We were both in a club separately and I noticed you across the bar and decided to come and chat you up. We flirted for a bit and I got you a drink etc. I then asked you to dance and you took my hand and lead me to the dance floor. We swayed to the music with our arms around each other and I kissed you passionately. You kissed me back sliding your tongue into my mouth. I slide my hand down and grabbed your sexy ass as we continued our kiss.

You turned around and I ground me groin against your ass as we moved in time of the banging music. You could feel my cock hardening in my boxers as it rubbed up against you. I slide me hands up your hips and across your stomach and rest them under your amazing boobs. You reach around and stroke my inner thigh and rest your hand below my swollen manhood.

You turn to me and whisper in my ear that you want to have my big cock inside you. As you run your hand across the bulge in my trousers. I smile as look down your top to catch a glimpse of your sexy cleavage and whisper in your ear that I want to suck on your superb tits. You take my hand and lead me towards to exit of the club.

We walk around the back of the club to the car-park. I grab you and lean you against the walk and kiss your neck and work my way down your neck towards your incredible chest. I use my hands to lift up your top up over your tits. I then ease those bad boys out of the cups of your bra. I stand and look at them as I hold them in my hands, your boobs shining in the moon light. I then dive straight in and take those big boobs to my mouth and suck on those nipples long and hard as you hold my head to your chest. Your tits taste amazing like a warm home for my head and lips.

You pull my head up and kiss me passionately as you pull the zipper on my fly down and ease my swollen cock out of my boxers. You kiss down my neck and bend down holding my hard cock in your warm hands. You look up and then take my whole 8 inch shaft straight to the back of your throat in one easy motion. The sensation is incredible. Its all I can do to stop myself cumming straight away. But I relax as you suck my cock harder and faster occasionally stopping to suck on my big balls that hang down invitingly below my throbbing cock.

Before I shoot my load you stop and stand up still holding my large member and ask me to come back to your place to fuck you senseless. I agree instantly obviously. You put your big boobs back into your bra and put your top back to the correct position. You then give my cock last little kiss and let me pop it back into my jeans and do up my fly. We then kiss again then walk to the taxi rank.

We jump into a black cab and you give the driver the address. We sit with our backs to the driver and you shove your tongue deep into my waiting mouth. I return the kiss canlı bahis şirketleri and we stay locked together for a minute in this passionate embrace. You then sit back and hitch up your skirt. You are not wearing any knickers. I look shocked but you said you removed then just before we left the club.

You take my hand and place it on your trimmed pussy. I rub your already swollen clit and you gasp as my cold hand touches your warm pussy. I tease your clit with my fingers and open up your swollen hole and watch the juices sparkle in the moonlight. I then whisper in your ear if I can finger fuck you. You immediately agree and I slide two fingers deep into your waiting pussy. You gasp as I slide then in and out of your wet hole.

You throw you head back and grope at your tits through your top as I continue to finger you. I add another finger and you start to breath quicker and harder as my pace increases. Then your body tenses up and you shudder as orgasm flows through your body. Then you go limp as the feeling goes. You look at me as I lick my pussy juice soaked fingers clean. You kiss me deeply and tell me you are going to let me fuck you mouth, tits, pussy and ass. In any position I want. You love cock and need mine inside you now.

You lean back and pull you skirt back down you legs and rearrange your twisted top giving me a good look at your erect nipples and impressive cleavage. You smile at me just as the taxi pulls up outside your house. I pay the driver and we jump out and to taxi roars off down the street. We stand outside facing each other your face still flush from the orgasm you just felt. I pull you close to me and grab your ass. You tell me its time for me to taste your pussy and fuck all your holes with my big hard cock as you unzip my jeans and release my cock. You take it in your hand and lead me into the house.

As you close the door behind me you drop straight to your knees and take my full length into your mouth once again I hold your head and thrust my cock deep into your waiting mouth. After a few more thrusts you stand and lead me upstairs to your waiting bedroom. You switch on the light and I approach you from behind and cup your tits with my hands. I lift you top off over your head and undo your bra and let it fall to the floor. I squeeze and play with your big bouncy boobs and kiss you neck as you wank my hard cock in your hand. You lean your head back and tell me that you have a surprise for me. You bend over in front of me and open the bottom draw next to your bed. I take the opportunity to pull your skirt up and finger your pussy. You don’t seem to mind as you stay bent over for a couple of minutes and open your legs wide so I can get good access to your pussy.

