It was a long day at work but worth the effort. We closed a deal which had been just out of reach for months. Thirty minutes to quitting time and I called my staff together in my office. I offered my thanks to one and all and then said the work day is over. Those who wish may join me for a celebration drink. I have a modest bar in the corner of my office and it has served for celebration and consolation alike.

We have a great, even though small, group here. Lori is my secretary and office manager. Some of you have already met Lori but for those who haven’t Lori is one of the most petite redheads God ever created. To say she is beautiful is an understatement. She also happens to be a strong and capable leader. While working Lori displays the strength and leadership of an Amazon princess. Lori runs everything in my absence. I have made it abundantly clear, Lori speaks for me. To ignore her is to ignore me. Nobody does it twice and remains here.

After Lori there is Stuart. Stu is head of sales and completes the management team. Stuart is just under six foot and always looks like he just returned from the Bahamas. Perpetually tanned and good looking in a rugged sort of way.

Peggy and Erin balance out sales and marketing. Peggy is brunette and stacked like the proverbial brick shit house. Plain of face but with tits like that no one ever notices. Erin, well Erin is Erin. Kind of dowdy in a way. She does the phone contacts and sets up the sales call board. Her contribution to profits is her voice. I told her once if she ever leaves me she could make a fortune doing phone sex. She blushed and left the office but I could tell she was pleased.

The rest of the staff consists of Iris, our gift from Canada. Jackie, the obligatory blonde available in every American office. Last but not least is Bill. Bill is nineteen and has only been with us a short time. He has impeccable taste though. He has a crush on Lori the size of Texas.

I asked Peggy to do the honors at the bar. Peggy had worked her way through college as a dancer and part time bartender. That is where I first met Peg. She just finished her second set when I walked into the show room. I told her I was sorry to have missed her performance and I tucked a fiver in her G string. I guess I had over tipped because when she parted the curtain to return to the dressing room she walked straight across the floor to where I had taken a table. All she had on was high heels, about five or six inch spikes, that royal blue G string and a smile. What there was to the rest of the outfit she carried in one hand.

Now I have never been overly shy so when she stopped at my table I naturally turned, chair and all, to face her. Peggy said “hi I am Angel”. To which I replied “you sure are”. Then she sat on my lap and put those glorious orbs right in my face. I wish they hadn’t had such strict rules there because I would have liked to suck each of those boobs till the cows came home. I settled for planting a kiss between them and a little lick before she got up and disappeared into the dressing room. It all went by so quickly I didn’t have time to get really hard but there was a definite stirring in my britches.

The glasses were filled, I got my three fingers of Jack and then said something to fit the occasion. I emptied my glass and passed it back to Peg for a refill. I noticed most of the glasses had suffered considerable damage or were offered for refill as mine had been. It had been a very long day.

I made the rounds talking with this person then the other. I wanted all to know how much I valued the effort everyone had put into this project.

The overall mood was festive and someone turned on the stereo. All of a sudden we had an office party, Everyone was unwinding and enjoying themselves. Stuart asked Jackie to dance and she accepted. It was a fast paced number to which I would have been ill equipped to handle but they were doing great.

Iris asked me to join her on the dance floor. I declined saying that wasn’t my kind of music. She wandered off and the next I noticed she had Bill by the hand literally pulling him to his feet.

About this time the office door opened and there was Hal and Patrick, the lawyers from down the hall. Their very sexy secretary, Sara West, was with them. Now there is a woman. She is all business in the office but she walked into my office like queen of the century. I always had seen her in a attractive business suit with glasses and her hair sort of piled on her head. Well now, the suit jacket was gone along with the bra if there had even been one to start with. The blouse was thin enough to see a faint shadow where her nipples pressed against the fabric. Her dark brown skirt was short enough to show off her great legs without being so short you would call it out of place in the place of business.

I asked them to join the party and all three accepted. Drinks were made and they mixed in with the party. About an hour went by and I had noticed the depletion of the liquor stock. This would never halkalı escort do, I asked Bill to bring more from the stock room where we kept the bottles left from what we passed out at Christmas. I have no idea how many drinks he had but for nineteen Bill was holding his own.

