Angie was leaving. Finally. After eighteen torturous years of marriage, his wife was leaving him. She was down the hall in the large master bedroom right now, walking back and forth across the plush carpet as she packed her suitcases. Smiling smugly, Charles continued his grueling workout on the treadmill, sweat dripping down his well toned chest and abdomen. His speed increased a little, his legs pumping relentlessly as he ran. Thinking back to the other night, he remembered the outrage on his wife’s face as she confronted him in the home theater room. She was disgusted, and indignant with him.

What could she expect. How else was he supposed to keep her and their daughter in the high style they enjoyed. His method of earning the money had never been questioned before, but somehow she had found out. They had fought like cats and dogs for a short while, and Charles had then dismissed her. She informed him she was leaving, and that his slut of a daughter could stay with him for all he cared. Good. That worked right into his plans.

Stepping off the treadmill, Charles took a small cloth and began to wipe the rivulets of sweat off his body. She stalked down the hall, he could hear her heavy footsteps coming towards him. Deliberately trying to antagonize her, he pushed the cloth down lower, into his loose workout shorts and began to towel off his nut sack. She came to a halt in the doorway, a look of disdain on her face. After telling him for several minutes what a filthy pig he was, she was gone.

All he had done was smile nonchalantly as his eyes swept over her perfectly manicured body. Oh well… he had a whole harem of younger girls to satisfy his desires now… and none had the sagging breasts that his wife was beginning to sport. The slamming of the door echoed through the house as he made his way towards the large glass shower. Charles stripped off his shorts and stepped inside, one hand on his nut sack as he thought about his growing enterprise.

The girls were rather costly to maintain…but the profits made from the adoptions more than compensated for his expenses and his cost of living. He lived in a beautiful huge house with his gorgeous eighteen year old daughter, and was able to fuck any of the twenty two girls he had at his beck and disposal whenever he wanted. He had two other men he counted on for stud service, but he usually saved the choicest and most alluring girls for himself. Then, once they were pregnant, he sheltered them, fed and clothed them, paid them a stipend, fucked them and sent them on their way if they wanted once the child was born and sent to its new parents. Some might consider him a sick bastard, but hey… you had to make a living right?

His thoughts drifted towards his sweet angel of a daughter. Clayton had turned eighteen earlier in the week, and had the world in bostancı escort the palm of her hand. At 5’11, with long auburn hair, green eyes and a sleek toned body, she was a sex kitten on wheels. Charles had been unable to get the image of her sleek tanned thighs and C cup breasts encased in thin silk bikini material out of his head lately. The way the silk outlined her pussy lips as she rose out of the pool, the outline of her hard nipples, the way her tanned flesh looked with goose bumps on it.

She would be devastated that her mother was gone… Charles pondered this as he stepped out of the shower and got ready for the day. No matter, he would spend extra time with her. Make her feel extra special and loved. Lavish his affection on her and all would be well. She was a junior in Catholic school this year, her life was filled with uncertainty and emotion, and he was determined to help her along through her trying times. Chuckling to himself, he went to the office and got to work on his days business.

Clayton parked her sleek mustang next to her fathers SUV and slid elegantly out of the door, pausing to adjust her thigh high stockings so that no flesh showed beneath her short uniform skirt. Her long hair was bound into a tight knot at the nape of her neck, and she let it loose now. Strange, her bitch of a mothers car was missing. Maybe she had gone for good, and now Clayton wouldn’t have to pretend the love that she tried to fake towards the ice queen that had born her. She only did it for her fathers sake, and sanity.

Mother made life difficult around the house, and lately daddy had been so involved in his work that he hadn’t made any time for Clayton. Something she was acutely aware of. He was gone at late hours of the night, and always busy during the day. A pout formed on Claytons rosy lips as she walked into the house, tossing her bag on the floor for the maid to pick up. Straightening her crisp white shirt and the little tie around her neck, she wandered towards her fathers office, her platform heels clicking on the marble floor.

He heard her heels on the floor… and his cock immediately began to twitch in his pants. God he lusted after his little girl like no other woman he had encountered. Her shadow fell across the doorway, and his eyes narrowed as she stepped into his office. The sun outlined her figure, sparking off her flowing hair, casting an outline around her heavenly body. “Hello baby.” Charles murmured softly as she stalked towards him, feline grace in every step. She smiled happily, and sat easily on his lap as she talked about her day.

His hand drifted up to clasp her stocking clad knee, his other hand rubbing slow circles on her lower back. He listened attentively, his thumb moving in slow circles on her knee. She failed to notice, her bright green büyükçekmece escort eyes fastened on his face. His cock grew to monster proportions, and he shifted so that it wouldn’t be rubbing against her soft ass cheeks. They made plans for dinner, and as they talked, his hand drifted higher, rubbing sensual circles until he paused at the boundary between her thigh highs and her satin skin. Stopping there, he patted her leg and they exited the office to go eat and watch a movie.

