Sofia checked her watch for the thousandth time. Two minutes till closing. She wasn’t sure if her plan was the smart thing to do, but somehow she knew she had to at least give it a shot. Idly she fiddled with her ponytail and leaned casually on the counter. She was dressed in the usual work uniform pullover and khaki pants, same as him. She didn’t quite dislike the outfit but there were things she’d rather wear. If things went according to plan, both of them would be out of their uniforms quite soon.

She stole a glance at him as he wandered the floor, talking to a customer as he sorted this and organized that. Darryl wasn’t a supermodel per se, but he wasn’t bad either. She assumed as much anyway. Unlike most women she knew, Sofia never really thought of men sexually. It wasn’t because of feminism or some sort of hidden hatred of men. When she had first hit puberty she found herself attracted to the girls as well as the boys, though more of the former than the latter. As she experimented with her girl friends her homosexual urges grew as her heterosexual urges faded, the latter eventually vanishing entirely. Until recently, at least.

She had become increasingly curious about the other half, about what it might be like to try it with a man instead of a woman for once. Aside from a few curious investigations on the internet she had never even seen a man naked. She smiled to herself at how her girlfriend had been open to the idea and had even helped her pick out a how and a when and a who. They both agreed that not only was Darryl a pretty nice guy, but he wasn’t likely to sue for sexual harassment. He also seemed as though he would be quite receptive to the idea. More than once she had caught him staring at her tush or her cleavage, though he always pretended he wasn’t looking.

An interrogative tugged at the corner of her attentions. “Wha?”

“It’s after ten. Should I go ahead and close up?”

“Oh right yeah.” Swiftly they closed things down and shut things off and lowered the big security grate at the front of the store. Nobody would bother them for a good 12 hours. Plenty of time. They entered the back office, where Darryl would collect his backpack and then head on home unless she interrupted him.

He stopped walking as she flicked the light off and closed the door, the room now bearing a soft blue glow from the small amount of light filtering in from the one small window. Tentatively she stepped closer to him and placed her hands on his shoulders, looking into his eyes. No she couldn’t look into those eyes. As she turned away his hands found the small of her back. His touch was light but suspicious. He didn’t know what to make of the situation. Truthfully, neither did she.

Cautiously she pulled herself against him, resting her head on his shoulder. In response his embrace tightened around her in a gentle hug. It felt sort of like when she and Kate danced, but different somehow. She also became keenly aware of his scent. It was definitely very different from any girl’s scent, but she didn’t find it repulsive as she had thought she would. She caught herself closing her eyes and taking it in, as one would smell a flower.

The pleasant friction on her breasts made her smile as they held each other. He seemed to be enjoying the friction as well; their khaki pants did little to hide his erection with their bodies so close together. He shuffled back a bit but she stayed with him, holding onto him tightly and burying her face in that little spot between neck and shoulder. The scent was starting to become just a little addictive. Goosebumps started to form on his neck, more so when her lips accidentally brushed against the skin there. She even felt her own skin doing the same from his warm breath on her neck.

She mustered her courage and looked into his eyes again. Her mouth went dry. If she didn’t do something soon he might leave. He looked confused and a little worried. She could feel his heart beating faster in his chest. “Sofia…” His voice was so quiet she almost didn’t hear him. “Are you… ok?”

She almost chuckled to herself. He thought she just wanted to be comforted. She swallowed nervously at what she was about to say. “I’ve never… been with a man before Darryl and… and I want to try it… with you.” Understandably, he was speechless. Those eyes. His eyes, in this place, at this time, were making her knees wobble. She closed her eyes to try to stay focused, mentally taking the step past the point of no return as she whispered quietly, “Kiss me.”

His lips had a firm texture to them, unusual but not unpleasant. His arms enclosed around her a little more snugly for just a moment before illegal bahis relaxing, almost as an afterthought. He seemed hesitant to overdo it. She began to open her lips wider as they kissed, her usual signal to Kate that she was ready for her tongue. Darryl caught on quickly and began to slowly flick her tongue with his. His fingertips traced up and down her spine, giving her a pleasant sensation that brought a smile to her lips. It was then that she realized she had been holding her breath. She had to wonder if it was that or him that was making her feel light-headed right then. Either way, she held onto him tighter and he held her tighter in response.

She pulled away from the kiss to rest her head on his shoulder again and found her heartbeat now matched his in speed. She had been kissed by a guy for the first time, and was feeling a bit giddy from it. He lightly kissed her cheek as his hand continued to stroke the small of her back comfortingly. Idly she traced her fingertips up his arm, gave his shoulder a gentle squeeze, and then played her fingers along his chest. It wasn’t quite as much fun as a breast, but the toned muscles under her hand had a certain primal attraction to them. She decided to get a better look at said muscles and reached down to pull the bottom of his shirt up.

Possibly with a bit of reluctance he released her from his embrace and lifted his arms as she lifted his shirt over his head. He rested his hands on her hips as she gingerly felt along the contours of his chest and abs, both of their gazes fixed on the progression of her fingers. Occasionally he would shiver as her hand brushed a sensitive spot, and she thought she even heard him growl a little. Surprisingly she felt her nipples harden a little even though he hadn’t touched them yet.

