FemocracyIt has been ten years since the League of Women voters became the main governing body of what used to be the continental United States, now called the principality of Susan B Anthony. Ten years since men were stripped of all power and were forced to take more submissive roles. Attractiveness, breading quality and most importantly, penis size were the only factors of judging a mans worth.If you were a fit attractive male with a large cock, you got to enjoy a leasurely life of nice cars big houses and sex with all the attractive women you could ever want. If you were flabby and out of shape or were attractive but had a small cock, you were forced to take more menial jobs as custodians and laborers. If you were in the lower class and you desired sex, you had to save up and pay for it and were still only allowed to have sex with unattractive women. This of course had the almost direct effect of completely reversing the roles of black men and white men. Many poor black men were given the sweet life they had only ever heard stories of while rich white men, who enjoyed wealth and power for generations, now lived in the slums and ghettos that before hand were beneath their attention, which brings us to Rick.Rick was an ex stock broker who used to be worth billions. Now rick worked two jobs as a trash collector and janitor for the financial firm he used to work at. Rick was a fit man who was attractive enough at first glance but he only had an average 6 inch penis. All things considered Rick’s life could be a lot worse. Many of his former peers were forced to be sex slaves for the benefit of the bisexual breeders, but he was still very sour about how his life had ended up. Two more inches, just two more inches to his cock and he şişli escort could have been a breeder instead of a laborer. Two lousy inches from getting to keep everything he lost.Rick sat at the bar where he tried to drown his sorrows away almost every night. He sat and stewed about the life he used to have as he had done every single night since the women had taken over, when just then, a handsome black man walked into the bar with non other than Lisa, Ricks ex wife. Rick was a terrible husband. He used to cheat on Lisa every chance he got and not only didn’t he try to hide it, but would openly boast to his wife about his sexual conquests and smack her around if she ever did anything to displease him. For years Lisa put up with his shit because he was rich and living with Rick was still better than the life she had before. It had been the happiest day of Lisa’s life the day the society of Susan B Anthony took over. So you can only imagine how pleased she was to see rick sitting there in misery.This was the last straw for Rick. He had been pushed around for two long. He was going to march right up to this man on Lisa’s arm and knock his fuckin teeth in. After all, Rick was bigger then her wife’s new lover and was also a skillful martial artist.Rick immediately stormed over to the couple, grabbed the young black man by his throat and was just about to jam his balled up fist into the young mans face when he heard a very loud whistle from the other end of the bar. Just Ricks bad luck, a Susan B society sentinel was having a drink with her favorite breeder and had saw the whole thing. Now rick knew he was in trouble.The sentinel walked over to Rick and asked to see his id. Rick complied, and after mecidiyeköy escort looking it over, the police woman said, Richard Steven Roberts, you are in violation of Susan B code 484, the unlawful use of v******e against another person. I don’t have to remind you that male aggression of any kind is now i*****l and all disputes with other men are settled by the on the spot comparison of penis size. Do you wish to invoke penis comparison with this man? Rick, swallowing every ounce of his pride replied, no mam, no I do not. Very well, do you, now speaking to the young black man, wish to invoke penis comparison to settle conflict with mister Roberts? At this moment, a smile appeared on Lisa and the young black mans face. Yes, the young man replied, yes I would. Very well the young police woman said as she turned on a small camera and stated let it be recorded as a matter of public record that at 12:35 am, a mandatory penis comparison will now commence between Richard Steven Roberts and Jamal James Parker. This will be recorded and redistributed to every major news channel; refusal to participate from either men once the challenge is invoked is punishable by no less then 10 years in maximum security prison. Gentlemen, at this time I ask you to both drop your pants.Confident in his large cock, Jamal did not even hesitate. He very proudly pulled down his jeans and boxers and displayed his huge black cock. Jamal’s cock, even soft was easily over 7 inches. Rick knew he was screwed. Feeling humiliation like he had never known in his life, he reluctantly pulled down his pants to reveal his much smaller male member. Well, the police woman said, this is an easy one, Jamal James Parker; you are clearly şişli escort bayan more man then Mr. Roberts. It is your right at this time to force Mr. Roberts to publicly pleasure you orally in front of the whole world if you so choose. Do you choose this? Oh hell yea I do, Jamal replied. Very well, Richard Steven Roberts, you are now required by law, to suck this mans cock in front of everyone. Failure to do so will result in ten years in prison and castration.Rick had never sucked a cock before. He reluctantly dropped to his knees in front of the superior black man and began the humiliating task of sucking the mans big throbbing black cock. The entire bar erupted in jeers and laughter. Rick was not at all liked in this establishment. Once Jamal was fully erect, his cock was easily every bit of 10 and a half inches and he forcibly shoved every inch of it down Rick’s throat. Jamal stood there smiling as Rick sucked his big black dick and taunted Rick, telling him that after he was done with him, he was going to go home and pound Lisa’s pussy over and over. Lisa, immediately got wet as she watched Rick suck Jamal’s cock, and swelled at the thought of what his big thick cock was going to do to her pussy later, and after nearly 20 minutes of humiliating cock sucking, Jamal finally blew his load down Ricks throat and then pulled out and soaked Ricks face. The whole bar cheered and applaudedRichard Roberts, the police woman said, by the power invested in me as a level 1 Susan B society sentinel, it is my right to further punish you for the crime of attempted v******e on a superior man and the past v******e of an even more superior woman, to sentence you to mandatory penile reduction surgery, to make your already pathetic little dick even smaller. Two and a half inches rock hard should due. I further punish you to have the words small dick looser tattooed on your face and sentence you to sex slave to any man or woman who wants to use you like a little bitch. Then she cuffed Rick and took him away with his pants still at his ankles.



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