What was your first time like? My name is Jake, and this is my story.

Although I was told I was a nice guy, I was too shy when it came to girls — the kind of a guy who was always a friend but never a lover. Much to my embarrassment and despite my inept efforts to the contrary, I was still a virgin when I graduated from high school. I thought at the time that I was socially retarded in my inability to make it with a girl — what a real loser. However, in hindsight, maybe what I really needed was a woman, not a girl.

My story starts just before my senior year when Nick and Edna, a friendly couple in their late twenties moved in next door. Nick was a roughly handsome cop who was built like a weightlifter. He was the proverbial good neighbor, loud and friendly, always willing to lend helping hand, and free with his advice.

For some reason, Nick took a shine to my introverted nature and made a point to bring me out of my shell. In exchange for some general yard work and help around the house, he had me lifting his weights or other strengthening exercises next to his pool. In general, he made me welcome to his house and everything in it, demanding that I call him and his wife by their first names.

Edna was a quiet Asian woman who was the complete opposite of her husband. While Nick was outgoing and athletic, Edna was content to remain in his shadow, demurely acquiescing to her husband. Her oversized glasses and long dark hair obscured her Oriental facial features, and her customary loose clothes likewise engulfed and hid Edna’s figure. It wasn’t that Edna was unattractive; rather, she just did not want to attract attention, preferring to blend into the background, curled up with a book.

My first hint that Edna was more than she seemed came late one night when Nick who worked the night shift, rolled in around one in the morning. I awoke to moaning coming from Nick and Edna’s second floor bedroom window that directly across of mine. It didn’t take long me to realize it was Edna, and that her moans were those of pleasure; not pain. While at the time I couldn’t see what Nick saw in Edna, her groans left little doubt that he saw something and was definitely humping his wife. That was all I needed as I whipped out my stiff boner and jerked off to Edna’s nocturnal utterances that night and many other nights to follow.

Fantasy, however, became reality on the fourth of July weekend when my parents attended a distant relative’s wedding in another State, and Nick and his cop buddies decided on a three-day holiday fishing trip. Because I hated visiting relatives and Edna hated the open ocean and fishing, we found ourselves alone with each other for the first time. Before Nick left, he gave Edna a light kiss, told her to be good, and then made me promise to take care of her. When I said that I would, I saw out of the corner of my eye, Edna cock her head as if seeing me in a new way.

It was hot by the time I had finished trimming Nick’s hedges. Wearing only a baggy pair of board shorts, I was doing some bench presses using his pool-side weight set when I heard a splash in the water. Lifting my head, I saw a woman doing laps and realized that it was Edna. Now this made me interested because this would be the first time I’d see her without her loose clothes. Boy, was I stunned when Edna emerged from the pool and sauntered towards me?

Without her oversized glasses and with her long floppy hair had been washed back from her face, Edna wasn’t bad looking. Her almond-shaped brown eyes, high cheekbones, straight nose, and sensuous mouth gave her an exotic Japanese allure that had been hidden all this time. Yet, if I though Edna had a nice-looking face, she amazingly stunning from her long neck down.

Her white string bikini top clung like wet tissue paper to her full breasts that jiggled and swayed tantalizing. Obscenely visible bumps in the thin translucent material of her bikini cups were made by her stiff dark large nipples. Edna’s flat stomach and trim waist flowed into rounded hips and then long shapely legs. Her tiny bikini bottom molded lewdly to the wet juncture of her soft thighs as she strolled towards me as water dripped sensuously from her revealed form.

“Well, Jake,” Edna murmured as surveyed my prone body on the bench, “you have bulked up into quite a handsome young man.” I gulped as I tore my stare away from Edna’s camel-toed crotch and jutting nipples, crossing my legs to desperately hide the growing bulge in my shorts.

“Would you mind putting some lotion on my back?” Without another word, Edna laid face down on a nearby lounge recliner, and reaching back, untied her bikini top. “Well, don’t be shy…I won’t eat you,” she purred with a smile on her lips that seemed to say otherwise. With a gulp, I got up and nervously complied with her request.

She stretched and then relaxed as I rubbed the suntan oil on her back. “Mmmm,” Edna sighed as my hands neared her narrow waist, “that feels incredible… don’t forget bursa escort the backs of my legs.” I had never touched a woman like this and my hands trembled as they slowly slid down and then back up her legs.

