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Fall of a PTA Mum Part 2″We’re halfway there,” Ashley said. “This process must always be thorough. Now stay on your knees.””What else do you want from me?”Ashley gave the most naughty grin. “You were always good with your mouth, so we’ll see what else you can do with it.”With her slender dress still hiked up, pussy and ass showing, Principal Myers casually walked to the drawer where she had hidden a small box. She placed the box on the desk and opened it.The Principal picked up the content, which had a long strap hanging down and a 6-inch dildo attached to the middle.”A strap-on?” Dolores asked from her knees.”The fact that you’re still down there shows that you’re interested in proceeding.””I’ve already had my tongue in your ass,” Dolores said, staring directly at the dildo. “Might as well finish. I’m assuming you just want me to give that thing oral. To degrade me somehow?”The Principal expertly wore the straps of the strap-on, then fastened it tightly so that everything held in place. When she put her hands down, the dildo was front and center over her pussy.Just then, music could be heard from the auditorium’s open doors. The Fall Ball was starting and festive music was kicking off the famous annual event.”Mrs. Chavez, start sucking.” Ashley smiled, then taking two steps forward so they were close enough. “Your daughter is expecting you, isn’t she?”It was just the right taunt and she knew it would work. Not wanting to miss a second more of the Ball, Dolores bent forward and started sucking off the dildo. It wasn’t some pretend, half-ass suck either. It was a real suck. Porn star quality. Each bob taking the dildo closer to her throat kind of suck.Principal Myers smiled looking down at this power PTA mom. She wondered if Dolores always sucked like this, or if this was just for show, to prove her loyalty. Or maybe, just maybe, a demanding woman like Dolores secretly got-off on being turned into someone’s submissive.There are more than enough women like that around.Sucking and slurping sounds filled the art classroom. The Principal watched attentively at every suck and tongue lash that Dolores was giving the dildo. It was an interesting sight, without a doubt. But in truth, Principal Myers only got some stimulation out of this. The real power of a strap-on is with fucking, not sucking.Ashley ran her fingers through Dolores’s dark ponytail. “It’s time to fuck.””What?” Dolores asked, looking up wide-eyed, with a trail of saliva hanging from her red lipstick.”Don’t act so surprised. Did you really think I’d give you so much power in this community by just using your mouth? Think again. You have other body parts that I want to explore.”Dolores gulped. “Which hole?””Pussy, for now. Stand up. I’m going to bend you over the desk so I can fuck you properly.”The moment Dolores stood, Principal Myers exerted even more authority by brazenly reaching forward to yank her top down. Dolores gasped in shock as her dark nipples were completely exposed. They were long and hard, too. “You’re aroused,” Ashley said, looking those tits over. “I’ve always wondered what your tits looked like. They’re… exotic….”Principal Myers reached over and pinched both of the dark nipples, rubbing them with her fingers, admiring them. All Dolores could do was moan at the pleasure. With nipples that large, they had to be sensitive.Wanting to get his over with so she could attend the all-important Ball, Dolores did the duty of turning around and laying her tits onto the table.The Principal did the duty of illegal bahis yanking her panties down.”I’ve always wanted to play with a Latina’s butt,” Ashley said in a complementary way, giving it a hard slap, which made Dolores’s body jerk. “I’ve always thought you had an amazing ass. It looks and feels better than I expected. You’re a Goddess.”Despite the humiliation and submission, it made Dolores feel good being called a ‘Goddess.’ Especially by a beautiful young Principal like Ashley.That feeling quickly went away as Principal Myers spread her legs and pressed the strap-on against Dolores’s pussy.”I have experience using this,” Ashley said, pushing it in. “Believe it or not, strap-on submission is a specialty of mine. I know how to make women feel good with it.”The Principal reached down to gage Dolores’s wetness. As expected, the power PTA mom had a river between her legs; this had excited her all along. With everything primed and ready to go, Principals Myers gave a delicate push and inched the strap-on inside of the wet pussy.This is the moment where it all changed:For Ashley, she simply couldn’t believe the sensations burning into her mind. Dominating this gorgeous Latina mom, giving her such obvious pleasure, was