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The next week I was busy with school, being my last year, I had several long projects I had to finish up before I graduated. I hadn’t seen Rick, although I couldn’t help but think about him and every time I did, it aggravated me that just thinking about him made me wet. Friday, after my last class, instead of going home, I met some friends at a bar and it didn’t surprise me to see Mike there.

“So where have you been hiding yourself?” He asked walking up to the table I was sitting at with two other friends. After saying hello to Tina and Joyce, he pulled up a chair and sat next to me.

“I’ve not been hiding, just busy with school work. And what have you been up to, besides spying on naked women?” I said teasing him. With that, Tina and Joyce burst out laughing and I noticed Mike’s face turn slightly red, but he smiled.

“Actually I haven’t spotted any lately, although I was hoping to soon.” He finally said and I could see a questioning look on his face. I knew he was wondering how much I had told the girls and it made me feel good that this time he was on the spot instead of me. “Any of you ladies feel like a moonlight swim tonight?”

“Will you be joining us or just watching?” I asked, wanting to rub it in even more. I saw his eyes flash with a coldness I had never seen before and it actually sent a shiver down my spine.

“I’d much rather you joined us. I’d love to see what you have hiding underneath those clothes, Mike.” Joyce giggled with excitement.

“Me too, Mike. It’s been awhile since Joyce and I have played with a man.” Tina said in a very seductive voice at the same time her hand reached under the table. I didn’t have to see where her hand went, I could tell just by the way Joyce began squirming, that Tina had her hand up her skirt. Mike’s eyes were glued to both girls and I grinned at him, knowing he would give anything to be under the table right now. It was a well known fact that Tina and Joyce were partners, but they also enjoyed men as well as each other.

“Sounds like we need to have a party at my house tonight.” I laughed, looking over at Mike, making sure he saw that my eyes dropped to notice the growing bulge in his pants.

“Actually there is a party going on tomorrow night. Rick just got back in town and is having an open party down on the beach. You girls are welcome to come. I’m sure Dee here would love you to meet her new boyfriend.” Mike said, making sure he emphasized his last statement.

“New boyfriend?” Joyce giggled. “Sounds more like he’s the devils advocate, a tempting one, and you know what they say. You play with fire, you’re eventually going to get burned.”

“Yeah, and from the sound of it, I wouldn’t mind playing with that fire a bit myself.” Tina remarked and obviously very interested in meeting Rick.

“I have something you could play with Tina. Why don’t we dance and you might just get a preview.” Mike flirted outrageously and stood up, the tent in his pants very obvious. Tina’s eyes broadened and she got up following him to the dance floor. Joyce was a little startled, considering she had been enjoying Tina’s attentions, but she sat quietly drinking her gin and tonic. She was very use to being left high and dry as Tina never passed up an opportunity to be with anyone, male or female.

“I don’t know why you keep putting up with her, if I were you I would be looking elsewhere.” I said, irritated with Tina and Mike.

“It’s just her way, I don’t mind really. Lots of times she brings her friends back to the house and we all enjoy a good time.”

“Well I guess if you like that. Me, if some guy left me like that, it would be the last time he did.” I said, thinking back about the last time Rick and I were together.

“Is that so, Dee? sarıyer escort You wouldn’t give him another chance?” He asked, accenting his drawl. My heart skipped a beat, hearing his voice and I turned to see Rick standing there with a wide grin on his face. “Ready to dance.” He said and it was not a question but more of a command.

“I think I’ll pass. I’m sure Joyce would love to dance with you, Rick.” I said after introducing them. I kept my eyes from looking at him, not wanting him to see the excitement in them now that he was near.

“Don’t be silly Dee, you know I don’t dance. You go dance with him.” Joyce giggled shyly.

Before I could come up with another response, he had already taken my arm and pulled me up. I flashed an angry look in Joyce’s direction, but she was unaware of my feelings, finding the whole thing amusing. We had just reached the dance floor when the lights dimmed and the band started to play a slow song. Rick pulled me into his arms, making sure one handed rested low on my jean skirt. I put my arms around his neck, but tried to keep a relatively safe space between our bodies. I also noticed that Mike and Tina had left the dance floor, making their way to the side door of the bar.

“So have you missed me while I was gone?” He asked, pressing me closer to him closing the gab between us and held me there firmly.