“Jeez, Jake,” Edna moaned breathlessly as she parted her legs enough to give me access to her inner thighs and my eyes an unobstructed view of her thinly veiled nether region, “your girlfriend is one hell of a lucky bitch.”

Horrifically distracted by the massive boner in my shorts, I for some reason blurted out that I had never had a girlfriend. Turning her head to look over her shoulder, Edna gasped, “You mean you’re ‘still’ a virgin?”

Blushing vividly, I turned away and was about to bolt in shame when Edna reached out to hold my shoulders. “Hey,” she said as her body pressed into my back, “I didn’t mean to embarrass you.” Her arms wrapped around me until I became acutely aware of her boobs pressing into my back. “In fact,” Edna whispered into my ear, “if you want — I can fix your ‘problem’ really easily.” With that, Edna pulled away then said, “Look at me.”

My eyes nearly popped out of my head as I turned and beheld Edna’s totally naked breasts. Her full tantalizingly 34B-sized boobs hung in such a way to have this mouthwatering upturned look. Squirting lotion across the top of her tits, Edna gazed enticingly at me and said, “You’re not going to let my babies burn, are you?”

With trembling hands and bated breath, I spread the oil over her fantastic breasts, reveling at their heft and firmness, and yet their incredible softness. I tentatively squeezed them, feeling the sponginess of her fullness as they slipped between my grasping fingers. Her harden cylindrical nipples became immediately erect, big and meaty, just begging to be sucked.

Edna gasped loudly as I couldn’t resist inhaling first one of her rigid projections, sucking and pulling at it with my lips. “Oh, don’t stop,” she groaned when I rolled and tweaked her other nipple between my thumb and forefinger, feeling it become long and hard under my fingertips. “My titties are so sensitive…ooh, that feels incredible. I love the way you suck my nippies.”

Suddenly Edna grasped a handful of my hair and pulled my head up and away from her heaving chest. Her lips descended upon mine, kissing me in uninhibited passion until I responded in kind. Pulling my face back, she panted breathlessly into my ear, “We shouldn’t be doing this…you know. But, if you don’t tell…I won’t tell.”

Who was I to argue especially when Edna was French kissing me into willing submission?

“God,” Edna exclaimed, “I’m so horny! Look how wet you made me!” With that she pushed my hand down, shoving it between her legs. I then realized just how full of surprises Edna was. She had undone her bikini bottom and was now buck naked. Instead of gliding over a small trimmed patch of silky pubic hair, my fingertips encountered baby-smooth skin of Edna’s exposed sex.

Her back arched sharply as I easily slipped between her swollen pussy lips, dipping into the hidden well of her liquid passion. When I digitally plowed her love slit up and down, Edna squirmed uncontrollably, and I couldn’t believe how incredibly slippery and wet she was. It was at this time that Edna uttered the three words that would forever change my life, “Please — fuck — me!”

In a flash, I was up, ripping open the Velcro of my board shorts to finally release the raging hard-on that immediately slapped against my hard stomach. “Ohhh, Jake,” Edna groaned as her eyes riveted on rigid manhood, “if I had known you were so well hung…I would have seduced you sooner.” With that she pulled me to her and like a dream come true I found myself lying on top of Edna sweaty and lotion-covered body.

However, before I could do anything, Edna grasped my eagerly probing member, and spreading her legs, positioned me between her inner thighs. “Don’t move…don’t do anything,” she whispered. Edna sensuously gyrated her hips until my rock-hard manhood was slide up and down the slipperiness of her womanhood. Then grabbing my buns and pulling me to her, Edna suddenly lifted her hips, thrusting up to meet me.

How do I describe the out-fucking-standing rapture of feeling your virgin cock slowly penetrate the seething, molten velvet cunt of a willing and desirable woman? A shudder shook my entire body as if to make sure that this was actually happening. Then as if waking from a dream, I was consumed with an uncontrollable lust. I frantically fucked Edna like there was no tomorrow, repeatedly driving deeper and deeper into her.

Edna threw back her head to emit sharp gasps with each thrust I made between her wide spread thighs. I soon realized that her utterances were those night sounds that I had heard coming from Edna’s window and to which I had beat my meat repeatedly. The next thing I knew I was ramming as far and as hard as I could into Edna’s squeezing twat. A raw guttural cry ripped from my throat as I erupted bursa escort bayan in one hell of an ejaculation that had me spewing my guts into hers.

