It was a hard night at work pulling the midnight shift again. It gets really lonely down in those rooms with nothing but a few computers, and your own imagination. I was stressed and just, not in a good mood when I left in the morning, after having to clean up everyone’s mistakes from the day before, and get accused of “sleeping all night” and not working.

When I got back to my town, 2 hours drive away, I stopped in at the post office to mail something. I ran into an old friend. Infact, a girl I had a HUGE crush on in highschool. She told me about her past few years since we were in school, and I told her about mine. She asked why I was so stressed (I guess it wasn’t easily hidden), and when I told her about work, she noted that I should come visit her work sometime. She handed me a card that read “Atlantic Health Spa” on it. I was told I could get that stress taken care of with a massage anytime I wanted.

I went on about my day, and off to sleep as the sun finished rising, not thinking about the card again. The next night while I was at work, and I got more and more crap to clean up from my co-workers, I just got more and more stressed and frustrated. My wallet, which I typically keep WAY too much stuff in, started to hurt as I couldn’t sit right. I pulled it out in frustration, slamming it on the table. Her card fell out of the inside onto the desk, and like a sign from above, I knew it was a good idea.

When I got home in the morning, I had the card already sitting on my dash board, and called the number as soon as I pulled into town. A lovely young voice answered, and the girl on the other end told me it was $45 for a half hour massage, $60 for an hour, and $90 for an hour and a half. I figured, I make enough, and I’m stressed enough. “Hour and a half please!”. She told me to come over and she’d make sure I was taken care of.

When I got to the place, I stepped inside to a very small waiting room with 2 chairs and a water cooler. A cute voice, but different than the one on the phone, spoke from behind the one way mirror window, telling me someone would be out for me shortly.

I sat calmly (on the outside, but inside I was ball of thoughts and nervous energy for some reason)… and waited until a small door opened across the room. I saw my friend walk through it to greet me, and felt a little more at ease.

I started to ask a question, and she asked me to step inside the door first. Once through the door and in a small hallway she gave me a hug and told me I made the right choice to come by and relax for a bit. I asked her if she’d be the one giving me a massage (cause, well that’d be super sweet!) but I was informed that they are not allowed to give massages to “friends”, per management request. I figured it was to prevent anything over the line happening and accepted that. She did tell me she’d make sure I had a good time though. She had picked out the girl that would be making me relax herself.

She led me back through the hall to a small room with a massage table inside, lit by a few small candles, with a locker in the corner. I went in, sat down, and she began to tell me the rates again. I told her I had decided on the hour and a half rate already. I handed her the $90 and she turned to leave. Just before closing the door behind her, she looked back in and could sense my confusion and “what now” look. She smiled again and told me I was free to undress, wrap myself in the towel folded on the table, and put my clothes in the locker. As the door closed, I started to then ask myself… “totally” undressed??

I had decided, to not do something completely stupid and get the cops called on me or something, so I stripped down to my boxers and sat on the edge of the table, looking as if I just leaned on it, and was not already done undressing, and waited calmly. A few minutes later I heard a few small taps on the door and then it slowly opened. The cutest little blonde girl walked in wearing a pleated mini skirt and a tight tank top. Definitely not something you couldn’t notice! She asked me my name, to make sure she had the right room, and then told me she was sent special for me by my friend. A few seconds into our “get to know ya” chat, she stopped and commented on my boxers. “Oh, I can come back when you’re done undressing. Just wrap the towel around yourself tight and I’ll be back in another minute or two”.

The plan worked, now I knew what level of “undressed” I was supposed to be at! But… totally nude? Nerves totally went awry at this point, but I’m not one to dis-obey cute girls in positions elmadağ escort of authority… not this time at least!

As I tightened the towel around me, not completely nude, and my nerves went nuts asking my brain what the hell I was doing here, and why the hell was I NAKED, she returned. Her first words to me after coming back… “Well, there we go. I’m Erin. Guess I should have told you that seeing as we’ll be spending an hour or so together! Sorry.”

“Thats okay, I would have just asked my friend later if you didn’t tell me! hehe”.

After that, she asked me to follow her out of the room, down the hall, into another room with an entry way covered by a curtain. As I sheepishly walked down the hall way holding onto my towel for dear life, she asked if it was my first time getting a massage and made some small talk. I replied to all the questions, trying not to sound like I was starting to worry about my surroundings!

We stepped into the room, and immediately it was evident by the tile walls that it was a shower. A good sized room you could fit about 10 people in if you wanted, completely waterproof, with a massage table in the corner…

Erin turned on the hand held shower head, warmed up the water, and then wet down the massage table. She then turned to me, standing in the corner clutching my towel, and asked me to put it on the hanger next to me and lay on the table face down. As she turned to put the shower head back, I mustered enough courage to do all of that in one liquid motion, and end up laying face down on the table before she turned back around.

“Wow, that was fast! You sure do need relaxing!” she noted.

