Episode 32 – Getting DressedFantasyYou know the feeling: lying in a warm bed, breathing in a faint whiff of her perfume, new stiffy just starting, your wife / girlfriend / mistress / s1ster-in-law returns from the bathroom. Hair wrapped in a towel, skin all clean and smooth after a vigorous shower to wash your sperm out of her crevices.”Come back to bed darling, you look gorgeous, all freshly fucked. Come on we’ve still got time for another quickie”.”Get lost; you’ve had me all night. My arse is still sore. You’re not going up there again without more lubricant. Anyway I’ve got to meet up with the girls for a coffee morning. They’re dying to know how good you are in bed”.She selects underwear from the special drawer (that you love to poke about in). You watch her pull on a pair of soft grey French Knickers, covering up that delicious smooth flesh you had your nose in only ten minutes ago. Next out is her favourite see-through grey lacy half-cup bra; clipped on and swung around to the front – tits gently stroked into place. One stray nipple, poking out above the lace, is lovingly flipped back inside. Your eyes take in her long bare legs all the way from kissable toes up to her pert edible bum – she loves you stroking your cock up her legs, before plunging into her deep wetness.She notices you watching and wiggles her bottom, lifting up onto her toes, messing with her long hair, blowing you a kiss. A dab of perfume between the breasts, and in the crook of each elbow. She cheekily eases down the front of her panties and shakes a drop of perfume onto her freshly-trimmed pubes. Your stiffy threatens to leap out of bed after her, as you take in the gorgeous view of her dark pubic triangle nestling inside the soft fabric. She slowly pivots on one foot; one buttock sliding into view, then a deep crack, then she bends forward to grip her calves. A perfect picture – her hot puffy camel toe encased between round buttocks in those hot panties you just bought her. She slides her whole hand between her cheeks, pulling them apart and dips in a finger just to check. Perfectly dry pussy, just covered by the narrow panties crotch, ready for her girlfriends to feast upon after their coffee and cakes. Then she straightens up – her pussy safely hidden away again. Why does the inside of a woman’s clothing look so erotic? She pulls on one of your shirts, checking in the mirror for just the right amount of exposed cleavage. A quick skirt and high-heeled shoes and her outfit is complete – she looks ravishing.”Bye lover; keep that bed warm. Those handcuffs should stop you wanking. I’ll need another good fuck after lunch”. She carefully rolls her yesterday panties into a tight ball, with the tasty crotch outwards “Open wide, lover” and pops them into your mouth. Bliss.Sharon the Post LadyThat’s the story that Sharon played on her iPod, dancing around her bedroom naked, getting dressed for another day out delivering the mail. The story is narrated by a French porn-star with a deep husky voice, that makes Sharon quiver inside whenever she pronounces ‘panties’. She decides to skip the bra today; her young girlfriend says her tits aren’t bad for an old woman, and the rough fabric of her uniform blouse can keep her nipples erect for hours. The Cuntal and Anal probes of her mk4 masturbator purring away between her legs gets its power from the temperature difference between the 2 egg-shaped vibrators deep inside her body and the silver chain joining them. This needs to be kept cool, so Sharon pulls on her best crotch-less tights, giving her pussy a quick rub to check for moistness. She admired her side reflection in the full-length mirror – tits not too bad, legs in pretty good shape from all the cycling. As she turned face on, sunlight from the window behind lit up her puffy lips, reflecting off the silver chain dropping from her slit and disappearing again up her backside. Sharon was happy to pull on her uniform blouse and culottes, knowing her lack of underwear should keep her aroused all day. She plays the story again on the bus up to the Sorting Office, sitting in the back seat with her legs slightly apart allowing canlı bahis a slight breeze up the wide legs to cool the chain and keep the vibrators running. She hardly notices a crowd of schoolboys getting on at the next bus stop, until one of them sits down beside her. He must have been watching the reflection of the photos on her smartphone. Sharon couldn’t stop flipping through the pictures of her girlfriend, mostly naked, but now in bra and panties sitting astride her post office bicycle.”Wow she’s gorgeous” Timmy coughs “zoom in – I love the way the saddle holds her lips apart. I can just imagine you eating her out through that soft fabric. My step-s1ster caught me spying on her this morning. Molly’s got an exercise bike in her bedroom, always leaves the door open for me. Just wearing her favourite blue panties, she was cycling hard and getting really sweaty.You could see a huge damp patch between her legs and smearing onto the saddle when she leant forward. When she eventually climbed off she made me lick the saddle clean of all her girl goo. I sucked all the juice out of her wet panties while she was in the shower”Timmy paused to rearrange the bulge in his school trousers. Sharon was engrossed in a close-up photo of her girlfriends backside with three purple anal beads still visible.” Sometimes she lets me hold her tits in the shower, not today – she kept slapping my hands away. I literally had to beg to wear her used panties, while she paraded