Elle’s first lesbian experienceI’ve been talking to an extremely horny friend of mine recently, and aside from a couple of incessantly hot phone calls and banter, he has encouraged me hugely to be more communicative on here. Mostly he has inspired me to continue writing blogs due to the bizarre and somewhat scary situation we find ourselves in currently. I would love to think that I am doing something positive to lift the spirits (and delicious cocks) of the guys that read what I post and have posted in the past. Therefore with this in mind I have decided to post a naughty blog as often as possible. I would be very grateful if you could give me some feedback and also send me some ideas of any filthy scenarios you’d like to see me write about and I will endeavour to satisfy your inner most desires (how I rock and roll really).Onwards and upwards (snigger), I have decided to base my first cumback blog on a situation that I found myself in around 10 years aydın escort ago. This occurred when a friend and I popped to the pub across the road from her house and I’m pretty sure we weren’t even flirting in the pub. We got back to her house, she poured another glass of wine for us both. I popped to the loo and as I walked back towards the lounge, she appeared quite suddenly. Next thing I knew she kissed me full on. She was a great kisser and our tongues rapidly became entwined whilst we fondled each other through our clothes. We were both beautiful looking, fit and had there been anyone watching they would have shot their load with us kissing and wantonly groping one another’s perky tits and arses.That was just the beginning though. I’m guessing she had had lesbian experiences previously because she seemed adept at the whole ‘shebang’ (most fitting word evvvvvver). Before I knew it her long, slender fingers tugged my naughty little black thong escort aydın to one side and found their way between my soft, sweet purse which was sopping wet by this point. My clit was throbbing like a hammered thumb and she stroked it quite gently in comparison to what came next.I’ve already mentioned how experienced she seemed. I felt dizzy with how turned on I was and felt like I was about to have the most incredible orgasm of my life. She seemed to sense it though and stopped massaging my love bud, thrusting 2 fingers into my tight, wanton little snatch. (FYI I just had to stop writing for a few minutes to take care of my greedy little cunt, I so badly needed to cum. Story of my life, so frustrated right now). It genuinely was the first time I had been finger blasted and I couldn’t get enough. I grabbed her wrist, forcing her harder and faster inside me. My head started to spin and I squirted all over her hands and the rug on the floor. I thought aydın escort bayan my legs were about to give way as a fountain of cum spewed from my cunt slit. “Oh yesssss, give it all to me” she excitedly breathed into my face, whilst we shared the fanny juice that had poured over her hand in a passionate kiss. In a deft and nimble motion she descended to the floor with her knees spread apart, lifted my cute little dress and plunged her hungry tongue into my still exposed pussy. She groaned with pure pleasure, telling my how amazing I tasted, all the while frigging her own gorgeous snatch. I’m not sure of the timescale exactly, but it wasn’t very long before we both came together, explosive orgasms instantaneously. My legs did give up then and we became a snotty, cummy, panting heap on the floor, both completely spent. I have wanked myself silly over that many times and I’d like to think you have your magnificent, stiff prick in your hand right now. If you haven’t spaffed already, then I sincerely hope your helmet is glistening with my favourite lip gloss, pre cum.I’m off to play with my throbbing, deprived cunt…TTFN you filthy, horny mother fuuuuuhhs. Stay safe and well, y’all!



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