Episode 85: Alia’s ConditionA girl’s voice: “Alia” – no responseA closer, gentler voice, Brian – the black barman from The Sycamores pub: “Alia – are you alright baby? You gave us a shock”I stirred; the world slowly came back into focus – where was I? “What happened”?“You blacked out, baby. One moment you were bouncing up and down on this BBC, the next you were..sort of….gone”. It was Amy – next to us on the picnic bench in the pub garden – the girl from Primark, the blonde girl with the gorgeous tits and a motorbike. I can remember riding pillion on that bike behind her; pussy stretched wide over the fat seat. The luxurious feel of bare tits pressing against her leather jacket; then reaching around to cup her breasts from behind. Her nipples were so hard that must have ached – she purred; accelerating the bike hard as I held on. Brian – the owner of the BBC, still embedded high in my womb, kissed me again: “you poor baby – sorry – it must have been too much for you – you went all limp in my arms. Most girls just go weak at the knees” laughing “you went weak all over”.“OK – I get it – no need to rub it in”. Amy laughed and rubbed my closest nipple. “That’s it – that’s the last thing I remember. Tell me exactly what happened”.Brian: “well you were deep in the throes of a long hard orgasm; I was holding your butt and Amy here squeezed your right tit. I think you must have overloaded”.Me: “It all went sort of black – sorry Brian. I could still feel your cock – it was massive and pumping”. Shocked: “did you cum in me? I hope the condom didn’t burst”. Now angry: “Have you ever had this effect on vulnerable young girls before”?Brian laughed “vulnerable? – you were begging for it, and so was that slut at football”.Amy bit his arm. “Sorry – a highly over-sexed girl with great legs (and tits) who kept coming to our five-a-side football practice matches. She and a few of her mates used to sneak into the changing room while we were showering and thought it funny to steal all the towels. This one girl – Susan I think – had taken off all her clothes and demanded we all fuck her. I guess she had a gang-bang fantasy”.Dad had taken his face out of Grace’s pert arse on the other side of the table and they were both listening intently, while Amy rubbed slow circles around my aching clit.“Go on” said Grace “what happened”?Brian “I was last out of the shower – she was already sandwiched between two of the team – moaning and thrashing about with one cock up her cunt, the other deep in her arse. She had one cock in each hand, so only her foul mouth was available. She looked so surprised when the tip of my cock hit the back of her throat – I thought she was going to throw up”.“Did she faint too?” I asked.“Yes, baby girl – she stopped moving after both blokes came in her and a few violent climaxes ripped through her. The other guys thought I must have stopped her breathing, but it was just a sensory overload – she couldn’t take any more and just checked-out. It was really scary – we all thought we had broken her”.“What did you do” asked Amy, looking really worried.“Well – we all pulled out and I just held her close until she recovered – just like you did babe. She never came to another football session, I think she moved away – shame really, I never got to fuck her properly”.Amy punched Brian hard, then Grace’s phone beeped “Oh shit – we’d better get back – Mum is coming to pick us up in 10 minutes – she can’t see us dressed like this”.It was true – my shorts had split right across the crotch, leaving the end of the butt plug showing and Amy’s top had ripped, illegal bahis displaying all of one breast and most of the other. Grace couldn’t find her new black bikini bottoms and even Dad’s arse was hanging out.Brian agreed to bundle us all into his car for the short ride home to avoid disturbing the last remaining punters in the pub garden. Dad sat in the back between me and Grace – we sort of slid down in the seats to avoid everyone seeing us virtually topless. Amy was half in the passenger seat with her head in Brian’s lap – she just couldn’t resist a last suck on his sticky cock – the slut.Dad’s FlatBack at Dad’s flat we still had to find some half-decent clothing to go home in. Grace dug out my old clothes box that Dad had kept all these years. None of the underwear was going to fit and I guessed he wanted to jack off over them, so they stayed. My low-rise jeans from this morning were still clean, so I pulled on a pair of those black paper panties first. They feel really snug against the pussy and butt hole, still gaping from the giant latex plug. I slipped in something else that I figured would amuse Amy. We found a micro-length red skirt for Grace, which showed her pretty butt when she bent over for me. Grace still had her new black bikini top, which just covered her