“I’ve been really busy. I didn’t even know you were gone to tell you the truth.” I said, not unaware of his hand gently massaging my ass through my skirt. I tried wiggling free of him, but his grip was firm and I was left with no choice but to relax, hoping the dance would be over soon. I didn’t want to give him another opportunity to get to me any more than he had already.

“I’m happy to hear that. I was afraid after our last encounter you might have missed me while I was away and I wouldn’t have wanted that.” He whispered in my ear, his face beginning to softly nuzzle my neck.

“You really are a ….” I started to say pulling back from him, not wanting to acknowledge the stirrings his warm breath were causing. His lips were on mine, his tongue gently licked across my lips and pushed into my mouth. Damn those kisses of his, I thought, feeling myself melting against him.

I heard his chuckle as his tongue began probing further in my mouth, licking across my teeth and tongue. It didn’t take long before I was kissing him back, tasting and sucking on his tongue, my hands playing in the hair at the back of his neck. With his hand still pressed tightly to my ass, I felt his other hand reach between us cupping my breast, through my sweater. He sighed happily, realizing at once that I didn’t have a bra on underneath my sweater and before I knew it, he slipped his hand underneath. His fingers felt cool against the heat of my breasts as he began caressing them very tenderly.

“Seems someone came prepared to play.” He said softly looking down at me watching for my reactions as he continued teasing my nipple with his fingers. I couldn’t believe the nerve he had, not just at the liberties he was taking, but being in public didn’t seem to bother him either. As much as he was beginning to get to me, I was starting to feel rather uncomfortable, especially when I felt his other hand slip underneath my skirt.

“Rick…uh… wouldn’t you rather go somewhere else?” I finally asked looking up at him. At that, his hand squeezed the cheek of my ass and I could feel his cock against me wanting out of his jeans.

“Keep dancing, Dee.” He whispered in my ear at the same time the song ended and another one began to play. He put his leg between mine, making sure it rubbed against the front of my skirt while we danced. There was no denying that he was arousing me, especially when his hand went between my legs and he slipped silivri escort a finger inside my very wet pussy. I gasped, the intense pleasure made my knees go weak and I had to clutch at his shoulders just to keep from falling.

“Rick… please…” I moaned, wanting to tell him to stop.

“Please what?“ He chuckled and inserted another finger. “Keep dancing, Dee while I finger fuck you. I want you to cum for me right here on the dance floor.” His fingers started thrusting into me, making me dizzy, I could barely breath. He pressed his other hand to my back, keeping me from falling and I knew if he had his way I was going to cum any time.

“No…!” I finally managed to say and it took all my will power to reach down to the front of his jeans and grab his cock firmly. “You aren’t going to do this to me again.” I said, squeezing his cock harder until he released me.

“Baby, I like it rough. Now I’m ready to leave.” He said just as I let go of him and was about to turn and leave.

“Guess you better find someone to relieve that for you then.” I remarked glaring at his bulging cock. I then quickly headed back to the table, knowing this time it was him standing there angry.

Tina and Joyce were whispering between each other when I got back and they let me know that Mike had just walked out the door. I got my purse and told them I would see them at the party the next day and without turning around to look if Rick was on his way, I left. I know sooner got in my car when Mike opened the passenger door and got in. He was obviously pretty drunk and asked if I would drive him home. Not feeling like I had a choice, I agreed and we drove off.

“So you like being molested in public, apparently I had the wrong impression of you.” Mike said, slurring his words as he talked.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I said, pushing his hand away after he put it on my thigh. “Mike, don’t start with me. I’m not in the mood for any more bullshit.”

“Oh I could tell that. From the looks of things back on the dance floor, seems like someone is in need of a good fucking.” He said and again put his hand on my thigh pushing it under my skirt.

“Stop it, you’re drunk. And that’s not what I want right now.” I said now getting angry at him. I then pulled up in my driveway and got out of the car. “Go home and sleep it off.” I told him as I walked to my front door.

“I don’t think so Dee, not this time.” He said having come up behind me and was now pushing me in the front door after I had unlocked it.

