Finally caught her,now she pays price.My name is Jim, 59. Wife Tami,55. We live a good life,3 sons,3 grandk**s. Alway have had a great sex life. I work as a supervisor in a lumber mill. Tami is a nurse at local hospital.Tami,is still sexy,5’2″ 130 pds, c cup tits with great nipples. I’m 6’200 pds. We have been married for 30 years and have been true to each other,so I thought.I was moved to swing shift for 3 months,helping train new supervisor. I don’t get home till 3 am. Which makes it hard on the love life.One tuesday night I get a text from my next door neighbor,hey Tom says,you at work? Yes I am,why? Tom sends me a pic, there are 2 cars in my drive way. 1 is wifes and another strange one. Tom, says it’s been there for 3 hours and thought you should know.I trust my wife and did not get excited about it. Next morning I make it a point to get up and see Tami off to work. As we are drinking coffee, I ask her how her night was? Ok,she says,just watched t.v. and read abit. Tami,says got to run, talk to you later,as she kiss’s me on way out.I’m curious now,so Iook in laundry,looking for panties. Bingo,buried in the bottom are a small pair. I pull them out,and instantly smell her sex!! The crotch is soaked and crusty with cum!! I’m broken,why? I call my friend Tom,and ask him to keep an eye out for me,cause I think she is cheating on me! 2 nights go by and Tom text me a video,of a guy pulling into my drive way,same car as before!! I let my trainee know I have to leave for the night. I call Tom and ask him to open his garage so I can hide my car there and watch.20 minutes later I pull into Jim’s, and see the car is still there. I’m broken,thinking my wife is cheating on me. Around 1 am,we watch the guy leave,as I video him, I notice a hospital sticker in back window. I finally have to leave Tom’s house and pull into my driveway. I don’t go to bed,will not sleep with a cheating cunt! Instead,I get on line and buy a camera that I can hide in our bedroom to catch her. I have it sent to work,over night so I can move fast.I think about what I’m going to do,when an idea pops into my head,revenge!!2 days later I set up camera illegal bahis in bedroom,pointing at our bed. I tell my boss I needa few days off,personnel problems I tell him.I go to a local sex shop and put my pay back into motion. That night I park in Tom’s garage again,as I watch the camera view on my laptop. Tom,is 48,single and great friend. As we are watching and waiting I ask Tom, ever want to fuck Tami ? Hell yes,but she and you are good friends and will never do that. Tonight you may. Tom is wide eyed asking me what’s your plan? I tell him,if she is cheating this iswhat is going to happen! Tom,asked if I would like another guy to help out? Hell yes,call him now and get him here now!At 9, the car show’s up,Tami meets him at the door, giveing him a big kiss. Felt like I was just kicked in the balls. Within 5 minutes they come in our bedroom. Tami,pulls his pants down and starts to suck hic cock! He doesnt look to big,even Tom says man he is small. Just then Tom’s friend walks in,Hank is his name. As we are watching my wife give her self to this guy. I tell them my plan. They both agree,but Hank says when? Now!We walk across the street, heading to side door of garage. As we walk in,I grab a wooden canoe paddle, heft it and tell them follow me. In the house,we creep down hallway,leaveing my bag of toys close. We look in my bedroom. Tami is on her knees getting fucked hard,moaning yes fuck me hard. All I see is red!! I slowly walk in, they still don’t know I’m there. I swing as hard as I can with canoe paddle,aiming for his ass and balls.Smack!! He howls,and falls over gripping his sack,as Tami is looking wondering what happened. When I swing again, she was bent over ass tight and it hit perfect. Now they are both crying, as I stand there watching,Tami finally see’s me standing there,Jim it’s not what it looks like!!! Tom, and Hank walk in,Tami is trying to cover up,crying and babbleing. Tom and Hank,duct tape this guy up stuff a gag in his mouth.Tami why? I ask? She babbles she was lonely when I had to work nights and this guy,paul hit on her so much. Really? This little cock? Now I’m 8″ and pretty fat,so why this illegal bahis siteleri little cock? Tom, and Hank grabbed paul,and took him to our garage,as I took Tami. So you