hard dark nipples. I found an old flesh-coloured bandeau top that hid the tits, but looked topless from a distance.Amy had put her leather biker jacket back on, and if she sat still with her legs crossed you couldn’t actually see her lack of any clothing below the waist. Downstairs, Grace and I kept our backs to the wall, which Dad thought odd, but didn’t say anything.Mum arrived on time, luckily without her new live-in girlfriend Jen, to take us home. She gave Dad and Amy a filthy look, wondering how he had scored such a gorgeous ch1ld. Amy grabbed my butt to give me a big sloppy hug and kiss before we left, feeling the furry tail above the waistband: “what on earth is that, you filthy girl”?Grace turned around too, showing off her butt-plug cat tail hanging down below her skirt: “we found these in Alia’s old clothes box upstairs, from a fancy dress party”.Amy laughed, causing her biker jacket to fall open revealing her gorgeous body to everyone’s gaze.I could tell Mum fancied her too: “No Mum – you can’t have her – she’s much too young for you”; thinking back to Jen in the car yesterday: “I thought you only go for older women”.“I could make an exception for her, baby girl – why don’t you invite her over some time. Jen is always out on Tuesday evenings, if you get my meaning”.“Sure thing, Mum”; glad that she wasn’t asking about the lunch-time fuck session in the pub garden.Grace and I sat in the back seat of the car on the way home – Mum kept checking the rear view mirror – watching my hand sliding underneath her skirt. Grace gave the game away with a whimper when I had three fingers inside her: “are you alright darling? Is your big sister being unkind”?“No Mum – it’s all fine” Grace replied “it’s not like she’s fisting me or anything”. She was learning to lie quite convincingly – she had a good teacher. Another two minutes and I would have had Grace cumming – her thighs were clamping together, but we arrived home and I had to withdraw my fist: “later baby – I’ll finish you off after tea”.At SchoolTime seemed to stand still at school on Monday as I idly flipped through the few selfies I had of Amy. I really loved that first one of her topless – I could still remember the feel of those gorgeous nipples against the tongue. I couldn’t concentrate on anything during illegal bahis siteleri lessons – even the hot new maths teacher. Several times he caught me drooling over my phone, waiting for Tuesday to come around for our planned orgy.That evening a whole slew of new pics of Amy arrived on WhatsApp; these were beautifully composed and lit, taken on a proper camera. I vaguely remember Amy mentioning that her girlfriend was studying photography – these were stunning. You could zoom in to the finest detail – mostly of her crinkly lips and nipples, then her deep wet freshly-licked cunt. The girl certainly knew how to celebrate the female form in deeply pornographic detail. I must have wanked myself to sleep that night – my right hand was still sore in the morning and the phone battery completely flat.Tuesday at school was complete torment – only a few hours until I could get my teeth into Amy’s hot cunt again, and what I hadn’t realised Mum had invited Brian too. She must have swapped phone numbers when he dropped us off at Dad’s flat – I hope she wasn’t planning on seducing him – not sure I could watch that.Rotten timetabling – Tuesday morning was double maths and that new teacher caught me masturbating to the full-on open-cunted photo of Amy on my phone, propped up on the desk. I must have closed my eyes after the second climax – he was standing right there: “Alia” – no response.“Miss Alia Jones – open your eyes, and take that hand out of your jeans”Oh Shit – now I was in trouble – my fingers were all sticky and he could see my lack of underwear.He also didn’t seem amused by the vaginal sketches all over my homework book. As a visual joke I had drawn a beech tree being cut down by a beaver, covered entirely in pussy-shaped leaves like split-beavers. He confis**ted the phone, but fortunately left the exercise book and gave me a one-hour detention to be served that afternoon.As I argued and pleaded that my Mum had invited Amy around especially for orgy this evening, he extended the incarceration to two hours, saying that I was much too young to join in. Luckily he never realised that Grace would be there too – handing out condoms, cleaning dildos, showing off her pert bottom.Back Home for the OrgySo, by the time I arrived home, Amy’s motorbike was already parked outside – and that car looked awfully like the one Brian brought us home from the pub in. I guess they had already started the orgy without me. The main clue was the pile of clothes strewn down the hall carpet: Amy’s helmet and motorbike jacket, her blue jeans, white tee-shirt and underwear; Brian’s