Anal Fingering

Mallory Tanner was a fiercely independent woman. This made her rage all the more palpable when she was given an F in her calculus class by Professor Blaine. “That’s impossible.” She argued. “You know I’ve been working in accounting for years, right?” Mallory was so close to completing her studies and starting a business of her own. All she need was to pass this one class. “It’s because I’m a woman isn’t it!”

She stood above the little brat of a teacher that was even younger than she was. He was stern, polite, and made of straight and narrow angles. He’d have been attractive if not for being in the way of her upward career path. “Ms. Tanner.” She cringed. She was so close to being Dr. Benson now, just one more semester. “You can look at the test yourself. I assure you there was no bias.”

She knew that well enough, but she was busy with her actual job! How was she supposed to find time to study for something she’d never really use? “Maybe you can,” She changed her tone, “Let this one slip?” She relaxed her shoulders. Her Double D-cups were admirable. Her hips were motherly. She let a sultry smile appear on her face.

“I’m sorry.” Blaine said with robotic strength. “I can help you study for the text next week if you are willing to stay after class-” She rolled her eyes and left as he was halfway through his sentence. She had a decade on that boy. He didn’t know what he was missing.

Not that she’d sleep with a guy that young. She had some self-respect. But her pride took a hit when he seemed to have no reaction to her ploy. She still had guys checking her out despite being almost forty. Maybe she wasn’t showing enough skin? She did look a bit like a mom with her blouse and long pants.

The next day she showed up in a skirt and tank top. For extra measure she made sure to spend an extra twenty minutes in the mirror. She fluffed up her long brown hair and touched up her makeup with red lipstick and black mascara. After class she sauntered to the young professor’s chair once more. “Hello.” She chirped. “I wanted to talk again about that test.”

“You decided to stay and study?” Blaine asked.

“Not exactly.” As the last of the other students filed out she arched her back to show her curvy figure more clearly, “I wanted to see if you could reconsider changing my grade. I would be really grateful.”

The professor raised an eyebrow. His posture was slim and discrete, his answer was solid as steel, “No.”

Her teeth clenched. Who the hell did he think he was? “Well,” She turned up the heat and went to his side of the desk. He watched her put her hands down flat, stick up her chest, and stick her ass up just at his shoulder level, her skirt drifting halfway down to her knees, She shook it playfully, “What if I make it worth your while?”

“Ms. Tanner-“

“Call me Mallory.” She insisted. She turned and sat on the table. She crossed her legs. He could probably glimpse her violet panties underneath for just a split second.

“Mallory.” Blaine sighed, “Please get off my desk.”

“Are you sure you want me off your desk?” She giggled playfully. She let her legs spread and teased at a better glimpse underneath.

“I can tell you are desperate.” He started. “But you will have to find someone else to have sex with you.”

Mallory blinked in confusion before feeling her veins heat up with gasoline. “What?”

“I’m sure you can find someone to make you feel special without my help. If you want help with mathematics I can give you that but-“

“I’m doing this for the grade dumbass!” She got back to her feet. She felt humiliated. “Like I’d actually want to sleep with a kid like you!” She shook her head. “Don’t pretend you aren’t interested. Don’t insult me like that!”

“All I’m saying is that I’m not into older women. I mean, some guys are but-“

Her heart was pounding icy hell into her body. “OLD!” She screamed. “Fuck you! I’m only thirty eight!”

“Oh. Well, I’ve heard having children changes you-“

“I haven’t had any-” She stopped herself and growled under her breath. “This isn’t worth it!” She threw her hands in the air. “Fuck you!” She stomped off.

“The offer still stands for tutoring-” she slammed the door as she left. He didn’t know anything. She was beautiful. Guys would kill each other for a taste of her. She still had plenty of time to make a family if she wanted. She imagined Professor Blaine begging on his knees for her body. He’d say, “Oh please Dr. Tanner, I’m sorry! Please let me touch you! Let me just look at you!” And she’d tease and deprive him of anything until he admitted how beautiful she was, and how terrible a teacher he was. She imagined taking power illegal bahis back from him.

