Words scrolling across a screen, that is how I first interacted with him. What a first encounter. He was DarkThoughts, and I was my usual MnM. On screen teasing started out of boredom, and soon the private messages were flying, then the typical “u wanna take this somewhere else?”

I was bored, and it had been too long since I’d let a man touch me, so I thought, why not. I’d never tried the cyber thing, and hell, it was a lot safer than picking up someone in a bar for just some hot fling. “Sure, where do you want me?” was my reply. Boy did that get it started, once we’d found a secluded nook of the net for ourselves.

“Are you a tease?” the words came flashing red, and I smiled, of course I was.

“Yes, but sometimes a tease can please.”

“You sure about that.”

“I think I am.”

“What do you look like.”

“Blonde, brown. tall, big chested thick thighed, I’m no tiny lil miss, if thats what you wanna know, but I’m comfortable with me, and I get more than enough male attention, when I want it.”

“Sounds nice to me. Big chested, are you?”

“LOL, seems all men notice that, and yeah, I happen to wear a 38DDD. So what?”

“So, god would i like to see that.”

“Be a good boy, and you just might.”

The witty banter continued, and things with sexual meanings ran rampant, but we were enjoying each others wit too much to actually do what I thought we’d went there for. Besides, I found myself getting turned on by just talking about all things sensual with him. It was a nice kind of slow buzz, even if I knew nothing would come of the nice feeling gathering between my thighs. He claimed to be taller than myself, and a kind of stocky build with brown hair and blue eyes. I was always a sucker for blue eyed boys, and the conversation was no holds barred. Dislikes, likes we covered it all. When it was past time for me to go, one last message flickered across my screen. “I want to talk to you again. Do this again.” I concurred and went to bed, where my dreams were awash in fantasies that were fragmented, but pleasing.

Off and on for weeks we talked, it was freeing, saying what you meant and not worrying about offending someone. Until it happened that we’d both be at the same area at the same time. The hesitant, “do you want to meet?” It was a hard question to answer, and my bravado got the better of me, and I said “Sure, if you have the nerve, I do too.”

So it was arranged, there was a hangout there that was fairly crowded, and the time was agreed upon. He said he’d wear a blue ball cap, and I said good then, I’ll find you. We’d never really got around to exchanging pictures, and it was a thrill, having never seen him. This stranger whose words across a screen had more than once had me wishing for some real life company to play with in more ways than one and I was going to meet him.

The day rolled around, and I was on a nervous high. It was worse than high school. I did my makeup, put in my earrings, and pulled my hair back. I decided on nothing more than the usual, jeans would be just fine. I am just what I am after all, though, I did pick a top that showed off my chest, just because it was an ego boost. Jeans and boots, and I was ready to roll.

The place was a tiny little joint. Just the kind of place I was used to, not some big crashing college town club. But it was pretty crowded, so I picked my way to the bar, and had a seat, scanning the crowd. I spotted two bright blue caps, and blushed to myself for being so anxious. I couldn’t tell much about the guys wearing them, but as the crowd shifted, one came into view. Nope, no way. That wasn’t Derrick. I twisted, and ordered another drink, hoping the other would come into view, but uncertain I’d even have the nerve to speak. After the drink a tall blonde guy got me on the floor for a slow song, he pressed against me, and I had to admit, it felt good. But after the dance, I stayed on the floor for some bump and grind hip kurtuluş escort hop, finding a clique of people to just jam next too.

I felt someone come up behind, but never turned my head until someone’s hands were on my hips, and pulling me back into a solid body. I tilted my head, and saw the blue cap. I scanned the guy, yeah, pretty blue eyes, and that tattoo, this was Derrick. I wondered if he had a clue who it was he was grinding on. I thought not, and just eased back into him, enjoying the song, and the dance. The song over, I turned to face him, smiled shyly and said “thanks” before heading back to the bar. Once there, I ordered a double and had a miniature crisis I hoped no one could see.

Damn, but he was nice. And, and I’d lost my nerve. I downed the shot, and was setting the glass down when someone slid onto the seat next to me.

“Bad night, is it?”

“Yeah.” I stammered, turning to look at none other than Derrick, it had to be him!

“Me too, so don’t feel bad.”

“Oh?” I felt like my voice had abandoned me.

“Yeah, was supposed to have met a girl here, but I suppose she’s a no show, and she sounded so damn great too! That’s my luck.” He ordered a drink, and then turned my way. He looked me over and I tipped my head up refusing to be shy over his appraisal.

“What you drinking?” He smiled and nodded to the cup in my hand.


“Get her another of those, too.” He told the bartender, and smiled at me.

