Erin Finally Gets Fucked Up Her AssErin Finally Gets Fucked Up Her AssBy billy69boyErin’s bedroom window slid up silently in the dim pre-dawn light. The mysterious man quietly climbed into her bedroom, so as not to wake her, or her parents, who slept soundly in their upstairs bedroom. As he eyed her up, Tiger walked groggily toward him, and rubbed against his bare legs. He reached down and petted the orange tabby on his head as he purred softly.Erin knew the man would be there in her room this morning, but she didn’t expect him so soon. She was still sleeping soundly, lying on her stomach, and wearing just an oversized t-shirt. Her covers were all piled up on the floor at the foot of her bed. Apparently she had a wild night pleasuring herself in anticipation of her early morning rendezvous with the older man who now hovered over her.Tiger retreated under Erin’s computer desk and went back to sleep. The man marveled at Erin’s long athletic legs, as he unraveled the small length of rope from his backpack. Gently, he brought Erin’s arms slowly behind her back, and tied her wrists together. He pushed her t-shirt up to her waist, exposing her smooth tight virginal ass to his lustful glare. This was their agreed upon area of interest, and he intended to give her what she asked for. He had other ideas of his own that they hadn’t discussed previously.The man’s cock was already throbbing, almost painfully so, as he prepared his young student for her first anal sex experience. He was in no hurry, especially because he had taken a big dose of Viagra before he got there. He didn’t really need to take it in order to perform sexually, but it helped him to last much longer than normal. It had kind of like a supercharging effect on him, and he could go for hours at a time without losing control.He rubbed her hard buns gently at first, causing her to stir ever so slightly. He wanted to just plunge his fat cock right into her willing ass and fuck her silly, but he kept his composure. Instead, he sat at the head of her bed; legs spread, and ran his stiff meat all over Erin’s uplifted face. She let out a sigh, and finally opened her eyes to see his purple helmet inches from her lips.“SHHHHH! Quiet! Open your mouth, you dirty little slut,” the old man whispered tersely. Erin did as she was told, and soon her mouth was full of his steaming cock, as he held her head tightly in his hands. She gagged when he pulled her face down on his thick fuck stick, and only then did she realize that her hands were tied behind her back. The man drew back when her eyes grew wider, with a look of panic in them. He wasn’t there to hurt her, after all, but he did want to give her the message that he was in control of the situation, even if it was all her idea in the first place.Realizing that her bed springs were making noise, he got up off the bed and pulled Erin’s wooden computer chair over, being careful that he didn’t disturb Tiger in the process. He put Erin’s pillows against the chair back, and motioned for her to sit down backwards on the chair, leaning up against the pillows. Her wrists were still bound behind her back. He tied her ankles to the front chair legs, and pulled her t-shirt up around her neck. He reached around bahis siteleri and fondled Erin’s firm breasts until her nipples were rock hard and jutting out proudly.He sat down at the foot of her bed, and leaned the chair over towards his erection until Erin’s mouth was lined up properly. She opened her mouth instinctively when he leaned the chair closer, and soon he was thrusting his cock deep into her hot mouth, fondling her vulnerable tits as she sucked him like a pro. He would have just kept going until he came in her mouth, but he was on a mission, and vowed to complete it as promised. “Don’t be so eager to taste my gooey cum so soon, you whore! We’re in no hurry here, so you might as well settle down and enjoy the ride,” he admonished. Erin immediately slowed her pace, and her Master leaned back on his elbows, admiring the site of his young prey performing oral artistry on his stiff member. After several minutes of amazing cock sucking, he reluctantly pulled out of her mouth, and wiped his saliva- covered meat all over Erin’s face, making it glisten in the pre-dawn light.He pushed the chair back far enough so he could stand up, then he lowered the chair back until it rested on her bed. He walked around behind her, knelt down between her restrained legs, and began to lick her already wet pussy while he squeezed and kneaded her sexy ass cheeks. Soon, he had her willing cheeks spread wide open, and he hungrily tongued and sucked her virginal forbidden dark entrance. He pushed two fingers into her steaming pussy as he continued to eat her ass with alacrity. Erin squirmed around on the chair, and moaned quietly, as the old man prepared her for his grand entrance.The two virtual friends had been discussing anal sex fairly regularly online. The old man explained to his 18 year old protégé that pain-free anal sex could be achieved successfully with a combination of patience and proper lubrication. He recommended that she use a slippery, warming lotion while she practiced inserting various objects into her rectum. But, now that they were finally together, he wanted to show her that natural lubricants worked just as well. The man stood up behind his beautiful young friend, and inserted his thumb into her anal canal as he continued to fingerfuck her pussy with his other hand. She gasped out loud, and he slapped her ass sharply several times. “Shut the fuck up, bitch!” he reminded her in a low but commanding voice. The last thing they needed was to wake up her parents! He grabbed her vulnerable ass cheeks tightly and squeezed them hard to emphasize his point. “Hold still!” he ordered, as he held her hips steady and ran his eager cock up and down her tender pussy and spasming asshole. Without warning, he surprised her, and pushed his rock hard cock into her quivering pussy. Slowly, he began to stroke it in and out, as she gasped with pleasure.