Dream and FantasyMy dream:My wife and I had arrived at a party, she saw someone she knew and went to talk to them while I got a drink. I went looking for her but not finding her I sat on a couch in the hallway to wait for her. When she gets talking to friends sometimes she is gone for quite awhile. Another guy came in and sat down, he asked where Beth was, I told him that she was still socializing. We chatted for awhile when this couple came in taking their coats to the coat room. He stated that must be this was her first for the night. I asked what he meant, “he said she was married and fucked around”. Her clothes were slightly mussed and her hair disheveled. He walked away and she came over to sit beside me on the couch. She introduced herself then after shaking hands she started talking like she knew me she held my hand after shaking it then turned it up and started running her long finger nail in a circle in the center of my hand. She looked me in the eyes with this sexy look and ask if I knew where Beth was. The look had me wondering what she meant, I said istanbul escort she was socializing to which she said “are you sure?” A few minutes later my wife slumped on the other end of the couch. I never saw her come in as this lady had been keeping me occupied. She said “I see she has been returned”, I looked over to see my 63 year old wife lying there with her blouse open and one tit hanging out of her open bra. I asked the girl where she had been and she just replied “getting fucked”.Now the Fantasy:I tried to get my wife up but she was either drunk as she doesn’t drink much or d**gged as she was of no help. A big guy of about 25 I had met earlier came over and asked he could help. I told him that she was out of it and I could use the help to get her to the room. He said he would be glad to help. We got her up, I pulled her blouse around her. We got her to the elevator I was standing behind her to hold her up while he pushed the button for the fifteenth floor. She started slipping down, since my avcılar escort arms were around her waist her slipping caused her bra to open again and her 36C’s came into full view. We got our floor but by now it took both of us to hold her up. We were half carrying her down the hall with her tits both out. We got to the room he was holding her up while I got out the key. While he was holding her up she started kissing him telling him how nice he was. We got her in the room and put her on the bed. I said since you have seen her big tits you might as well help me get her undressed and ready for bed. We completely undressed her her pussy was soaked and open. He started to run his hands over her naked body, when he reached her tits he started to twist and pinch her nipples. Beth was making noises and said yes pinch my nipples make them hurt. If she was drunk or d**gged I didn’t know though she smelled of booze. He moved his other hand to her clean shaven cunt easily getting three fingers inside as she lifted her hips off the bed screaming şirinevler escort out in orgasm.I asked him if he wanted to fuck her, he said any man in their right mind would want to fuck this sexy bitch. He stripped down and out popped the biggest cock I have ever seen anywhere but porn movies. It was at least 10 inches long and as big around as a beer can. I told him he would have to take it slow and easy as she has never had had a cock that big(at least as far as I knew). He got between her legs spreading them wide. I watched as he tried to get the big head in, finally it popped in her pussy, Beth was making all kinds of sounds as he pushed more inside. After about fifteen minutes of her having one orgasm after another he still had about half of it to go. She asked him to stop as it felt like he was splitting her in half and hitting bottom she said “I can’t take anymore. He held still for a short time letting her get used to the size then started fucking her in long strokes Finally after another half hour and several more orgasms he said I am going to cum and this time he pushed till he had nothing left to go and filled her with a huge load of cum that started to run out around his cock. They lay there with him still imbedded inside her coming down from their highs. Beth looked up at me and in a sober voice said” did I make you happy getting fucked by this big young stud?”



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