The beeping of the car alarm startled her from the delicious fantasy. Margot found her hands moist. She wiped her hands on the thin material of her slacks to dry them. The sensation warmed her thighs, reminding her how moist she had become. She slowly raised her hands toward her hips. Her inner thighs had heightened sensitivity to her own touch. She wiggled her hips feeling how her panties had a center of wetness. She absently rubbed her palm over her mound.

Margot looked up suddenly self conscious. Her eye caught the store window which gave a clear line of sight into the front of the store, namely the check stands. The man was standing there talking to another associate. The associate was a young woman, pretty blond. The man smiled at her, or at something she had said. The young woman laughed and flipped her hair.

Margot surmised she was witnessing them flirt. The man leaned closer to the woman over the check stand divider. She turned; they were completely facing one another. They continued talking and smiling. Margot watched the man gesturing with his hands as he spoke…

To her surprise the man pressed length of his entire body against the partition. She could hardly believe her eyes as he did a succession of small pelvic thrusts against the divider, unbeknownst to the woman. There was no one else nearby, so Margot was the lone audience of this odd mating dance. The man stopped perhaps he had realized what he did and was embarrassed. But no, this time he swayed back and forth just a bit. He was rubbing up against the check stand as he flirted.

He was certainly interested in this woman. His arousal was evident even though he backed up and lowered his shirt as far as it would allow. Margot’s own arousal grew.

Margot watched for a minute or two more before he walked back to his counter as the woman took a customer. She appeared a bit put out by the intrusion. These two were definitely interested in each other.

The man turned in his check stand, and faced the window. Margot watched him slide his hand down the length of his shirt to the waist of his pants then finally to his crotch. He adjusted himself discreetly, then hovered before running his hands up and over into his pockets.

Margot found that as he had changed positions from the stands so had she. Margot had moved closer to the passenger side of the sedan. She was sitting in the middle of the seats just behind the gear shifter… The realization dawned when she felt pressure of the knob resting lightly on her crotch.

It was not at all uncomfortable, quite the opposite. She leaned forward telling herself “for a better view”. The hard knob of the shift head was then pressing directly on her upper lips and clit. She slowly rocked her pelvis forward and back in a deliberate manner. Margot found watching him anonymously, was highly erotic.

The man bent over giving Margot a look at his beautiful ass. She rocked more intently. Margot saw the man stand and look around finally looking out the window. She sat back with a start and slumped suddenly afraid of being caught.

After about a half a moment he went back to whatever he had been doing. The young woman had finished ringing up the customer; she turned to him and motioned him over. Margot decided this wasn’t the time to go into see him. But she wanted to know what was going on between them.

She quickly opened her car door, closing it quietly and entered the rear where the tinted windows would provide an adequate coverage if needed.

Once again her palms were damp as she dried them on her inner thighs. Trailing her index finger along her panty line, Margot noticed a slight dampness on the outside of her slacks. She ran her finger up and down the damp trail that shadowed her slit. All the while she watched the man talk to the woman and occasionally give a grind to the check stand.

Margot was highly excited. She had full access to the man that she could not get in the store. He was totally unaware of her presence. The cherry on top was seeing him toy with himself covertly every now and again. She felt naughty and she liked it!

Margot continued rubbing the growing dampness between her legs. After all no one saw here doing it!

The man and his potential mate were interrupted quite often by customers. He didn’t have a chance to leave his check stand once they got busy.

Margot had full view of the man. She stopped rubbing. Fingering the top of her slacks she undid the clasp and slowly lowered the zipper. She found that it was a short zipper and would not allow comfortable access past her trimmed mound. She looked around then lowered her pants just below her ass cheeks. She now had ample room to toy around.

Finding the cotton division of her panties cumbersome she slipped her index and middle fingers between fabric and flesh. She sighed heavily as she leered at him through the glass. Margot teased circles around her clit while she watched.