“So she chickened?”

“I guess, or something came up.” He shrugged it off.

“Really, too bad.”

“Yeah.” He nodded and sipped his drink.

“But, Derrick?” I wondered if he’d notice me using his name.


“Why would she not want to meet you?”

“I dunno, cause I’m me, I guess…wait. You, I never told you my name.”

“No, not tonight you didn’t, and I never told you I was the one and only MnM, either. ” I smiled, and shifted my gaze.

“I’ll be damned, the one girl I hit on at the bar, is the very one that’s been tormenting me for the last two months.”


“You say that too much, and yes. You don’t know how many nights I’ve had to take care of myself to get some sleep.” He laughed, and his hand snaked onto my thigh.


He moved his hand and looked at me uncertainly. That’s not what I’d wanted.

“I guess I’ll be the one to say it this time. Do you want to take this somewhere else?”

He arched an eyebrow and nodded, and once outside, we chatted, and he said, “Come ride with me?”

I nodded, and slid in beside of him. Before he started the car, he turned to look at me, and I leaned over, kissing him. I ended the kiss and sat back with a smile, but unable to speak.

“Interesting.” he said with a smile.

“You have no idea.” I laughed, and broke down. “Its horrible, but I really just want to get you in bed.”

“Good, we’re thinking alike then.”

The ride was over and all I wanted was to touch him, kiss him, and see if all that banter could be backed up. He sure as hell could kiss. He took my hand and led me into a darkened apartment, and not stopping to turn on a light, we headed up a hallway, he threw open the door, and drug me in behind him, pressing me to the wall as he kissed me damn near senseless. We parted breathlessly, and I sighed. “Damn, you weren’t lying, you can kiss very well.”

“I do other things even better.” He said, and he laughed, and I liked the sound.

I slid my hands around him and pressed against him, pinching his bottom for good measure. “You never said you had such a nice ass.”

“And you never said how incredibly soft those breasts of yours might feel against my chest.” His whisper against my ear had me on edge.

“Oh, god, I like hearing you talk.”

He smiled and pushed me towards the bed. “I remember you saying you had a thing—” He trailed off and I pushed him levent escort onto his back, straddling him and leaning down to kiss him.

“We’re overdressed.”

He nodded, and we helped each other get undressed, it was fun, like some childhood game, only not so innocent. When we were both naked, it was madness, kissing, touching, feeling, and tasting. The world was sensory perception alone. When he trailed kisses down to my chest, and teased my nipples, I knew his comment about a talented tongue might just ring true. I couldn’t wait to see, and squirmed on the bed, he raised his head with a grin and trailed kisses down my stomach, kissing my navel before looking at me.

“I think I have a point to prove.” He said, and pinched a nipple before relocating his hands to my inner thighs, he pressed my legs apart, and his fingers teased my flesh. Then I felt his mouth right above that most secret place, and I shuddered. His tongue teased me; licking and stroking me with a maddening pace. Such a tease, then he thrust his tongue inside me, and I trembled. That tongue ring thing was true, or he was just damn good with his. He kept it up, and soon I laced a hand through his hair.

“Please, oh please, Derrick, just don’t-“

I couldn’t talk. I couldn’t speak. I just grasped the sheets and pressed my lips together trying not to moan too loudly. As the spasms subsided, he licked and kissed my flesh. When I was calm again, and my breathing was almost normal, he slid back up beside of me, and pressed my hand against his very excited self. I stroked him, liking the feel of him.

“So?” He whispered, kissing my neck.

“More than what you said.” I whispered, kissing him, and liking the taste of me on his lips. Something I’d never done before. “I said some things too, too bad you don’t want to know…”

I trailed off and he rolled atop me, pinning my arms down and kissing me brutally. “I remember everything you said, and believe me, I want to know just if thats so….” I twisted my hands free, and stroked and caressed him, liking the way he trembled when I let my fingertips graze his stomach. I touched him, and heard his moan. I twisted and came to my knees, pressing him back. He laid back against the pillows, and laced his fingertips together over his head. I kissed him, and then nipped at his neck. I bit at his shoulder before trailing down to suck on his nipples, they were as hard as my own, and from his moan at my tiny bite, I thought he liked the play as much as i did.

I toyed with him, licking at his navel before kissing the tip of his very excited cock. He wasn’t too big, that I was glad of. He had a pretty big girth, and I wrapped my palm around him, as I licked the tip. When I sucked him into my mouth, I felt his body tense, and his breathing become frantic. .I teased and licked and sucked at him, bringing him almost to coming before quieting him down and starting again. “C’mere you.” He finally growled, and we tumbled backwards, and he centered himself against me, I reach down, and held him as I rubbed against him. “mmmm….” I whispered against his ear.