Then, the next day, she wore a shorter skirt and a bikini top. It was against normal dress code on campus, but no one stopped her. Her breasts were the largest in class and everyone knew it. The little undergraduate girls couldn’t hope to compete with her knockers. And when she leaned over, everyone knew she was bigger in the back as well. She had curves that could kill. She had body built like a goddess.

“So.” She approached him after class once everyone had left. “Change your mind yet?” She brought up one leg to the desk and blatantly showed her scarlet panties tight across her groin. They were alone now.

“Mallory.” He seemed exhausted. “You only have three days before the next test. If you ace it you might be able to pass this class with a C. I suggest you use your time wisely. “

“You coy bastard.” She shook her head in defiance. “I guess I need to take drastic measures.” Half of her was worried it would come to this. The other half of her was anxiously prepared. She pulled the strings on her back and let her massive mamaries bounce out of their triangles of cloth. Professor Blaine could see everything from her hips up now. She shook her chest with a smile. “Are you sure you want to just study?”

“Look, If you are that desperate,” He sighed, “If you ace the test, I will let you sleep with me after. But your education comes first. How does that sound?”

Mallory was infuriated, “This is a trade!” Her tits shook. “You, You actually don’t want to…” She trailed off, impotently looking at her chest with distain. “Why don’t you want me? Are my breasts too saggy? Do I need to loose some weight?” She shook with newfound rage, “I bet you’re just gay aren’t you! That’s it! That’s why!”

“That is my final offer.” Mallory nearly forgot to put her top back on before she left. She was more angry than she’d ever been before. Once she was home she threw herself on her mattress and cried hateful tears. He was crazy. He was wrong. She could get any guy she wanted. She was single now because. Because… She didn’t have an answer. She shook with emotion and touched herself lightly. She felt herself wet as a faucet. This was just an excuse to sleep with a younger guy wasn’t it? He was right all along. She touched herself with disgust at her own desires and felt herself succumbing quickly to his will. She felt like a whore.

But then she stopped and showered in cold water. She couldn’t cum like this. Next day she showed up dressed normally, as an adult should. A blouse and long skirt. After class she met with him again.

“Two days left. Are you ready to study?”

Mallory felt like a little girl. “I.” She hadn’t felt this vulnerable, confused, turned on, or awkward in a very long time. “I can’t concentrate.”

“Why is that?”

“You’re going to make me say it?” The teacher was silent. “I’m turned on.” She said. “I want to have sex with you. I can’t think about anything else.”

“I’m glad you have come to terms with that.” He said. “But I can’t do anything with you until after. Otherwise I might be biased.”

“Please.” She begged. “I’ll-” She thought quickly, “I’ll just suck your dick! Maybe that will take the edge off!” He shook his head. “Handjob?”


“I’ll masturbate, right in front of you. You don’t even have too-” He shook his head. “Please. Please!” She begged. She got onto her knees. “It’s been so long, and you are so-” She shuddered with desire, “Professor.” She started, “How about a spanking?” She asked. “Show me I’m a bad girl.”

He massaged his temples like man twice his age. “Mallory-“

“I don’t deserve that.” She interrupted. “Call me whore, or bitch, or slave! You can even just call me cunt, fucktoy, cumdumpster! That can be my name from now on! Oh,” It made her more wet thinking about it, “Please call me your cumdumpster!”

He let her finish before starting again, “Mallory.” Using that name instead made her even more ashamed. “If you truly can’t contain yourself, for that long I’ll give you another option. We can study today and then take the test immediately. Then I will figure out some way to reward your dedication. How does that sound?”

“Yes!” She nodded in desire. “Yes please!” Her heart beat faster, “But, sir, maybe while you teach me, you could, um,” She bent over the desk, her rear-end in the air.

He sighed, “Fine. I’ll use spanking as a teaching tool. But clothes stay on.”

“Thank you sir!” She felt ecstatic. He looked exasperated. “Oh thank you so much!” He put a study sheet in front of her.

“What is the answer to question one?” He asked.

“Um, illegal bahis siteleri C?” She responded.

“Wrong.” She closed her eyes, ready for it, but she felt nothing. “Try again.”

