Fat neighborI am a young housewife that has been married for about 5 years.Before I got married I held several jobs, ranging from office work to retail and as a waitress. Since I got married, I managed to loose my office job when the company down sized. My hubby thought it was not worth looking for a low paying job so I went back to school to get my college degree. I graduated a few months ago and have since looked for a job. I want to get a job in a Finance department, but have not found the right job yet.This means that I spend a lot of time in the house when I am not on the job hunt.My hubby travels internationally every month. At times he can be gone for almost a month at a time. He is ok with this since we don’t have any c***dren yet. I find the hardest part to be the lack of sex. Long before I got married, I was very sexually active. I love fucking and my hubby is a great lover and we have lots of sex when he is home.It had been over two weeks since he was home and he had almost two more weeks of work in Asia somewhere. I used my dildos and vibrators daily, but I wanted a hard cock in my pussy. I had never thought about cheating on my hubby, so I just had to deal with my sexual frustration.We lived in a old neighborhood in our town. Beautiful old homes on tree lined streets. Most of the people around us was older, but we got along great with all our neighbors. On one side lived a 80 year old widow, Sibylle, that I often helped. She needed help to get to medical appointments and sometimes shopping. On my other side, lived a single man in his 50s. He was friendly and helped me with things around the house when my hubby was away. His name was Charles. He had never been married and he was not attractive. He had a big belly and wore a wife beater and overalls all the time. He had a habit of drinking a little too much, so he often had a hangover in the mornings. My hubby and Charles would share a beer or five some times.Charles did not work, he had made enough money to retire early, but I suspect he got bored and started to drink.Charles had promised to come over and help me with the back fence that was falling over in one section. We have a park behind us, so there is nobody else to help with the fence. It was up to us if we wanted a stable fence. So I took on the project when Charles promised me to help with the hard labor parts.We had decided to start at 10 this morning and it was now 10.30 and I had not seen any sign of Charles.I decided to go over to his house to see what he was up to and if he had forgotten that he was going to work with me.I ringed to doorbell but got no answer. I check the door handle and the house was unlocked. Most people in our neighborhood only lock their doors at night. So I walked in and call out for Charles. No answer.I walked into the living room it was empty, except for a few bottles of empty beer bottles. I continued through the house and last went to check his bedroom.I was chocked to see Charles totally passed out on his bed dressed only in his wife beater shirt. That is not what chocked me. It was Charles huge soft cock resting on his thick thigh. Even laying down his belly was huge. It was not a sexy or attractive view at all.Somehow I could not resist to walk up to him and check out his huge cock. In his hand I found a porn magazine and next to him was a rag full of cum. He must have been drinking, then masturbated and fell asleep.I wondered how big this cock would be fully erected. Call me crazy, but I reached out and caressed his cock canlı bahis to see if I could get him to react to my touch. I felt a little movement and stir in his cock when I wrapped my fingers around his shaft. Charles was snoring away and did not move at all. He was deep asleep even as I was touching his cock.I got a little bit more brave and started to stroke his cock as it grew to my touch. I was amazed on how big it was growing. His cock was massive and huge. After a couple of minutes of stroking him, he had grown so big that my fingers could not reach around his shaft. Charles was still snoring and had not moved. It gave me more confidence that he was not going to wake up. I was getting so fucking turned on by his huge cock. I had never felt anything so big. While stroking his cock, I reached down in my shorts and found my pussy soaked.There was no way I would fuck this cock, but at least I could taste it. I climbed up on the bed so I could put his cock in my mouth. Fuck, he was so big it was difficult to get his head into my mouth. I licked and suck him as he got hard as steel. My own breathing was labored as my pussy was pounding and aching for a hard cock. I lost track of time and did not notice that Charles woke up. It was not until I felt Charles trust into my mouth that I thought about checking if he was waking up. I looked up at him and will droopy eyes and told me not to stop.I got scared and stopped and let go of his cock. I realized what mistake this was and started to stutter some nonsense talk. Charles sat up and only looked at me. I tried to get off the bed, but before I got off, Charles grabbed me. I told him to go, but he said nothing. Instead I felt how he managed to pull down my short and exposing my ass to him. He pulled me closer and I felt his cock against my ass. I started to struggle, but instead of getting away from him, he managed to pull me so close that I felt his cock at my opening. With a strong pull, Charles pulled me down in his cock and started to enter my soaking wet pussy. I cried out in surprise and in fear of him ripping me apart. Charles grunted and kept pushing me down over his cock. I felt his huge cock head spread my pussy apart and then enter my pussy. I knew I should be angry for him taking me like this, but I was too fucking horny and turned on so I stopped struggling and let his monster cock enter my body.I let our a moan in pleasure and Charles grunted as he slowly invaded my body. It felt so fucking good to have a cock in my horny pussy and even better from being stretched more than any other cock ever had done before. I laid in my side with Charles behind me, fucking me deep. I felt his cock reaching in and touching my cervix. His cock was so deep and it felt amazing. I reached down and felt part of his cock still not inside of me. He was so fucking huge that he could not even fit the whole cock in me. That had never happened before.Charles slowly tried to push more of his cock into me. This cause his head to start massaging my cervix. I had never got a deep pussy massage before and it was very different than any other sexual experience I had up to this point in my life. Charles kept the pressure on and very slightly moved his cock back and forth while pushing into me. without warning, I suddenly erupted in an incredible orgasm that started all the way deep inside of my pussy. It was like my cervix caused the orgasmic explosion. My whole body exploded. I grunted, cried, and moaned at the same time.Without stopping Charles bahis siteleri grunted and asked if I was OK. I told him to keep going and my orgasm kept going. Charles