The size of the party had outgrown my office so we wheeled the bar out to reception and partied on. I was relaxed in one of the large padded chairs put there for clients and visitors. I noticed with interest that the dancing had slowed to a change of CDs and there was a lot of belly rubbing going on.

Bill was with Iris again and they looked quite content with that. Most were dancing or engaged in conversations. That’s when Peggy walked over to lock the door and pull the blinds covering the front windows and the door. She nodded to Erin who removed and replaced the CD with one I know didn’t come from my collection.

Peggy started to move to a beat I had not heard for a while. It was the music she had recorded for her dance routines at the club. As she moved across the floor everyone backed off to give her room. That was all the encouragement she needed. She was a talented dancer and had she not got a MBA in business she probably would have been a headliner in one of the better clubs.

Peggy swayed and slithered across the floor, not bump and grind style, but more sensuous and very sexy. As she started unbuttoning her blouse you could take one look and know all eyes were on her. The blouse slid off her arm and onto the floor in front of Hal. Hal bent and picked it up as Peggy glided off across the floor. She was in her element now.

Next the skirt went and I didn’t even see it go it was just gone. Peggy had on a pair of crotch less black lace panties which accented rather than hid her pussy. She made a priceless picture with her shaved pussy peeking out of the frilly lace and the sheer black bra barely capable of holding the large breasts I remembered so well from the club. The crowning glory was the black garter belt holding up her stockings. Peggy reached up and unfastened the bra which had the clasp in front. Her breasts sprang free and jiggled as she moved. Peggy later told me she got a charge out of dressing like a slut under her work clothes. All prim on the outside and a smoldering sex pot under it all.

As Peggy moved across the floor she looked like she had just stepped out of a Playboy centerfold. It was then I saw she was heading straight at me. Upon reaching me she put one knee on each side of my hips and settled herself into my lap. Everyone was getting a kick out of that so I played the game and planted a nice wet kiss between her big tits. When I drew back Peggy reached and grabbed a handful of hair on the back of my head and said “not this time”. She then pulled my head forward and placed one of her tits directly into my mouth. Now I got to tell you a fellow could suffocate that way. I closed my lips around as much of her as I could and sucked hard while I swirled my tongue over her nipple. Then I gently bit the stiffening bud which was now showing itself. While I still had her nipple between my teeth she pulled me away and nearly broke my neck pushing me onto her other tit. Naturally I gave it the same treatment and was rewarded by another perky nipple.

Peggy got up and moved away as the music came to a halt. Her CD was replaced by one of mine and the party resumed but with a different tone. First of all Peggy never reached her clothes before Patrick caught her hand, pulled her hard against his chest and with an arm around her waist started to move to the sound of Patsy Cline singing Walking After Midnight.

From that moment on I couldn’t follow the sequence of events. I looked one way and saw a dainty hand wrapped around a beet red cock. In the other direction another one of our ladies was stripped to her panties and I couldn’t be sure from there but they looked wet.

Then my breath caught in my chest when I saw Sara was dancing closely with Lori. Sara was about an inch taller than Lori and had a larger bust. Lori’s shorter red hair was quite a contrast to the light brown hair Sara had let down and was falling softly around her shoulders. They didn’t dance as a man and a woman might but rather face to face. Their hands together and out from their hips with the fingers interlaced loosely. I sat mesmerized as their breasts brushed lightly back and forth across each other. As they danced, apparently oblivious to all, There wasn’t a word spoken but the electricity between them was a tangible thing speaking volumes to each other.

I couldn’t stand it another minute. I left my chair and crossed the room. As I approached them Lori had her back to me and her fine little ass looked so delectable I wanted to give it a little squeeze but I didn’t. I cut in and Lori pouted but moved slowly off.

I took Sara in my arms and she melted into me as if we had been together for a million years. We moved, at least I think we did, slowly and didn’t manage to ever harbiye escort leave the spot where she first entered my arms. Time stood still. The music faded. All the people disappeared. There was Sara. Only Sara. Nothing mattered, the building could fall down and I would not have noticed. I felt her breasts against my chest like two branding irons burning an indelible mark saying I belong to her forever. Her loins were slightly parted and my knee and thigh were forced as far as possible between them creating a heat which was almost unbearable. My dick was dressed right as they say and laying against my leg but pushing out more and more as we held each other closer.