They had a wonderful evening together, chatting freely and laughing. Charles suffered with a constant hard on the entire evening, and finally around ten, Clayton wandered upstairs to go to bed. Her eyes had darkened before she gave him a sweet departing kiss on the forehead, and she had complained of lower tummy pains. Charles chuckled as she walked up the stairs, knowing she wouldn’t be feeling those for much longer. Tonight he would put his plan in motion. Nursing a brandy, he watched the clock slowly tick away the hour.

After letting her get good and asleep, Charles went upstairs and slid out of his clothes and into a long silk dressing robe. His bare feet made no sound as he walked down the hall to her large bedroom. The nightlight was on, casting the room in a pink glow. He saw her, laying on her side under the thick down cover. One foot was sticking out, the slender ankle gleaming in the soft light. The covers were pulled up to her ear, and her long hair made a dark cascade from the pillow down to the floor. Taking a deep breath, Charles prepared himself for what he was about to do.

Stepping closer, he slid back the cover and sat gently on the large bed, pausing to see if she would wake. She made a small noise in her throat, but did not move. Easing his weight down on the bed, he lay on his side and brought the covers back up around him. Leaning closer, he brought his lips to her warm neck as he scooted his body up against her back under the covers, and was pleasantly surprised to feel she was only wearing a short nightgown. His lips nuzzled against her, whispering her name. Startling awake, Clayton turned her head, her green eyes sleepy as she gazed at her father with questions in her eyes. Her body was still and tense against his, and he reached a hand out to scoop around her waist, bringing her soft ass snugly back against his groin.

Sighing, he whispered her name softly and asked if her tummy still hurt. Furrowing her brows, Clayton nodded yes, and Charles whispered that he was going to help her feel better. Trusting her daddy, Clayton relaxed her body back against her fathers, not paying attention to the hard length of skin that was pressing into the crack of her ass. Charles rested his body on one elbow, and reached up to rub her tummy slowly, his fingers soft and loving çatalca escort on top of her nightgown. He rubbed in gentle circles, from her upper stomach down to her lower, and soon he heard the even breathing that signaled she had slipped back into sleep.

Once she had fallen asleep, he started rubbing his hips up against her ass, his cock aching with the need to be deep inside her. He clenched his fingers, taking a handful of material, and with each rub of his hands, pulled her nightgown up slowly and steadily, until he felt her soft flesh beneath his fingertips. Moving slightly to adjust the way his body fit to her back, his cock slipped out of his satin robe and rubbed across the bare heated flesh of her ass. Groaning, his head dropped down and he began to suckle gently on her neck and shoulder, his tongue lathing across her skin lovingly as his hips began to slowly hump against the soft as cheeks presented to him.

His fingers pushed the gown up further, and totally undone by his lust, he cupped one of her heavy breasts in his hand. Her nipple instantly hardened and pressed into his palm. Using his lips, Charles pushed the shoulder strap of her gown down, his lips moving closer to her puckered nipple, his cock becoming more urgent in its thrusting. Precum was oozing out of the tip, making his cock and her ass cheeks slippery and wet.

Not wanting to lose contact of his cock against her ass, he leaned across her shoulder and scooped her nipple into his hot wet mouth, his tongue lashing gently at it. His hand released her breast, his fingers playing in circles as they rubbed down across her belly, down further until they rested on top of the mound of her pussy. No hair… My god she had no hair. Charles groaned again, suckling hard against her nipple as he lost all control and let his fingers slip further down to feel the puffy pussy lips of his little girl.

So soft and silky, and they were wet… Was it his precum that had dribbled between her thighs that made her wet? Charles, grunted and used his index finger to spread the lips apart, his eyes fastened on her naked stomach, his mouth greedily suckling on her nipple. Soon it would be shooting milk into his mouth… and all over his body and hers. Using two of his fingers, he held her engorged silky pussy lips apart and slid his middle finger down in between them, rubbing the fleshy pad of his finger against her clit.

Her body jerked, and she moaned. His lips lost suction on her nipple, making a loud popping noise, but he quickly refastened his mouth against her as he played with her clit. She moaned softly, her sleepy eyes starting to open again. Quickly, his hand left her heated cunt and crept further, his body leaning across hers, his cock pressed against her ass, he reached down and lifted one of her legs up. As her thighs parted, and she began to ask a sleepy question, his engorged and throbbing cock pushed between her thighs, lodging full length against her pussy. Every vein in his shaft throbbed with the need to bury himself deep inside her. He continued to suckle on her nipple loudly, whispering in between slurps that it would be alright.



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