Ash Bannon walked along the perimeter of the college grounds as he made his way to class. He cut through the parking lot and was conscious of the woman approaching him. She was a pretty woman with long, dark hair and smoky features. He guessed her age to be upper-thirties and her measurements to be 38-28-48. She was wide-hipped, but he didn’t mind that in a woman so long as she had a bump on her rump. He smiled pleasantly as he passed, then turned to see if she indeed possessed that special quality. She did. “God-damn! I wouldn’t mind spending a week in that ass.”

“What did you just say?” the woman asked as she spun around with a quickness Ash would not have given her credit for possessing.

“Uh … I …” The truth of the matter was that Ash had spent the summer with his uncle clearing out lots which were to become commercial businesses. During the course of this, Ash had dropped twenty-five pounds of pudge and his skin was tanned to a golden brown. He was aware of his transformation, and it emboldened him to say and do things that he normally would not have. Like this. Yet, where was all that bravado now?

“Well?” the woman asked.

“I … I’m sorry,” Ash said.

“I didn’t ask if you were sorry, I asked what you said.”

“Uh … Okay. Look, I know what I said was disrespectful. I apologize.”

“That’s all fine, but you still haven’t answered my question,” she told him.

Finally, Ash’s bravado kicked in. “Okay, you want to know what I said? I said I wouldn’t mind spending a week in your ass.”

“A whole week just fucking the hell out of it, huh?”

“Oh, no ma’am,” Ash said. “An ass like yours deserves nothing less than to be worshipped with a soft mouth and gentle tongue.”

“And you’re just the man to do it for me. Right?”

“You damn well better believe it,” he said as he took a half step closer.

She eyed him. He was young enough to be her son, and he was handsome and nicely built. It may have been because of this, or because she hadn’t been with anyone since she and her husband separated three months ago, but she gave it the ol’ What the hell? and told him to hold out his hand. He did, and she wrote her address and phone number on it.

“You forgot your name.” Ash said.

“Make me cum tonight and I’ll give it to you,” she told him. “Seven o’clock.” She then turned

and walked away.

Ash watched her fine ass make it to her 4Runner, then he transferred the information from his palm to a sheet of paper. He spent the remainder of the day thinking about her, her ass, her eyes, her ass, her long, dark hair, her ass, her ass … After school, he showered at five, dressed, and waited for six-thirty to arrive so he could leave. Before walking to his car, he detoured to his neighbor’s house. Mrs. Wilson has the most beautiful rose garden. He snagged a yellow one, got in his car, and drove to the address his mystery woman gave.

He was early by five minutes, but he didn’t think that would matter. He knocked, she opened the door, and he greeted her with a smile and an outstretched hand containing the rose. “Oh, well, thank you. It’s beautiful. Please, come in.”

“What a lovely home,” Ash said as he crossed the threshold.

“Thank you,” she said as she led him to a bar. “Drink?”

“I’ll have whatever you’re having.” She poured two glasses of merlot, then handed one to him. Ash raised it, said, “To tonight,” then clinked it against hers. He could see the hunger of expectation in her eyes, and he knew he must be exuding anticipation on the same level. Very little small talk passed between them. Once Ash had finished his wine, he said, “Are you ready?”

She laughed. “Pushing things a bit too quickly, aren’t you?”

“You know you want this as badly as I do,” Ash replied. “Finish your wine and let’s go.” She did as he said, then led him to her room. She began to undress, but Ash stopped her. “Slowly,” he said as he sat upon her bed. She began with her top. It took her all of a minute to come out of it. Next was her bra. When she unleashed her breasts, Ash said, “Wow. Those are really nice. What size are they?”

“Thirty-six DD,” she replied as she cradled them. “You like?”

“Oh, we’re going to have fun with those tonight,” Ash replied with a smile. She placed her fingers in the waistband of her red spandex yoga pants, but Ash stopped her again. “No, turn around. Gyrate those hips as you reveal that scrumptious ass to me.”

“You really are a big booty freak, aren’t you?”

“You don’t know the half of it.”

She did this, revealing just an inch at a time until finally exposing her entire ass to Ash. “Dear, sweet mother of God,” he said as he slid from the bed and to his knees. He grabbed her hips and before doing anything else, he stopped and inhaled deeply. “Ohhh, you’re wearing my favorite cologne.”

“What do you know about women’s cologne?” she asked.

