The day had finally come. They were to meet again after three years apart. An ocean and a few countries had separated them for far too long, and they yearned to be with each other again.

Oh my god, she thought as the plane touched down. This is it. I’m here. He’s here. Her anticipation of this moment had made the 15-hour flight seem to last for eternity. Her stomach was doing jumping jacks because of her excitement and nervousness. She prayed that this would work out just as well as she had imagined.

The walk from the door of the plane to the gate at the airport seemed miles long. She’d waited so long to see him again, and yet this tunnel seemed to take longer than those three years had. As she emerged from the tunnel into the airport waiting room, she saw him. Standing right there, less than ten feet away. Their eyes connect, and she almost cries because she’s so happy. She had secretly had doubts that he would even show up at the airport to pick her up.

He embraces her tightly; it’s the best hug she has ever received. The embrace is endless. He finally pulls slightly away, and leans his head forward to kiss her. It’s electric. There’s so much chemistry between them; all their sexual tension and desire is transferred in this kiss. She knows that she needs him, and now. She cannot wait to check into the hotel – she has a few surprises for him.

They get into the rental car and he drives them to the restaurant where he has made reservations. They sit in a corner booth in the crowded restaurant. After ordering drinks, she leans into him and whispers into his ear. “I love you.” Her hands wander to his crotch as they cuddle in the booth. The table covers most of her actions, but anyone sitting across the room could see under the table if they paid attention. She rubs him through his pants, and he stiffens almost immediately. She kisses his neck while tracing her finger up and down taksim elit escort his member. Suddenly, she pulls down the zipper on his pants and pulls him out. His face turns bright red; he can’t believe this is happening in the middle of a crowded restaurant! He closes his eyes as she begins to stroke him. He has a pretty large penis; her hand hardly fits around it. She lets go and drags her finger along the base, bringing his already rock-hard penis near climax. Sensing he is close to cumming, she grabs the dinner napkin off the table and wraps the head in it. Just in time, too, because just a moment later he climaxes, unloading all over the napkin. He leans over and kisses her as she tucks him back into his pants, just as their waitress brings their drinks. He is still breathing hard and red in the face, and the waitress smiles knowingly as she leaves.

The rest of dinner is pretty mundane compared to the beginning of the evening, but the sexual tension between the two is apparent. They hurry through dinner, eating though neither of them is very hungry for this type of food. They crave one another.

After checking into the hotel at the airport, she brings him to her room. As soon as the door closes, she backs up to the wall and pulls him to her, bringing their mouths together. Their hands are all over each other; they can’t get enough of each other. It’s as if they are two magnets and are inexplicably drawn together. His tongue explores her mouth, insatiable. Their need for each other is apparent, and there will be no stopping the coming events.

His hands roam all over her body. She usually isn’t confident about her body, but she knows that he loves her and her body, no matter what it looks like. He guides her to the bed, and they stand at the end of it. She tries to pull him to her again, but he backs away. Agonizingly slow, he unbuttons her taksim escort shirt, tenderly peeling it away from her skin. He draws his two index fingers along her neck and collarbone, down along her shoulders and arms, to her hips, where he unbuttons and unzips her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. She is left standing in her black silk bra and panties that she bought specifically for this occasion, as well as her black high heels.

He pulls her to him once again, and kisses her passionately. She undresses him just as slowly and tenderly as he did for her. She removes his shirt first, followed by his shoes and socks, then his pants, and finally his boxers. He stands naked in front of her. He is just as she had hoped; even though she knew what he would look like naked from the pictures they had shared, she was impressed to see him ‘in the flesh.’ His manhood was at attention, and she was completely turned on. She wanted him in her, and now, but foreplay was her specialty.

She gets down on her knees in front of him and takes him into her mouth, just the head at first. Swirling her tongue around the head, she feels him tense. Moving on down the shaft, she takes his sac in her hand and massages them. She licks up his shaft, then takes him wholly in her mouth. It hardly fits, it’s so big. He tenses; she knows he’s close to climax again. She releases him from her mouth and removes her hands; she doesn’t want him spent again before the night is over.

She rises to her feet and kisses him, then maneuvers him so that he is on his back on the bed. She crawls up his body, intent on getting what she wants, but he changes the course of action. He flips her over so that she is on her back on the bed, and he is on top of her. He leans down and kisses her, and as he does so, he removes her bra. He makes his way from her mouth down to her neck, kissing her the entire way. taksim eve gelen escort He nibbles on her collarbone, which he knows is her weakness. She turns to jelly in his arms, and he continues down her body, lavishing kisses all over her skin. He reaches the swell of her breasts and makes his way down between them. Suddenly he grasps one of her nipples in his mouth, and she is on fire. She is the kind of girl who can achieve orgasm just through foreplay, and she is getting close. He abandons her breasts and moves down her body, caressing her as no one has before. He reaches her vagina and teases her with his fingers, playing with her lips and opening, but not yet touching her clitoris. He fingers her, working her up, and then suddenly his fingers are replaced by his tongue. This is quickly followed by his tongue drawing circles around her clitoris, sending waves of pleasure through her body. He knows she is almost ready to orgasm, and he’s not letting her yet.

He moves back up her body until they are face to face and kisses her. His member is caught between his body and hers, and the warmth and friction is working him up, engorging his penis. He moves the head to her opening, but doesn’t enter her just yet. He moves the head up and down her slit, across her clitoris, turning her on even more. He is sufficiently covered in her wetness now, and plunges into her hole. He fills her completely in one thrust, bringing a welcome pain because he is so large around. She cries out, and he thinks he’s hurt her, but she lets him know otherwise. She moves her body with his as he thrusts in and out, in and out of her, with a ferocity she has never seen before. She is in heaven, and he is loving every minute of this. She wraps her arms around his neck, bringing him down to her to kiss him passionately as they both reach the precipice of orgasm. He grasps her nipple between his fingers as he thrusts into her, bringing her to the edge. With one final thrust, they orgasm together. She feels his jets of semen hit inside her, and it is the best thing she’s ever experienced. He falls to the bed beside her; they are both spent. They cuddle together for the rest of the night, naked, knowing that this was meant to be.



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