It was late fall and one of those great days when the temperature goes up instead of down and the sun was shining. I have for years hooked up for outdoor fun with men but don’t usually get involved after the leaves fall because it’s hard to find places where there is any privacy at all. I realize there is always some risk of being seen when you are outside but when the leaves are down it’s pretty easy to see a hundred yards or so around here. This particular day rather than going down in the valley where most of the connections I have made were found but rather up to the university campus on top of the escarpment where there is a hundred acres or so of undeveloped land to be enjoyed. There are paths through the area and it is full of small animals birds etc to look for.

As I was walking around I was also thinking about the fact that this was the place where I first hooked up with a man. I was a late teen at the time and had met a man in the city hall bathroom. We had gone in his car up to the road that ran around the west side of what was at that time a new small university. There had been a Christmas tree farm on the property when it was purchased and there was a grove of pine trees still there that were then about 15 to 20 ft high having been abandoned by the previous owner. We hiked a bit from the car back into the woods screened very effectively by the dense pine needles on the trees. Once in there the man had blown me for the first time in my life and then I had returned the favour and given him the first blow job I had ever done. The road we had driven on is still there but it is now closed off except for utility workers or security guards that patrol it once or twice a day.

At any rate as I was walking through casino siteleri the pine grove I thought about that long ago day but I had not expected to actually have any sexual encounter on the day. I’m in my late 60’s now and the only people I’ve seen up here in the past few years are university students about 4 decades younger than me.

I walked through the grove and onto a path that leads out to a lake on the west side of the property . This particular path ends up in a dead end right at the lakeshore after which you have no choice but to walk back out the same way you came in. As I was nearing the end of the path I realized there was someone ahead of me just back from the lakeshore. He had apparently not noticed me and as I stood still I realized he was taking a piss. I didn’t want to embarrass him so I just stayed where I was waiting for him to finish. As I waited it became obvious that he was doing something a little more than just pissing.

Once I realized that I moved closer and when he became aware of me he quickly changed his stance and I guess closed up his clothes. When I got right up to him his face was red as a beet. I greeted him and commented on what a fine day it was. He stammered a friendly enough response but was still obviously a bit shaken at having been nearly caught.

I decided to put him at ease so I said, “It’s okay I’m not at all offended or worried about what you were doing.”

His face seemed to go an even brighter shade of red at that and so I tried to help him again.

“I know I look ancient to you but I was once a young guy too,” I said. “In fact the first time I ever got a blow jib was here in this area when I was only 19 yrs old.”

He seemed to relax a bit slot oyna and asked me if I remembered her name.

in answer I said to him, “Actually it wasn’t a her, it was a him named George. He was about mid 40 and we had met at the city hall bathroom about an hour before. He drove me up here and we got out of the car, walked along through the woods and then had oral sex together.”

“Holy shit.” he said, “How did you end up doing that?”

I told him the story of seeing each other in the bathroom at the urinals. We had both gotten half hard when another guy came in and when I left to get my bus he had followed, asked if I wanted a ride, and brought me up here. I explained that the bathroom was a common meeting place and the area was quite busy because the city bus service used the parking lot for a transfer station. Once in the woods up here George had said he needs to piss, pulled out his cock and when he finished turned towards me and started stroking himself. I had started getting hard and he suggested I’d be more comfortable if I took my cock out too. When I did he reached over and started fondling me. When I got hard he knelt down and took me in his mouth and proceeded to suck me off.

After I came he stood up and his own cock was now fully erect so I decided to return the favour. With a little encouragement and instruction from him I managed to suck him to orgasm and tasted another man’s cum for my first time.

I then said, “I see the story hasn’t exactly outraged or disgusted you.”

He blushed again but didn’t try to hide the fact that his cock was making a tent in his sweat pants.

“Why don’t you take that out and make yourself more comfortable,” I said.

He responded by saying canlı casino siteleri he didn’t want to blow me and I assured him he didn’t need to.

“I’m pretty much past sex myself any more,” I said. I still like sucking from time to time but no return is needed.”

With that assurance he untied the string on his pants and dropped them to about his knees. His cock was already fully hard and he started stroking it. He was about normal size, circumcised, and had obviously trimmed his pubic hair. As he stroked I moved over in front of him and knelt down. He took that as the invitation it was and brought his cock to my lips.

I grabbed his cock with one hand and caressed his balls with the other. Using my tongue I licked up the underside of his cock and over the head. A moan escaped him and I squeezed his cock gently till a drop of pre-cum appeared. Licking that off I then opened wide and sucked him into my mouth. Holding him there I slid my tongue in and out on the underside of his cock running it over the ridge at his head.

I took my hand off his cock and planting it on his hip I pulled him closer filling my mouth with him till I felt him slide down into my throat. Another moan from him told me he had felt this as well. I proceeded to slide him in deep and then out till just his head was in my mouth. He started to make small fucking motions feeding me his cock with being too aggressive about it.

At that moment he started gasping and told me he was close. ?I buried him in my throat again and gently squeezed his balls taking him over the edge. I felt his cock spasm as he shot his cum down my throat and as he subsided I pulled back and took the last couple of spurts on my tongue where I could taste him. He pulled back then and quickly pulled up his pants

He blurted out a thanks and walked away without another word. And so at this point in time I once again blew someone in the same area I started blowing guys 4 decades ago.



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