moaned and increase his thrusts. Then right on my cervix, I felt his cock head and a flood of hot lava hitting my cervix. Fuck! Charles was cuming into my unprotected fertil pussy. I felt his sperm invading every little space in my pussy and knew that he was sending up his cum right into my reproductive organs. My hubby could never reach that far into my pussy, so his sperm would have to travel much further to knock me up. As I felt his cum invading my body, I could not help to cum again. Another orgasm hit my body as my cervix opened up more to let Charles sperm in. It was so different than any other orgasm I had ever experienced and I felt a rush of pleasure and happiness. I totally relaxed and rested on the bed with Charles big cock still inside my pussy. Normally, my pussy pushes out my hubby’s cock after he gets soft. But this monster cock was not moving at all. He was still totally buried in my sperm filled pussy. I felt Charles hand on my back and he asked if I was ok. I told him that I was more than perfect and thanked him for fucking me. Charles said he did not realized what he was doing until he was already deep in my pussy and hearing my moaning. He said that his head was pounding almost as much as his cock. I did not want to move, so I stayed next to Charles and felt his cock got soft. Still it did not fall out. I asked when he had sex that last time and Charles told me it had been years since he felt a pussy around his cock. He said that since he got fat and ugly that there wasn’t a woman who wanted anything to do with him.He asked how I ended up in his bedroom with his cock in me.I told him that we were going to work in the fence and when he did not show up that I had gone looking for him. I admitted that when I found him passed out with his huge cock hanging out, I had wanted to see how big he would get when hard. I told him I was sorry that I had touched his cock while he was sleeping.Charles asked how I got him to fuck me. I told him that I was trying to get away but that he grabbed me and fucked me. Charles was apologetic and said it would never happen again. But I felt his cock grow hard as I was telling him what I did to him. I moved my ass towards him and soon he was hard enough to fuck me again. Charles grabbed my hips and started to fuck me from behind again. His sperm finally started to leak out and made me even more lubricated so Charles picked up the speed and force.After a few minutes, I told him I wanted to ride his cock, so he let me go and rolled onto his back. I climbed up and straddles his legs. His cock looked massive as it was pointing to my pussy. I lowered myself over his cock and started to ride him. I decided that pace this time and started to get really turned on. I rode him harder and harder. His cock was fully buried each time I sat down on his cock. Charles reached down and started to rub my clit. It brought me another orgasm quickly and Charles grunted that he was cuming again. I had a chance to get off his cock this time, but I wanted and needed to feel him cum in me so I kept riding him as he exploded in me again! Charles grunted and make sounds of extreme pleasure. I had my hands on his fat belly and felt his cock expand to get even bigger as he was cuming.When we finally came down from our orgasm high, I went limp over him. His face was close to mine and he smelled güvenilir bahis like old booze. Not an attractive smell at all, but I found it kind of sexy in a kinky way as I lay on top of him with his huge cock wedge in my pussy. I kissed his cheek and thanked him again for letting me fuck his great cock. He laughed and said that I did not need to thank him since he most likely got more out of it. Charles admitted that he had been turned on by me since we moved in next door. He had masturbated many times thinking how good it would be to fuck me.I was surprised since I don’t see myself as very attractive. I am a short woman with a sizable chest and a pretty big butt. Charles said that the first time he saw my butt he had been turned on. He dreamed about feeling that ass up against him while sliding his cock into my wet pussy. He would never in his life bet on that this could ever take place. Here he was now with me still attached to his cock. He could not believe that he had fucked me twice.Charles needed some water so I had a climb off him and with that let his cock come out of me. As soon as his cock came out, a huge flood of cum poured out of me. Charles said that he sure had unloaded good into me. He smiled and asked how it felt for me. That brought me back to how it had felt when he filled my cervix with his hot cum. I fell back on the bed and look up into the ceiling. I told Charles that I had never felt anyone rub my cervix as I was cuming, nor had I felt a cock so deep and right at my cervix when the cock exploded into the cervix.I admitted that it had made me cum again, but also it felt like a hot lava travel up in parts of me that I never felt before. At the end of my orgasm it felt like a light went through my body and something had happened.Charles was standing next to me drinking a bottle of water while I was talking. He reached down and touched my pussy, I was still soaking wet and it felt great to have Charles finger fuck me while I was telling him how it had felt while he had pumped his first load into me.Charles said that it was good that I had protection, because it sounded like I had got pregnant right then! I looked at Charles with big eyes and said that I don’t have any birth control! It hit me then that with his cock massaging my cervix and then deposit his hot fertile cum right into my cervix, I might actually got pregnant right then. You would like that it would upset me, but instead I felt more excitement and with Charles fingers in my pussy and his thumb massaging my clit, I started to cum again. As my orgasm was ripping through my body, I moaned that I thought he had just knocked me up. Charles laughed, pulled out his fingers and put his huge hard cock into my pussy again. He had got so turned on by my talk about how it felt and how I might be pregnant, that he got fully erected again in seconds. Charles kept feed me with his huge cock as I was wrapped up in my orgasm, it got prolonged by the feeling of his cock entering my body again. I was so wet from his cum and my own juices that the friction was perfect. It felt so good when he worked his cock in and out of my pussy. He was so big that his strokes lasted forever each time he pulled all the way back so only his head was in my pussy and then pushed back in. He did it so slow and with a steady pressure that my next orgasm quickly followed the first one. Charles lasted a lot longer this time, but in the end he was about to blow it again. Charles grunted that he was cuming and started to pull out. I called out and told him to stay in me. Please, please cum in me again!I had become his sperm deposit, I wanted all of his sperm in my womb! I loved my neighbor and it was great to have a hubby that travelled so much!!!!!



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