can’t be true to me? Now you will learn to,after tonight you will. I cuffed Tami’s hands in front of her, tied a rope around cuffs,and threw it over rafters. Pulling her up,till she was standing. Tom and Hank duct taped paul into a chair and told him this is your fault now watch.Grabbing my bag,I took out a few items, buttplug, nipple rings and chain. Now Tami’s nipples are very big,and not pierced,yet. Tom, takes the buttplug,and lubes it up and slams it right into her ass,as she screams. I gag Tami,shhhh,now take your punisment like a good slut. I’ve bought a pierceing machine, Hank why dont you suck that nipple hard for me. Hank attacks her tit,and fingers her pussy,Tami is wide eyed, as I reach out and pierce her right nipple. Tami screams, as Hank starts left side. Pierceing left nipple now, I step back,nice. Now chain goes though hoops,I pull hard makeing Tami scream again. Now Tami, since you have decided to cheat on me this is going to be your punishment. Tom,swings the belt hard across her ass, Tom ask how many? 30,I say,for every year we been married. Tom, lays the belt to her ass,soon it is red and swollen. Stop! How many more? 12 Tom says.I let Tami down,she falls to the floor crying and beaten. I pull her up on her knees,uncuffing her,and recuffing behind her back. Now slut,your going to suck us all off,so Tom is first. Tom,pulls his cock out,about same size as I am but thinner. Tom, I say,dont be gentle,slut needs to be taught. Tom,shoves his cock balls deep into Tami’s throat,face fucking her hard. Hank is watching,rubbing his cock,as I get weight bench ready. Tom cums down Tami’s throat balls deep,swallow that slut. Hank is up next, he pulls out his cock showing one of the biggest I’ve seen. Hank shoves his cock down Tami’s throat,makeing her gag hard. Hank use’s her throat like a pussy,just balls to tip. Tami has spit running down her tits,almost to her pussy. Hank says I’m close, I reach over grabbing nipple chain canlı bahis siteleri slowly pulling it. Hank buries his cock balls deep as I yank chain hard,makeing her scream as Hank cums down her throat.Tami is beaten, but I’m not though with her yet. I move her to weight bench,recuffing her on her belly. Now Tami, I’m going to fuck you like you have never let me before!! I pull out buttplug and slam balls deep in her ass. Tami won’t do anal, never liked it. Now slut, your ass is mine tonight. Slamming in her ass, not knowing how long I will last. Tom,shoves his cock back in her mouth, better get it nice and wet,cause I’m next in that ass. I cum harder then I ever have,it hurt my balls I came so hard. Tom, your up,she abit lubed for you now. Tom plows her hard,as I shove my cock in her face,clean me slut! Tami licks and sucks me clean,Hank your turn. Hanks starts face fucking my wife,as Tom is useing her ass. I look over at paul,now your the cause of this, and if I ever see you again,it will be your ass and mouth getting fucked!! I let paul go with that warning,and he was soon peeling out of my drive way. Mean while,Tom came balls deep in Tami’s ass. Hank lines up,as Tami beggs please your to big. Hank looks at me,I nod,and he slides in her ass. Damm she is so lose he bottoms out. Fuck her hard Hank. Tom brings his cock to Tami’s face,she just opens her mouth and cleans him off. Hank meanwhile is just slamming her ass, damm she was open so wide. Hank finally bottomed out,filling her ass with cum. Hank,I say,make sure slut cleans you up nicely. Hank, is asked to leave. So now just Tom and I. Tom says you know she is due 12 more swats! Your right,I grab my belt and give her 12 more light swats, can’t hurt her to bad.We uncuff Tami,lead her to our bed. Now Tom and I are going to fuck your pussy till we are tired. Tami,spread her leggs,who is first?By the time we were done,Tami was a wreck,cum dripping from her pussy and ass. Tom left, I looked at my beautiful wife,I tell her now slut,your mine,no one else can have you unless I say so! I grab her nipple chain forceing her to her feet,takeing her into bathroom. I run a hot bubble bath and let her soak and clean herself. Tami comes to bed, as I tell her to lay down on her stomach. I rub her ass which is red and swollen,I gently apply sauve to her ass. I whisper in her ear,never again will you cheat. I Love You.



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