As she fumbled nervously with his belt and zipper he gave her shoulder a gentle squeeze and smiled at her reassuringly. She smiled back and carefully lowered the zipper, touching it gingerly so as not to touch his shaft just yet. She was still a bit nervous about that foreign object. His erection was clearly visible through his boxers as his pants fell to the floor. She didn’t know how long she had stood there staring at it, but he didn’t seem to mind the wait. She then took a deep breath before proceeding to the next phase. “Undress me.”

He cautiously pulled her shirt up just as she had done for him, pausing just before her breasts in case she changed her mind. She gave a slight, almost imperceptible nod, and he lifted the shirt the rest of the way up. She closed her eyes as the shirt covered her face, and for a brief moment she felt terribly vulnerable. But in that brief moment, her arms stretched over her head, her breasts thrust outward, and her body arched slightly towards him, she also felt rather sexy.

She thought she could almost see him blush as he took in the sight. Wearing lacy things under her uniform at work was always a bit itchy, but was also always fun when it was revealed to her partner. The flowery lacy material was transparent in some places, but kept her nipples covered, though they poked prominently through the thin material. Kate liked her breasts for their size and supple feel. She liked them because they were just the right size so they were big enough to get attention but small enough that she could go without a bra if she wanted to. He seemed to like them too; his hands almost leapt to them, but he quickly composed himself and set his hands to work on her belt. She smiled as his hands brushed lightly against her midriff along the way. It felt kind of nice.

She watched him pensively as he knelt before her to slowly remove her pants, his fingertips occasionally brushing along her thighs. She had matching panties on as well, mostly transparent with thin bits of opaque material covering the special places. He looked up to meet her gaze and she bit her lip as his warm breath teased at her center. Seeing her apprehension he rose and embraced her again, and she eagerly held onto him and nuzzled into his shoulder. It was different this time, with skin on skin, much more pleasurable. She could now acutely feel every contour of his strong arms around her waist, every firm shape of his muscles against her body. His alluring scent came to her again. The feel of his firm erection pressing gently between her legs through their undergarments felt nice too. Amazingly she found herself becoming moist, and he still hadn’t done anything to her beyond that first kiss.

She allowed herself to look into his eyes again and applauded herself when she didn’t look away. But she began to think. She herself wouldn’t mind spending the rest of illegal bahis siteleri the night just being held like this, but she knew he wanted more and she might want more too. “It’s ok,” he said softly, “I won’t do anything you don’t want me to. Just take it one step at a time.” She couldn’t help but smile at him. He was always so good at knowing how she felt. Becoming quite short on words for the occasion, she merely leaned in and kissed him softly on the cheek.

She felt at his chest again, this time experiencing the feel of the bare skin. His nipple didn’t seem to be as sensitive as hers, but it did harden a little when she touched it and she could tell from his smile it felt good. Her fingers roamed over his abs, but stopped at the waistband of his boxers. “Go ahead,” he coaxed gently, “do whatever comes naturally.” She shivered as he caressed her cheek and kissed her again tenderly, feeling her arousal build again. He steadied her with a hand at the small of her back while he traced his fingertips down her neck and along her shoulder. His lips tapped her cheek, then the top of her neck.

Cautiously she began to stroke the length of his shaft through his boxers, holding onto his shoulder for support. Seeing how much she liked it when he kissed her neck she leaned in and did the same for him, adding a few flits of her tongue for good measure. When he growled softly by her ear in response she had to hold on tight to his strong shoulders as her knees wobbled. She found herself purring back when he nibbled slowly down her neck and traced his fingertip down the contour of her cleavage. She began to lick her way back up his neck while she slowly slipped her hand inside his boxers to feel a man’s shaft for the first time.

The texture was curiously firm, and seemed to increase in stiffness slightly as she stroked it. A soft moan escaped her lips while his fingertips followed the patterns on her lacy bra, teasingly avoiding the stiffening nipples for now. His lips weren’t far behind, kissing along her collarbone and then adding a few flicks of his tongue along her cleavage. She couldn’t resist now; she had to see what he had under those boxers.

Obligingly he bent down to remove his boxers, tossing them aside somewhere. He smiled up at her as he knelt between her legs again and smoothed his hands up her thighs to rest them on her hips. She smiled back and placed her hands on his. She closed her eyes and mewed softly as his tongue appeared on her inner thighs, a little circle over here, a little circle over there. She felt her way along his arms to support herself on his shoulders and arched slightly as his tongue ventured higher, nearly at the top.

He paused as his lips came near her center and looked up at her inquiringly, probably waiting to see if she would change her mind. She was moist with arousal and her body quivered with anticipation. She was still nervous about letting a man touch her where no man had before, but there was no doubt she wanted him to touch her now. She gave another slight nod and a smile and he smiled back, and then placed a soft kiss on the front of her panties. Her body arched eagerly towards his lips and she dug her fingernails into his shoulders.