“B-But I got it wrong-“

“I know you want it.” His words sent a warmth through her body, “So you get it once you get the answer right.”

“Okay.” She looked down again. After some thought she answered, “A.” She felt his strong hand clap against her skirt. “Thank you!” She wriggled her butt happily. “Question two is,” She paused, anxious. “I-I don’t know.”

“If question one was A,” He explained, “and the textbook says this,” He pointed to another sheet. “Then the answer is?”

“B!” Another slap across her ass sent a convulsion of happy tingles across her sex. “Thank you!” She said again, “Sir, can you hit me harder?” She asked. “Or maybe if I do good you can do it bare?”

“No. I said not until you pass your test.” Her pussy was so moist she was worried she soil her clothes. “But you are learning fast. I’ll consider it. Next question.”

“A.” She said after some thought. Another slap. She moaned with desire. “C.” Another slap. This one sounded wet. She was humiliated by her body’s reaction, getting her teachers hand dirty like that. “B” The strike shook her flesh. “A.” Nothing. “I, I mean,” She looked around desperately for the answer. “It really looks like A.”

“Think a little longer.” But she was so horny! “It is a trick question. It looks like A, but actually-“

“B!” She understood, then she was rewarded with a slap across her slutty bottom. “Thank you!” She held her mouth in embarrassment. That one was loud. “Um, C!” He struck her hard, this time giving her two extra smacks. She let out a surprised groan and ground her hips against her clothes.

“That was the end of that study sheet. Lets try another.”

“My skirt is soaked.” Mallory admitted with embarrassment, “C-Can you lift it?”

“You are behaving well.” She felt his hands under her and went still. The feeling of his iron hands pulling up the fabric across her ass was too much. She was suddenly very sensitive about his touch. He could see her panties now, soaked with submission. Her skirt was hiked up past her waist. She moaned despite herself. “Next.”

“A.” The feeling of his hand across her bare, sensitive flesh was a delicious pain. It almost hurt too much to keep going. “Thank you!” She mumbled during the aftershock. “A, again.” She felt her panties pulled up into her crack before another spanking. “Ahh!” She whined at the sex and violence. “So good! Thank you sir! Thank you so much!” The next question was long and hard, like the dick she craved so badly. “I think,” She was desperate to get it right. “B?” She felt him pull up again and strike her. She felt her round bubble butt bounce from the force. She felt her wet, self-lubed underwear floss her pussy and anus. “C!” Another smack across her cheeks caused her hips to buck. She felt her clit engorged against the strained panties. Her hips trembled in anticipation. “I can’t take it! Please fuck me!”

“The answer Mallory.”

“Oh god.” She felt her pleasure rocking between the desperation and the edge of oblivion. “C?”

“You aren’t concentrating.” He critiqued. “I was afraid of this.”

“No, please, I can do better!” She worked hard. Her pussy dripped through her tight underwear and down her legs onto the floor. “But it really looks like C.” She felt three consecutive smacks that nearly set her over the edge again. “Yes! Yes!”

He let go of her waistband and let it loosen to her dismay. “That was a test. You were starting to rush the problems.”

“I’m so sorry Master.”


“I’m so sorry Professor!” She felt another slap and realized how sore she was getting. Each hit was more painful than the last. “I’m so horny. Professor, please fuck me! I can’t take it anymore!”

“Older women are always so thirsty.” She’d feel offended if he wasn’t right. She was so cock hungry she’d agree to just about anything for dick inside her somewhere, anywhere. “Are you ready to take the test?” She nodded. “Here,” He replaced the study sheet with the test and removed the course material. “Question one.”

“It’s,” She thought hard about it. “A.” She felt her panties lowered below her cheeks, her pussy clung to the wet fabric but it was all on display now. She felt him cup her wet pussy. “Oh!” She shivered. Using her juices he slathered her poor rear end with cool wetness. “N-Next,” She looked at the test and chose carefully. “D.” She felt a finger toy with her clit. “Yes!” She shivered, “Thank you! Thank you so much!” She was desperate for more and canlı bahis siteleri was feeling high as a kite, but she kept herself calm. “D Again.”

