Fantasy with Brendacdbrendacd….mmmmm, i wonder about your “cuckold” hot ideasamgrant1865Want to hear, then?brendacdyes, plezzzzzzzzzzzzsamgrant1865Okay, I think first he needs to be stripped naked, gagged, and tied into a chair, so he has a good view. And his hands must be tied so that no matter how hard he tries, he can’t get to his cock.He can listen, when I tell you to strip. And then after you have taken off all your clothes, I will tell you to strip me, too.And when you take down my pants, he can see my cock spring free. Will you wrap your lips around my cock, while staring straight into John’s eyes?brendacdi’d eagerly take your cock in my mouth while straight looking into hubby’s eyes with a mischievous smile on my facesamgrant1865And after swallowing my cock, and licking my balls, I stop you. “What do you want?” I ask you. Without a word, you rise, and lie back on the bed. You spread you legs wide, pulling your knees up, your pussylips parting. “Eat me,” you breath huskily.Your hubby watches helplessly as I kneel in front of canlı bahis you. Your pussy is already wet. I won’t tease you. I want to taste you so badly. I open my mouth and engulf your lips, sucking them gently in, then releasing them. My tongue dives in your hole. Your taste sends me wild, and I thrust my tongue yet deeper, making you moan. Looking straight at your husband, you say, “YES! Stick your tongue in me! Fuck me with your tongue!”I thrust my tongue as deep as I can, while your juices run down my chin. Your hand slides to your clit, rubbing urgently.I want to stop. I want to thrust my cock balls deep in you. I want to feel your warm wet pussy gripping me. But we have a different plan. Maybe later for that.You pull my head up your slit, and urge me. “My clit,” you moan. “Suck my clit!”I take the little pink nub in my mouth. I suck. Harder, softer, in, out, each bringing whimpers and moans of pleasure from you.The waves are building in you. I feel your body quivering. You moan louder and louder, “oh, God, yes! Pleeeeezzzzz!” bahis siteleri You shudder, your body shakes. Your back arches, and then you cum. Your legs clamp around my head.After a bit, your legs relax. I move upward, kissing your belly, between your breasts, your neck. I kiss you deeply on the mouth, so you can taste your own juices, which cover my face. My stiff cock is rubbing at your now soaked pussy.But you’ve cum so hard, you are still clamped shut. We know what we’ll do though. I stand up, and then you roll over, offering up your ass.I spread your ass cheeks, and start rubbing my cock up and down your crack for hubby to watch.I’ve been edging for a week, building up to this. “Oh, Brenda, what a sweet ass you have,” I whisper.”Yeah, rub that cock up my crack, give me your cum!” You start humping back at me.I’ve been so turned on by eating you, and so on edge from a week’s wanking and denial, I feel my balls moving up. Hubby has a good view as my cock head is thrusting in and out of your asscrack, between your cheeks. “Here güvenilir bahis it cums!””Yes,” you shout. “Fill my asscrack with your cum!”And I do. Spurt after spurt, drenching your ass, and running down your anus and pussy. The biggest load I’ve ever shot, all for you.I lay down over you, and kiss your neck. We nuzzle for a bit. We both look back at your hubby, bound and tied, cock at full attention, hands straining to get at it.”Poor hubby,” I say. “I think you should take care of that for him.” You nod, and giving a wicked look at him, get up. You strut across the floor, cum running down your inner thighs.You turn, and show him your ass, and then you sit on his lap. And then you reach back, and shove his cock between you cheeks. And my cum lubricates him as you start to rub your ass up and down on his cock, holding him between your dripping cheeks.John is groaning. And while you’re humping his cock between your cheeks, I approach you from the front. You lean over, and begin licking the cum off me, while hubby watches, and while you are humping him.And then John cums. His cum is squirting up your back. Hubby cums, his cock soaked in another man’s cum, while his beautiful wife is licking and sucking the cum off a stranger’s cock.I wonder how he likes it?



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