She gasped in surprise as she felt her feet go out from under her. At first she thought her wobbling knees had made her fall, but when she opened her eyes she found Darryl was carrying her to the office’s couch. She couldn’t help but giggle softly. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and nuzzled his neck affectionately. His scent was intoxicating. He gently laid her back on the couch, kneeling beside her and tenderly caressing her cheek, smiling down at her warmly. She smiled back and reached out to feel up his chest before smoothing her fingers through his hair as he leaned in and kissed her softly.

She moaned into the kiss, lost in the moment. His fingers casually traced down her neck and along her cleavage. Her body arched slightly to press her breast into his hand as his fingers brushed gently across her nipple through the lacy bra. Her hands explored his body while he pulled his lips from hers to nibble tenderly at her neck and give her breast a gentle squeeze. Her heart beat quickly under his hand, and her breath was ragged. She had no idea a man could make her body react like this, and he had only begun to touch her sensitive spots.

A gasp parted her lips as he gently kissed between her breasts. As her body arched towards his lips, his hands slipped behind her and swiftly unclasped her bra. She smiled pensively and blushed slightly as he gently removed the bra, revealing her breasts to a man for the first time. canlı bahis siteleri Seeing her apprehension he leaned in to give her another tender kiss, gliding his tongue gently along her lips. Her lips quickly parted to wrap around his tongue and suck on it lightly. His fingertips appeared on her breast, drawing patterns on her nipple.

She closed her eyes and laid her head back, tangling her fingers in his hair and focusing on the progression of his lips as they nibbled down her neck. Without even thinking of it she felt her leg curl around his body, pulling him closer. His tongue flitted along her collarbone and down her cleavage, making her whimper softly with desire. Finally he closed his lips around one nipple, nibbling it tenderly, while he gave her other nipple with a gentle pinch. She moaned and arched her body towards him, digging her nails into his shoulder a little and wrapping her leg around him tighter. His erection pressed hard against her panties, making her quiver.

Her hand crept down his body curiously, eagerly, slowly slipping in between her panties and his shaft. She felt his sharp intake of breath on her skin as she began to gently stroke him. She whimpered softly as his lips left her breast and his shaft left her touch, but smiled as he began to kiss lower down her body. She caressed his shoulders and wrapped her legs tightly around him as her pulse quickened with anticipation, her eyes following every little kiss down her belly. She chewed her lip nervously as his lips hovered over her panties. He hooked his fingers in the waistband of her panties and she gave another slight nod as she lifted her legs to allow him to remove her last bit of clothing.

Tenderly he began to glide his tongue up and down her folds, teasing them this way and that. She shuddered and moaned deeply, holding onto his shoulders and constricting her legs around him as her body arched with the wave of pleasure. She had always heard that guys weren’t nearly as good as girls at this, but the way he alternated gently nibbling at her folds with his lips and gently wriggling his tongue deep inside her had her senses on fire.

She writhed with another jolt of pleasure when he softly kissed her clit and smoothed his hands up her body to cup her breasts. Her fingers tangled in his hair and her legs twitched on his shoulders with each electric pulse as his fingertips caressed her nipples and his tongue flicked at her clit. With a cry of ecstasy she hit her orgasm, every muscle in her body convulsing with pleasure.

Smiling softly she laid her head back and closed her eyes, taking a moment to catch her breath. She felt Darryl gently withdraw from the embrace of her thighs, and a few moments later his lips were pressed softly to hers. She smiled and caressed his cheek, offering her tongue and purring softly when she felt his. A soft moan followed when she felt his shaft brushing slowly up her inner thigh. He gave her neck a few more tender kisses as he progressed upward, bringing the head of his shaft to tease along her outer folds without dipping inside. “Are you ready?”

The most she’d ever had inside her before were fingers. She had pondered toys on occasion but most of them looked too big. Her girlfriend said the real thing was better anyway. She decided she trusted him not to hurt her, and with a slight nod she delicately touched his shaft and helped him guide it inside her. He set his mouth to one nipple and his fingers to the other as he began to enter her.

She felt quite light-headed as he parted her folds a little bit at a time, letting her take the time to savor it all. Her moans of pleasure were interrupted by a brief whimper of pain as her hymen was broken, but the moans soon resumed as he slowly continued inward to enter her fully. She ran her fingers through his hair and dug her nails into his shoulders as he began his rhythm, gently gliding in and slowly withdrawing, all while teasing her nipples with fingers and tongue.

Her legs instinctively wrapped around him to pull him deeper inside her, her body beginning to match his movements. She whimpered out encouragements, though she couldn’t form anything too coherent. She just barely heard his moans in-between hers, increasing her arousal. Her moans spiked each time a deep thrust filled her folds and brushed his body against her clit. Her second orgasm built up inside her like a raging fire. She came hard, her body constricting around him so tightly that she would have been worried about leaving marks had her mind not been preoccupied with the sexual explosion.

She was vaguely aware of his shaft slowly slipping out of her and a tender kiss finding her lips. She clung to him and nuzzled into his chest as he lay down beside her, his hands gently caressing here and there on her body. She softly whispered her thanks as they lay there letting their hands wander awhile before she fell asleep in his arms.



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