You eventually stand and show me the collection of sex toys you got out of the canlı kaçak iddaa draw. You tell me you want me to watch as you fuck yourself with these toys. I stand in almost shock but in total agreement. I go and sit on the chair in the corner of your room. You take off you shoes and skirt and kneel on the bed facing me. You start by playing with your big tits and lick your nipples. Then you run your hands down to your waiting pussy and give your clit a rub as you talk dirty to me telling me how good it feels. You slow slide two fingers into your waiting pussy and slowly fuck yourself with your digits. You then grab a small vibrator and lick it all over to lube it up then slide that straight into your hole. You gasp as it fills you up. You start to rock as you slide it in and out of your wet snatch moaning as the pleasure builds inside you. You remove the vibrator and grab a nice big dildo and spit all over it then thrust it into your pussy. The view is incredible I sit now completely naked stroking my cock as I watch you fuck yourself silly. You pound your pussy with that big rubber cock and move your other hand and slide a finger into your asshole. The cock and finger enter your holes in unison and you add a second finger to your ass. Your moaning and rocking increase with pleasure even harder now. Then you pull those fingers out of your ass and shove the little vibrator up there so you are getting a good double penetration.

I walk around the bed cock in hand watching this sexy lady fuck herself silly and slide my cock into your waiting mouth. You suck on it and all three of your holes are filled with cock real or not. You pull away from my cock and tell me to lick your pussy so I run around to your pussy and remove the big rubber cock and stick my tongue straight in. you taste incredible as I get down to eating you out. I grab the vibrator hanging out of your ass and slowly fuck you with it as I lick you out. You hold my head onto your pussy as you orgasm hard all over my face. I lick the juice from your hole and then I stand up and hold my cock just away from your dripping wet pussy entrance. You look me in the eye and say “get that beautiful big hard cock deep inside my pussy” I hold on of a second and then I stroke it into your willing and ready pussy. I pound my cock into you as I watch your big tits sway with every thrust of my cock. You put one hand on my hip controlling my pace and the other holds one of your tits, you pull one of your nipples as the pleasure starts to build again in your pussy.

You jump up and get on your knees and beg me to ride you doggy. I happily oblige and glide my cock into your pussy once again. I hold you hips and fuck you hard and fast the vibrator still sticking out of you ass in front of me. You start to moan and then I can feel your pussy tighten around my canlı kaçak bahis hard cock as you cum all over it. You then ask if I would fuck your waiting ass. I pull my cock and vibrator out of your holes and slide my cock slowly into your ass. You hold your breath as it slides into you ass. I slowly pull out and then in again so your asshole opens a bit more then I can get my full 8 inches deep into you. You grab at you tits as I fuck your third hole of the night pure ecstasy for my cock. I tell you I’m about to cum and you ask me to cum all over your big tits as I pull out and flip you over and unload my spunk all over those big boys.

I collapse next to your on he bed. We are both exhausted from the marathon sex session we have just endured. You kiss me deeply on the lips and tell me that was the best fuck you have ever had. I lay there smiling in total agreement. You slowly get up give my cock a little kiss and say well done to it grab the toys and head for a shower to wash the juices and sweat off your naked body.

I awake in your bed with only my boxers. You’re lying next to me naked facing away from me sound asleep. I slip out of the bed and quickly use you shower to wash my sweaty smelly body. I smile as I remember the events from the night before. I creep back into your bed to grab my clothes tying not to wake you. But you are sitting up in your bed with your boobs sitting just above the quilt. I say good morning nervously. You ask where I was going. I say I didn’t know if you want me to stick around or disappear. You laugh and tell me you’re not letting the best fuck you’ve ever had get away that easily. I smile and you open your arms inviting me in for a hug. I walk over and lean over and give you a hug and a deep passionate kiss.

I smile and look deeply into your eyes and ask what is for breakfast. You have a cheeky grin on your face and you say there is only one thing that you want. You stroke my cock through my boxers then pull them down to my knees and start to wank my cock with your hand. I say didn’t you have enough of that last night! Hell no you say I want this cock 24/7 now how about an early morning blow-job as a thank-you for last night. I smile and move my cock towards your waiting mouth. You take my cock straight into your mouth, sucking hard on that long hard shaft, you playing with my balls with your hand. I hold your head as it takes my length into your welcoming mouth.

My cock starts to throb as I get close to cumming. I tell you I’m close and it makes you suck even harder on my swollen member. I buck my hips and hold your head deep onto my cock as I shoot my large load straight down your throat. You gulp down all my sperm and lick my cock nice and clean so none is wasted. You pull away and look up at me. I’m all red and breathing heavily. I smile and say that was the best early morning present I’ve ever had. But I feel I owe you now. You smile and say that my cum tastes incredible and you will need to taste it more often and that I can pleasure you later you pussy is always open for me.



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