The man raised his arms to kurtköy escort stretch, then reached around and put his large hands on the small of his back. He bent back loosening his stiffening muscles. As Margot watched his shoulders separate then bunch an image flashed in her mind’s eye. Margot running her nails across his back as he pistoned his meat in and out of her steaming center.

The vivid imagery took her to a higher level of self pleasuring. She stopped teasing her clit she rubbed it furiously. Margot began breathing through her mouth. Her shoulders twitched and tensed. Oh how she needed release.

Release’s arrival would be forthcoming.

He walked out of check stand with a bottle of Windex in one hand and a fistful of paper towels in the other. Raising his muscled arm up the man sprayed the windows with a sheen mist. This window was as clear a view as Margot could get unless she were right on the other side of the glass. As he wiped vertically along the pane, she wiped vertically along her clit and slit. When he rubbed circles she rubbed circles that dug into her pleasure button.

He crouched down to get to the bottom of the window. When he did Margot beheld a beautiful fabric encased man mound. His meat stuffed to the brim in the front and round spheres pushed out either side of the polyester blend prison. At that sight, Margot enlisted the help of her other hand. She used her right to frantically rub her nub, and she used her left index to take a plunge into and out of her fiery cavern. She put her feet on the backs of either front seat, threw her head back stifling the moans of the throes of the most intense climax she had ever had without a partner.

Margot had closed her eyes while riding the high. She felt like she was in one of those falling dreams through space and time, weightless, the stars floating by. She spun in a vortex of motionless motion but without the instant jolt of gravity when you wake up. Instead it was a slow swing back to earth. She opened her eyes a minute later and let her feet fall to the floorboards.

She attempted to refocus her eyes as she slid her panties and slacks back over her ass. She saw when she was able that the man was gone. She looked at all the check stands, Blondie was still there, but he was nowhere to be found. Then she heard the rumble of shopping carts right behind her. He was doing a cart run. How could it be that just as she came he was heading right up to her car? Even though the windows were tinted she lurched down toward the floorboards so as not to be seen, in the unfathomable event he decided to peer in. He rolled the carts past her, not more than two feet away seemingly unaware.

“Phew!” She thought.

When he was three car lengths down from her she let out a breath she didn’t know she has been holding.

The intensity of the moment spurred her to even greater heights. When Margot saw Blondie go on break she decided to go into the store after all.

As was her habit; Margot always kept handy wipes in her purse. She pulled several cloths out, mopped up, wiped her hands, ran a brush through her hair and exited the car.

“Here we go!” Margot thought as she headed up the walk, towards the store.

She attempted to be nonchalant as she searched the lobby for the man. She zeroed in on her targets’ back. Then she immediately looked the other direction. She appeared captivated by the kite display. She regained the composure that was lost when she spotted him.

“Be casual.” Margot told herself.

Her body felt a magnetic pull towards him at the counter. She enlisted all herself control to resist. Margot did not look back to see if her arrival had been noted by him. She secretly hoped he had. But if she were to have turned back and seen him unaware or uninterested that would disappoint her. Disappointment would damage the illusion that he was as enamored with her presence as she was with his. Instead Margot did a little shopping.

Conveniently she only needed items on aisles with at least a small view of his register. When he was at his own check stand she found that her surreptitious glances were not as covert as she first thought. He kept catching her eyes on him. He never held her gaze or gave even a shred of interest at all. He simply was aware of her gawking. Margot was more than a little disappointed. Still she felt compelled to be near him.

Margot stopped all attempts at catching his eye; she simply observed using her peripheral vision. She observed the man talking to a customer. The customer was a woman with long blond hair and too tight jeans. She didn’t hear their conversation but the man’s engaging smile was a clear signal. Margot watched as the woman turned around. Judging by the lines on her face, the woman; although very well put together, was a good thirty years his senior.

Margot was relieved to see that the man was not a member of the Mrs. Robinson’s fan club considering; his eyes didn’t follow her departure. aydıntepe escort Margot tried not to ponder the significance of her heightened attention during his conversation with Mrs. Robinson. She attempted not to consider that jealousy and possessiveness had no cause to be mixed up in her lust. Lust after all is simply lust. Possessiveness and the like only belong if she had some claim on him, which she certainly did not. Despite her self-reflection Margot mainly felt a wave of relief.