around in her new black thong bikini – shaking her arse in my face. She pulled out both boobs, then hid them away again – she’s a real tease. They are only small, but well shaped, they bounce nicely when Dad fucks her from behind. Funny he prefers to take her still wearing that bikini, and he likes to watch her getting dressed afterwards too.Sometimes he makes her strip off and get dressed again if her nipples aren’t perfectly level. Says he can’t stand sluttyiness, I think we both just enjoy watching her tits half-covered. He always checks her thong for sperm after she’s pulled them up. Sometimes she even lets me suck them”. Timmy pulls out his trouser waistband “Look, the blue panties are a bit crusty now – she f0rced me to cum in them and wear them all day at school”.Sharon had to clamber over Timmy to get off at her stop; he managed to get one hand up the wide leg of her uniform culottes, just touching her bare pubes before the bus stopped abruptly: “No knickers –you slapper – you’re all wet”. “Bye honey, have a hot day at school. I’d leave you my panties, but as you can feel I forgot to put any on this morning” Sharon left laughing.At work she pops one earpiece into her friends ear in the coffee queue, while sliding a crafty hand up the back of her leg: “Come on you filthy slut, fancy a quick shag behind the bicycle sheds like we did at school?””Sorry luv, gotta get going. Fuck you later”.Sharon picked up her pile of post for the morning deliveries, recognising Mike Jones unusual handwriting: “He designs these amazing experimental sex toys and tries them out on his twin nieces both called Ami. I wonder what’s in today’s parcel for those sex kittens.”The Jones HouseholdJust imagine the trouble Bob Jones has every morning watching his identical twins getting dressed before going off to school.One bright morning in the school holidays the post lady called at number 69, Love Lane where the Ami twins live with their long-suffering dad.Sweet-Ami, f1fteen and fresh from bed, answered the doorbell, dressed in just her skimpy white sleep tee-shirt and shapeless blue shorts.Sharon the post lady looked her up and down appreciatively: “Good morning Miss Jones. This package needs signing for”. Then she paused, looking at the baby-faced dark-haired beauty, her fabulous dark nipples erect and poking through the tee-shirt: “Um, are you old enough? There’s this label on the back that says ‘Prototype Sex Toys – Handle with Care'”.Ami swipes the parcel, ripping off the outer paper: “It’s OK; it’s just some underwear from Uncle Mike. He likes his little jokes”.Dad appeared beside his daughter: “Perhaps I’d better sign for that”, even though it was addressed bahis siteleri to ‘Miss Ami Jones (Sweet) & Miss Ami Jones (Tangy)’.Sweet-Ami had already pulled off her tee-shirt; the post lady blushed, and was halfway out of her blue shorts when Dad said “Perhaps you’d better come in for a moment, it’s quite chilly here on the door step”.Dad quite fancied the post lady; a large bulge appearing in the front of his grey jogging pants. However she was rather keener on eating out this gorgeous teenage girl, now flashing her dark landing strip pubes. First Ami pulled a curious dished, semi-circular, metallic device out of the ruined package. It had a pair of parallel thin silver wires above the centre of the crescent, with instructions on how to clamp them around her nipple. She clipped one onto each breast – they provided a little support and absolutely no coverage – each nipple held perfectly erect between the wires. Ami jumped around testing them for tit wobble – absolutely none – they held her breasts perfectly – just like a sports bra. Out of her heavy uniform jacket and shirt the post lady was really quite attractive – she watched Ami hopping around over Dad’s shoulder as he fumbled with the clasp on her bra strap. “Come here, let me do it” demanded Ami, running both hands up and down the Sharon’s bare back, before undoing the bra and letting her large breasts fall forwards into Dad’s waiting hands. Ami pressed her own hard encased nipples into the post lady’s back, while Dad massaged her breasts and kissed her neck. She moaned loudly enough to bring Tangy-Ami in from the kitchen, still with a glass of juice in one hand and a slice of toast in the other, but otherwise stark naked: “Can’t you lot keep the noise down, a girl is trying to have her breakfast” Seeing that everyone was watching, she said “What? You’ve never seen a girl eating breakfast”? Ami casually tipped orange juice over her left nipple and carefully smeared the toast and marmalade over the right: “Come on you two, no fighting. Who wants to lick me clean?”Dad fell upon the toast and marmalade breast, making a great play of licking off every last crumb; twirling his tongue around her nipple to get all the warm butter and marmalade.”Can I have some juice” asked the post lady, tipping more orange onto Ami’s left breast and letting it run into her open mouth, making a loud slurping noise.It was clear that Ami was creaming as her twin s1ster pushed two fingers between her bare thighs, pulled them out and sucked the stickiness off.After Dad helped her finish the toast, she rummaged around in the package, pulling on a beautiful shiny transparent grey boob tube over her licked clean breasts. It did nothing to disguise her dark, hard nipples, trying to escape. Then she found a tiny silver capsule; after puzzling over the instructions for a moment, she licked it and pushed it between her moist pussy lips.After a few moments for it to warm up, a