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Any and all feedback is welcome, especially since I’m still no literary master by any stretch of the imagination.



Another day, another set of lectures. Alex truly did enjoy them and he knew he was learning something, although he would’ve liked it if they ended a little earlier in the afternoon. Due to the way his day was structured, he had some free time around noon, which he used to get some work done and have lunch. Emily was always hanging around with her own clique, but Zack was always eager to join him and chat.

The two of them let out a collective sigh as their latest lecture ended, bringing their day to a close.

“Finally…” Zack muttered.

“It wasn’t that bad, now was it?” Alex said as he started to put his laptop away into his backpack.

“It’s not, but the professor just keeps droning on and on. Those tangents of his certainly don’t grab my attention either.”

“That’s because your phone does,” he responded with a grin.

“He, that’s not fair. You know I only met that girl recently, so we have a lot of stuff to talk about,” Zack said defensively. Based on the amount of time Zack had been tapping away at his phone, he must have already explained his entire family tree to the girl.

“Do your thing, Zack. Just don’t forget about the assignments whilst you are chatting with her.”


Alex noticed his friend had already shifted his attention back towards his phone. He didn’t blame him since he would have done to same if he didn’t see Emily that often. Still, it reinforced the belief that Zack might not be the best person to work with on projects.

“See you later,” he said as he swung his backpack on a shoulder and left the hall.

Alex made his way through the hallways filled with buzzing students and made his way towards the entrance. He couldn’t see Emily in the mass of bodies, which wasn’t too strange. She still seemed keen on keeping a distance between the two of them in public. At least she hadn’t become any less passionate in private.

The sun greeted him as he exited the building. It shone brightly up high on that blue sky. Alex was used to days full of heavy tropical rains, but the lack of clouds overhead told him those wouldn’t come anytime soon. He wasn’t sure if he missed those. After all, not being soaked when you’re on your way to the store is something he could appreciate.

As Alex unlocked his bicycle, he felt someone tap against his shoulder. He turned around and saw Emily standing there in a floral summer dress that stopped mid-thigh and with a wide smile.

“I thought I’d surprise you here,” she said as they hugged.

“Where were you when the lecture ended? I couldn’t find you anywhere.”

“Oh, I just went to the toilet with a girlfriend of mine. I managed to talk my way out of going shopping with her, so I could be with you.”

“I cycled here, so I can’t promise you it will be comfortable sitting on the luggage rack. Perhaps you should catch the bus.”

“And miss you for another minute of my life? I don’t think so,” Emily said as she stood on her toes and gave him a quick kiss. “We do have to be quick now. I haven’t told anyone about this, about us, and it wouldn’t be pretty if they caught us now.”

“Hop on and hold tight,” he responded as he sat down on the bicycle, one foot on the pedal and the other resting on the ground.

Emily jumped onto the luggage rack, hung her legs to one side and wrapped her arms around his waist. Alex needed a few moments to find his balance, not that Emily was heavy whatsoever, and soon they left the university buildings behind.

Alex looked back as they made their way down a street. Emily’s hair was waving in the wind and her dress would have done the same were it not wrapped around a pair of shapely legs. She clearly was enjoying the moment, which put an even bigger smile on his face.

“Alex, I meant to ask you about this before, but we kinda got busy last night. How did your job hunt go?”

“Do you want to take a guess?”


“That’s mostly accurate, yeah,” he told her.

“Mostly? There’s more to the story?”

“Well, there is. I wasn’t expecting there to be that many shops along the Sol boulevard to begin with, though none was really interested in offering me a position.”

“Why not? Who wouldn’t want to hire you?”

“Basically everyone,” Alex sighed. “They’d rather get someone like you or maybe a younger version of you. Someone that’s not only smart and pretty, but also underpaid.”

“Are you just going to compliment me all day, or are you going to finish this story?” Emily said with a laugh.

“That sounds very tempting now you bring that up. After you had called I more or less visited all the remaining stores that I could find, although that netted me nothing. I then accidentally found a store that was a little more interested in me.”


Alex didn’t need to turn around eryaman anal yapan escort to know she had a questioning look on her face. Her tone told him all he needed to know.

