I’ve come to the lake house alone; I’ve only been here a few times before. Seth and I had started dating last summer but I had a full time job in the city and I rarely made it out. Things are different now, being with Seth has made me see things differently, that by having the love and support of my partner I can have whatever I want. I wanted to quit my job, so I did. Seth was the first to suggest I come out here before him and he would join me shortly after. He knew I wanted to write and was sure that I would find inspiration once I got here.

He was right. The privacy is astounding the only chance of running into another person would be on the path shared by the neighbouring property down to the beach. Although through the trees you can’t even sense the presence of another house. The air conditioning is on too high making the room feel like a polar contrast to the weather outside. Goose bumps form on my skin and I run my cold finger tips across my chest. I’m wearing jean shorts and a thin white undershirt. My breasts just ample enough to pull it taught and my nipples small and sharp. I slip my finger down my neckline and trace a circle around my hard nipple the cold sensation turning me on.

Down on the pathway I see Lena come out of the bushes from the neighbouring property starting towards the lake. Lena is gorgeous, when I had first met her last summer I was threatened by her. She’s tall and fit but still carries the presence of a woman with thick hips and large breasts, the very definition of an hour-glass. She has dark olive skin, but light green eyes and brown hair that glimmers red in the sunlight, the unusual combination making her a beacon. Seth assured me I had nothing to worry about, and as we explored our relationship and boundaries, I became comfortable enough with myself and our relationship to let my insecurities go. I saw the beacon she was as something different now and I hoped I would run into her down on the beach.

I slip on my flip flops, it’s time to casino siteleri go explore anyways and make sure that the dock hasn’t washed away over the winter. My goosebumps retract as soon as the heat hits me and my head down to the path that Lena had just walked. By the time I reach the end I can already see that the dock has not washed away and that Lena is in fact laying on it sunbathing. She looks relaxed and I do not want to bother her, so I start walking down the beach. I’ll say hi on the way back.

“Avery!” She shouts before I get too far. I turn back and see her propped up on her elbows staring at me. Her engorged breasts spilling out of her bikini top. I bite my lip. Her, just saying my name, makes me nervous.

As I said, Seth and I had explored many boundaries both emotionally and sexually making him my perfect partner and something he had helped me realize was my attraction to women.

“Come here,” she calls me and I begin walking towards her. She stands up to hug me and as our bodies touch I feel the lips of my pussy swell. It feels nothing more than like an uncomfortable tension that needs to be released. I want her to slide one arm down my side and unbutton my jean shorts but she doesn’t. “Seth told me that I’d be seeing you today.”

Our bodies peel apart from each other and I laugh, “Oh did he?”

“Come sunbathe with me,” She lays back down on the dock on an oversized beach towel. “There’s lots of room.”

“Let me just run back up to the house and grab my swimsuit.”

“Av, no one else is here for the season yet. The beach is all ours. You can bathe nude,” She laughs but she can see that I am still hesitant. “Look, I’ll do it too.”

She reaches behind her back and pulls the string on her bikini then casts it aside. She rolls over so I can see her dollar sized nipples and does the same to the strings on her bottoms. I want to crawl across her lap and pull them myself. I wonder if she can tell what I am thinking as she gives me a look slot oyna that says your turn. I pull my top over my head, my golden hair surely going everywhere. Then I unbutton my jean shorts letting them fall to my ankles before kicking them beside her swimsuit. I’m not wearing panties, which isn’t unusual and my pussy is shaved. The warm breeze hitting it makes me incredibly aware how engorged my lips as I become wetter feeling so vulnerable next to her. I get down on the towel next to her only inches apart and lay on my back.

We sit in silence with nothing but the small waves crashing on the shoreline to make a sound. Before long her slender fingers brushes up against my hip. I look over and we make eye contact, still not speaking. Her fingers gently start to move along my hip, and I still have not looked away. She gives me a white toothy smile before pursing her lips into smirk. Gradually her fingers work their way up onto my stomach as if she is testing the waters. I don’t stop her. I don’t want her to stop. She slides an open palm up to my breast begins caressing it. I haven’t had a lot of experience with women and I don’t know if I should tell her but she eases my mind by rolling over closer and placing her full pink lips on mine. She is soft and gentle in how she kisses, her tongue parting my lips and massaging my tongue. I can feel my pussy start to drip with desire. She abruptly stops kissing me, hoisting herself up and straddling me, now I can feel that she is wet too as her pussy kisses my pelvis.

I can’t control myself anymore; I sit up and place my lips around one of her puckered nipples and begin to suck. She lets out a soft moan. She pushes me back down and repositions herself so she’s facing the other way and inches herself up so her thighs are straddling my face. She slowly lowers her pussy onto my mouth—teasing me. I begin to lick. She tastes warm and tart. While I lick her hot juicy insides occasionally flicking her skittle rabidly with my tongue I reach up to rub her canlı casino siteleri full ass cheeks, digging my fingers into her flesh as she squirms with pleasure. She leans forward a little and all of a sudden I feel two fingers slide deep inside me, it feels incredible as she moves them around slowly releasing the tension that I had built up before. Her breathing gets heavier and her moans get louder and I can’t control myself I want to make her cum. She is so wet that I easily slide in three fingers and stroke her while I suck on her clit, I feel her cushiony insides contract around my fingers as she climaxes with scream.

“Oh my god,” she says hoping off to stare at me. “After that I want to make you feel something that you’ve never felt before.”

She drops herself between my legs and I look up at the clear blue sky as she starts to drink the river she created between my legs. Her tongue swirls and I work my hips into her rocking with the motion that she creates as she eagerly eats me out. She dips two fingers into my pussy again, but she isn’t doing it for pleasure. When they’re soaking wet from my juices she pulls them out and begins to massage between my ass cheeks. She returns to caressing me with her mouth before forcing a finger into my ass hole. I cry out a little bit from pain but as she starts to work it in and out the pleasure sets in and she simultaneously becomes rhythmic with her pattern around my clit with her tongue. I can barely breathe from the sensation and a familiar tightening happens where she is working for a moment my entire body goes numb before an intense orgasm rolls out. Aware I am outside, my moan quieter than she had but she begins to laugh knowing she did her job.

She stands up and grabs my hand pulling me up. My legs are shaking. She pulls me towards the edge of the dock and jumps into the water taking me with her. We submerge from the water and she swims over to me her body tickling mine as the water whips gently between us.

“I told you Seth said I would be seeing you today,” she says before pulling me into another passionate kiss. I long for my partner knowing he will be joining me soon, but also grateful that he found me sexual content even though he was away.



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