quite a rush. She worked her hips in a circular motion, bringing a groan from the prone woman in front of her. She slowly drew back, then plunged forward, rewarded by another groan of pleasure from the PTA mom.But for Dolores…For Dolores, it was the most humiliating moment of her life. It wasn’t something she wanted, but she badly wanted to be the person who was in the limelight of the social scene. She also felt extremely vulnerable and strangely turned on.She felt the hardness of the dildo moving over the softness of her flesh. She felt a strange throbbing sensation like nothing she had ever experienced, radiating from her center. Her entire body felt flush and she quivered at every touch. She was very wet and she felt the size and power of the strap-on pressing at her entrance.It felt enormous! She couldn’t keep the gasps from escaping as the head parted her folds and eased into her clinging warmth. As Principal Myers moved forward, the tool slid into Dolores’s wet depths in one smooth motion, pressing against her quivering ass.Dolores felt every inch of that dildo filling her. Her mind was having trouble accepting this thing using her in such a demeaning way, but her body was fully involved. The position was driving her mad. She didn’t want to be there, it was so degrading being used like this, but at the same time, her lack of control and the sensations her pussy was experiencing were very liberating.She had always been in control. Whenever she batted her eyes, or used her body as a weapon to gain what she wanted, people had jumped to her bidding. Now, she was an object to be used at Principal Myers’s whim. There was nothing else she could do if she wanted that premier status, but to surrender.As the dildo moved, she could feel her brown pussy lips curling, stretching outward in a tight ring, clinging obscenely to the shaft working her. When it plunged back into her welcoming warmth, she could feel her pussy lips disappear back inside. The fullness was incredible, and every single nerve ending in her pussy was sparking with pleasure, sending jolt after jolt to her pleasure receptors.This was something alien to the PTA mom. Her mind was being claimed and the final barriers to her complete submission were under assault. Dolores felt her mind beginning illegal bahis siteleri to fog while she was being fucked. Everything around the room, her humiliating position, the Ball she was supposed to be attending, everything was being subsumed by the driving need to cum, to be taken, to give herself, to submit her mind and body to Principal Myers.”Oh fuck,” Dolores said in a low voice. “Keep fucking me.”There were whimpers and groans while Principal Myers treated everything delicately. Towards the end, she went slower, going centimeter by centimeter, until her crotch pressed against Dolores’s luscious butt.Principal Myers held it there for a moment, letting the feeling simmer and the tension grow.Once Dolores’s pussy was able to adjust to the size of the foreign object, the Principal pulled back and gave a thrust. Then another.”Oh yeah,” Ashley said, amidst her first set of pumps. “Fuck yeah.”They were said in low moans, almost as if to taunt the PTA mom.”No tengo verguenza,” Dolores muttered to herself in Spanish.Ashley smiled while rubbing Dolores’s hips. “That’s right, you have no shame at all. I love hearing you speak like that. You’re not so proper all the time, are you?”Everything went exactly as planned as the Principal’s pumps became harder and more vicious (all while still ensuring that Dolores was getting the most sexual pleasure from this as possible).In her mind, this was all part of taming the latest power mom of the community who desperately needed a taming. To show, once and for all, who exactly wielded the authority in their newfound relationship. To make sure that no one was sowing discord amongst the ranks of this district.It also felt fucking amazing from a sexual standpoint.While she was pounding, Principals Myers just couldn’t resist the sight of Dolores’s bubble butt waving and jiggling from the doggy-style position. She opened her palm and gave the ass a powerful slap from the side.”Ay! Mis nalgas!” Dolores sobbed from the impact.”Tell me what I want to hear,” Ashley said, fucking even harder, then pulling on Dolores’s dark ponytail to use as a leash.Dolores moaned, then panted. “Fuck me harder, Principal Myers.””Say it louder.””Fuck me harder, Principal Myers!”With a strong newscaster’s voice like Dolores’s, those cries would have been heard down the hallway under normal circumstances. But with the music from the Ball in full swing, no one could have heard their extracurricular activities. It was something that gave Principal Myers a perverse sense of