“I dropped my bottle and it rolled down an alleyway. I was half expecting to get mugged, but the street was empty. When I got the bottle, I noticed a store tucked away into the corner with a poster saying they were hiring.”

“So, a more or less secret store huh. Is it like an antique thrift store?”

“No, uh…” Alex began as he could feel himself getting flustered. “They sell lingerie and, uhm, vibrators and stuff…”

Emily must have been caught of guard by his answer and he could feel her arms grab his waist a little firmer as she tried to regain her balance.

“Wait, so you signed up to work at a sex shop?” Emily managed to bring out whilst laughing.

Her healthy laughter was contagious, and he couldn’t help but join her. Alex slowed down a little in case Emily were to fall off, but she managed to hold on despite her situation.

“So, what’s the boss like? Some perverted old man?” Emily asked him after they regained their composure somewhat.

“It’s a woman in her thirties, I think. I’m not the best when it comes to telling someone’s age. She was pretty, uh, forward when it came to expressing her interest in me however.”

“Was she flirting with you?”

“More or less,” Alex responded. “She sized me up and touched my dicks through my pants, so I don’t think I should take that job.”

“Do it.”


“Get the job. I don’t care if another woman flirts with you,” Emily said resolutely. “If anything, it excites me to know that I’ve got someone so desirable.”

“Are you sure, Emily? I don’t know if she’ll do more than that.”

“Don’t worry about that. If they do try to go further, just let them know these dicks are mine,” she said as she squeezed his erections through his pants.

Retelling the events from the previous day had awakened his dicks and Emily’s attention didn’t help them go down. Luckily, the conversation shifted to other subjects as they made their way towards Alex’s home.

Once they got there, Emily hopped off the bicycle and Alex let her inside whilst he put his cycle away. The pair made some soup and worked out their plans for the evening at the dinner table.

“Is there anything in particular you had planned for tonight?” Emily asked him with a twinkle in her eyes.

He still had his mouth full of the bread he had been using to scrape out his bowl and could only produce some indistinguishable sounds.

“Yeah, you might want to repeat that once you’re done eating, Alex,” his lover commented.

It took a little while, but he finally managed to force the last bits down.

“I don’t have any plans, since I didn’t expect you to actually come over.”

“Did you think I’d get bored of you that fast?”

“No, that’s not it. Previously you either just showed up, or you let me know in advance. We didn’t really have time to talk during the day, so I figured you might already have other plans. Do you want to do board games?”

“Nah. I was thinking of something more exiting.”

“Games on a computer? I think I have something that might be up your alley.”

“Are you pulling my leg? Should I just get naked to indicate that I want to have sex?”

“I knew you were hinting at that, but I wanted do some of the other stuff that couples do too. I love being with you and I want nothing more than a normal relationship.”

“Oh, shit, I didn’t mean it like that,” Emily apologised. “You just make me so excited sometimes that I can’t really think straight.”

Alex got up, collected their bowls and put them into the dishwasher.

“How about a movie?” he suggested.

“Do I get to choose?” she asked him.

“Tonight, you get to choose everything,” Alex promised her, “when it’s time.”

He handed his girlfriend the remote and went through some of his cupboards in search of popcorn, but he returned empty-handed. To his surprise Emily had already found a movie from the streaming service and patted the spot on the couch next to her, inviting him to sit besides her.

“Come over here. If I can’t get you naked, I want to snuggle up to you at least,” she declared.

“Already getting impatient?”

“Worse, horny. Now get your ass over here.”

As he made his way over to the couch, she scooted to the side. Her summer dress rode up her legs, showing more of her creamy thighs. He’d have to focus on the movie, or else he’d risk sprouting a set of hard erections again.

“So, what’s the movie about?” Alex asked her as he sat down on the couch.

Emily immediately moved back and sat between his legs and laid herself against his chest. She had to wiggle a little to get comfortable, which didn’t help his state. If he wasn’t careful, she’d soon get the wrong signals firmly pressed against her lower back.

“Something about space exploration, I think. I just recognised the director and I liked his previous ankara escort movies, so I assume this one is just as good.”

“So, it’s a surprise?”