She felt him slap her pussy. She shook and trembled as lighting burned her bones and her face contorted with glee and frustration. “Ahh!” She croaked. “The next one is-” she thought hard, “B. No wait! C! C!” She corrected herself.

“You were right the first time.” The professor sighed. “Don’t get any more wrong. Next question.”

She felt terrible and ashamed. She let her panic get the best of her. If she wanted his cock she needed to do this right. “Next is B.” Her voice was hoarse. Another spank landed hallway on her pussy and her ass. Her feet lifted off the floor and contorted as her whole world shook. She cried out, tears beginning to fall down her face. She was getting emotional. She had to win this. She needed to. “B Again.”

He caressed her rear end and she heard a bottle opening. Then he caressed her hurting, burning cheeks with oil and filled up every crack. She shuddered with immense pleasure. He was a god that was keeping her from teetering over the edge. “Last question.”

“If I get it right, will you let me cum?” She asked. “Will you fuck me? Finger me?”

He sighed and prodded her asshole in thought. She squirmed as he remained indecisive. “We’ll see.”

She checked and double and triple checked the answer before finally responding, “A.”

“Good.” Then she felt it. Something large and slick against her rectum.

“OH!” She cried out. “Oh god!” it hurt as it spread her and cleaved her ass. It was his dick. He was fucking her ass. It was well oiled, but so large and thick. She was crying again as it dived into her. She felt his pulse through his cock. “Make me cum from my butt!” She begged as he reeled back and pounded. She realized this was the first time she’d been fucked with all her clothes on. It felt even kinkyier. “Oh yes! Make me your anal whore!” She moaned with satisfaction. “Oh! Oh! My clit! Please, My clit!” She was so close, but she’d never cum from just anal before. She needed something else.

“No.” She felt him smack her ass while he was fucking it, “Maybe if you got a perfect score.” He struck her again, “But you’ll have to settle for this.” She screamed as his spanks brought her closer and closer. Her body seemed reluctant to cum this way. She felt his pace quicken and heard him grunt and grind against her. She felt his balls against her pussy.

“Ahh!” She felt like he was piledriving her into the desk and down into the ground. Like every thrust sent her closer to the center of the earth. The heat made her sweaty and slippery. Her white shirt was see through from sweat now. Her slick chest slid across the hardwood. She went down and dirty until she hit bedrock, with orgasm just on the other side. “Hmm!” She whined in disappointment as he kept her on the plateau. “P-Professor, Please, I’ll, I’ll do more, I’ll study more, I’ll take more classes!”

His pace began to quicken “Oh god!” she cried out. He pounded her into the cracking bedrock-stone that kept her from cumming and each slap put more cracks into it. “Hit me harder!” She screamed. It hurt like hell but it turned her libido to eleven, “Make me your bitch! Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!” Her voice cracked just as the wall broke and he slapped her through her mental barrier. “Oh yes! Oh!” He spanked her into her climax and she seethed and groaned and clenched tight on his cock. “Fuck yes!” The floodwaters burst through and tore away her sense of self and sanity. She spasmed and rammed her bottom up against him like a battering ram. Her mind was riding a hard and heavy high that just didn’t stop.

His greased piston pumped her full as she felt him climaxing too, filling her slutty bottom to the brim until it overflowed and dripped down over her hungry, drooling pussy. All the fluids mixed and poured down between her legs as she shook and groaned and quaked. She shook of wave after wave of mind-bending fucking as her body became real again. She felt her face wet with tears and sweat, and her entire body felt used, abused, tired, and soaked. She felt the professor pull his cock out and shivered with emptiness. She felt him lift her sopping wet panties around her hips, and then lowered her skirt back around her ass. Both were covered in cum and juice and she felt her thighs dripping with ooze. The sex trickled down onto the floor as her panties tightened around her groin. She was fully squeezed into sex-soiled clothes when the Professor zipped himself and stood her up.

“Good girl.” He said. She smiled wider than she should have and giggled like a teenager.

“After this class, can we keep doing this?” She asked shyly despite being drenched with cum and having it leaking out her ass that very moment.

“I might have time to tutor in my off hours.” He shrugged. “But next time I expect an A.”

“Yes Professor.”



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