“Mike go home before you do something we are both going to regret.” I said, now becoming a little frightened by his attitude and was hoping to calm him down. The next thing I knew, he was picking me up in his arms and carrying me upstairs. The expression on his face was almost as if he wasn’t even there, just reacting without actually aware of his own actions.

I tried fighting to get out of his grasp, I even tried reasoning with him, but it seemed as if my words bounced right off him. He dropped me on the bed and straddled me, pinning me beneath him. He quickly took off his belt and wrapped it around my wrists tying them to the headboard. That was when I realized I was in trouble and he was not as drunk as I had first assumed.

“You know Dee, if I would have know this is how you like it, I wouldn’t have wasted all this time trying to win you over with humor.” He said, and it sounded like the devil himself talking. I was shocked to see such a change in him and wondered how he had hid this part from me for so long.

“Mike please, I don’t want to play this game with you. I really like you and I’m really attracted to you, I just always thought you were teasing me.” I said, now trying desperately to reach him before anything went any further. şirinevler escort

He didn’t say a word and started going through some of my dresser drawers until he found what he needed. He then quickly grabbed one ankle and after tying it with one of my silk stockings, tied it to the leg of the bed. He did the other ankle as well and now I was really getting scared. As much as I had fantasized about something like this happening, this was not stirring those same feelings I got through the fantasy. Tears started forming and I started pleading with him to let me loose. The fact that I was sprawled spread eagle on the bed, was bad enough, especially when he pulled my sweater up exposing my breasts.

“Do you know how long I have wanted you? Do you know what your teasing does and yet you shrug off my advances only to let some stranger touch you. And in public yet, making me look like a complete fool!” He said, his voice now becoming harsher as his hands began squeezing my breasts.

“I didn’t know, please stop Mike. Let me go, things could be different.” I whispered, and although my nipples were beginning to get hard from the touch of his fingers, inside all I could think of was how to get him to let me go so that I could get away from him. He ignored my pleadings and apparently tired of hearing them, grabbed another cloth belt and roughly tied it around my mouth, preventing me from talking any further.

“Now where were we.” He said with an eerie laugh. He left the room for several minutes and when he returned I knew he had something in his hand but I couldn’t see it. I felt it soon after as he cut away the sweater, skirt and the my panties with the scissors. I screamed out but the words were lost underneath the gag, the tears flowed, now feeling totally humiliated and frightened, lying there naked with him just staring at me. All I could think of was how I wanted this nightmare to end, yet I saw no end in sight.

“I can tell you really like this, the way you’re trying to move and all. I bet your pussy is really wet just thinking about all the things I’m going to do to you.” He said and suddenly thrust two fingers deep inside my pussy. I moaned loudly, the pain was unreal and the disappointed expression on his face because I was dry made him even angrier.

“I don’t think she’s enjoying it as much as you wanted her to Mike.” Rick said, and through my tears I saw him leaning against the bedroom with his arms folded across his chest.

“She’s enjoying it just fine, Rick. Get the fuck out of here.” Mike yelled, and again thrust his fingers inside me. My cries stifled from the gag, the tears streaming down my face and I looked at Rick, wondering why he was just standing there watching. Why didn’t he do something, stop Mike, do something.

“Well, let me judge for myself, if she is enjoying it, I might leave. Then again, I might just watch, you don’t mind that do you Mike.” Rick stated, walking over to the bed and ran his hand across my breast. My body quivered under his touch. I looked at him, my eyes wide and laden with tears, my body betraying my mind, and he grinned, knowing he was the reason for it.

“See, she’s enjoying it. I got her nipples nice and sensitive as you can see. And her pussy is getting nice and wet now too.” Mike said, again shoving his fingers roughly inside of me. I arched my back instantly, again feeling the pain at his forceful penetration, my eyes squinted shut, blinking back more tears.

“Mike, if you’re going to take someone against their will, you really need to learn how.” Rick said and in one quick movement shoved Mike hard, knocking him off the bed. “Now you have a choice, you can watch or you can leave. Those are you’re only choices.”

Mike opened his mouth to speak, anger shooting from his eyes, but seeing the dangerous expression on Rick’s face, kept still. He then sat in the chair opposite from the bed with his arms folded across his chest, his eyes glued to the scene in front of him.

“Now, darlin, didn’t we have some unfinished business.” Rick whispered in my ear, as his fingers played idly at my nipples.



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