Maggie Simpkins stood at her bedroom window, looking down at the street outside. She began to have second thoughts about what she was doing.

Maggie had planned to go on a picnic in the park with Larry Helmer, her boyfriend of some months, then to a movie in the evening with him. But Larry had called her before starting to drive over and she had mentioned to him that her mother was about to leave and would not be back until late at night. Since her father was off on a week-long trip, she was going to be alone in the house.

Larry had talked her into having the picnic lunch on the kitchen table and spending all day, at least until the movie, at home with him. Maggie liked the idea of their being alone together, but she also had doubts.

Larry Helmer, on the other hand, did not have doubts, at least about what he hoped for from this day. What was going to happen was very much up in the air, but the outcomes ranged from pleasant to incredibly nice.

On the one extreme, they would talk and relax together and neck with each other until they left for the movie. On the other… the necking would lead to petting, and then to mutual undressing, until he had spread Maggie’s legs and climbed between them. He would split the hymen that she had protected for eighteen years and enter her body, filling her with his erection until he brought her to an orgasm — or, better yet, one after another, as the afternoon went on, and perhaps the movie could be postponed in favor of seeing in their bodies could peak together once more.

Either would be satisfying, but one would be so in more ways.

Larry thought about Maggie as he drove to her home and thought about what he wanted to do to and with her. He wanted to drive her too, drive her to distraction with kisses, with his tongue against his clitoris and in her labia, with his pistoning shaft in her body until they both went into overdrive and he pumped her full.

And Maggie had told him that the timing for the picnic was excellent, since another day or so later she would not feel like going out at all, because her period would have started and she was always grumpy and short-tempered on the first day.

This mean that if Larry succeeded in bedding this girl he might pump her full of semen without an contraceptive and with no danger of making her pregnant.

Maggie Simpkins saw him drive up from her bedroom window and as he got out of his car, she scurried down the steps and opened the door for him.

He shut the door behind him and took her into his arms, pressing her body to his though she denied him a tongue-kiss, at least for the moment. They sat and talked on the sofa, and kissed a few more times. About the fifth time she opened her lips for him, but when she broke it off she suggested that they eat lunch.

Larry Helmer was quite willing to let one hunger wait for a while in favor of another. But only for a while. He wondered as he walked to the kitchen how it would be to eat Maggie out, how she would taste as his tongue lapped and plunged. And there was the matter of Maggie’s cherry… That would be very sweet to have, as he creamed inside her.

As they ate the mixed fruit and then the sandwiches that Maggie had prepared last night and drank the soda that Larry had brought, Larry wondered if Maggie would have been more relaxed out in the open. Probably not, he decided, She should feel more at home in her home, for all that the two of them were alone together for so long.

Maggie herself was wondering exactly how she felt. She was glad of the chance to take a break from the kisses, especially the deep kisses, that she had shared with Larrry. But on the other hand, she wanted to go back to them. He was giving her body sensations stronger that she had ever gotten from a boy before.

Larry pulled out as they finished the food a bottle of fortified wine which he had convinced a store that he was old enough to buy. Maggie had almost never touched even ordinary wine, so it was unlikely that she would have known that this bottle had extra alcohol injected, even if she had looked at the label, which she did not.

She had only a weak resistance to kocaeli escort Larry before that lunch, and the fortified wine reduced it further.

It did not take very long before they were indeed getting inside each other’s mouths. Larry Helmer put his hand inside Maggie Simpkins’ blouse within minutes and then moved the left bra-cup aside.

His hand went around her breast and his fingers pressed the sides of her nipples. He twisted that slightly and she moaned into his mouth. His forefinger lifted and and rubbed the end of her little nub until Maggie squirmed in his arms, and arched her back toward him. That action gave him a vision of her body arching again, then time as she approached orgasm under him and she tried to force more of his erection into her. He raised his head to lick the nipple and blow upon it to make her cry out.

Larry had never gotten her to go this far with him before, and he was now sure that he was going to go all the way with her today. He was sure that he would soon have her deeply impaled on his spear of flesh and gasping and screaming in ecstasy as he drove in over and over.

But there was some distance yet to go. One floor perhaps.

“If we were off in the picnic ground, we would be spread out on a blanket,” we whispered to her, ignoring that they would probably not be half-naked now.

“I don’t know about lying on this carpet,” she replied.

“No, someone might look in the window. Nut we could lie down on your bed.”