I slid my hands around him, tracing my nails down his back, and he pressed into me, sliding in, he was a pretty tight fit.

“God, you’re tight.”

“And you’re big.”

Words ceased as everything became guttural, grabbing, thrusting, and moaning. He groaned, a half moan, half growl that sounded too sexy for words. And I twisted under him, wrapping my legs around him, and tightening my innermost muscles against him. I saw his eyes widen as again and again, I tightened around him.

“Oh…god…” He moaned as he continued to thrust. I lost all control and we slammed into one another, until I came and as the spasms wracked my body, I felt him tense up, and felt him release. He fell against me, and we were both breathing too hard to speak. He shifted, and slid out of me, and I drifted off into a very satisfied maçka escort sleep. I awoke in the middle of the night only to roll over and caress him into awareness, and climb atop him. I pushed him back when he tried to raise up, and restricted him to lifting his hips to meet me when I slid down and around. It was a slow rhythm until he shifted his hips and bucked beneath me. Taking his cue, I shifted, leaning down to rest my hands against his chest and ride to yet another crashing orgasm before completely zoning out.

I woke up the next morning to a ceiling that wasn’t my own. Ceiling fright, the classic happening from a one night fling. I turned and realized where I was. His bedroom was neat, much more tucked away than mine. I got up and started shrugging on my shirt. I tried one doorknob and found a bathroom. I tossed my shirt aside, it still smelled of alcohol and cigarettes. I stepped into the shower and turned the water on full blast. I smelled like sex, better to clean off before putting clothes back on. The water felt good, and it was then that I realized how sore I was. I reach down and sure enough, I was a bit swollen. But mmmm, what nice memories. Way to go, Derrick, I thought, as my fingers caressed my swollen flesh.

“You might want to consider moving in, if you’ll do that once a week”

The voice startled me, and I turned to see the open door, and a very bemused Derrick. Wonderful that his shower curtain was clear, and he’d saw my hand dallying where it shouldn’t. Great. That oh, not had enough look crossed his face and irked me.

“I’m a bit sore, you big oaf.” I splashed some of the water at him.

“Oh?”, he smiled, and shrugged off his shirt. “Then lemme come massage that a bit for you. It’s part my fault you know.” He stepped in the shower and kissed me.

“Only part?”

“Well, you’re the one capable of such hip thrusting bronco busting bull-riding earth mothering mind-blowing sex. That second go round was pretty damned hot.”

I smiled as he leaned into me, and the water pounded our bodies. I felt him, hard and pressing against my stomach. I giggled and rubbed against him, and he moved back.

“Sorry, close proximity to naked you seems to do that. I won’t…”

“You won’t what, c’mere you and lets..”

“Yes, let’s” He whispered, as he pressed me against the wall, and lifted my hips, I wrapped my legs around him as he entered me, and slowly we grinded against one another. Our passions spent, we did wash off, splashing and soaping up more than we needed to. When we finally got out he tossed me a towel and I covered myself.

“Modesty now, sure, what was that leave the door agar while in the shower scene all about if you‘re going to cover up now?”

“I didn’t mean for you to see that, actually, just reeked of sex, and wanted to see how overspent I was.”

“Oh, well it was a nice show anyway. C’mon, lets get dressed, I made breakfast. He tossed me one of his clean shirts, and I shrugged back into my bra before sliding it on. Searching about yielded my jeans, but not my underwear. “I can’t find my undies.” I looked at him crossly, somehow certain it was his fault.

“Oh?”, he smiled, and went fishing behind his bed. “Found them!”, he held up the tiny lil black silk things and rubbed them between his fingers. “You were excited.”

“You were too, oozing before I touched you.”

“We are damn good.”

“Yes we are now, lets eat.”

“Well come here, and let me between those thighs.”

I blushed and said “Derrick.”

“Ok, ok, real food, but I get that later.”

I rolled my eyes and we sat down to breakfast. “So, I thought you didn’t like an, and I think I quote “icky messy tongue between your thighs”. Well, that’s how you said it.”

“Ok, so you’re good, but I’m just not comfortable.”

“And why not, with tata’s like those, and that lovely lil shaved mound…shew…I’d be getting it all the time if I were you.”

“But I don’t do that. This being an exception. And what a nice one.”

“I know, which is why I’m thanking my lucky stars that you let me touch you. and I’m praying you’ll let me do it again..and again…and again.”

Sounded like a plan to me. What an Enchanting Encounter…



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