I felt the warm water rush over my back as Erin turned the shower head in my direction… and couldn’t believe I was being wet down by a complete stranger, and I was completely nude. At least I was face down.

As the water warmed by body, calming my nerves down a slight bit, I relaxed and tried to close my eyes. Just as I got that far, the feeling of a soft hand running up the back of one of my calves was enough to bring me back to a state of panic for a moment. Erin however did have a very soothing touch, and as her hand made its way up to my thigh, then repeated the trek on my other leg, I felt more at ease… She skipped my hips and butt, moving over to my back and began to soap up my upper body…

After a relaxing gentle rub on my shoulders and back, her hand travelled south again. This time she didn’t neglect my hips, or my ass. Unsettling as it was for an instant, she took great care to avoid any “questionable” parts…

“Well, that wasn’t so bad now was it?”

“I guess not. Very relaxing infact”

“Good. Flip over and we’ll finish up in here”.

…. panic ….

I lifted my head, and looked back, hoping half to see a smile as if she were joking, and half in disbelief that a petite little blonde wearing a miniskirt had just asked me to roll over nude infront of her…

As I turned, I noticed the miniskirt remained by the tank top was now a bikini top (probably under the tank top all along and I hadn’t noticed)…

Slowly I raised the side of my body by the wall and turned, hoping she would cover me with a towel as I turned, incase it’s not exactly what she had in mind…

As I turned over and leaned back on my elbows a bit, I looked down to notice my cock had gone from a state of confusion and panic, to a full blown raging hardon! I felt myself instantly turn red as Erin turned back from messing with the shower head to see, and displayed a grin.

“Well, see. You did like it.”

“… hehe …”

“Don’t worry, I see those once in a while. Lay back and I promise to be gentle.”

I laid my back down on the table, and felt the warm water rush up and over my body as she wet my front down with the shower head. Following that was the familiar feeling of her hands, covered in soapy bubbles, making their way up my legs one at a time. As she skipped my hips again and moved to be closer to my upper body, she leaned over me and did my far arm first. Feeling her tits rub across my chest was amazing. She once again smiled and told me to just relax as she worked her way back, across my chest and down the other arm.

I closed my eyes expecting a rinse down as we were obviously done with what I later found out was called a “table shower”, but instead got a warm loving hand slowly wrapped around my rock hard cock. My heart nearly stopped for what seemed like 5 minutes, as her fingers slowly picked esenyurt escort it up off of my stomach, encased it, and began to slowly slide up and down from the head to the base.

I opened my eyes and looked down, obviously with a bit of shock in my face once again, as she replied “I missed a spot. Don’t worry, I’ll have it done in a minute, if thats okay with you?”. She stopped moving her hand but held my cock gently still, as I nodded as best as I could. When she resumed her motions I began to start to understand just what I had gotten myself into, finally.

Working on my cock, with her hand slipping up and down slowly, Erin began to ask me about my work and how stressful it was. She wanted to know what got me bent out of shape and what I liked to do to relax. My only reply to that was … “This seems kinda nice!”.

As I tensed slightly and let out a soft moan, her hand added a circular twist on the head of my cock for a few strokes getting me closer to blowing a load of cum than I thought possible.

“There, all clean. Shall we go get that massage now?”

Was this all a tease? Soooooo mean, but I would never have complained!

She stood me up, towelled off my upper body for me, then bent her knees and squatted infront of me, drying off my legs, then my ass, then softly … ever bit of my rock hard cock. I was personally amazed that I didn’t loose it right there, but I guess it was mainly fear of the whole situation. How would she have reacted if I had popped a load of cum out on her right there?!? Somehow I restrained myself.

She put the towel back around my hips and tossed her tank top back on, and had me follow her back to my massage room. She led me in, and turned back to the door.

“Lay down, on your tummy, and I’ll be back in 2 minutes. Relax for a bit.”

When she returned I was laying on my stomach, towel over my ass and feeling much more relaxed. What else could be more nerve racking than possibly popping off on a girl I met 20 minutes ago, considering I was feeling very “exposed” anyway.

Immediately I felt the towel get yanked off of my ass, and heard a familiar voice say “Well, we won’t need this anymore will we.” Erin was then nice enough to ask me if I’d like oil or lotion for my massage and, having no clue about anything right now I left it up to her… oil it was.

Feeling a stream of warm oil his my lower back was interesting, but then I felt very calmed by the hands of my new friend pushing it up my spine and out over my shoulders. She worked the oil into my entire back, and then worked more into my legs from behind. Ankles, calfs, knees and thighs, and then her hands softly massaged warmth into my ass on both sides. Continuing back up she revisited my back for a while, concentrating on my shoulders, and then pulling off my stress out my arms down to my hands and away from my fingers! I was in true heaven!