“I know enough to recognize Far Away when I smell it,” Ash replied. He kissed her right ass cheek, then licked it. She gave a light yelp. He helped her step pendik escort out of her spandex pants, then he said, “I don’t think we’re going to need this, either,” as he removed her red thong. He slapped her ass twice, then said, “Hop on the bed. All fours.” She did, and Ash crawled up behind her.

Generally speaking, he would begin by kissing the entire ass before making his way to ground zero, but fueled by the intoxicating scent of the cologne, coupled with the fact that this woman’s ass turned him on to no end, he separated her fleshy cheeks and immersed his face right in the middle, licking and sucking her anus as he did so. It was another breach of protocol as he usually began with a slow rim job, but he just couldn’t help himself.

Of the woman, she gave a high yelp when his mouth settled upon her anus; his tongue and lips sent electric currents throughout her body. “Oh, Lord. I thought you were joking around. No one has ever done this to me before.” This emboldened Ash, yet, while he was generally one to take things slow so that he could derive as much pleasure from the experience as his partner, this time he was full-force onslaught, licking and sucking—just overall eating that ass—like he was a death row inmate chowing down his last meal. “Oh, shit. You’re making me so fucking wet.”

Ash slid a finger across her slit and was amazed at how hot and wet she was. He separated her ass cheeks even wider, buried his face deeper, then brought those firm but fleshy cheeks around his face. This, to him, was paradise. Heaven. Utopia. Spend a week here? Hell, he was ready to take up permanent residence.

Ash noticed that the woman had begun pushing back against his mouth, as if she were feeding him her asshole. “Eat it, baby,” she said to him. “Eat it all, as much as you like.” Then, “Oh, don’t stop. Don’t stop now. I’m gonna … You’re gonna make me … Ooohhhhhhh! Oh! Oh, shit. Oh, shit. Oh, shit. Oh, God-damn.” Her hips shook, and her knees quivered as she came from Ash’s intimate treatment of her ass.

She figured Ash must have spent thirty good minutes doing this, and as good as it felt, she was ready for something else. “Come on, baby. I want you to eat my pussy now.” Ash smacked her on the ass three times. She turned onto her back, her legs bent at the knee and firmly together. “Would you like to see something really sexy?”


She extended her legs, locked them in place, then lifted them straight in the air. She then separated them even as a hand went between her legs to cover her pussy. When she was done, she had performed a perfect split; her feet were perfectly aligned with her hips and her ankles touched the bed.

“Ho-ly shit!” Ash said in wonder.

“That’s not the best part,” she said as she moved her hand to reveal a clit the size of a baby carrot.

“Oh, my God!” Ash gasped when he saw it, then he made a noise that was indefinable but most resembled the bark of a dog: “Rrrauff!!” and then he pounced on it, fitting his mouth around it and assaulting it with his tongue.

She was already wet from the orgasm she had while he ate her ass, and now she was creaming heavily as she built to another. Her legs abruptly slapped together, pinning his head in place. She turned to her side as she bucked her hips, injecting his mouth with every inch of her clit. Ash had no choice but to follow her or his neck would have been snapped. She shivered, shook, spasmed, then she slowly opened her legs wide as she had them before. Ash, without a word, followed her as he moved his mouth to her slit and lapped up her cum. As he did this, he removed his clothes. He didn’t know what her plans were, but he had every intention of fucking her tonight.

He came off her and grabbed his pants, then his wallet. She saw his eight-inch cock and said, “Are you going to feed my hungry pussy with that?”

“Yeah, just as soon as I—Shit!”

“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t have a condom,” he said morosely. “Do you?”

“No,” she answered.

He saw the look of disappointment on her face, knowing it matched his. “Look, I don’t have any diseases, and I’ll pull out before I come. I promise.”

After some thought, she said, “Okay, but don’t fuck me. Take it nice and slow.”

The smile on Ash’s face couldn’t be matched. He lined himself up with her, then slowly sank his cock into her wet pussy. “Oh, fuck,” he whispered as he entered her.

“Oh, shit,” she said as he eased himself in to the hilt. “Oh. That’s it, baby. Nice and slow. You tortured my ass and my clitty, but now you have to be soft and gentle to this pussy, okay?”

“I will.” His voice trembled. “Oh, God. I’ve never felt a pussy like this in my life.”

“Will you make me cum again?” she asked teasingly.

“You better hurry up,” Ash said to her. “I can’t last much longer.”

She began to rub her clit. She knew it well, having become better acquainted with it even months before her separation. She closed her eyes and went to her special place, and soon enough, she announced, “Here it comes,” and she came all escort pendik over Ash’s cock.