It seemed to Maggie that there was some reason that they should not, but either her body was too aroused to let her remember why, or it was too aroused to allow her to care. Of course the fortified wine did not help.

They walked up the stairs together, his arm around her and her stomach still exposed. Her mind was in a muddle, between Larry’s experienced arousal and the wine.

When they entered Maggie’s bedroom, she paused for a moment to look out of her window again and thought back to how she had wodered if she had done the right thing in staying alone in the house with Larry.

But she did not get to dwell on that. Larry came up behind her and put his arms about her waist, at the same time bending down to nuzzle her neck. As she whimpered with the sensation, he moved his left hand up to cup her breasts and his right hand to press between her legs.

When he bent Maggie back to deliver another deep kiss, his right hand came up, then down, to slide under the waistband of her loose jeans and into her panties, where one finger found her labia to pass between them and in.

Maggie had done this to herself many times, especially lately as she lay alone in bed and thought about Larry, but to have it done to her like this was far more wild and uncontrolled and powerful. She sagged in his arms.

Larry drew her back now and lay her across her bed, to lie beside her, kicking his shoes off. Many times in the last half-dozen years Maggie had fantasized about having one boy or another of her acquaintance — always Larry in recent times — join her there, and now she was face to face and side to side — perhaps soon gasping beneath — the reality.

That particular mass of teenage hormones leaned over her as she lay on her back, and kissed her mouth, at the same time undoing the buttons of her blouse. As it was uncovered, he raised her left bra-cup from where it had slid back down, then lifted the other before raising her body to get at the fastening in the middle of her back.

He pressed her body to his, pushing the buttons of her hard nipples back into the flesh of her breasts. When he lifted up and began to remove his shirt, Maggie eagerly if shyly helped him. His young body had only a few chest-hairs, but she made the most of them against her sensitive skin when she drew him back.

This time her arms held him until they were both weak and out of breath. But soon after they broke away and lay in each other’s arms, Larry’s hand descended to the snap at her jeans-top.

He popped it — thinking of how he hoped to soon pop the membrane of her maidenhead — and began to slide the zipper of her fly down. When Larry reached the bottom, he lifted kocaeli escort bayan her hips and tugged on her jeans until they were bunched at her loafers. Shoes and jeans came off together, leaving her in only a blouse, white panties and open bra.

Maggie sat up now and the first and third of those fell to her bedroom floor. She rolled over further to open his belt and pants and help to remove his pants. He wore shorts beneath them, red with white dots, and a large bulge was very visible and almost through the opening.

Her hand went through the opening and rasped in her fingers what he hoped she would soon grasp in her vaginal– ex-virginal– walls. She had never in her life done the first, and certainly never the second.

They returned to kissing, and exploring each other, with so much more to easily explore. His fingers caressed the curve of her hips, back and forth, slowly moving closer to the boundary of her only remaining clothing and raising her anticipation and heartbeat together. Larry’s hand went into her panties again, and his tongue was buried in her mouth when he brought her to orgasm with his hand, her first by a hand other than her own.

He let Maggie rest a little, then leaned over her and nudged her legs apart, to lie between them. He kissed around her cheeks and forehead and neck, pressing his chest to her breasts and his groin to her loins, slowly pumping his hips in blatant imitation of intercourse. He carefully aroused her body again and kept her that way, always close to another climax but somehow not reaching it.

Larry moved down her body, first to pay lip-service (and tongue-service, and a little tooth-service) to her proud little breasts and their raised nipples.

He moved further down, to pull down the white cotton panties that were all that she now wore. She gasped as she felt sure that she was about to be opened and filled by the long hard manhood of Larry Helmer.

She was wrong, at least for the moment.

When she was naked and her legs were spread wide open. Larry bent down and kissed her, but not on or near her face. Maggie had heard of this being done but not considered that Larry might do it to her.

His lips and tongue ranged to and around her labia and clitoris, up into her vaginal opening, and working the little man and spreading her open. This time he did not hold back from sending Maggie over the top, and she cried out in ecstasy.

He let her rest again, then whispered: “Are you ready to go all the way with me? It will be much better than what we have done before.”

“Much better? I don’t know if I can stand it. But yes, I want it; I want you, I want you in me.”

He reached into his pants to remove a foil packet, then removed his shorts.

“You told me that your period is due to start very soon, but if you want we can use a condom anyway,” he said.