When all was massaged, and the oil seemed to cover me 1000%, she calmly asked if I would enjoy the other side being massaged the same way. Not one to argue, but still shy, I slowly turned over laying on my back. My hardon was still there, and stiff as ever, but she pretended not to notice and began again with my legs. She worked her way up and only glanced my now full balls with a finger tip. My stomach, then chest were to follow. She paused after oiling up my chest and asked if she could get more comfortable. I of course wasn’t about to object, and she knew that as she started to remove her tank top. She didn’t stop there, but pulled her bikini top off next, exposing some of the most beautiful round tits I’d ever seen. She watched my cock for a reaction and somehow, magically, it got even harder! I didn’t think it was possible but she was apparently out to test my limits.

She continued to spread the oil around my chest, and then slide her hands down my arms again, pulling all my cares in the world out to my hands. As each of her hands pulled off the ends of my fingers, I asked her if she regularly removes her top for massages. “Well yes, that …” she said as she leaned across me to pull my other hand back up onto the table from it’s relaxed position off the side “… and a few other things.” I took a peek at her waist and noticed she was still in the pleated black skirt, but as she leaned back over and guided my hand around her hips, under her skirt, I was made aware that she no longer had her panties on. As she guided my finger tips over her exposed little lips she shivered and rubbed her breasts across my chest, oiling etiler anal yapan escort them up. She then stood up, massaging the oil around on her tits a bit and asked if there was anything else she could do for me.

I was absolutely stunned and had no clue what to say. Fortunately she did, as she looked down at my cock and gently picked it up off of my stomach (which didn’t take much effort, as it wanted to stand straight up regardless!).

“Well, you can’t really drive home with this big thing in your way, so at the very least you should let me take care of that. Okay?” She held the bottle of warm oil over it, upside down, waiting for an answer. All I could muster was a nod, and at that, at stream of warm oil poured down onto my hardon. As she put the bottle on a side table with the one hand, the other worked the oil around my entire shaft. I couldn’t help but open my legs abit, the feeling was just too good. “Whatever makes it feel better for you hunny.” was her reaction.

With her still standing closer to my chest than my hips, she lifted my right hand up to her tits and commented that she had too much on them. As I began to rub around her tits, she closed her eyes for a second, moaned softly, and then grabbed my hand again. “Maybe you could help me spread it around a bit” she said as she lowered my hand again, and turned so that her side was to my cock, hand still working it, and her front was facing up towards my head. A long light skinned leg raised, and her barefoot propped onto a chair next to the side table, as her hand guided my down under the front of her skirt and onto her bare pussy. The oil on my fingers immediately making the area slippery, which she encouraged me to take advantage of.

As I began to work my fingers over her clit back and forth, her hand on my cock started to add a slight twist to her up and down strokes. I moaned with pleasure and she tightened her grip for an instant to let me know she was definitely getting where she wanted with me. As her hand made its way from the base to my head and back, my fingers made their way over her clit. “Just a little bit more if you don’t mind” she said as she closed her eyes and grabbed one of her tits with her free hand. A shudder as she bit her lip and then a moan and sigh… and she came as she looked back down at my cock.

“Now, your turn hunny.” And with that she sped up her strokes, twisting her hand as it raised and lowered on my shaft. I opened my legs more, and she smiled “Thats it. Let it all out.” she coaxed. As she twisted her hand around on the head of my cock, she made the connection of how sensitive it was getting, and focused her efforts on the top half of my cock and the head in particular. Her free hand now adding more warm oil over the top of my cock, the whole time still being worked by her talented left hand.

My lower body tensed, my balls compressed and I gripped the sides of the massage table firm. She put her right hand on my chest as if to hold me down to the table, and twisted her left around the head of my cock over and over, faster and faster.

“Oh yes, I’m gonna cum” I cried out.

“Please do” she replied.

The first spurt shot up a clear foot in the air, and came straight back down over her wrist and thumb. The second, about half the height came down over her knuckles. Followed by 3 or 4 gushes that oozed out over the fingers and down my cock, she was soon covered with my hot jizz.

“See, now was that so hard?” she asked with a smirk. She continued to stroke my shaft for a minute or two massaging my cum into it and rolling it around her fingers. I reached around and squeezed her ass as my body tensed from the aftershocks, and she opened her legs again. As a thank you, I slipped my fingers down to her clit once more and rubbed them back and forth. She slowly milked my cock dry, but kept it hard, while I rubbed another quiet orgasm out of her.

She then smiled, and left the room letting me know she’d be back in a minute. When she returned, a hot wet towel in hand, she cleaned my entire cock, and the surrounding area off. “Now, rest for a bit, and then you can get on with your day. I’ll be back in 20.” Off I difted into a sleep that was deeper than I thought possible.

I awoke to the feeling of her warm hand exploring my cock, and her soft voice letting me know it was time to dress. I got my things together and dressed with her watching me from the chair, still pantyless as she held her legs open making sure I could finally see what I had touched earlier. Beautiful.

“So, you liked your massage” she enquired, and I of course nodded. “Good, then I’ll see you again sometime soon? Come back and make sure you ask for me hun. I know how to treat you right, and it just gets better every time!”

She wasn’t lying, and when I did return and asked for her, she was ready to go… every time.



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