“You didn’t think I was going to ignore your tight little cunt, did you?” he asked, not expecting a reply. She just moaned slightly, as she pushed back towards his invading shaft. He penetrated her pink hole as deeply as it would go, and he was amazed that this young girl could take so much of his offering. He serviced her love canal for several canlı bahis minutes, as he reached around and fondled her firm tits, pinching her nipples until they were stiff and swollen. He didn’t have to worry about cumming too soon, because the Viagra allowed him to maintain an erection for as long as he so desired. He loved the sight of his pelvis bouncing off her ass cheeks time and again.Just as he sensed Erin was working up to her climax, he abruptly pulled out of her dripping pussy, pulled the wooden chair upright, and took his place in front of her face. Erin’s eyes were still closed when he shocked them open by slapping her exposed tits sharply back and forth. “Pay attention, you little fuck toy!” he grunted, as he held his slimy dick in front of her face. He didn’t have to say anything else, as she opened her mouth and accepted his hot wet pecker deep into her mouth. He was none too gentle with her, and he forced his meat deeply into her choking mouth. He fucked her face rapidly until tears formed in her eyes.“Thanks a good fuck slave, keep sucking it like that!” her Master implored. He held onto her throat with both hands, and she could do nothing but continue to take his cock for as long as he saw fit. She breathed deeply through her nose in an effort to accommodate his desires.Just as quickly, he repositioned the chair back down against the bed, and took his place behind her helplessly bound young body. He spread her ass cheeks wide and licked gingerly around her dark circle until her sphincter muscle dilated and contracted in wild spasms. He plunged two fingers into her slick pink pussy, as his stiff tongue penetrated her willing asshole. She displayed not an ounce of hesitation with regard to what was to come next. He could feel her pussy contracting around his fingers, and he knew it was time to finally give her what she wanted.He guided his slippery shaft to her taboo fuck hole, and pressed the head against her entrance. She sucked in a big breath of air, and he eased his cock into her smooth opening. She offered no resistance, and soon his cock had disappeared halfway into her rectum. It was obvious that she had done her homework. Her asshole was well prepared for this intrusion. Erin moaned out loud this time, and he pushed deeper into her grateful ass, as he twirled his thumb around her jerking clit. She gasped and shook her head back and forth as she strained against the ropes that bound her to the chair.“OOOOOOOHHHHH, YESSSSSSSS!!!” she exclaimed, as her first orgasm shot through her body like a bolt of lightning. Encouraged, the man thrust his hard cock deeper into her ass until his balls were slapping against her pussy. His young captive could do nothing else but go along for the ride, as she reveled in this entirely new sexual sensation. The old man, easily twice her age, smiled to himself as he continued to hold her tightly by the hips and pound her ass with no intention of slowing down anytime soon. How often does he get to ass fuck willing, beautiful young girls nowadays, he reasoned? He was determined to make this experience last as long as possible, but he had another surprise twist for his innocent captive: on the backstroke, he pulled his rigid fuck rod güvenilir bahis completely out of Erin’s ass, and plunged it into her pussy in one motion. Erin let out a shriek of surprise, and the man had to slap her ass a few times to remind her where they were. “Be quiet, while I fuck your dirty cunt with my filthy cock, young lady!” he whispered, as he jammed his prick in and out of her while he dug his nails into her sexy ass cheeks. When he pushed his thumb into her gaping ass hole, she shuddered uncontrollably, and her ensuing climax encouraged him to fuck even harder. Just as she came to her peak, he changed holes again, and soon he was banging her ass unmercifully while she squirted her love juice all over their legs.He didn’t stop fucking her ass until her spasms subsided, and she was able to breathe normally again. He pulled his cock out of her ass, and admired her gaping anal passage. He dropped to his knees and attacked her wide open asshole with his tongue, causing her ass to gyrate wildly in response. He gripped her ass and ran his tongue around the rim of her rectal opening, which resembled the crate or a live volcano at that point. He put a lip lock on her asshole, and sucked on it until she thrashed around uncontrollably in response. He got to his feet, pulled the chair upright again, and stood in front of her face. She opened her mouth wide in eager anticipation, and he buried his erection into her awaiting mouth. He fucked her face, smiling as he watched her taste all those exotic juices from her cunt and ass mixing with her saliva. He planned to give her one more exotic taste for her palette, and he held her head snuggly in preparation for his own orgasmic explosion into her mouth, when there came a sharp rapping on her bedroom door.“Erin? Are you alright in there? Breakfast is almost ready, sweetheart,” came the voice of her mother. Quickly, the Instructor pulled his cock out of Erin’s mouth so that she could reply. Only it was too late, and he proceeded to gush his hot sticky cum all over her face, as she struggled to answer as calmly as possible: “I’m fine, mom, I’ll be there in a minute,” she managed to utter with confidence.Finally spent, the old man wiped his slimy cock all over her face, collecting his jizz along the way, and feeding it to Erin. She willingly swallowed all of his offering, and lovingly licked his cock clean, smiling widely all the while. She looked up into his eyes as she finished, grinning and blushing the entire time.“That was incredible,” she whispered gratefully, “I just knew a real cock in my ass would feel so much better than any toy or bottle I’ve tried. Thank you so much for teaching me the secrets of good anal sex. I didn’t feel any pain at all, just like you said. And thanks for talking dirty to me too…you know how much I like that!” she added. The old man just smiled and nodded, as he untied her wrists and ankles, and massaged the rope marks away. She stood up and the unlikely couple embraced and kissed tenderly. Under her desk, Tiger looked up briefly and stretched and yawned, before he curled up again and fell back to sleep, totally uninterested in his human pet’s activities.“I’d love to invite you to breakfast, but that might be a little difficult to explain to my parents,” she joked.“Probably not a good idea,” the mystery man agreed, “goodbye my sweet Erin!” he said, as he slipped out of her window, and disappeared into the faint light of the early morning.



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