I am in lust with my cyber-sex partner. I have had him for the past three years. We go through periods of time where we have playtime often and then periods where we cannot play at all. I have known him for over 20 years; we went to the same high school. Sometimes, I wish I had a time machine, so that I could go back in time an make him mine in reality. Knowing what I know now about where my life has taken me, it might not be a bad thing. I know; I know I should not complain. A girl could have it much, much worse than I do. However, in my mind if we were a couple it would only be better than it is. There is a movie by the title “Reality Bites” and every time I think of it, I cannot help but think that it is the most truthful title of any movie. I think that might be why we have fantasies. This is mine.

My fantasy settles around a normal, everyday man. No movie stars, no celebrities for me. I want a hardworking man. I want a man with a real job. I want an alternate reality in my fantasy I do not want an unattainable pretty boy that would never bother with a woman like me. I want the man next door.

My fantasy man is in my opinion sexy as hell. I really do not care what the next woman thinks of him. He is mine and she can go find her own version of sexy. He is of average height and weight. He is of above average in other areas and that is just fine with me. He has the best eyes. I get lost in his eyes, both when I am looking at photos of his face, and when we face to face on the web cam. I think his lips look so kissable. I want to kiss them. I wish I could kiss them.

You wonder how much of a turn on he is for me. Well he has a rather popular first name so every time I hear it I feel my nipples harden. His last name illegal bahis is one that there is a road near me by the same name and driving by it makes my panties damp. I see his icon on my instant messenger and I cream my panties. Just knowing that he is out there, knowing I want him, knowing he wants me makes me feel hot. It makes me feel wanted. It makes me feel sexy. It makes me feel like a woman wants a man to make her feel. The way a relationship feels when it is new, fresh, and hot. The way a relationship feels before it gets to that comfortable, room mate feeling.

Since I cannot have the shared role-play fantasy with him on a regular basis, I have to take matters into my own hands. He is my fantasy while I masturbate. If I could tell him how much he turns me on right now this is what I would tell him. He likes me to masturbate for him. We tell each other what we would do to each other, and what we want the other to do to us. He knows where I like to be touched, and how I like it. Unlike my husband, he remembers those places.

“I am lying in my bed and I have my favorite toy, you know the one, the one that we nicknamed after you since it is the size of your erect dimensions. I am picturing you in my mind as I put it in between my lips and suck on it, as I visualize that I am sucking on your magnificent cock. I playfully lick it on the underside of the shaft just as I would if I could wrap my lips around you. I playfully slide it in and out of my mouth as giving head turns me on so much. I suck on the balls of the toy, wishing that I could feel your real erect member instead of this hard fake one. I begin to bob my head on the toy, pretending that it is really you. I am wishing you were somehow here.

I put the toy illegal bahis siteleri aside for a few minutes and I concentrate on my hard nipples, pulling them and twisting them as if it were you handling them. I spend long minutes on them, as I know you would. I want you to suck on them for me. I can make my own nipples reach my mouth as I have large enough breasts and I suckle my own nipples, with my eyes closed, and I visualize that it is really you suckling them so hungrily. Can you see me suckling my own nipples? I know how much you love that when I do that on camera for you.

I spread my thighs and I run my fingers over my bald shaven mound feeling the wetness that is already there. I think back to the first time I revealed my bald pussy to you. I know how much that its smooth look turned you on. You did not expect to see a mom shaved clean. I slide one finger between my lower lips, I locate my clit, and I begin to rub it. I am already wet. I get my finger moist with my wetness and I lightly rub my clit in an up and down motion. In my head, this is you gently tonguing my clit. I wish I could somehow simulate your teeth gently scraping it as you go down on me. I slide a finger from my other hand into my pussy as you would while you go down on me. I thrust it in and out several time and then I slide it down to my pucker. I know how into anal you are. I am still an anal virgin. I am hoping to give that to you one day. I rim myself with my wet finger and I pretend that it is you, rubbing me. I slide my finger into my rosebud and I can feel it gripping and clenching my finger. I am so wet now. I need to get myself very wet to be able to handle fitting that toy into myself. It is very thick, just like you are. I place two fingers canlı bahis siteleri into my sodden hole and slide them in and out stretching myself for the penetration to come.

I am now wet enough to take on the toy. I slide it over my clit and use it to flick my clit a few times, to tease myself. In my mind, I can hear your voice whispering to me how much I turn you on, how much you want me. I whisper aloud how much I want you; I need you as the head of my toy named after you slowly begin to penetrate me. It’s thick bulbous head slide past my g-spot and I squirt hard, spraying my girl cum all over my bed, thankful that I had a towel beneath me. I get it all the way in and I imagine that we kiss.

I ride my toy, and in my mind, it is you. My clit rubs against the towel beneath me each time I come down on the toy and it penetrates me so deep, so good. I want you to penetrate me this fully. I say your name as I grind on the toy. Your name is on my lips and my mind as I keep riding this toy as if it was my own cowboy.

I need you so bad by this point I am thrusting your replacement in and out hard, as I pretend that we have such a great need for each other that we cannot have slow and tender sex, just hard take me now fucking. I come, I come, and I say your name aloud. I say, “Fuck me, fuck me” and then I moan your name as I come to an orgasm for the fourth time.

I flip over to have you enter me doggie style. I continue to thrust the toy in and out of my pussy as I feel myself build toward another orgasm. I slide a finger into my ass, as I know you would and I come again, for the last time.

I slump to the bed exhausted, with wet thighs and a large toy still inside of me. I catch my breath, and slowly slide your replacement out. I lick my come off it, and then I want to kiss your lips, so I do in my mind, and get up to properly wash it and put it away. Then I curl up in bed to sleep and dream of you.”

I would then wait his response.



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