End of Quarantine Chinese Student in Hong KongSo as the quarantine ends and I meet the Married Chinese Lawyer on the Saturday, the Chinese student set up a meet on Sunday. I thought perfect! But after I was done with the Married Chinese Lawyer, she immediately wants again the next day. I was faced with a dilemma, double booking on the same day! cut short, I met with the Lawyer during noon on Sunday and went immediately to the Chinese student in the evening. Let’s just say I was exhausted after that weekend. Nonetheless, I had an amazing time!So the Chinese student was waiting for me at the hotel. I get there and she’s wearing a sexy police costume with an open crotch for easy access. (She joked that she was here to punish me for breaking quarantine lol). I make her masturbate for the camera first. (Having xhamster fans in mind lol). She was quite thrilled to be getting some good sex after so long that she was straight into it. I didn’t even have to ask her to suck the dildo, you could hear how juicy her pussy was from the beginning. She begins fucking her pussy with the dildo trying to find her 1st orgasm. Finally she reaches her 1st orgasm of the night all by herself at the 2:28 mark. She wasn’t shy about it at all, after her 1st orgasm she immediately flips me over and starts sucking my cock. Look at that ass and open crotch kartal escort outfit. Her pussy opened wide just begging to be spitroasted!!! The 3 month hiatus didn’t do anything to her blowjob skills as she skillfully milks the cock and deep throats it till she gags!I thought the xhamster fans deserve another angle so I reached for my phone to take a POV of her blowjob. Love how she stuffs the cock down her throat and make herself gag and choke whilst looking up at the camera! I think she really missed sucking cock! It was time for me to do something! I flip her over and begin eating her out. Her couldn’t hide her smile and excitement. You could see her bite down on her lip and begin orgasming at the 1:30 mark for her 2nd orgasm of the night! Time for some 69 action! I think the reverse blowjob angle makes her look like an even better cocksucker. We’re both doing our best to make the other person moan and scream. Who do you think did a better job? LolShe said she wanted to be spitroasted and asked me to fuck her with the dildo while she sucks my cock. As I stick the dildo deeper and deeper she begins to orgasm and starts sucking harder and harder on my cock as a response! I was super excited and keep fucking her faster and harder. You could see her reach her 3rd orgasm of the night with my cock in her mouth at the bostancı escort 1:47 mark. She was cuming so hard that she even bit down on my cock!!!At that point she was begging to be penetrated with a real cock and I begin fucking her missionary pushing her legs up so I could reach deeper. She always said she loved watching her own pussy being penetrated by me and you could see her watching the cock pump in and out. She was even pulling at my hips to push me even deeper! What a fucking cock whore! As I was flipping her over for doggystyle, something crazy happened. Her boyfriend from Hong Kong messaged her! YES! Her BOYFRIEND! SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND! WHAT!? (That’s the first time I heard about it but I will tell that story another time). She hastily replies and gets on with fucking. I go straight into her favorite position. She immediately screams OMG as I push deep inside her at the 1:20 mark. I push deeper and you know her next orgasm is coming very soon as you could see her legs shake her toes are clenched and she is starting to lose control. At the point I hold down her head and push her down onto the bed and push even deeper. Her 4th and most crazy orgasm of that night begins at the 1:35 mark and doesn’t end until 2:10 mark as I JUST WOULD LET HER GO! I’m not making this shit up as you could see her leg muscles maltepe escort and toes all clenched the entire 35 seconds of her 4th orgasm. I think she was having a crazy night and she was up for pretty much anything. She asked for DOUBLE PENETRATION! Holy shit! I’ve only ever done that with her once or twice before and she was really drunk those times. Maybe the 3 month hiatus has made her feel so horny and slutty that she wanted everything like a buffet. I begin sticking her with the dildo in her pussy just to get her use to it first. She was feeling good from the dildo alone and I swear I could’ve made her orgasm again if I just keep sticking the dildo in her. I get up and start to penetrate her ass. Listen to her “OH FUCK” at the 0:57 mark as she feels herself being filled and stretched in both holes! I start fucking her anal and she pumps the dildo in and out of her pussy. She begins to scream louder and louder and I think the whole hotel could hear her now. No matter, she asks me to cum in her ass and I start pumping harder and harder. She reaches her 5th and final orgasm at the 2:01 mark and I feel her vagina wall clenching. I pump my semen deep into her ass and she screams. She lets out a celebratory laugh at the very end, job well done!The Chinese student is such a wild one, and I can’t believe the things she let me do. And how easily she was able to reach orgasm all by herself. To be honest I was super drained from fucking the lawyer once the night before and once again earlier that day, but she was still super thrilled and happy with the meeting. I left and she stayed the night and I don’t know how she sorted things out with her boyfriend lol, I will ask her next time.



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