“No, I guess not,” she replied. “I want to know what it feels like to, to have you shoot into me.”

“I’m told it adds to the experience,” Larry said.

As Larry lay over her, his left arm raised her head to meet his lips and his right hand went to line up his erection with the line between her labia. While he had licked away much of her secretions, there was more than enough left for the needed lubrication.

He slid in gently and retreated. He slid in further with each stroke, until he touched for the third time the barrier that he had expected and now wanted to claim. Then he jerked his hips, she gave a cry, and it was done.

After that he became gentle again, until he felt the contractions begin that should that the teenage girl whom he had so recently deflowered was drawing near to her third orgasm of the day and her first ever when she stuffed with hard hot meat. Then he sped up so that when she camped down hard on his shaft it would at the same moment be expending to pump hot semen into her.

She cried out as she peaked, arching her body and pulling on his, trying to force him a fraction more deeply into her and he lunged down as far as he could.

They rested now longer than before, and when they kissed and began to fondle each other, Maggie said, “I think izmit escort I want to take a shower.”

“Could I join you? I’m sure there is room, and I v=could make it more interesting.”

“Oh, certainly interesting. But I am not sure how much interest I am capable right now.”

“We can see, and we can certainly look.”

As Maggie sat up, she looked down at Larry’s loins and saw a little red on the end of his penis.

“Is… that from me?” she asked.

“Very definitely. You are a woman now. I hope it did not hurt too much, and that it doesn’t hurt now.”

“No. And it doesn’t. Though I will admit I feel like I’ve been exercising, except that I feel really good, really happy.”

“Maybe I am more interested than I thought.”

She took Larry’s hand and they walked to the bathroom together, nude.

Maggie set the flow of water for the shower, but before they stepped in she bent over and kissed the head of his penis.

“Since that has claimed me, I claim the right to kiss my blood off,” she said as she straightened up.

“Freely given,” he replied.

As they entered the falling water, she took a washcloth and soap and cleansed his genitals, though it would be only fair to note that she spent more time and stroking and soap than was strictly needed. But then there was more to wash by the time she finished.

Larry put his arms around her and put his tongue past her lips. She cooperated enthusiastically, leaning into him, and the tube of flesh that soon poked her belly caused her to turn slightly aside to allow her hand to reach between them.

As she applied more soap to let that hand slide more easily, one of his hands touched Maggie between her legs. He rubbed her there and gently squeezed, soon putting a finger into her, then two, then spreading them apart.

“Oh, God, if you keep that up I won’t be able to take it,” she cried.

“You don’t have to take it,” he replied, “I can just take you again. I would be happy to.”

She stepped back and squatted down. She took his shaft into her hand again and bent her head to the end of it. She had clearly never done this, but her willingness to do it meant more than what long experience might mean.

Larry had not expected this from Maggie for a long time if ever. He wondered if she had seen this done in photos or perhaps a videotape or DVD, since she used her tongue and lips well, rather than trying to do nothing but suck on him.

Maggie was certainly good enough at this that Larry soon had to reach down and tug her under the arms for her to stand. He gave her a deep kiss again and this time his hand did noy touch her groin but his, and he placed the length of his rod between her legs.

It pressed upward against her labia, and if the sensation was less intense than what his hand had done, it was more arousing because of what it was. She knew that with a small shift of their bodies she would be impaled and filled by his broad invader.

He moved his hips slightly back and forth and he found and stayed in the crease of her labia. She was now thoroughly wet both within and without and his erection was wet from her juices.

The touch of his hands under her breasts and on her nipples made things worse for her. When the contact between her legs was broken, the relief was only for a moment as he stooped.

Larry’s hand touched her labia again and spread them open, then she felt something large and smooth aand at blood heat between them. He leaned back on the shower wall and lifted her leg a little, then stood up completely and with a little adjustment he was fully inserted within her body.

Inserted to the point that with standing on one foot she could move up and down only with Larry’s help, and he stayed still. The sexual tension became unbearable and Maggie cried out almost in pain.

He bent and lifted her and turned off the water with a jerk. They moved quickly back to her bedroom where she flopped down across the sheet and he hooked into her with one violent thrust.

It was a good thing they were already close to an explosion of passion, or they might have injured themselves.

Hours later, the couple made love a third time, with no thought of the movie they had planned on. For months afterward they took every opportunity to share a blanket in some shadowed wooded place, and sometimes in the back of his car.



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