep in my asshole which is also super tight. I moaned and he started to pound me harder and harder, it felt so good. His nice balls slapping against mine. He kept pounding but couldn’t hold it anymore, I told him I wanted his cum deep in my tight hole. So he let out a few more hard thrusts and exploded in my tight hole! It felt so hot! He then pulled out and I sucked the leftover cum off and got him into doggy again. It was my turn to cum! I shoved my cock deep in his ass again and kept pounding harder and deeper. I was spanking his ass while it bounced on my cock! I also couldn’t hold it anymore so I went super hard and fast and erupted deep in his tight hole! I could feel my hot sticky cum spurt out of my cock a good 7 times! I then pulled out and he sucked my leftover cum off and we both layed on his bed exhausted. We loved it and ended up fucking all night!



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