Erotic Education #1: Erica-3Erica meets me in our local park where we walk and chat about erotic educationI offer her a lesson in love in practise, in a secluded part of the water-parkI offer her a first ever orgasm from licking love lips after her golden showerErica eagerly follows me to my place for more privacy for next lessons in loveI teach the teen to play for pleasure her love lips so she can come without meErica likes my love lessons, especially how she can climb up from first heavenErica likes most how to pleasure me, as my sperm shower excites her very muchI am an elder gentlemen, I know I do not need to rush Erica’s erotic education/b]Erica walks with me to my apartment close to the park we met and made loveErica knows now she can come from my long tongue, lapping her lovely lipsErica knows she can make me come as well with her mouth munching my memberErica sits at my lap for further erotic education in theory and practiseI propose we will wash her sexy slip as it canlı bahis got very wet from her juicy pussyI caress her tight teen bums under her short sexy summer-dress while we washI caress her thighs while I whisper sweet silly sexy secrets in her eager earI ponder my next step at Erica: she is clearly submissive but also very youngErica asks me to tell her how it works with orgasms for both boys and girls?Erica likes to learn the sexy things we did in the park she can do to herselfErica likes how I take her hand in mine and we together caress her love lipsErica awesome orgasms within a minute and asks me to show how a man does it?I propose her to kneel between by knees to be able to watch from very closeI show her my manliness again, half hard from watching her arousing orgasmsI show her how I stroke my member by my hand and also fondle my balls a bit I point at her mouth as I feel the sperm shower approach … she opens it!Erica let me present you a present you can take bahis siteleri home with you and no-one knowsErica let me teach you to please yourself between your legs love, jut as I didErica let me propose a proper position for your first sexy show of coming at meErica let me watch your sexy snatch from close, while you bend over right here!I lift Erica from my lap by her hot hips and let her spread wide over my legsI see Erica first time from her back side, obediently she spreads her cheeksI see Erica first time from so close, especially her rose: it eye-winks to meI let Erica caress her love lips from sexy sphincter to her mount and her clitErica looks at me underneath her hot sexy snatch, her face turns red as lips swellErica gets wet in a minute and comes in the next and again she squirts in my face Erica gets on her way upstairs in heaven as I start to lick her lips for her juiceErica leaps from first heaven to number two and very quickly three from my kisses!I invite güvenilir bahis Erica to come as often to me to come at me as she wants and can affordI tell her she now knows how to play with herself at her love lips for pleasureI tell her I will do the same as long for my most tasty talented pupil to returnI invite Erica to come back for more lessons of love as often as she would likeErica looks at the clock, despite her excitement, and tells me she we will be backErica washes my face and bent big brown banana as her fantastic farewell for todayErica washes her lips above and below in order not to show at home any sexy signErica looks again like the innocent virgin as when I met her for only a few hoursI see in her eyes she longs for more erotic education: introduction to fornication!I know she will be back at me as soon as she can, as she longs for more informationI know I face an interesting sexy Spring and Summer, full of tasty teens initiationI see in my minds eye how I will initiate Erica first, next her two younger sistersErica and I welcome your commentsErica and I love all ‘thumbs up’!Erica and I: a story of first loveErica and I long to tell you moreCopyright by Poet PETER, April 30 2015



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