I put my fingers under her chin and gently raised her face to mine. My lips pressed hungrily to hers and she responded with an urgency beyond description. There was nothing to say. I took her by the hand and led her from the room to my office where I turned and locked the door.

She came to me then and put her arms around my neck and kissed me hard on the mouth. I returned her kiss and it held until finally we pulled apart gasping for air. I am not quite sure how it happened but she had my shirt in her hand and threw it on the chair across from my desk. I reached for her then but she took both my hands and placed them at my sides. Allow me she said as her deft fingers loosened my belt and slid the zipper down to the bottom. The only thing holding up my slacks was the button at the top. Sara kneeled down in front of me and untied my shoes allowing me to step out of them. As she removed my socks she raked her beautiful long fingernails softly along my calves sending shivers of delight up my torso. Sara rose to a kneeling position and looked up at me with a look of animal lust which made my knees weak. Without breaking eye contact she undid the button and let my slacks fall to the floor. I rarely wear underwear and this was no exception. My hardening cock sprang free and reached forward to be enclosed in the soft hands waiting there.

Still maintaining eye contact Sara circled the head of my now firm manhood with her thumb. The tease was unbearable. She lowered her eyes and looked at her handiwork and seemed quite pleased with herself. I was getting weak in the knees and Sara backed me up a step until I felt my desk chair behind me. I sank into that chair gratefully. If I hadn’t I most likely would have fallen down.

Then she was before me again, still on her knees on the plush carpet of my office. I felt her nails glide across my thighs with the touch of a butterfly’s wings. Both hands took hold of my now raging hard on and guided it to her waiting lips. As I entered there I could remain passive no longer. I needed to touch and stroke this glorious lady who was giving me such pleasure as the world has never known since Eve tempted Adam from the garden. My hands reached and found Sara’s hair as my now engorged member slowly disappeared into her hot, wet mouth. I felt her tongue licking and flicking the underside as it slid further into the warmth. I caressed her hair as I guided her head closer to my belly. I felt my cock touch the back of her throat and I relaxed my hold on her hair expecting her to travel back up my length and thrill me again. We froze there for a moment and then I felt Sara’s throat muscles relax and amazingly my cock was again disappearing slowly into this furnace that was setting my very soul on fire. Onward it slid until her lovely lips were finally resting at the very base of my cock. Somewhere along the line her fingers had found my nuts and as her head slowly withdrew she squeezed ever so gently again causing ripples of pleasure to emanate from my groin and travel through my entire body.

I am not sure if it was urging from my hands or her own innate instinct but her bobbing head created the perfect rhythm and I was on my way to Nirvana. I was thrusting with my hips and she met each thrust with an urgency unparalleled in my entire life. My Cock had never been this hard before. I think Sara had actually increased me in length as well as girth with her ministrations. All I know is if I get any harder it is going to split.

Knowing I can’t take another moment of this wonderful torture without erupting like Mt. St. Helen I pull Sara’s head from my lap and coax her forward. She resists but I insist and slowly she pulls away. I have an urgent need to taste her hot lips so I try to pull her up into my lap. Sara has other ideas.

Since I had deprived her of the reward she was seeking she moved up my body slowly like a cat stalking it’s prey. Her fingers traced random patterns in the hair on my chest. She pinched both my nipples at one time and it sent shock waves through me like little bolts of lightning. First she kissed then licked then bit each nipple in turn. I had no Idea a mans nipples could respond that way. Hard little bumps appeared on my nipples and it created a feeling I had never had before nor could I describe it but it was wonderful.

Sara Stood up, turned and ikitelli escort sat on the edge of my desk. For the first time I realize This woman who has taken me to the very edge of bliss is still fully clothed except for a pair of fine leather heels which I see half way between the door and my desk. What a sight that would have been had someone walked in. A man, naked, with a raging hard on facing a fully clothed woman of obvious class and breeding.. Well, I must do something about that.