Shaking violently, I collapsed in the open arms of Edna who held me until my spasms subsided. I suddenly realized that I was no longer a goddamn virgin.

“Did you enjoy fucking me, Jake?” I could only muster a weak nod in response. “You were fantastic,” Edna whispered into my ear, hushing any reply with lingering kiss. Then with a deft move, Edna somehow rolled my limp body over. “But now it’s my turn,” she murmured as her hands roamed and caressed my body, her lips and tongue which blazed a hot, wet trail lazily across my heaving chest, then down my taunt stomach.

“Oh, shit…she’s going to…”

Now it was my turn to cry out as Edna slurped my soften penis with obvious relish and practice. Watching her head bob up and down, deep-throating me with ease. I rejoiced in the no-brainer ecstasy of getting my first certifiable blow job. Having jerked off several on those nights that I listened to Edna’s nocturnal moans, I felt myself being revitalized in her delicious mouth

“Oh, yeah, Edna! Ooh, suck me good! Please let me come in your mouth! Ooh, how I want to shoot my wad down your gulping throat!”

However, Edna had other ideas. Straddling my hips, she sat upright, and before I knew it, impaled herself on my rejuvenated cock. Running her fingers through her hair, Edna threw her head back in uninhibited ecstasy, her every movement causing her jutting boobs to lewdly bounce and jiggled. When she had fully embedded my iron shaft in her hot grasping pussy, Edna slowly gyrated her hips in a sensuously lewd “pole” dance that would have put a professional stripper to shame.

Suddenly Edna flung herself forward to grasp my shoulders. Thrusting madly, she furiously ground her sex against my groin. Her tempo increased as sweat rolled off her humping body as she shamelessly humped herself against me in a building sexual frenzy, her breath coming in ragged panting.

“I’m gonna come,” Edna cried out, her eyes tightly shut. “Oh, fuck, I’m going to come with your big fat cock shoved up my hot wet twat. Oh, fuck, oh, fuck, I’m coming!” Suddenly, her body arched sharply as she took me as deep as possible into her. Edna shook uncontrollably, thrashing in my embrace as she emitted a shrill cry through clenched teeth as she wildly convulsed in her orgasmic throes.

Her spent body collapsed limply on mine. “Damn…I haven’t had a piece of meat like yours in my twat in years,” Edna groaned in exhaustion. “God, how I’ve missed it.”

Edna’s admission surprised me and before I knew it, I was asking how that could be given the moaning and groaning that I had heard coming from her bedroom window. “Why your naughty boy. You’ve been eavesdropping, huh,” she exclaimed in a teasing reprimand. “I’ll tell you…but…let’s first get out of this sun before I burn.”

With that, Edna got off me and led me to her second story bedroom. Flopping down on her bed, she pulled me to her, kissing and caressing me before pushing my head down to her clean-shaven cunt lips. Taking the hint, I let my tongue plow her love trench, lapping up the nectar of our mingled bodily fluids, while I pumped her juicy twat with my fingers. Soon her hips were thrashing wildly as my tongue flicked on her erect clitoris, and before long Edna was begging me to fuck her once again.

I told her I would willingly comply but only after she explained her comment about her nightly sessions with Nick. Sighing, Edna made me promise not to tell anyone and then said, “Despite all his muscles, the one muscle that Nick can’t beef up is the one between his legs. Believe it or not, his dick is half your size in length and thickness.”

When she saw the confused look on my face, she continued, “Nick just likes to shove it somewhere it’s a lot tighter…” Edna softly chuckled at the confused look on my face. “Instead of… fucking me… here…” she said as she slowly humped my finger that I had inserted in her love tunnel, “he… screws me…here!” With that, Edna withdrew my lubricated finger from her pussy and pushed it into her ass.

“Oh yeah,” Edna gasped as my finger sank into her butt, “just like that. Nick comes home late at night, wakes me up by eating my pussy, lubricates my asshole when I get horny, and proceeds to bugger the shit out of me. At first, I didn’t care for it, but Nick was persistent. He loves it because he feels like King Kong when he does it…and I guess, I’ve gotten used to it.”

By now I was finger-fucking Edna’s tight rear orifice, reaming it with gentle circles. She moaned as her hips lifted to afford me greater access, fully exposing her womanhood to me. Her body jerked when I lowered my head to feast once again on her protruding clitoris. “I need that wonderful cock of yours,” Edna pleaded pitifully. “Oh, please, fuck me…don’t tease me any more….”

