It is a warm afternoon in June. We have decided to meet in Denver. You have made arrangements with your husband to take care of the kids for the weekend. I have asked you to dress special for this day if you choose to meet me–a short skirt, thigh highs, heels, no bra, no panties. I know you have reservations about part of this because of your sensitive nipples but I have asked you to dress this way as a symbol of your availability.

Because of what has happened during the months we have chatted online and talked on the phone, I know you are excited about the possibilities, but I also know you are a little hesitant. Still, the prospects of our encounter excite you enough to meet me and you find yourself particularly full of emotion and sensation as you prepare to meet me.

In the morning you take a long slow bath. Soaking deep, letting the hot wet warmth soothe and penetrate your body, you lay back and let the sensations flow. Liquid thoughts eddy through your mind as you feel your muscles relax. After some long moments, you begin to shave your beautiful pussy for me. The razor glides across your flesh, making you sensitive and smooth. You wonder how it will feel to have my tongue and lips against your pussy. A slight shudder passes through you as you imagine what is to come but at my request, you do not stimulate yourself despite the urgent temptation.

When you arrive at the bar where we have planned to meet, you are wearing a short black skirt with a white blouse and a black jacket. White thigh highs and black heels accentuate your legs. The skirt is tight and reveals your wonderful figure. Your attire is conservative in a way but also suggests your sexy nature. I watch you and smile as you survey the room. As you approach me, you unbutton your jacket and I can see your swelling tits. I stand up to greet you with a polite kiss on the cheek and then let you slide into the booth before sitting next to you.

We sit and talk about what we seek in life beyond work. I sit close to you, not touching but close enough so that you can feel my presence. We discuss our respective states of mind during sensual play and orgasm. Interrupted by the waitress, we laugh to ourselves. I notice your nipples are protruding from your firm breasts. When the drinks arrive I watch your lips as you sip and imagine rubbing my cock through them before I shoot my load of cum all over you. Feeling my mind wander to your body, I tell you about the ancient sexual practices of various peoples. This seems to catch your attention and I turn to face you fully. I lean in and gently kiss your lips, just a trace of tongue before I pull away.

After a moment, I take your hand and place it on my cock. There is no way to hide my erection and I enjoy your squeeze. I suggest that we leave but before standing I tell you that I will leave the moment you ask me to if you don’t enjoy anything we experience together. My erection is obvious underneath my pants but it doesn’t bother me because I know that you are drawing more attention than me as we leave.

Once we get to the car, I push you back against it and kiss you passionately. After a few wet slippery moments, I look into your eyes and ask you if you want this.

You pull me close and tell me, “I want to be your whore. I want to cum on your cock and service you with my pussy, my ass, my mouth. I want you to fuck me over and over and make me your cum slut. I will be a nasty good fuck for you Paul. I want to be your slut in every way. Feel how wet my hot pussy is for you.”

I reach under your skirt and feel your swollen lips. Sliding a finger through your juicy pussy lips, I feel your clit before removing my hand and put my finger in my mouth. You kiss me aggressively to taste yourself on my tongue.

I open your door and admire your body as you slide into the seat. The hem of your skirt rides up your sweet thighs and I smile. We drive down the road and I pull into the parking lot of a grocery store.

“Go inside and buy some clothes pins Linda.” You look at me and then go in. I watch your slender hips sway as you walk into the store. My cock stirs in my pants as I think about what is happening.

You walk quickly back to the car and get in. “Unbutton your blouse.” I tell you as I push up your skirt. Slowly, you reveal your glorious tits and I see that your nipples are already hard. My fingers are wet with your juices as I reach up to roll your nipples between my fingers, gently first and then harder. You moan as you feel my touch not only on your nipples but also in your pussy. I lean down, nibbling, kissing, suckling your breasts, marveling at your hard nipples, tasting your sweet cream on your tits. Your nipples jutting in my mouth. You reach down and squeeze my cock as I work your tits with my lips, teeth, and tongue.

A few people are in the parking lot as we play. I regain my senses and start the car but before driving away, I take a clothes pin and carefully close one etiler bdsm escort on each of your nipples. You moan hard as each nipple is pinched. “Ohhh, ummm, nooo… Ahhhh” “Relax and feel your hot tits, breathe Linda and let it become pleasure.” With both nipples clamped, I finger your pussy a little and rub your clit. You seem a little more relaxed but anxious. I drive away and watch your tits sway as we drive over speed bumps. You are a beautiful sight, your tits exposed as we travel down the road.

