It’s a cold and rainy day, and I have just finished my first exam. The only thing on my mind is to get home, jump in the shower and snuggle up in front of the TV with a cup of tea and a Christmas movie. I’m getting closer and closer to our house, but oh, what’s that in our mailbox? There’s a giant box addressed to me, but what is it? My foggy exam-brain can’t remember the last thing I ordered online. Just my luck… just as I get the box and walk up to the door it starts to rain cats and dogs. This was not what I expected when I heard “winter weather” on the news this morning.

The thought of taking a shower totally disappears when I look at the package. I find a scissor and prepare myself for what’s inside the mystery box. The receipt makes my whole body tingle. It’s from lovehoney… Oh my god… My womanizer has finally arrived. The hot, steamy shower has definitely been forgotten. The promise of a new, fully charged, vibrator is so so much better than a shower. Thank God my mum isn’t home for another couple of hours.

I run upstairs, tear off my clothes and jump into bed. The thing that disappoints canlı bahis şirketleri me the most is that my introverted mind is cock blocking me from getting the real deal. The truth is I’m actually quite good looking, not thin like a skeleton, but not overweight either. Perfectly curved hips, big boobs, which in my opinion are a pain in the ass, and my chestnut brown hair has just grown long enough to cover them up, and guess what? The thought of someone pulling my hair, like in 50 shades of grey, turns me on like nothing else, but guess what? My antisocial brain would rather stay at home ordering sex-toys than go out and actually get fucked.

But where was I? Oh yeah, the womanizer! It fits perfectly in my hand. The curved design makes it super easy to hold onto, and the silicone tip covers my clitoris perfectly. The diamond button makes it so much more luxurious, and the thought of me getting myself off with a “luxurious” toy makes me a little bit less miserable.

The thought of having the most amazing orgasm ever has already made my pussy soaking wet, and finally pushing the on-button makes my canlı kaçak iddaa breath stop for a couple of seconds. It feels amazing. The slow buzz of the toy makes my clitoris tingle in a way I’ve never felt before. My vagina is clenching together and I realise I need something more. At this point my trusted old dildo doesn’t even need lube, it just slides right in, and the feeling of it filling me up makes me even closer to climax. The fact that the womanizer is only on the lowest setting is creeping up on me, and the thought of the highest intensity kind of freaks me out.

I’m brave. I’ve turned the power on to 5 and I’m starting to feel the climax building up. My forehead is sweaty, my thighs are shaking, and my orgasmic headache is starting to grow more intense, and yes… orgasmic headaches are a real thing, look it up. A burning sensation I have never felt before has taken over the tingly feeling and I feel myself lose control. And there it is… the most amazing orgasm I have ever had, as promised. My vagina is clenching together so hard that my dildo is pushed out and that’s when it starts, my first canlı kaçak bahis experience with squirting. Is this how guys feel when they cum?

I’m barely breathing through my first orgasm when I feel another wave of heat, though this one is different. Together with a burning clitoris is a tingly feeling in my stomach, and I know, that it’s time to turn the womanizer to the highest setting. It’s a euphoric feeling. Losing control, disappearing into the world of pleasure, and I can’t avoid moaning. I NEVER moan, but this is something completely new. My second orgasm is finally over, and I can finally think about what just happened. I turn off the womanizer and start to stroke my clitoris. It’s swollen and sensitive, and although I really want to try again I know I can’t do it.

I’m soaking wet, and my bed is soaking wet, and I realise what I mess I have made. My shaky legs carry me to the bathroom, I grab a towel and but it on the bed, and fall asleep. That’s the last thing I remember, until I wake up and hear my mum downstairs. Is it time to panic? Yup!

Do you know what I hate the most? It’s trying to act normal when my mum asks me what I have done. My standard reply has become “I’m just taking a shower”. And guess what? My steaming hot shower is finally happening, although it came (see what I did there?) after the most amazing orgasm in orgasmic history.



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