“I want to fuck you here, escort bursa Edna,” I uttered between licks, giving my finger an extra twirl, “I want your asshole!”

“Oh, Jake,” Edna whimpered under my relentless tongue lashing, “you’re too big…much bigger than Nick. I don’t know…you’ll tear me…apart.” Yet when I redoubled my tongue and finger stimulations, she moaned, “Ohhh…yesss….shit…you’re terrible.” Then pulling me to her, she panted, “The nightstand…there’s a tube of lubricant… lube up your big dick…my asshole tool. Do it quickly…do it…before I change my mind! Hurry… goddamn it!”

I hastily applied a liberally thick coat of the cool, slippery jelly to my throbbing prick. Edna turned over and knelt with her face and chest pressed against the mattress, her hips and butt high in the air facing me. I positioned myself behind her and squirted a large dollop of lubricant to her puckered butt hole. Holding her hips, I pressed slowly forward.

“Yeow! No….” Edna cried out when I pushed too hard and fast, “Stop, Jake! You’re so big…” Her body shuddered as her breath came in gulps, the looking at me over her shoulder, she said, “Just hold your cock, Jake…and…let me…do the rest.”

Her butt began slowly rocking back and forth, pressing back against my flanged head, mashing and working the lubricant into her clench orifice. “So big,” Edna whimpered repeatedly as she pushed backwards, “you’re so damn big.” Just when I thought this was never going to happen, Edna pushed back with a loud grunt. I watched in amazement as her small, tight asshole seemed to relax, open, and spread around my penis head that slowly disappeared between her spread butt cheeks.

I can’t tell you how many times we fucked that long Fourth of July weekend. I can say, however, we made fantastic fireworks of our own each time we did.

Edna shared as I spooned her sweaty exhausted body with my spent dick throbbing in what had been her husband’s private reserve, that before Nick she had had numerous sexual partners who had introduced and addicted her to a wide range of sexual experiences. While she loved her husband, his physical “shortcoming” (even though he used it innovatively) left her craving for something more.

Although she tried to remain monogamous, Edna couldn’t resist the temptation when she found out that I was a virgin. Now that her erotic genie had been released, there was no going back. She could no longer deny her carnal urges and yearning for forbidden excitement.

My affair with Edna sizzled for the rest of the summer. We snatched what little privacy we could, and at times doing it right under the noses of my parents and Nick. I would often tell me parents that I was going out only to slip next door when Nick was on duty. Nick never suspected that his wife’s butthole had been well-loosened and lubricated by the time he came home; clueless that he was getting sloppy seconds.

When I went to a college in a nearby city, Edna would drive up using a variety of excuses to continue our trysts. At first, we made it in the back seat of her car, or in public places like wooded parks and dark back alleys. Eventually Edna found a small motel on the outskirts of the city where no one knew us or cared to. Under Edna capable tutelage and in the nooks, crannies, and orifices of her body, I learned my advance lessons of making love.

Given the amount of sperm deposited into her, I shouldn’t have been surprised when Edna told me during one of those weekend motel visits that she was pregnant. However, before I could say anything, Edna told me not to worry because when she missed her period, she had Nick make a rare “front door” entry so that he wouldn’t know that he had been cuckolded.

Nick was so proud of the proof of his so-called virility that he had become extremely protective of Edna and her pregnancy. He drastically restricted her frequent trips into the city which put a serious crimp in my relationship with Edna. Our encounters became farther apart.

Our last tryst occurred when I returned home for Spring Break to find Edna well into her final trimester with a vastly swollen belly and huge breasts. As with our first time, Nick was on a fishing trip at Edna’s encouragement and my parents were off visiting an aunt at my urging. Our love making was slow and easy given her condition but when I left, Edna was extremely satisfied with her all her orifices having been well used.

Soon after the birth of our son, Nick got a government security job overseas and packed up the family. While we tried to keep in touch, time and other lovers separated us and we eventually lost touch. Little did we know that one day I would once again sink my cock into Edna’s luscious body, but in an unexpected turn of events.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Ten years had passed since I gratefully lost my dreaded virginity to Edna, the proverbial “older woman” in a sweltering summer of uninhibited sex. When I got her pregnant, her husband, Nick, was clueless that he had been cuckolded by the eighteen-year-old boy next door. However, soon after the birth of our son, Nick took an overseas government job and moved the family, effectively ending my affair with Edna by distance and time.



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