Hey baby, slide your chair back so that I can sit on your lap. I’m wearing my black robe. I am going to slowly unbutton the buttons from the top down. Here goes one, now two buttons. Third. Here goes fourth. Pop, pop, pop, five, six, now seven. Oh what’s this, it’s a present just for you. Two luscious mounds for your delight. Wrap your hands around my humongous hooters and squeeze me tight. Oh yeah I like it like that. Roll that nipple between your fingertips, yeah baby just like that. Ummm….

Bury your face in my boobs and lick on that nipple like it is candy. Ahhhhhhh. Oh yes, suck on it, bite it. Oh baby, I just love it when you do that to me. Oh my god. I can feel you getting hard under me. Are you excited now, cause I know I am. Hot and wet, just for you. Now pick me up and zeytinburnu escort lay me down on the floor so we can have more room to play. Slow and easy, there is no hurry, we have all night to delight in each other pleasures.

Wait let me take those shorts off of you before you lay me down. I kneel down in front of you, grabbing your shorts at your waist and pull them down to the floor, slow and easy, while tracing my fingers down the backs of your legs. My face is just inches from your now throbbing hard cock. Can you feel my hot breath on your balls. I think I’ll just stick my tongue out and give it a little lick. Oh yeah, I can feel it getting harder as I wrap my hungry lips around your monster cock. I grip your balls in a gentle caress and lovingly aksaray escort fondle your sack. I run my tongue up and down the shaft, stopping only to tickle you under your balls with the tip of my tongue.

You push me gently down onto the floor, running your hand up my thigh. Your touch is driving me insane. I want you so badly. You are driving me crazy with that tongue of yours. You have it in my ear, running it up and down my neck. Oh god, that drives me nuts. Grabbing two handfuls and wrap your hot, hungry mouth around my nipple and bite. I am so wet that I am grinding my hot crotch against your body. You slowly lick your way down my aching cunt. You smell the hot steamy sex coming from my box. Smells good don’t it, well babe, it taste even better. Go ataköy escort ahead and lick it. Run your tongue up and down the slit, part the folds till my eager clit pops out.

Take it in your mouth and suck on it until I beg for mercy. You insert a couple of fingers in my hot, steamy cunt, thrusting them slowly in and out. You scoop up some cum and I lick them clean. Yummy. You know that I love the taste of me on your mouth, so you cum on up here and kiss me. Ummmm tasty.

You are teasing me with you cock. I want you to just take me right now, before I explode. You’re driving me insane. I wrap my legs around your legs, gripping you under your ass cheeks, forcing you deep into my aching cunt. Following my lead, you fuck me fast and hard. I put my legs up on your shoulders, you grab me by the hips and pound your cock deep inside me. Oh my god the room is spinning, damn this feels so good. I can feel your cock swell as you explode, covering the inside of my cunt with your hot juices. I can take it no longer, I explode in great waves of ecstasy.

Can you tell I am missing you?



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