After a few minutes, I can sense that this may be too much for you right now, so I let you remove the clothes pins. I tell you to button up your blouse and cover your hard nipples with your jacket because we are going to have another drink and dance a little.

I park in a dark corner of the lot and we enter the hotel bar and sit in a booth. Immediately I put my hand on your thigh, just above your stocking top. I can feel the heat of your cunt. After we order, I slip a finger in you and then let you suck on it. We share a soft kiss and I can taste your sweetness. Then I take your hand and lead you to the dance floor. In a darker corner I take you in my arms and hold you close to the rhythm of the music. Swaying and swirling to the music, you can feel the movements of my body and know that I will be a good lover. You pull my close with your hand on my ass and feel my cock against you. I whisper in your ear, “do you want me to fuck you here?” “Yes” you reply, “but we might get in trouble.”

I kiss you hard and then quickly lead you out to the car. The night air is warm. At the car, I turn you so you are facing the car and raise your skirt. You place your hands on the roof and arch your back, pushing your ass back at me, spreading your legs. I lean down and lick your ass cheeks. My tongue darts around and around the rim of your ass. Spreading your cheeks, I lick up across your ass and then slide my tongue long and slow through your cunt slit. You moan and sigh. I suck on your pussy lips for a moment. Across the lot you see a few people walking around. I stand up behind you and ask you if you want me to fuck you here. You hesitate and then moan “yes, take my body, and do anything you want. Rape me, fuck me…have your way with me. I am your cum slut and I want to cum. I want to feel your cock in me. You are my cockmaster.”

I push you forward and unzip my pants. I take my hard cock in hand and slide it up between your pussy lips. I can feel you trembling as you say, “fuck me now hard, hard. Shove your cock up in my cunt. Fuck my slut pussy. Take me, use me baby. Fuck me good!!!” I thrust in hard, one deep motion. Your body shudders against my cock as I push against your ass. My cock buried deep into your hot cunt. I grab your hips and begin a nice penetrating smooth friction inside of you. You take in the sensations, panting and grinding back against me. We started pumping each other, hard and fast, hard and fast. I pause for a moment and reach around and rip open your blouse. Your tits fall out against the window and bounce against it as I pound into you. Fucking you, my cock throbbing in you as I thrust in and out. The car is rocking as I work your body.

We are fucking each other, fast and passionately, both trying to muffle the ecstasy. Pumping furiously, my cock is totally engorged in your cunt. I stroke hard and fast, pulling my cock all the way out and then slamming back into you. Each thrust evokes a grunt from you. You want to scream but you know you can’t here. I say, “You’re my whore. I want to fuck you forver, CUM FOR ME. You’re my slut.” As I say this, I can feel your body shudder as you push back onto my cock. I think about making you wait to cum but it feels too good inside your hot pussy, my cock deep inside you. I pound furiously as you ride an intense orgasm. I lean into you and hold my cock all the way in you and reach around to rub your clit and shove a finger in your pussy with my throbbing cock. You cum hard and turn your head to try to kiss me. Our tongues meet briefly and I pull out of you and turn you to kiss you hard.

I unlock the door and open it for you. You get in as I walk around to the driver’s side. My cock still hard, exposed and dangling as I get it. You lean over and take my cock in your mouth. Releasing it for a moment, you say, “Paul, you haven’t cum yet.” Then you begin sucking on me. I take your head in my hand and push my cock deeper into your mouth. Moaning, I tell you it feels good but I want you to wait. I pull your hair back and tell you to relax. Then I start the car and begin driving to the hotel where I have reserved a room for us.