number of thin, flat silver strands emerged from between her legs and climbed up and around her pretty hips. Once the front and back strands had met, they joined to form an exquisite thong, perfectly moulded to her genitals and buttocks, holding her lips open and clitoris exposed. Sitting on the floor beside Dad, Sharon looked up from one Ami to the other, taking in their hot bodies and wicked smiles: “You really are identical. Same pretty faces, long hair, succulent breasts. Even the same dark brown Brazilians. How on earth does your dad tell you apart”?Sweet-Ami bent her s1ster forward, pointing to the large freckle on her inner thigh, just below the pussy and then pushed her own bare arse into Sharon’s face: “One is real, the other is just eyeliner”.”So it’s true – the only difference is your personal flavour. Here let me have a taste. Fabulous baby, you’re so sweet – honey and syrup and bananas. You must be Sweet-Ami”As Sweet-Ami’s individually-moulded sports bra came into contact with Tangy-Ami’s magic thong they changed from silver to pale blue and then started vibrating into dark blue. Tangy pushed the post lady to the floor, masturbating an inch above her face: “open your mouth, güvenilir bahis bitch; I can feel a squirt coming”. Tangy’s pussy got hotter and hotter under her intense fingering; the metal thong softened and opened up, pulling her lips apart, dribbling flavours of olives and pomegranates onto Sharon’s face. She lapped it all up, kissing all around the twin’s bottom, which just made more juice to suck in: “You must be Tangy – I could drink this all day”. “OK” said dad, picking up the thong instructions “Uncle Mike says I’m to send him a video of you two tribbing, so get your pretty little cunts together”. Ami and Ami lay together, thighs interlocked, while Dad set up the video camera on a tripod so he could still play with Sharon’s tits while filming his daughters. As soon as the silver metal thong made contact with another pussy it changed shape into a double-headed dildo. One end buried in Tangy-Ami, the other in Sweet, all smooth then bumpy.Dad and Sharon watched the twins fuck each other, with just a slight movement of their thighs – the dildo vibrated deep in both their bodies. It disappeared as they ground their cunts together and then visible, coated in sticky lubricant as they pulled apart, before slamming into each other again. Both Ami’s were panting hard, their nipples rigid, sweat running between their breasts, both close to climax. Dad zoomed the camera into their gorgeous pussies, juice streaming out onto the dildo thrashing from side to side trying to bring them off.Tangy-Ami came loudly as soon as her s1ster leaned forward and grabbed her nipples, the additional pressure brought Sweet off too – you could easily tell – she stopped talking. They separated after the third climax ripped through their eager bodies; as they pulled apart the dildo retreated high into both pussies, leaving the twins with a slight rotating buzz. Sharon was openly masturbating, and then took Dad to the back of her throat swallowing a huge load of sperm: “Look my pervy brother has sent you two some more clothes for the dressing-up box. Put them on and give Sharon a treat”.Both Amis turned their back to pull on the grey stay-up stockings; beautifully framing their taut buttocks, glistening with girl cum. Sweet pulled on her boob tube – the nipple clamps melted away. Finally they both tied the bright red tasselled shawls around their hips – big knot on one side – covering one buttock at the back and just skimming their dark landing strips at the front. Tangy gyrated her hips provocatively over Dad’s face, the tassels covering and then exposing her lips. Any metallic threads attracted towards her pussy by the magnetic dildo just visible rotating between her lips.Sweet squatted over Dad’s loins; facing his feet, his cock nestling between her wet buttocks. Dad thrust upwards, driving his erection deep into her tiny tight arse. His daughter gurgled in delight and thrust her whole body downwards, impaling herself to the hilt.”You little bitch” screamed Tangy-Ami “it’s Saturday – it’s my turn. You can’t fuck him. We agreed – it’s my day for Cuntal. You can’t just shove him up your fat arse like that. Get off him, now. I demand to have my pussy stretched”.Sweet-Ami tried to reassure her s1ster: “Calm down, I’m just grabbing a quick Anal. You can have him in a minute. Why don’t you just sit on his face? Warm up that well-used cunt. Never know – he might even lick you”. Facing his feet Tangy-Ami gripped her Dad’s head between her thighs and leant forward to pull back on her s1ster’s breasts. Hands inside the boob tube, m*****ing her hard nipples, going crinkly when she flipped them out into the cool air.Sharon saw her chance to suck cunt and crawled up between Bob’s outstretched legs to lick his cock wedged into Sweet’s backside. Bob shuddered as she sucked in his balls, his cock growing fatter inside his daughter. Sharon licked upwards, to bury her tongue in Sweet’s delicious pussy. Sweet continued bouncing her arse up and down on Bob’s erection; Sharon had to suck harder to hang on. Juice erupted from Sweet’s pussy as spunk exploded into her arse. Sharon gulped it all down, licking around the hot buttocks for any last drops.Then Bob, Ami and Ami, snuggled up on the sofa watched Sharon pulling on her ruined crotch-less tights, culottes and post office uniform and cycle away down the road to deliver the rest of her round.



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