“Oh, fuck!” Ash near-screamed as he pulled out and jerked off onto her soft belly. He felt depleted of all energy. “Weak as a chicken,” is how a former lover used to put it. He willed himself to move, though. He fell off the bed, then moved up and kissed her on the lips. “You were wonderful. Now, wait right here.” He went into her bathroom, grabbed a wash cloth, wet it with warm water, and returned. He began wiping his semen from her body.

“Thank you” she said, amazed at his thoughtfulness. “No one has ever done this for me before.”

“I’m a full-service lover,” Ash said as he kissed her again. Once finished, “I’m going to go rinse this out.” He wasn’t gone long. When he returned, he was greeted by the sight of her ass in full bloom as she was bent over reaching for her thong. “God-damn!” he exclaimed, then he pushed her onto her bed, threw her right leg onto the mattress as her left maintained her balance on the floor, and then he drove his cock into her once again, only this time he fucked the holy shit out of her.

“Oh, shit!” she screamed. “Oh, yes! That’s it. Fuck me. Fuck me, God damn it!” and Ash did. He was relentless over the course of the next fifteen minutes, and so lost in primal lust had he become that when he had his second orgasm, he came inside her. Surprisingly, the woman said, “Oh, yes. Oh, your cum feels so good inside me. Don’t stop.”

“Get on the bed and turn on your side,” Ash said as he pulled out of her. She did, and he went in behind her, lifted her leg, then slid his cock back inside of her. He began pounding her pussy like he was punishing it for taking so long to come into his life, and in appreciation for such treatment, it oozed cum onto his cock, down his balls, and onto the sheets beneath them.

Sweat poured profusely from them both as he continued to fuck her, and finally he pushed himself all in and unloaded again. He gave small, quick thrusts as his orgasm died out, then he lay limp next to her. She brought her leg down gently, then turned and kissed him. “Alexis Fiorentino,” she said as she tried to catch her breath.

“Ash Bannon,” he replied.

“So, Ash Bannon, do we make this a regular thing?”

“You mean a ‘friends with benefits’ kind of thing or legit seeing one another.”

Against her better judgement, for she knew it was the emotion talking, she said, “Legit seeing one another.”

“Hell yeah,” Ash responded.

She smiled, kissed him again, then said, “Does my ass really turn you on that much?”

“Bend over again and find out,” he said with a small laugh, then he amended it to, “You turn me on that much.”

“You know, you completely neglected my breasts tonight even after telling me how much fun we were going to have with them.”

Ash leaned over and took a nipple into his mouth. It hardened immediately. “There’s still time,” he said, “but after three orgasms in a row, I need to recharge.”

“Well, I guess you’ll just have to stay the night to keep that promise. You hungry?”

“For your ass?”

She laughed. “No, silly. Real food. I can pop a pizza in the oven.”

“Sounds good.” She got out of bed and picked up her thong. Ash smacked her on the ass, then fell over and grabbed his boxers. They sat in the kitchen like this and talked as they waited for the pizza to cook, then ate and talked some more before going back to the bedroom where Ash fucked her titties until unloading all over her face. “Okay. That’s it. I am officially fucked out,” he said as his dick began to go limp.

“And here I was going to let you fuck my ass for me.”

His cock immediately grew hard again. “I’ve never gone five times in one night, but I’d go ten if it meant putting my dick in that perfect ass of yours.”

Ash awoke the following morning to the most wonderful feeling. He opened his sleepy eyes to confirm what he already knew to be true: Alexis was softly sucking his erect cock. He didn’t know how long she had been doing it, or even how long it would take to get him off considering how well he performed, but that didn’t matter. He wanted to enjoy this. “Good morning,” he sweetly called to her.

She opened her eyes, smiled around his cock, then closed them again as she continued. A few minutes later, she came off him and said, “Would you like to finish like this, or inside me?”

“Like this,” he replied, “but I’d love to sixty-nine with you.”

She enveloped his cock once more, then moved into position. Ash wrapped his arms around Alexis’s hips and brought her soft pussy down on his mouth. She was lactating cum, and he was only too eager to lick it from her before settling his mouth on her enormous clit. He emulated her motions, sucking her like he was sucking a cock. Soon, her legs began to tremble. She moaned loudly around his dick, then more of her syrupy cum spilled out of her. As Ash slid his tongue into her slit, that feeling hit him. “Oh, Alexis. Don’t stop, baby. Here it comes.” He grunted hard and pendik escort bayan loud as he erupted into her mouth, and she sucked him dry before swallowing it. “Oh, shit! I’ll tell you what. I’m going to be a good boy for you because I never want to be without this.”

