Public Sex

Robert was waiting for her in the foyer and taking her arm led her into the lift.

Once inside Robert lost no time in kissing Felicity and running his hand up her nylon clad thigh right up to her panties and caressed her mound over the thin lace.

“My God, he said, “You’re wet already.”

Hesitantly Felicity told him of her adventures with both Lucy and the cab driver. He laughed and reminded her of what a prude she had been and asked her as to what the ladies of her church would have to say about her. Daringly Felicity replied.

” I think that I do not really care at this moment, but I bet that a few of them would be more than willing to have you fuck them.”

Robert chuckled and told her that he had fucked a couple of her friends and had been doing so for the past year. Felicity was shocked and asked him who they were,

“I’ll tell you later.” Robert replied.

By this time they had reached the door of the room that Robert and booked, he stopped outside and told her that he wanted her to wear a blindfold as he had a big surprise waiting inside. With a little nervousness causing her to shiver Felicity agreed and he tied a silk scarf over her eyes.

Robert guided her into the room and moved her until she felt the back of her legs touch what must have been the bed. She then felt his hands undo the buttons on her blouse and undo the catch of her skirt. He removed the garments and she was pleased to hear him say how sexy her undies were.

Felicity stood there wondering what was going to happen next but sure that it was going to involve some terrific sexual act. She was aware of Robert undoing the clasp of her bra and revelled in his quick sure caresses of her nipples. It had an immediate affect as they stiffened and she welcomed the wetness that she felt between her nylon-clad thighs.

She felt fingers catching hold of the top of her panties and slowly pull them down. A finger then moved to the mouth of her vagina and halkalı escort began to tease her, the finger was replaced by a tongue and Felicity opened her thighs to allow the soft invader access to her body, the tongue licked the length of her cunt and immediately she began to tremble with the anticipation of it flicking against her clitoris. When it happened she felt a wave of uncontrollable lust sweep over her.

“That’s it,” she cried, Lick my cunt Robert, stick your tongue into me and make me cum.”

” Not just yet,” came the reply.

When Robert said these words, she was taken completely by surprise, for his voice came not from between her thighs but from behind her. She tried to step back but with her panties around her ankles, she overbalanced and fell onto the bed, whipping the scarf from her eyes; she looked down and saw the head of a woman, still trying to eat her now juicy cunt. She wildly looked around and there was Robert lying on the bed totally naked slowly stroking his rigid cock and smiling at her.

” Don’t worry,” he said to Felicity, “She is an old friend of yours,” and turning to the other woman said,

“Come on up Thelma and introduce yourself properly to Felicity.”

Felicity’s mouth gaped with amazement as the unmistakable face of her old college friend; Thelma rose from between her legs.

” Hi Fliss,” said Thelma using Felicity’s pet name, ” I didn’t realise what I was missing back in our flat. If I had know how sweet you tasted, I would have made sure that I would have been eating your lovely pussy a long time ago”.

Felicity initially felt anger sweep through her realising immediately that it was Tee, (Thelma’s pet name) who had supplied Robert with his blackmail material. Then she remembered that if it hadn’t been for that, she would not have experienced the wild sex that she had been enjoying so much. Her anger began to cool and she realised that she had been really enjoying harbiye escort Tee’s expert mouth action on her body, especially when, unexpectedly, Tee had rimmed her anus and then pushed her tongue into it, whilst simultaneously squeezing her clit, she wanted more of that action.

Fliss pulled Tee’s head up to her own and began to kiss Tee passionately, tasting her own cunt juice on tee’s lips and thrusting her tongue deep into Tee’s mouth.

In the meantime Robert had slid down behind Fliss and thrust his rampant prick deep into her cunt from the rear, causing Fliss’ pubic mound to press into that of Tee, Tee began to grind her body against Fliss sending wave after wave of sensual pleasure through Fliss who stopped trying to swallow tee’s tongue long enough to grunt,

” Thank you bitch, I’ll find some way of getting my own back on you.”

She then moved her mouth down onto Tees’s large nippled breasts.

Tee had changed very little as far as Fliss could see. She was still a tiny girl with long blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes and a figure to die for, with breasts that had nipples so large, that they used to jut out from her T. Shirts and sweaters, as Fliss remembered.

Fliss noticed, even through the waves of pleasure, that Bobby’s prick was inducing in her body, as it plunged into her right up to his balls, that Tee was slowly moving around on the bed until they were lying head to toe. The Tee moved along so that Fliss’ mouth was positioned right above Tee’s pussy. Fliss knew instinctively that this was the famed soixante neuf position and immediately plunged her tongue into the crack that was so tantalisingly close to her head. Tee tasted a little muskier than Lucy and Fliss delighted in sucking at the juices being released by Tee’s cunt as Fliss’ tongue wickedly flicked across the clitoris which under her attentions had burst from its housing.

Tee’s tongue and lips were busy at Fliss’ pussy nibbling tenderly ikitelli escort on Fliss’ clitoris and pushing her tongue alongside Bobby’s shaft as in plunged in and out of her body.

Fliss could hold out no longer as wave after wave of pleasure erupted from deep within her womb racking her body with their strength,

“I’m Coming” she screamed, “Fuck me harder Bobby, Oh fuck me harder.”

The ecstasy was so great that she almost passed out and Bobby removed his prick from her cunt and spinning Tee around plunged deeply into her waiting pussy. As they almost devoured each other’s tongues Tee wrapped her legs around Bobby’s waist and ground her pelvis into Bobby. Once again the room was full of the sounds of a woman shouting obscenely as her body was engulfed in a tremendous orgasm.

Bobby who had managed to hold out up till then felt his balls swell as his climax came nearer and nearer, then with a shout he pulled his rod from out of Tee’s cunt and sprayed Felicity’s tits and face with the thick creamy liquid jetting from the tip of his cock.

Tee immediately turned to Fliss and began licking and slurping the cum from Fliss’ body. Fliss remembered the session that she had enjoyed with Lucy earlier on and decided that she was going to pay back Tee’s betrayal in college by fisting her.

Fliss put her head to Tee’s cunt and began first of all to lick along its length, she then inserted a finger and worked it in and out, making sure that her hand was becoming well lubricated by the liquid seeping from Tee’s pussy. She then quickly inserted a second and a third finger, stretching the lips of Tee’s vagina, a fourth finger soon joined the others. The friction of the fingers combined with Fliss’ newly learned tonguing skill was rousing Tee more and more, her body began to tremble as she felt a climax approaching, Fliss then folded her thumb along side her fingers, as Lucy had taught her and once her whole hand was inside Tee’s body, she closed her fist and began thrusting in and out, timing her thrusts to match the rhythm of her darting tongue.

Thelma had to pull a pillow over her mouth to muffle the screams of joy and lust tearing from her throat as she repeatedly climaxed under Felicity’s attention.

…to be continued



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