It was a winter’s day in the cold state of Oregon; I was reading a book in my pj’s late in the night, when my phone rang.

“Hello” I said to the unknown caller.

“Hello, what are you wearing” the caller responded in a sexy voice,

“I am wearing something comfy, why do you ask,” I said still pondering who this caller might be.

“Really, how about I come over and help you get out of it,” the caller said

“I am not sure who this is, who is this,” I asked

“This is Jayne, you know my silly”

Oh, I thought, it was my old high school I was hyped up for her to come over, so I told her to come over.

A little while later, the doorbell rang. I hurried up and answered the door wearing nothing but the string bikini that I know Jayne likes.

“Hello, are you ready?” I said to Jayne as I ushered her in.

“Oh, yes God I forgot how good you looked,” she said as she pushed me up against the wall.

She started to kiss me so hard; I thought I was going to casino siteleri cum just by her kiss. Nevertheless, she knew some how because she stopped and took a step back and looked me up and down.

“I want you so bad,” She said

“You can have me, Oh God, let me see your body” I responded by walking towards her and trying to take off her clothes

She pushed my hands away and pushed me to the couch,

“Not yet, watch just watch.” She said to me in a commanding voice

I just nodded my head and stared at her, wiping the drool from my mouth. She proceeded to strip off her clothes just for me, wow was that a sight. She started with her blouse, unbuttoning each button slowly and moving those curvaceous hips back and forth. Until the blouse was off and on the floor beside her, that revealed her breast, already hard nipples, the beauty of them made my nipples perk up in the same size. She kept on moving back and forth until the skirt that she had on was to her ankles, wow she shaved slot oyna her pussy just for me. She walks over to me, moving her pussy in front of my face. I can smell her sex, I want to taste it, and oh do I want to taste it.

“Please can I taste,” I asked as I reached for her pussy with my mouth

She lets my touch her smooth wet pussy with my mouth. It tastes good, I lick her pussy lips and take my hand and rub her wet pussy. She moans, and wiggles underneath my mouth and hand. I continue to do this for about three minutes, and I want her to be lying down in my bed. I stop and look up at her and say,

“I want you; let’s go into my room,”

“Okay” she says and bounced to my room

I guide her to my bed and make her lay down; I spread her legs and find my favorite pussy, and go to work. I start licking the slit and rubbing her thighs with my long fingers, I can feel her wiggle underneath me. I put one of my fingers inside her cunt, she is saying

“Fuck me that is it, ohhhhh yesss” canlı casino siteleri

“I am oh, it is wonderful, do you want more, tell me what you want”

“I want you to fuck me with your fingers, then with your fist, oh yes that would be hot”

I do just that I take my fingers and put them inside of her and fuck her hard for a while all along I am sucking on her clit. I move my fingers out of her cunt and lick my fingers; I love the taste of her pussy juices. I then make a fist and shove it into her; with no hesitation, I know she can handle it. I fuck her with my fist well I am rubbing and licking her clit. She is moving on the bed, I can hear her breath heavy and moan, deep moans of pleasure.

“Oh yes that is it, oh yes, fuck me, fuck me hard Allie” she told me, and called me by my name.

“Yes say my name, teacher, say my name” I tell her in a commanding voice.

I fuck her hard and fast until I know she is about to cum for me, I cannot wait, she is a squirted, and no more time goes bye and she cums and squirts her sweet juices all over my hand and my face as I am licking every drop up.

“Yesss, ohm yesss, and ummmmm” she moans at the top of her lungs.

Ding Dong the doorbell rings…



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