Alexis moved off him and said, “You keep me satisfied like you have been and that’s something you will never have to worry about.” She repositioned herself, though, straddling his face. “I just need one more good orgasm, okay?” he nodded. “Just let me fuck your mouth. You don’t have to do anything else but lie there, okay?” He nodded, so she began. She inserted her clit into his mouth and began slowly moving it in and out. She gained speed as she drove it harder and harder between his lips. His hands moved up to her ass. He caressed it and even helped her push herself into him. Finally, she was moving at such a speed that his thrusts couldn’t keep up, and eventually she came hard, hard enough that he felt her cum shoot from her pussy and onto his chin. She moved up a little and ground her pussy on his mouth. “Yes. That’s it. Eat it up.” As he did, her hands moved to her nipples. She lightly tugged on them, a smile of satisfaction on her lips. “Okay,” she said as she gained her breath. “That’s just what I needed.” She climbed off him and lay beside him.

“You up for breakfast?” Ash asked. “My treat.”


“Wherever you’d like.”

“I could go for some IHOP.”

“IHOP it is.”

Over breakfast, Ash learned that although Alexis was born in the US, her mother was from India and her father from Spain. “That’s why I have such a lovely skin tone.”

“If there were any words more expressive than ‘lovely,’ I’d use them.”

“You’re such a charmer.”

Ash said he was born in California, but with his dad being in the military they moved around a lot. Eventually they settled here, when he was a senior in high school, so going to the local college was a gimme.

Alexis asked him if he would be ready to make love to her again when they returned to her place. “I swear to God Almighty Himself, if I die of a heart attack at age twenty because of you, it will be a meaningful death.”

She laughed, they finished their meal, returned to her place, and had another round of wonderful sex. He kissed her, her breasts, her lips once again, then said, “Sorry, but I need to go. I have a paper due for English.”

“And I have one for Psychology,” Alexis said. “When are you available to me again?”

“Oh, don’t ask me that,” he said with mock resignation. “I’ll say to hell with the paper and end up staying the weekend.” She smiled. “Dinner tomorrow night?”

“Okay. My treat this time. Where?”

“I was hoping for here, although I’d like something other than frozen pizza.”

“How does Pork Bharta with Aloo Gobi and Bhindi Masala sound?”

“I don’t even know what you just said, but if it comes from your magic fingers then I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.” He kissed her again, then stood to get dressed. “What time Sunday?”

“Immediately after you finish your paper.” She spread her legs wide and spanked her pussy. “Remember, she has to eat as well.”

He looked at her beautiful pussy, said, “What the hell,” and placed his mouth on it.


Theirs was a whirlwind romance that showed no signs of stopping. They spoke of their academic goals, and both adjusted their schedules accordingly to ensure those goals were met while allowing for the most time spent together. Sometimes it equated to cancelling a date, and others it was the two of them working in tandem to help finish one project or another, but overall, they were successful in both their studies and their relationship.

Two months in and their affections had successfully crossed from grooving on each other to loving and being in love with each other. Ash admitted that he was surprised that an older woman could love him as completely as Alexis did, and Alexis admitted that she never knew a younger man could be more compatible with her than a man her own age. She wasn’t talking just about sex, either. Ash showed an actual interest in doing things such as shopping, sitting with her at the nail salon, driving to rustic and pastoral sites just for the adventure of taking in the scenery … Things men her own age would scoff at. This, she knew, was a testament of Ash’s true love for her, and she appreciated him for it.

For Hallowe’en, she wore a set of cat ears and a collar, painted whiskers on her face with her eyebrow pencil, and that was it. She was completely nude, which made Ash’s costume the perfect match. He went as a seat cushion, and she took full advantage of it.

As Thanksgiving neared, Alexis was a bit depressed that her daughter, Tamryn, had decided to remain at college. “Is it because of me?” Ash asked.

“No. She says she has a lot of studying to do for her upcoming finals, which I understand.”

“Oh, me too,” Ash was quick to say. “She’ll be here for Christmas, won’t she?”

“Yes, and I suppose I should prepare you for her visit, Ash,” Alexis said. “There’s something I haven’t told you about Tamryn. She was born with a birthmark that … Well, it’s like a milky red, and it covers the entirety of the left side of her face.”



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