pleasure.There was something else, besides lewdly fucking Dolores in the art room, that drove the Principal wild with lust.Near the teacher’s desk, there was a mirror which was sometimes used to create art projects. While they fucked, the mirror had a much different purpose. Principal Myers chose this very desk to fuck Dolores on because they were close to the mirror.From their angle, Principal Myers could turn her head to the left to see herself fucking the power mom. She saw her hips pumping into Dolores. She saw Dolores’s face twisting with pleasure. She saw Dolores’s lips curling. And she saw her own well-defined butt clenching with every thrust she squeezed.”Look over there,” Ashley said, slapping Dolores’s face from behind to turn her head left. “Do you see the reflection of my ass? Do you see the ripples on my asscheeks? It’s because I’m clenching so hard to fuck you.”Dolores watched herself being pounded and saw clearly the ripples on the Principal’s flexed butt.”Dios me perdone!” canlı bahis siteleri Dolores cried out, hoping to be forgiven for these unholy transgressions. “Ah Dios mio! Oh, tus nalgas son tan duras! Ah Dios mio!”It was the final moment, the final breaking point, as Dolores rested her face on the table and cried her orgasm. She practically wept. She came so hard from the strap-on fucking that her feet lifted off the floor and flailed all over the place, with one of her expensive Jimmy Choo heels flying off into the air.A trail of fluids had gushed from Dolores’s pussy and she closed her eyes in a moment of rest.Ashley gave Dolores’s dark ponytail a soft tug, lifting Dolores’s head, then whispered in her ear, “Now we’re done. You can go back to the Ball now. I’m sure your daughter is expecting you. She’s probably wondering where you are, but I doubt you’ll give her an honest answer.”Dolores blushed brightly as she tried to stand up. Principal Myers pulled out the strap-on in a quick motion, leaving a wet and gaping feeling in Dolores’s pussy.When Dolores frantically tried to stand, her head was pulled down as she was being manhandled by her new superior. Dolores’s face was pulled towards the tip of the strap-on.”Clean me,” Ashley said, clenching Dolores’s ponytail. “I suppose this is your first duty as a real power PTA mom, Mrs. Chavez.”Enjoying the new status, Dolores didn’t hesitate to suck off that strap-on for the final time that night. She gave it a good sucking and all of her orgasmic juices and pussy fluids were flooding her own mouth. She gulped it all down and then she was released.When they looked each other in the eyes, face to face, Principal Myers gave the most pleasant smile, like something you’d see at a picnic.”You were wonderful,” Ashley winked.Dolores blushed with shame and embarrassment before turning her head away.They made themselves presentable as quickly as possible. For the Principal, it was easy. All she had to do was remove the strap-on and put it inside the box. Then she smoothed her black dress with her fingers.For Dolores, she used the mirror again, this time to fix her expensive outfit. Before putting her panties back on, she had to wipe herself with tissue. She had to fix her ponytail as well, since it had been pulled one too many times. Finally, she needed to put her other heel back on; the one which flew off her foot from their fucking.They faced each other when they were both prepared, and Dolores could barely look the Principal in the eyes.Dolores cleared her throat. “Well, I look forward to a long and productive relationship, Principal Myers. I’ve always had a lot of respect for you. It seems we’ll be seeing much more of each other and it’s best that we get along.””Agreed,” Ashley said. “One last thing, Mrs. Chavez. No hard feelings. This was for the best.”Principal Myers lived for these moments: the power she felt as yet another PTA mom lost their will to resist and became hers, their slide into depravity complete and fully giving everything they had to her.They shared an awkward handshake and Dolores walked briskly out of the art room with her head down. She desperately needed a cold drink for comfort. It was her first time eating a woman’s ass, and what bothered her the most was that she enjoyed it so much. When she entered the hallway, which was bustling with other parents, she instantly held her head up again as if she was the Queen.Sure, these sorts of instances are rare, but when they happen, they’re some of the most erotic things imaginable. That’s why I always keep an eye out for feuding or bickering PTA moms. Sometimes they’ll remain enemies for life, sworn to a secret blood feud that few dare to speak openly about.Other times, they’ll end up like Dolores…



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