I fairly ripped her clothes off. I even saw one button fly across the room as, in my haste, I pulled too hard on the blouse. Her clothes were scattered on the floor, she was butt naked and sitting on my oversize oak desk. I took a step back to admire this ravishing beauty. Her hair was messed from me using it to guide her movements earlier. Her eyes are dark, blue I think, but no bets on that. Her face is that of an angel with a smile to melt an iceberg. Her breasts are full and set high and wide with nipples nice and round and staring right at me. I am struck mute by her beauty. She leans back on her hands on the desk and brings her heels up to rest on the edge of the desk. I am now getting an unobstructed view of a pussy of such splendor I know it was meant to be honored and adored. The view is not hampered by even a hint of hair. The lips are puffy and wet and ready to fuck.

I hear her voice as she says, “come here and take a taste of what you have started”. I approach this Goddess on quaking legs then I spot my chair which Sara had pushed aside to sit down. Rolling the chair up in front of her I sat down and found I was at the perfect height to lean over slightly and lick her sopping wet pussy. So I did. one lick became two and two became four. Next thing I know I am up to my ears in pussy juice. I am licking and tongue flicking her clit which is fully protruding from it’s hood. I lower my mouth and fasten my lips around her clit. I push forward against her pussy with my firmly placed lips and begin to suck. Her clit engorges even more and I suck harder. Her pussy is jumping and her thighs vibrate against my ears. Still I suck her clit as I hold it gently between my teeth. I hear her voice coming from between clenched teeth. Harder she cries harder.

If I bite any harder I will be taking home a prize which she may need later. My hand is busy exploring her drenched pussy and the surrounding flesh which is as wet as if it was in swimming. In this position it seemed quite natural to insert my thumb in her wet hole and stroke it as I continued to suck her clit. She was so wet there was even a small puddle on my desk. My fingers were massaging what they could reach when my middle finger slid over her asshole. This caused her to jump a little. Then she used her feet to raise her ass a little from the desk. I proceeded to massage her asshole and she started to come. Sara was going off like a string of firecrackers. At that moment I stuck my finger deep into her ass. There was so much juice flowing and the rubbing had relaxed her so much that my finger slid in to the third knuckle in one smooth motion. My finger could feel my thumb, which was still in her pussy, through the membranes separating pussy from asshole. This caused a great shudder to go through her body and she went rigid as steel. As she started to relax I withdrew my hand. Dripping wet I raised it to my lips to taste her nectar once more.

As I stood over her at the desk she relaxed even more and smiled a smile to light up the world. I gazed adoringly upon her body and traced with my eyes every curve and valley of this lovely lady. I saw her close her eyes to see some inner vision so private and true. As I watched her laying back on my desk so completely exposed to my probing eyes she spread her creamy thighs a little wider causing a little trickle to run from her pussy down across her ass and onto my desk.

That was too much. Her eyes were still closed and I stepped back to the desk and aimed my now throbbing cock at her slightly parted pussy lips. I didn’t stop until I felt my balls slap against her ass and when they did she let out a sound that would rival the screaming of the banshees. Sara’s legs shot straight out and then wrapped around my waist with her heels pressing so hard against my spine I was trapped in a grip superman could not break. I tried to thrust in and out but found I was incapable of moving. That was when I noticed this incredibly sexy woman was experiencing another bone shaking orgasm. I pushed hard against her until the tremors subsided and she relaxed enough for me to move.

While she still clung to me with her legs I reached forward and took her by the waist lifting her from the desk and into my arms. I was astonished how easy it was. Her arms went around my neck as I turned and lowered her to the carpet. We laid there a few minutes just enjoying the feel of one another. The muscles in her cunt would contract causing my cock to jump and so the cycle would go.

The heat was building as we lay entwined in each others arms. Finally I began a slow withdrawal and backed out until just the head of my cock was inside her pussy. I rocked back and forth slowly and my cock came just about out then slid back in. This teasing motion caused her to let out a snarl and say fuck me you teasing bastard. And I did.



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