Regardless of any lack of reaction or attention from the man she still got hot being near him. When he was not looking she stared openly at him, studying his body, every inch of him from behind. When he was distracted with a customer she watched his facial expressions and body language.

Body language is an apropos term. Each body speaks its own language; the man’s seemed to say “yea I know”. His body was regularly relaxed and his head held up with confidence. His body moved smoothly, with ease, something akin to grace. A masculine grace was how Margot had come to think of it. He didn’t make quick jerks or pivots his hands and eyes were free of twitches. She never saw him appear nervous or anxious; he always seemed to be in control come what may.

The man’s movements were purposeful and precise yet somehow careless. He appeared perfectly blasé. As she watched that evening Margot began to see him in a different light. She used to watch him for some clue as to who and what he really was, that night she decided to enjoy his enigmatic nature and cease looking too deeply. His airy attitude let her imagination run rampant.

Since she did not know him she would create her own image of him. After all Margot thought, people do that to one another on a regular basis. There was no difference between objectifying the cashier to fit her desires than objectifying a beautiful nude model. People lust for the woman on the cover of Playboy and imagine any assortment of wicked pleasures they could experience together. Margot preferred to have the object she craved closer at hand, and flesh not photo. Having fully justified her desires, she felt no shame for her feelings. Margot thought, they would probably never be together, but she would have him, oh yes she would have him.

After having arrived home Margot considered the effects of exploring the eroticism of public masturbation. The experience had opened some inner portal of her hidden desires that had been sealed shut and now was wide open. Margot wondered how far she could push it. She did not wish to be arrested; she couldn’t handle the embarrassment. But the intensity of the climax she reached was off the charts. That was a high she wanted to chase. Margot decided she was going to do it again and soon.

She sat down on the edge of her bed and kicked off her sensible shoes opting to pad around the apartment in her trouser socks. After stopping at the fridge to grab a coke and slap together a sandwich she took the food to her computer desk. She decided she needed a plan.

Margot began by searching Google for links on public masturbation. The first few hits related to people being arrested, others were pay web videos.

“No” she thought.

She then found a site recounting an individual’s numerous “solo rendezvous”.

“My, he is a busy boy!” she thought.

The site had a comments page where other people shared their experiences. There were a great number of women to Margot’s surprise. The site had a page for suggestions: places, clothing, how to react if accused, several explanations for different scenarios and even some helpful get out of jail free cards. One of the suggestions was to carry jock or vaginal itch cream.

“Oh no officer, you don’t understand I was just applying this ointment. Really!”

Margot returned to the main page there was a link for toys. Like Alice and Neo, Margot went in pursuit of the white rabbit. Pages and pages ready to be opened. The website had all manner of toys and playgrounds. From plugs to pumps, spiked face sheaths to feather ticklers all tastes could be satisfied. Margot knew she wanted a vibrator but she was enjoying browsing all the creative activities to play up a sexscapade.

Margot decided on a small finger vibrator that she could slip under her skirt in the movie theater, restaurant etc… that all changed. She saw vibrating panties that were remote controlled. With these panties she could have her fun anywhere. She giggled in delight. Margot never giggled. She imagined wearing the panties during a meeting with her boss, at the beach anywhere. As soon as she saw the panties a plan began to take shape. She ordered the panties in black without a moment’s hesitation. Estimated wait time 3-5 days, too long she chose the expedited shipment option 1-2days, plenty of time to get her plan into action.

The following afternoon sitting in her bland office, resting in her stiff office chair she sat up and leaned back stretching. She tuzla içmeler escort smiled at her computer screen, not at satisfaction of a job well done; considering data entry is never done. She smiled in anticipation of going to work on herself.

As soon as she clocked out she got in her car and went over her list of things to do –

buy lingerie

buy cute outfit
buy completely insensible shoes.