We enter the elevator in the hotel lobby. Full of anticipation, I can’t help but hold you close even though another man enters the elevator with us. I whisper in your ear, “do you think he can smell your cunt juice?” You giggle and rub up against me. The elevator stops and the man exists, briefly glancing etiler elit escort back at you. As the doors close and we go up another few floors, I reach up under your skirt and finger you firmly. Your so wet and juicy as I slide my fingers over your naked smooth pussy. I hold your lips spread with one hand and with the other I flicker a finger back and forth over your clit. Your legs grow week with the stimulation and you lean back against me. I continue to finger your clit hard and fast. I pushed you against the wall urgently. You reach back and feel for my cock trying to unzipped my pants and free my raging cock. It is really long and thick with ridges. I know you want it but you have to wait until later. The elevator stops and as the doors open to our floor, I let your skirt fall and look up to see a couple waiting to get into the elevator. We quickly walk down the hall to the room.

In the room, I ask you to undress as I pour a drink. I watch as you remove your jacket and the short black skirt. Standing there with your blouse open you look at me. I tell you we will go shopping tomorrow for a new blouse since I ripped the one you are wearing open. I also tell you we will pick up some special things for you. You stand before me and drop the blouse to the floor. I ask you to turn around as I take in your body, naked to me for the first time. I ask you to close your eyes as I approach and stand behind you. I kiss you and ask you to trust me.

I remove a blindfold from my pocket and tell you that I am going to bathe you. I cover your eyes and go into the bathroom to start the water. Leading you by the hand, I take you into the bathroom and help you step into the tub. The water is hot as you sit down feeling the water cover your legs and rise. Your flesh is soothed by the warm liquid heat. You soak as your mind races, hearing only the sounds of the water. After some moments of watching you, I fill a glass with water and pour it over your head. The cascade feels soothing as it channels down your body. I repeat this several times before taking a soapy sponge and lathering every inch of your hot body. So firm and supple. Rinsing you off, I allow you to soak for a while while I go to the other room.

When I return, I pull the plug and the water drains as I playfully manipulate your pussy. I study your pussy lips and your clit as I use my fingers to feel the textures of your swollen pussy. Then spontaneously, I grab my toothbrush and run it across your nipples. The sensation surprises you and you gasp. “Oh Paul, mmmmmmm…” Back and forth, I run the bristles across your hardening nipples, your big tits swaying.

I stand you up and lick at your nipples. You start to beg me to take you to the bedroom and fuck you. “Please, please, I need to be fucked, right now!!! I can’t stand this any longer!!! Paul, fuck me.”

“Patience Linda, we are only beginning. You are my cum slut and I will fuck you good a little later. And I don’t want you to cum again until I give you permission.” I turn on the shower as I undress and let the water flow over your body. Then I step in the shower with you, holding you for a minute or two, kissing and touching you. My cock is incredibly hard and I feel you try to capture it between your legs. I know you want to fuck it or bend down to suck and lick on it. But I step back and around you. I want you to feel my hands slippery, exploring every curve of your body.

I wrap you in a soft towel and lead you to the bedroom where I lay you on the bed. Your eyes still blindfolded you breathe deep and relax. I ask you to roll over onto your flat stomach and you comply. Then I stand on the bed and drip scented oil onto your back, from the nape of your neck to your ass cheeks. You feel the oil slide down your ass crack and squirm a little. I pour some oil in my hands and I kneel beside you and begin massaging your legs, working down to your feet. You feel the slickness between your toes as I run my fingernails up and down the soles of your feet. Taking my time, I run my hands up your legs to your ass. Your ass cheeks dance in my hands as I work them. “Honey, please touch me there.” I ignore you and work the oil deep into your skin. You can resist the growing sensations and try to reach down to rub your clit. “Hands off your pussy Linda!” I command. “When I’m done you can touch as long as you want but right now I’m going to study your body.

I continue up your back and press my hands firmly to squeeze your muscles. Then to your shoulders and up your arms as I extend them over your head and let my cock slide up between your thighs. You feel my body slide sensually against yours. I playfully move my hips so that my cock slides up against your pussy lips. You grind back a little before I get off and roll you over.

I reach for your ankles and draw your legs straight up. Your legs stretched out held tight against my chest as I rub oil on the tops of your thighs. I see etiler escort your pussy lips glistening and I release your legs and spread them. “You are horny, honey, aren’t you? You want me to shove me big hard cock in your cunt, squirting cum deep inside you” You moan and nod. I run my slick hands up your stomach to your breasts. Your tits so big and full. I massage them as I straddle your tight stomach. You can feel my cock bounce against your tits as I work them. I pull on your nipples and push my cock up between your tits. Rolling your nipples in my fingers as I pull on them and shake them. You are so hot, I love the look on your face.

