family FunThis just recently took place, I was over at my daughters house for a family BBQ, all 32 members of our family were there, accept my wife, she was sick, she stayed at home this time. We were all eating, catching up on what everyone was doing, my granddaughter had just turned 18, she came up to me, whispering in my ear, to please meet her in the hall way bathroom in 5 minutes, I said sure honey and patted her on her bottom as she walked away, she turned her head with a smile for me.At the right time I walked to the bathroom, went in, Alice closed the door behind me. I said OK whats this all about, she sat on the toilet, I the tub frame, she said Opa, I have a favour to ask of you, I said sure what is it honey, she said that she had been thinking about this favour for about 6 months, she was certain now that she wanted me to fuck her for the first time. I sat upright, looked her in the eyes, said what? She said, you heard me, I want you to be my first fuck, she also said that she and her boyfriend had decided that he wanted to watch since he had know experience in sex.I thought for awhile, saying, if you really want my cock up your pussy honey, I would love to be your first fuck. This was so funny to think about at this time, since about one month ago I had taken her cousins virginity also. I said when did she think she wanted this to happened, she said any afternoon, since she got home a good 3 hours before her parents, I said fine sweetheart, lets do it tomorrow, Monday afternoon, she smiled, put her arms around my neck and gave me a wet kiss, with her tongue going into my mouth, she started to turn to leave, when I grabbed her arm, bought her back in front of my, took my hand placing it on her pussy mound, felt it damp then kissed her back but this time I held her so she could not turn away, showing her what a tongue kiss was all about, her tongue answered mine, soon we were dancing inside her little mouth, her pussy juices were really dripping now, I broke off the kiss, patted her on her ass and said, better go change your panties before going back to the party, she smiled at me and did just that.Well, Monday came with me waiting at Alice’s house, she got there with David, her boyfriend, we all went into the house, she called out, is anybody home, no answer, she turned, saying, this is my first fuck day! I asked David if he was sure he wanted to watch, he said yes, I said if I motioned to him during my fucking of Alice, that meant he could come over and join if he wanted to, he made a gulping sound, looked at her, saying sure, that would be great.We all went into her bedroom, I said might as will be on your bed honey, that way when your sleeping here, you can have fond memories. She turned, she started to unbutton her blouse, taking it out of her skirt waist, took her hands behind her to undo her bra, she let it fall as she had here blouse. gümüşhane escort Her little rosebuds stuck out from her chest with their little nipples free for us to feed our eyes on, they were very hard and pointy. She the bent at the waist to take off her shoes, leaving her dress, panties for last. Her thumbs hooked into the waist band of her skirt, pilling it down her body, I let out a moan, when I saw she was totally naked under it, she kicked it off, standing there in all her 18 years old glory. I whistled, seeing that she was clean shaven, saying wow, she said she did it so David’s view was unblocked. I said I fucking love it, I pulled her to me, touching her pussy with my fingers, sliding them up, down her virginal lips, her outer lips got blood engorged, puffing up big, I stuck my finger into her snatch, feeling for her clit button, then started to rub it with my finger, she started to squirm around my finger with a sweaty smile on her face, moving her body to my fingers movement. She started to sigh, muttering sounds, I layed her back onto her bed, spread her legs, continuing to move with my finger, David was just looking and playing with his cock in his pants, I told him to go ahead, remove his cock if he wanted to, he did, I was surprised how big it was, at least 8″ of cock there. I stood up, removing my trunks, my manhood was now in full view, all 11″ of semi-hard cock, David said, wow Opa, that’s one big fucking cock you have, Alice looked up, giving a little giggle, licked her lips, saying wow all of that meaty cock going to my pussy, wow, this girl can’t wait, I think. I smiled, saying that it would hurt at first, but then the pain would turn into painful ecstasy which she might not be able to control, I said just let it roll honey, it will all happen quick, not to worry, Opa will not hurt you, you will love my cock in you, I promise.She said she wasn’t worried, she said she was looking forward to her first fuck, especially with that big cock of mine. I got down on my knees in front of my granddaughter’s pussy lips, sank my lips into it, shoving my tongue inside to find her clit, got it, bit down on its, she lifted her ass off the bed, making gurgling sounds, rolling her ass all over the bed now, she was so wet, I stood up, she looked into my eyes, she place her hand on my hard cock now, spread her legs, guiding into her hole. I was thinking who, is teaching who here. When my head was touching her opening she pushed her hips up to meet my cock, I sank in to the virgin hole. She let out a cry, at the top of her lungs, shouted, oh fuck me Opa, please ram that cock into me, ouch it hurts soooo much, go lord I’m being ripped apart, fuck Opa don’t stop please just keep ramming it home. I did and was, by now my cock was totally in her hole, her untrained cunt muscles started to do what any seasoned fucker’s would do, hakkari escort pull me in, hold me tight, letting go a little, me pulling out, then they would clamp hold again, we repeated this time after