Public Sex

You have this suspicious smile on your face as we enter the elevator, but not knowing what you are up to, I merely shrug it off as just a feeling. The car is empty and you take your usual place against the back wall. I stand in front of you, leaning back, my high heels giving me just enough height to rub my butt against your crotch to arouse you. You placed your hands on my hips and pull me back, making me aware of just how aroused you are.

The elevator begins its descent to the lower level where we are to be going. As the car gradually moves between floors I feel a lurch and it comes to a standstill. Caught off balance, I stumble but you catch me in your arms and hold me until I find my footing. I look up at the numbers over the door and realize that we are between two floors. I look at you and you shrug. It looks like we are stuck. I pick up the emergency phone, speak with security and am told that they will get someone as soon as possible, but it may be a while, so we may as well make ourselves comfortable.

I turn to you and realizing that this is the break of a lifetime, am in your arms in record time. Looking at the only security camera in the elevator, I realize that vandals must have been at work, as there is black electrical tape on the lens. That is fine with me, I wasn’t looking for an audience etiler bdsm escort anyway.

Gazing into your eyes, my face upturned, you lean forward and press your lips to mine, first gently, then increasing in pressure and passion. Mine part and your tongue finds its way inside the warmth. I return the kiss with just as much fervor and as our tongues dance, I feel your hands, once again on my hips, sliding lower to the hem of my short skirt. As your hands slowly come back up, so does the skirt. Your hands move to caress my bare cheeks, skimming over my garter and the back of my thong.

As your hands move, so do mine. Knowing that we don’t have all the time in the world, my hands quickly find the buttons on your jeans and make quick work of them. I slide your jeans and your boxers down to reveal your now fully aroused cock. My small hand closes around it as I slowly stroke it. Our kiss still has not been broken and we are close to devouring each other. I pull away, gasping for breath. You are now leaning back into a corner, holding onto the railing around the mirrored walls of the elevator. I look once again into your eyes and see the raw desire there. Locking our eyes, I slowly drop to my knees and take you in my mouth. You let out a low groan as I take you further etiler elit escort into the darkness, exerting only the smallest amount of suction to your now engorged cock. One of my hands continues to stroke you, working in rhythm with my mouth, while the other cradles and massages your balls. You are getting so close, yet you hold back. You pull me to my feet once more, and unbuttoning my silk blouse, you reach in and free each breast from my bra, licking them, swirling your tongue around the areola before taking the nipple into your mouth, gently sucking. My back arches, pushing more into your mouth. My breathing is raspy and I feel the wetness between my legs, soaking my panties. I feel your hand on my inner thigh and it is my turn to hold the rail. I feel weak as I feel your finger pull aside my thong and insert itself into my pussy. I am practically dripping, my juices are flowing so.

You turn me away from you to face the mirrored wall and bend me forward giving you total access to my aching pussy. Moving the thong totally to the side you grasp your cock and starting at my clit, rub yourself the entire length of me. I feel like my legs will give out as I grip the rail to hold myself up. Knowing that we don’t have much more time, but wanting this to be good for both etiler escort of us, you insert only the head of your cock into me and wait for me to make the next move. You are watching me in the mirror as the emotions cross my face. The lust, the need that you see there now. When I realize that you are going no further, I push backwards, burying you deep within me. You feel me close in around your shaft, the muscles gripping you, the moisture enveloping you with warmth. And so it begins. You hold me by my hips and start long slow strokes, gradually building the tempo, all the while watching me in the mirrored walls. You see my face, flushed with passion as you take me, but that is not enough. You want me to see too. So while still buried in me, you pull me more upright, kissing my shoulders and neck. You softly whisper in my ear to watch as you bring me to the point of no return. My eyes flutter open as I watch in amazement the couple in the mirror, so wrapped up in passion that I hardly recognize them. As I approach an orgasm I see the wildness in my own eyes as I reach for that ecstasy. But more fulfilling is the look on your face as you begin to explode inside of me, the last sight I remember before I begin to take the fall with you, a whirlpool of lights and emotions.

As we come back to earth, we realize that time has passed and it won’t be long before we’re “rescued”. We straighten our clothes as best we can and thanks to the mirrors we look quite presentable when the elevator lurches once more and finishes its journey.

Later that day I see you with the security guard, handing him something and wonder…



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