I slide back done your body and begin to explore your cunt, pinch your pussy lips, and jammed my fingers inside you until your wetness dripped all over my hand. “I want you to have the most intense climax you’ve ever had.” Your legs spread wide I slide my fingers across your ass and up through your pussy lips. I notice the excitement in your clit and lean down to take it between my lips. Mouthing your pussy as you squirm and writhe against the bed and my mouth. As I manipulate your pussy with my lips, mouth, and tongue, I push two fingers into you and feel for the right spot. I pull my mouth away and tell you not to cum yet.

I kneel between your spread eagle legs and rub my cock up and down your pussy to get it wet with your cum juices. Slowly I start easing the head of my cock in your stretched hole. When I feel the ring of your cunt relax I lean forward and ram my cock in. You cry out and grunt as my cock fills you in one tight hard long thrust. You raise your ass off the bed and grab my ass holding me in deep. Letting your pussy muscles adjust to my cock. After a minute you release my ass and tell me “yes.” We pump and pump, rocking back and forth. You moan, “stretch me, stretch me. I love it. Fuck me good. Yes YES!!”

I know you are very turned on so I hold my body tight against yours and work my hips back and forth. Nice smooth thrusts into your slick cunt. The ridge of my cock locking against your walls, pulling your lips with suction as I pull out and folding in as I push back in. Long smooth strokes with sensual rhythm. I feel you near cumming and stop my motion. I push your arms above your head and then take your nipples between my fingers and pinch them hard.

“Will you cum for me hard now Linda?” I ask as I finally remove the blindfold. “Yes, uh, I am so ready, fuck me good, love my pussy and fuck me and make me cum.” you say urgently. I lift my weight off of you, propped up by my arms above you with only my cock in you. Then I suddenly begin to jackhammer into your hot tight pussy as I look into your eyes. Slick hot friction builds in your pussy as I pound in and out. I look down and watch my cock buried in and out of your sweet cunt. Your tits sway as the bed rocks with my intense thrusting. Faster and faster as I hear you whine. Your juices creating a hot suction as I pound your pussy. The juicy sounds of my cock slamming into you.

I look into your eyes and grunt, “CUM FOR ME NOW Linda!!” You wince, the pleasure so good as you take my cock thrusting. “Yes, Yes, harder. You flail your arms as you feel the release in your pussy throughout your body. Totally out of control you scream, struggling against my relentless pounding. Your body rears writhing in pleasure. Your body undulates under mine as you ride the waves of ecstacy. I thrust into you feeling my own cum build. My balls are slapping as I work to my own cum. You continue to cum and moan for me to fill you. “So close, yes baby. Fuck me back.”

You arch your hips up to meet my thrusts as I begin to shoot hot spasms of cum deep into you. Thrusting a few more times to let your muscles milk my cock. I collapse on your body, breathing heavily, holding my still hard cock in you. You respond by twisting your hips, moaning softly as you catch your breath. I lay on you my hands rubbing your nipples. After you feel relaxed I lay on my back and tell you to ride my cock so I can play with your tits and let you watch my cock slide in and out of your pussy.

You straddle me and sit on my throbbing cock letting your weight down on it in one motion. Grinding back and forth I look down to see my cock completely consumed by your shaven pussy. Your lips locked around the base of my cock. I reach out and pull on your nipples again. I love the way they sway as I pull. As I lay back again I ask you to suck your nipple and play with your clit as you ride me. I want you to cum quickly and hard. You begin riding my cock with urgency as you take a nipple in your mouth and flicker a finger across your clit. Your body shakes on my cock as you bounce. I find the rhythm and fuck you back, using the bed to thrust up into you harder.

“CUM now Linda, cum hard. Let it go, cum on my cock baby. Be a good cum slut. Tell me I own your pussy and use my cock.” I grab your tits hard and grunt as I grind into you. Then I grab your hips and force you harder up and down on my cock. I see the look on your face and continue, knowing you are going to cum again. You through your head back and moan, “oh my god, oh my god, oh yes….” I can feel you spasm on my cock as you collapse on my chest. I kiss you hard and then hold you until you fall asleep.



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