time as I was ramming my cock home into her little puss hole. She was wiggling back, up, down every which was on the bed under my continuing fucking of her not so tight pussy now, she started to cum, came all over herself, came again, then my balls started to get loose with all that cum that was leaving it’s home to cum into my sweetheart’s little pussy hole, I came, with a shout, yelling her name at the top of my lungs, spurt after shoot came running out of my cock into her pussy hole, I pulled out to finish off on her belly, with it’s fine lacy hair. We then hear David as he exploded in his own shooting spray of his cum, it hit her in the face, she immediately started to lick all of Davids cum up with her tongue and fingers, then when finished there she started on my cum on her belly. She was one hungry little bitch of a granddaughter. I pulled out, my cock still semi-hard, she rolled up to take my length into her mouth, bring me off again, I shoot little spurts on her face.I said well, that was one fucking good fucking honey, saying also to David, good aim son, he smiled, as he was wiping his cock dry, Alice put it in her mouth saying here let me clean it off.I said now what people, whats next, right then Alice’s bedroom door opened with her mother, my daughter, was standing there, Oh shit I said, but Annie, just smiled, saying will honey how was you 18 present from your Opa? She looked at me saying, that it was great mom, gee your home early, we all laughed. Annie said to me, come hear for a minute, we walked out of the room, she put her finger to her lips, shhh, we waited a minute the she looked back in, motioned for me to look also, there on the bed was David on top of Alice inserting his cock into her pussy hole, we looked at each other with a smile, closed the door and went into the living room.I said well that worked out about as good as we planned, she said yes it did, how was my little girl on her first fucking, I said about as good as she had been, she smiled, kissing me on the lips, out tongues were next, I just loved the tongue dancing, I reached for her tities, playing with them, her nipples were already hard, from what she had seen, I pulled back asking when Josh was to be home, she said, Oh he’s away on a trip, did I forget to tell you and with a crazy smile on her face she pulled me to her so our tongues could restart their dancing.We got up, went into their bedroom, she took off her clothes, neatly laying them over the chair, turned, asking do I still excite you daddy, I grabbed her hand placing it on my now hard cock, saying well what do think you little cunt. We slowly went to her bed, I layed her back, escort bayan saying sorry but that pussy of yours looks so good, puffy lips, hair a little damp, dripping a little wetness, I’m going right for a fuck my dear daughter, hope you don’t mind any pre sucking not coming today, she said fuck no daddy, stick that monster in me and fuck my pussy hole like it was moms. I did just as she wanted, ramming my cock into her tight pussy hole, now it was much looser that Alice’s, dah on that one, but still very tight, she worked with her muscles so they would stay tight. I was battering her pussy like it was my first time fucking, she started to cry out, moaning my name, calling out nothings, rolling her head, arching her back up, moving her hips into my thrusts, then she came for the first of many organisms, I was still pushing into her hole, I felt her cumming, then again, I slowed for a while, then started ramming again, this time with the thought of cumming myself.She was just withering all around under me, sweat was pouring of me into her titties, belly, the I cried out oh, shit Annie I’m cumming into my little baby again, oh fuck it’s cumming, of shit, then I exploded my cum into her pussy hole, it streamed out of her hole, running down her ass, legs and onto her sheets. I pulled out, she then, with her legs wrapped around my hips. pulled me back in, saying fuck you daddy if you think your finished with my pussy, I smiled, thinking my daughter was nothing but a fuck slut, but my slut! She started pushing, she was pushing her hips off the bed, into my cock since my cock was back in her pussy hole, I said OK bitch you just asked for it. With all of my sex, I started to pace myself for her biggest cum yet. She was ready for that, she tightened her love muscles on my cock, we started rocking with all stops pulled. I finally felt her tense up, throw her hips into meeting my thrust’s, she started to moan really loud, it brought both David and Alice to the bedroom door, I saw them, told them watch this climax of Alice’s mother, then she let go, bouncing all over the bed, it was all I could do to keep fucking her honey hole, she called out Alice’s name, mine she was moaning like crazy, then all of a sudden, she raised herself off the bed, as much as she could and came like a dam bursting out it’s water, flooding me, her and those poor sheets again. I smiled like a proud daddy would seeing his baby girl cumming like a slut she was, I was slowly fucking the bitch’s hole, it just went in like it was a tunnel and I was a little nothing, she was so wet, it felt like a sloppy hole, which it was now, but I pulled out about to stick my cock into her mouth when Alice dove on it, sucking me to a climax that was one of the best I could remember, shit I shoot all over my daughter, granddaughter’s mouth, chin and breast’s. What more could or would a Opa/father want.That was the first of many times the four of us fucked into total relaxation, Josh never knew what his family was doing when he was at work or on buisnedd trips, but who knows what might happen next, well I’ll save that for another time, bye for now, I’m going to take a cold shower myself…



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