“Don’t you like surprises?” she asked him, showing a wicked smile as she looked up at him. Clearly, she had something planned, but she wasn’t going to let him know what it was just yet.

“I do and I trust your movie expertise.”

“That’s good to hear,” Emily responded triumphantly as she turned round and started the movie.

Alex wrapped his hands around her middle whilst the opening credits played and Emily soon put hers over his. The two of them just lay there, huddled together, as the movie played. He enjoyed the feeling of her warm body against his in the serene moment. The future didn’t seem that bad if they could just live like this forever. Well, until the little minx between his legs decided she had plans for in the bedroom that included anything but sleeping. Alex couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Hmm, what’s so funny?” his lover asked him.

“Nothing, really,” he answered as he planted a kiss on her head. “It’s just the first time we’re doing something together outside of the bedroom.”

“We could move there if you’d rather-“

“Nah, I like it here. Let’s just finish the movie.”

“Alright. Just because I love you,” she cooed as she snuggled a little closer to him.

As the movie continued, the pair was introduced to the man and woman crewing a spaceship. They were all alone in the void of space and travelling to an unknown destination. A computer had let the crew know that their expected contact with a satellite had never been established, further isolation them from the rest of humanity.

The woman, Diana, kind of reminded him of Emily. They both had the same white hair and fair skin, although their faces were quite different. Diana’s eyes were hazel, whereas Emily’s were a bright blue. The skin-tight uniforms she wore excited him and he couldn’t help but wonder what Emily might look like in them. He wasn’t sure if the same thoughts were going through her mind when she looked at the male crew member, Sol, but he didn’t want to broach the subject.

The movie contained some excellent scenes, with one of his favourites being in the cargo area of the ship. After Diana fails to respond to Sol’s calls, the crewmember goes looking for her and finds her in the central area. She’s floating around in the low gravity environment with buckets of paint bouncing across the room. The walls had been painted with an eerie scenery. Sharp, jagged hands protruding from a black void, reaching for the onlooker covered one wall. The other had been painted over with something resembling a no-man’s land often seen in history books. A grey landscape pockmarked with craters and crevasses and covered with a forest of burned and battered trees.

Diana’s relaxed or even joyful expression stood in stark contrast with the depressing landscapes around her, which gave the scene an uncanny atmosphere that send shivers down his spine. He had never heard of the movie before, but he got the impression that this one wouldn’t have a happy ending.

There was obviously a budding relationship between the crewmembers, which brought some solace in the vast darkness and emptiness that surrounded him. Their actions and playful interactions suggested that they hadn’t yet accepted what they felt for the other.

“Did you choose the right film?” Alex whispered.

“Sssh,” Emily responded as she reached behind her and pressed a finger against his lips. Clearly, she had chosen the right movie and she was entirely focused on the story that played out in front of them.

During some of the later scenes, he noticed Emily had gotten a little restless and was wiggling around a little. His limbs had gotten a little limb due to the position he was in, but it was well worth it. Maybe she just needed to get more comfortable.

The next part of the film took place in the central greenhouse. To call it a greenhouse was actually an understatement. The crew did say they got their food from the area, but it looked more like a park. A giant tree with red and golden leaves stood in front of a crystal-clear lake, which was covered with lilies. A steady stream of water poured in from an unseen location and ran down rocky outcrops before it went under a wooden bridge and into the pond. The view alone was impressive, and he wondered whether they truly had build all of that, or if they had used computers to render the scenery. Whatever it was, he was fascinated by it.

The camera zoomed in on the bridge, where both crewmembers lay with their legs dangling off the edge. Sol had pulled Diana’s head onto his chest. In the artificial moonlight her hair appeared to be silver, forming a shiny halo around her head. A few tears were caught on her cheeks, reflecting the light like they were liquid crystals running over her skin. Although the scene was undeniably romantic, Alex felt a sense of sadness in the scene. It didn’t disturb the spectacle, etimesgut escort but it was a subtle presence nonetheless.

It took him a few moments to notice the movie was paused and when he did, he looked down at Emily.

“Do you remember telling me I could choose anything tonight?” she said.

“When the time is right, yeah.”

“It’s time to move upstairs.”