“Ah” Margot sighed, “I love when a plan comes together”.

When she entered the lingerie shop she knew thigh highs and a garter belt were essential, that was all Margot knew for sure. When she approached the counter, a helpful sales girl suggested a sexy bra and panty set or a camisole and hot pants set if she wanted the thigh highs and garter belt. Margot thanked her for the help and agreed, trusting her expertise. Margot thought she must look like a walking advertisement for abstinence.

“Not anymore sister, I am a new woman”! She thought.

Margot purchased a black and light pink camisole, hot pant set with a pale pink garter belt at the last moment she added a pair of nude silk stockings. Crossing step one off her mental list, she proceeded to step 2; cute outfit.

Upon entering the clothing store, Margot’s confidence increased a bit, one piece or two pieces it wasn’t that difficult as long as she could match them she would be fine. She chose a mid length cream colored blowy skirt and a white halter top she would flash a little belly, just in case she became too self conscious she threw in a cute little pink sweater.

Happy with her choice she went shoe shopping she found the perfect pair, they were Baby Phat “Fantasy” pumps, they were pink with gold emblem on the front, definite fuck me pumps. She planned to be standing at the counter most of the time they were on, she felt she would be reasonably safe. Margot could not be sure but she thought she might be giddy. This one outfit was costing more than an entire season of her old wardrobe. That is to say it would have if she changed her clothes with the seasons. Margot decided updating her wardrobe on an annual basis was to be added to her list of things to do.

When she arrived home she was delighted to find her package had arrived. She fumbled with the keys finally gaining entrance into the apartment. She dropped her clothes forgetting them as she headed into the kitchen to retrieve a knife to tear into her package.

The sexy boy cut lace panties’ micro massager was inserted in a pocket in the liner then zipped. Batteries were included. Margot stripped off her clothes right in the middle of the kitchen and shimmied into the panties. The panties were christened with a yelp from Margot within two minutes of using the remote to turn it on high. The massager was powerful.

“This will do nicely.” She decided.

Margot began to prepare for the evening she washed the panties in the sink and hung them on the towel rack to dry. She took her bath with rose oil as was custom. She, blow dried her wavy tresses and blow dried the panties while she was at it.

Margot pulled her camisole over her breasts and stomach then began to put the halter on. It dawned on her not only did the camisole straps show, the cami’s dark colors went right through the halter. Margot dared to go bare. Her nipples rubbed along the course cotton weave of the halter; the sensation was not at all unpleasant.

Attaching the garter and sliding the stockings on were done prior to reinserting the battery and pulling the snug panties on. She slipped the skirt up over her hips. She took a seat while putting on the shoes, she wasn’t terribly wobbly and they were cute.

Margot assessed herself in the mirror the best she could, she was pleased with what she saw. Her bathroom mirror was high so she got a kitchen chair to stand on to check out her lower half. She nearly fell off until she took her heels off. Since the lighting in the bathroom was dim she didn’t notice that her panties and garter showed through clearly. Before heading out see the man she put her heels back on and grabbed the sweater. She put her sweater over her arm in case she wanted to wear it at the last minute.

She arrived in the parking lot. Her heart raced and she had the sudden urge to flee. Just to call the whole thing off before she made a complete fool of herself. But the memory of how excited she was while pleasuring herself in semi public quickly quieted her fear. Leaving in its’ wake a hunger to take it to the next level. How she reacted when she came would determine how public this display would be.

Seconds before she entered the store Margot realized she had planned everything in great detail; except for the actual event. Sudden anxiety racked her. How would she do this? Was he even there? Was she going to have it on low the whole time or high just while she was in his line?

“Oh no! Where is the remote? Nothing can happen without the remote!” Margot fretted.

She found the remote tucked into the side pocket of her purse. She gave it a quick test to make sure the batteries weren’t dead.

“Roger ready for takeoff. ” Margot thought trying to steady her nerves.

She was in luck, He was there and the store was practically empty.



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