We had both been looking forward to this for oh-so-long…it has been like a hunger that is never satisfied. The times we have been alone…so few and far between. But we are almost always in synch and we have known that this night is inevitable.

It is Friday night. I have been off today….I been thinking about tonight all day. I had a great run in the cool crisp mid-afternoon, and I have spent some time getting ready to come to your place for dinner. Let me tell you how I am dressed…I am wearing a white v-neck “dress up” T-shirt, long sleeved, but I’ve got the sleeves pulled up just below my elbows. I’m also wearing a pair of old, soft very tight jeans. They have a button fly in front. No socks…and deck shoes.

Oh, and I have a little surprise for you…you will find out later, but I am wearing no underwear. Nothing is coming between me and my Levi’s!

When I arrive and ring the doorbell I gasp as you answer. You are wearing your comfy overalls…except that there is something missing….your shirt! I can clearly see your bare shoulders and the sides of your beautiful breasts. You know I LOVE the way your breasts “hang”…just right. They look full and ripe and oh-so suck-able. And I always remember you telling me that I cannot suck or pinch your nipples too hard. As my eye travels down your luscious body, I notice that they side “buttons” of the overalls are not buttoned either, and I see….more bare skin. The slight curve of your hips and ass also tease me. I feel my dick springing to life. Mmmmm, just the sight of you exudes sexuality and readiness. We are very in synch tonight!!!

You break me out of my trance. “Heyyyy!!”” you say with a fun and sexy smile. I smile back…I love your openness and your eagerness and everything that makes you who you are! And I know how I have missed it for so long. I step inside the door and before it is closed, I have you pinned against the wall. Our kiss is electric – hot and wet and tongue-y and breath-taking. My body is slammed against yours. I feel every curve, and my hands cup your ass under your loose overalls. Your hands find my butt and you caress it quickly before putting them down the back of my pants. beşiktaş masöz escort You are not surprised – but very pleased – to note that I too have prepared for tonight by going commando. You feel my hardness pushing against you.

As we kiss, our hands explore each other’s bodies. I am the first to speak…. “Oh baby, I’ve missed you soooo much,” I say breathlessly. We kiss some more and our temperatures are already rising almost to the boiling point. But we have waited so long for this night…and you want to prolong the fun – and the agony. You almost cannot believe it when you hear your own voice say, “Wait!” It is not so much an order as it is an invitation, an invitation to something more….

I back away just a few inches. I can still feel the heat from our bodies. I study your face as you begin to speak. At the same time I slip my hands under the bib of your overalls and cup your breasts…and my fingers begin to tweak your nipples. You catch your breath but force yourself to continue speaking. “Take it easy, please. Remember…when you are with me you can say or do or think anything you want. Anything…there is nothing you could ask of me that I won’t do for you tonight. Anything you can want, or dream of, or imagine.” You are looking boldly in my eyes as you say this. It is a challenge as well as an invitation.

My fingers are starting to have their effect on you though. Your nipples are now rock hard and your pussy – which you already have serviced repeatedly throughout your afternoon of preparation – is warm and moist and tingling. My hands move lower, and I turn you around and lean your back into me. Again you feel my hard thick dick as my hands plunge down the front of your overalls. You are so warm and so bare. The slit of your pussy feels so slippery and wet to me. I slowly finger you…moving my thumb in small circles around your clit. You enjoy the sensation for what seems like an eternity…and I love nothing better than to see you turned on this much. My enjoyment of your pleasure, you know, will lead to many enjoyable adventures for you too.

You turn and face me again. Now you say beşiktaş otele gelen escort it with even more conviction. “Anything,” you whisper again.

I am becoming overwhelmed with sexual energy, but I too realize there is more fun in prolonging the pleasure. “Anything?” I tease you back. “Oh yes!” you say. And I continue, “OK, let’s see…for how long?” “As long as you want,” you gasp. “Well,” I finally say with blurry conviction, “let’s just say for the next hour….if you promise to make the offer again.” “Deal!” you say. And then I add, “And then I’ll do the same for you for an hour.” And now we both know that the next two hours will be exquisite pleasure for both of us.

So my hour begins.

“What do you want first?” you ask. You’ll do anything I ask…? I say again, just wanting to make sure. “Anything,” you say yet again, because you know how much that turns me on. “OK,” I say, “but I am going to give you specific directions, and I am not going to hold back. It may be nasty, sexy and messy, but I promise we’ll both like it.” And again you say, “Anything!”

I take you by the hand and lead you into the living room. I sprawl comfortably on the sofa and give my first request. “On your knees, please, right here,” I say to you with a grin, indicating the floor, in front of me, between my spread legs. “Give me the best damn blow job I’ve ever had!” You smile that beautiful smile at me, and lick your lips as you drop to your knees. I reach out and slide the straps off your shoulders, and you start to pull them down but I say, “No, leave it.” I want to see your top slowly work itself off of your gorgeous breasts. I LOVE the way it just barely hangs on them, teasing me as you lean in.

You start working the buttons on my fly. When you get them open, you get another surprise. Except for a manly patch of hair right above the base of my dick…my entire genital area is clean shaven….my thighs, my balls – everything…are just as bare as you are. My dick pops straight up…the skin is soooo smooth as your hand grips around the shaft.

“Suck it,” I say. You gladly comply…sucking slowly beşiktaş rus escort as you jack up and down with your fist. “Mmmmmmmm” I moan as the feeling begins to set in. “Spit on it too,” I say. “It feels so good when it is wet.” You gladly comply with this request too…it looks so damn sexy as your hands glisten with saliva. More and more wetness works out of your mouth as you suck up and down…working much of the length deep into your mouth and then slowly out. The aroma is sex is starting to fill the room. “Mmmm, I smell you too…are you wet now?” You look up at me without removing my dick from your mouth as you nod. “I want some of your wetness on it too,” I say. Your eyes widen and you stand up carefully…keeping my dick in your fist and slowly working in as you let your overalls drop completely off. Then standing with your pussy right in front of me, you work your fingers inside yourself and then emerge slick and soaked with your wetness. And you kneel back down, naked now with your sweet ass high behind you, and coat my already wet, thick, throbbing dick with another layer of sex.

And then your mouth slowly closes around it again, and you begin and slow, even, relentless rhythym of sucking and blowing. “It feels like I am FUCKING your face,” I gasp, saying the nastiest thing I can think of. I am SOOO turned on. “Do you want me to fuck your face?” Your response is to tighten your lips and speed up the thrusting of your mouth and my dick. Soon, I can stand it no more… “I’m cumming I’m cumming,” I whisper….get ready. You tighten you lip lock on my dick and you feel it beginning to boil over. Hot cum begins spurting in your mouth….you keep sucking and feel your mouth filling up. You can’t hold it all as some begins to leak from your lips…on your cheek, and chin, and flowing down your neck. Finally, I am spent. You smile at me as my dick begins to pulse no more. You release your lip lock on me and climb up in my lap as you lean me into the reclining position. You are feeling very very nasty, and very very horny as you grind your crotch into my body. You smile at me and I realize you haven’t swallowed completely…and you lean forward and lock your mouth onto mine…knowing without me even requesting that this is what I want you to do. This is the hottest, wettest, sexiest, nastiest, messiest kiss we have ever shared. It is sex-cum-passion-heat all rolled into one. It seems to last forever. My lips are tingling and I my head is spinning as our passion slowly flows from you to me. For a moment, I am quiet.



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