“Don’t you want to finish the movie?”

“I just want you right now, nothing else,” she breathed as she her hands cupped his face.

Emily surprised him when she forced her lips against his. This wasn’t like the quick and gentle kiss they shared earlier, this one was filled with bottled up lust and raw passion. Her tongue pried his lips open and slid through the opening into his mouth. The taste of strawberry was overpowering. Her passion ignited his and liquid heat spread through his body.

Alex no longer held himself back and returned the kiss with an ever-increasing fervour. As their tongues twisted, his world faded away to the bright pink of those perfect lips and the icy blue of his lover’s eyes. He felt like he needed her more than anything in the world right now.

Emily broke the spell when she pulled back, allowing them to gasp for some much-needed oxygen. The sudden rush of the cool air entering his lungs returned his vision and he stared at the beauty that was lying on his chest, those kissable lips just mere centimetres from his own.

“That was… intense” Emily breathed.

Alex could feel her heart beat feverishly in her chest, much like her own. If his was to burst at that moment, he wouldn’t have minded. The sight in front of him would have been enough to satisfy him for a lifetime.

“Let’s go upstairs then,” he said as he slid off the couch.

Emily offered him her hands, so he could pull her to her feet, but he had other plans. Alex pulled her up whilst she was sitting, put one arm under her legs and supported her back with his other arm. This caused her dress to slide downwards, showing off her well-formed thighs. She’d certainly feel his hard members press against her, but she didn’t mind. She dedicated her attention to leaving a trail of lipstick on his neck as she kissed him.

Once they made their way into the bedroom, Emily jumped off of him and went over to the drawer where she’d stashed the lube and sex toys she had brought with her.

“Are you going to tell he about this surprise of yours yet?” Alex asked her.

“Not right now, but it’d work a lot better with just one dick. Are you able to move one? Only do it if it doesn’t hurt like last time.”

Emily had paused her rummaging and watched him with a look of concern.

“I’m not sure, but I’ll give it a try.”

He mentally reached out for his dick like he’d done before and pulled it back. It hurt a lot, but he managed to push trough the pain and felt something shift inside.

“Are you OK, Alex?”

“I’m fine,” he lied. The pain was dissipating quickly as his curiosity mounted. Not only was he mastering control over this weird ability, but he also looked forward to whatever Emily had planned.

“What’s this?” his lover said as she held up one of the fleshlights he had gotten from the hot nurse at the clinic.

She twisted the top and took off the lid, revealing the synthetic flesh and enticing asshole the toy was simulating. After having had a close look at Emily’s ass, he had to admit it was quite realistic.

“You have your own toys!” she exclaimed. “That’s even better than what I had in mind.”

“What was your plan then?”

“Here, let me show you.”

Emily placed the fleshlight, a bottle of lube and a slender pink toy on the nightstand. Her toy was longer than his fingers and most likely as thick as two of them. The button on the back told him there was more to it than the eye could see.

His gaze travelled back to Emily and his eyes enjoyed the sight of her slender legs and firm butt as the summer dress was pulled off. After throwing off the dress, she bent over and supported herself on her arms, giving him a fantastic view of her from behind. She had been wearing a simple black bra and a black thong that clung to her skin underneath that floral summer dress. There, between her two cheeks and underneath the cloth of her thong Emily’s surprise shimmered at him.

“You got a butt plug?” he asked her in astonishment. She had told him she liked it when he slid his fingers in her ass, but he hadn’t expected her to go further than that so soon.

“Go have a closer look,” she instructed him.

Alex leaned over after he undid his own shirt. He let his fingers dance down her lower back.

“Stop, that tickles!” Emily giggled.

“Is this any better,” Alex responded as he kissed the inside of her thigh.

“Yesss…” she sighed.

He continued nibbling the soft insides of her slender legs whilst his hands slid down her lower back. Once they reached the dark strip of cloth that held onto her hips, he grabbed it and slowly slid it down. Each inch of skin that the thong slid past got a kiss, a lick, or a gentle bite from him. He paused just before he revealed the toy that Emily had put into herself and teased her crack for a little longer. The smell of her arousal was too strong to be masked by her flowery perfume.



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