shirt and trousers, even Grace’s school uniform – how dare she?The living room looked like an orgy scene from a 1970s porn video – naked bodies everywhere, having sex in the most unlikely ways. I just stood there gawping until Mum looked up from Brian’s cock deep in her throat to beckon me over and join in. Amy was writhing naked on Brian’s face, even little Grace wearing only her kitten tail butt-plug was filming the whole thing. I had been waiting all day for this, so wasn’t going to rush. Math’s teacher had returned my phone at the end of detention – I’m sure he was admiring the photos too – so I was able to show Mum and Grace the picture of Amy’s succulent cunt that had caused all the problems.Amy slowly climbed off Brian’s face – his nose coated in her cuntal secretions – to stand directly in front of me: “hello you” she said, opening her mouth for a deep kiss. She tasted of pure lust – my tongue ran around her teeth as I felt her carefully undressing me. She dropped canlı bahis siteleri to her knees to finish pulling off my jeans; then bliss – her long tongue snaking up between my pussy lips. She held onto my butt as I repeatedly bumped my pubic mound against her face, desperate to relieve the frustration of the day in one almighty orgasm. She pulled me to the floor, alongside Mum who was squatting over Brian, riding him hard. I twisted around – my mouth plunging between her open thighs into the gorgeous heat of her pussy. We sucked and sucked, trying to get the other one off first. She had the advantage of also playing with my arse as I was on top; her finger was soon replaced by my kitten tail, courtesy of Grace – she must have sucked it ready.My climax felt very close – I grabbed both of Amy’s tits, twisting hard – she screamed and came in my mouth – my orgasm only seconds behind, all carefully recorded on Grace’s video. After a long pause to recover, Amy and I secretly agreed to attack Grace. I pulled out her kitten tail and sucked her arse, while Amy licked her cunt – Mum had never seen her baby daughter so excited – even Brian stopped fucking her to watch. Grace tried to crawl away – we dragged her back – her little nipples rock hard – one more hole to fill – Brian offered her his cock to suck. Her butt tasted divine as the juice escaping from her sucked pussy dribbled down her crack, but I needed some of that cock.Grace didn’t seem keen to share, so I had to drag her off Brian’s BBC and stick it up my arse – he felt so good, stretching my tight hole. He grabbed my hips, powering that b**st so far into my backside I thought it would show as a bulge in my tummy. Mum checked, rubbing her hand from belly-button down to my clit and back again – she said she couldn’t feel his cock but kept trying anyway, enjoying the feel of my soft skin. Amy stopped playing with Grace and the two of them thought my tits needed more attention. They grabbed one each, pressing the nipples back into titty flesh until they vanished and then letting then pop out again. It felt surprisingly good – I moaned – so they kept doing it. Soon Brian was warning of his impending orgasm and did I mind him cumming in my arse.I only agreed, provided that someone licked it all out again – Mum and Grace both said that was gross – but Amy was happy to oblige. Brian came in torrents – filling my arse with his sticky white sperm until it flooded out down my thighs. Once Amy started lapping it down, Grace decided it wasn’t so bad after all and joined her cleaning off the splashes, while Mum went back to fucking Brian – the slut.We all stopped for a drink and cool down – Amy returned from the kitchen with my present – a small silver cardboard box that rattled. “Close your eyes baby” she demanded, kissing me again. The first nipple clamp just felt painful; the second one evened out the sensation, turning to pleasure when she let go of the chain allowing its full weight to drag my tits down. I opened my eyes to see Grace laughing and swinging on the nipple clamp chain, causing ripples straight down to my silky smooth cunt. Brian had found the condoms and was pressing his monstrous erection into my eager cunt from behind – just how I like it. Amy was standing in front – her beautiful pussy exactly at my head height. She opened up, pressing her blonde mound against my face – close-up the inside of her pussy looked even better than in the photographs that got me into trouble. I gazed upon the slick pink walls just waiting to be ravaged. I attacked her with tongue and fingers, swallowing down her sweet juice, but then the world started closing in and I was gone for the third time in as many days.“Alia – I’m so glad you’re back – you came like a train” Mum cradled my head in her ample bosom, while Grace and Amy sucked off Brian.



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