Fantasies I would like to try with my fuck buddyI have known my fuck buddy now for nearly 15 years. We have tried a lot of things but there are quite a few fantasies I would like to try with her but she has not been up to trying them out. 1. Stripper in a pubEven though she is mature I think she has a great body and I think more people should have the pleasure of seeing her naked. When I first moved to London in 1992 I lived near a pub that used one room as a strip club. It was opened to all who wanted to go in and the girls took a collection before going on stage. Occasionally they had ‘amateur’ night and any woman was allowed to go on stage. To be honest some were drunk and awful, whilst others were very sexy. After I started to fuck my friend I went back to the pub and saw they still had the odd amateur night. I suggested she take part but she wouldn’t. What I fantasised about was that I would enter the pub on my own and buy a pint and watch the show. She would then enter and put her name on the list of strippers. She would wait her turn and I would watch the strippers go on before her. Eventually her name would be called and she would go on stage scantily dressed. She would then gyrate to the music and slowly strip. Once naked she would then break the house rules …. The pub was very strict about the girls not touching their pussy and definitely no showing of an open pussy. She would sit on the stage, eye level to some of the punters and give one a special show …. Stroking her pussy and then slowly opening her pussy lips so he could see deep inside of her. She would go on as long as she could before being pulled off the stage by the owner. She would then walk through the audience naked allowing the guys to touch and grope her on the way back to the changing room.I would then sneak into the changing room to find her naked and with a soaking wet pussy and would fuck her there and then, without worrying who was in the room or could come into the room. 2. stripper in private boothIn Soho there are a few places with private booths. These booths have a door and enough room to stand up. When you put a coin in the slot a divider drops to reveal a glass window into another small room where bakırköy escort a girl is waiting to strip and show for you. The £2 coin gives about 2 or 3 minutes of show before the divide closes. The more money you put in the more you see. Each girl has 2 booths looking into her area. Me and my fuck buddy have been together to watch a girl and afterwards I suggested maybe she should give it a gtry. She said no. I went back by myself a few months and watched a girl. Afterwards I asked the guy on the desk if they would allow any women to perform and he said they had never been asked but probably yes. I talked to my friend but again she said no.What I imagine is that we go to the booths. She is allowed to perform so I go into one of the booths. I put in a lot of coins and the divider drops. To see her sat on a stool in underwear. She slowly starts to caress herself. I hear a person enter the next booth and in the mirror behind my friend could see the divide in the other booth lower. I now know another guy is watching. My friend turns slightly so the person in the other booth gets a better view and she takes off her underwear and is totally naked for us. I watch as she fingers her breasts and pulls on her nipples until they are rock hard. Then she caresses her pussy lips. The divide in the other room closes and then quickly reopens ….. the guy must be excited and wants to see more. She continues to finger herself and I can see that she is slowly pushing a finger into herself. i am getting rock hard so I assume the guy in the other booth is as well. She carries on and it is clear she is getting excited. Through the wall I can hear a groan and I assume the guy in the other booth must have shot his load. This is too much for me so I leave the booth and enter the display room. My friend takes out my cock and sucks on it tasting my precum. She then gets me to sit on the chair and mounts me so anyone in the booths have a clear view of my cock entering her. She rides my cock until I shoot my load deep inside her and as she dismounts my cum oozes out. We would then notice the guys in the two booths are wanking over the show. 3. WebcamWhen I lived overseas beşiktaş escort we cammed regularly and often it turned into us wanking for each other. When I returned to UK we lived some distance apart but we stopped camming, as she preferred talking on the phone ….. but it meant I missed seeing her wanking. What I fantasised was that she would go on cam for me but on a site like xhamster so that whilst she wanked for me other men could watch and comment. Of course I would want to take this further and would want to have a cam in the room each time we met up so we could put on sex shows for people to watch and wank over. I have asked her but she says no and doesn’t want the chance of being recognised. 4. DoggingI have posted a true account of us having sex in a car in xhamster already. However, I have always wanted to take it further. I would like to have her agree to another sex session in her car but I would tell her where we should go. We would meet at night time and I would give her directions to drive to a secluded spot. Unknown to her the secluded spot would be a well-known dogging spot. When we arrive she notices a few cars are parked there, but I put her mind at ease saying that they are probably either dog walkers or birdwatchers, or might even be other couples that had also found the secluded spot. I would then start to kiss her and caress her breasts and slowly easy her top and bra off. She would then unzip me and release my cock from my pants. She would stroke me to full hardness and then suck on my cock. I would then remove her skirt and knickers so that she is totally naked in the car. At this time I would notice that more cars had arrived and that several men were standing around the car watching. By know I would be sat in the driver’s seat and she would be kneeling, naked, on the front passenger seat bent over with her head in my lap sucking my cock. Anybody outside would have a clear view of her pussy. I then try my luck. I would then use the automatic window button to lower the window. I can see a guy standing just outside the car and he is stroking his cock which is in the open for everyone to see. As the window lowers more guys beylikdüzü escort gather round. I know that my friend has now realised people are watching so I wonder how long she will let things go on for. However, lowering the window hasn’t stopped her. One of the guys approaches and it is clear that he is now feeling her pussy through the window. She gasps and I realise he must have pushed a finger deep inside her. She pushes back and he finger fucks her. Another guy also starts to play with her pussy and together they finger fuck her to orgasm. I am certain that this will be the end and the orgasm would clear her head and make her want to go home. In fact the opposite would happen. She would move across and lower herself onto my cock. She would open the driver’s window and stick her top half out. Now the guys on this side of the car can start playing with her breasts but her intention is that she wants to suck cock. She takes it in turn and sucks three or four guys until they cum … some ion her mouth and some over her face. I tell her I am about to cum, but instead of continuing riding my cock she dismounts and moves to the passenger seat. She bends over so the guys can play with her pussy through the window. She squirms as guys finger her. Then the car door is opened and a guy is stood there with a massive hard on. My friend can’t see him and the fingering stops as he positions himself, and with one long deep thrust he pushes his cock into her. She would gasp but not doing anything. He would then pound away getting faster until suddenly he pushes as deep as he can and unloads his balls deep inside. As he withdraws I realise he hadn’t put a condom on and could see cum oozing from between her legs. The guys have now lined up and take it in turns to fuck her. Some with condoms and some without. Eventually all the guys would have had their turn fucking her. I would then be the only guy with full balls. She would get out the car and lie on the bonnet. One of the other cars would shine their headlights onto our car and we can all see her pussy glistening with the cum deposited in her. The cum on her face from the blowjobs has hardened. I would now fuck her. My bare cock would easily slide into her forcing some of the cum out of her and the guys would gather round to get a good view. I would fuck her until I shot my load into her. As I withdrew a guy would kneel in front of her and clean her up using his tongue. I know these are only fantasies and will never come true but I can always hope



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