Double DaredI was returning home from a 3 week outpost nursing job and my g/f Elaine was going to pick me up at Pearson in Toronto. I had made three flights already this day to get to this last portion of the journey and had made it as far as Thunder Bay. I had a 1 hour wait before loading for the last leg of air flight and of course, this was when they announced that all air flights to and from T-Bay were postponed. A rain storm turned to freezing rain and shut everything down, temporarily, as the storm passed through here, heading east, which meant that later tonight it would be on Toronto too. All the air passengers were being taken to local hotels and would be back again early in the morning to be shuttled back to the airport. As soon as I knew what was happening I called Elaine hoping to catch her before she left home to drive up and get me. Elaine is the timelier of the two of us. She is punctual to a fault and as she says she would rather be the one waiting than the one being waited for. All this to say she was about an hour away from the airport, on her way to pick me up. Having pulled over on the side of Hwy 401, we talked. I had been through a bad posting, with many situations, any of which would be cause for PTSD i.e. a shooting, fights, stabbings, deaths and suicides, plus all the complications of trying to provide care to people in extreme isolation. Elaine tried to cheer me up telling me to go bar hoping once the freak ice storm changed back to rain later this evening, but reminding me that I have a nearly flight too.I said I would and once I got to my room I looked through what I had with me. Most of it was the street clothes that I wear as an outpost nurse. As a Community Health Practitioner we are qualified as Registered Nurse, with extended roles, due to the fact that other than the monthly 3 day visit from a doctor, we are the ones to give stitches, emergency dental packing, ordering meds, etc. The clothes I had wouldn’t be much of a turn on. Then I saw a one piece bodysuit, with leggings and full arms. It was a black lace with bows woven into the pattern. If you look at my galleries, Black Lace Bodysuit, the last pic in that post, I am holding my cell phone taking a selfie of the way I was dressed, to send to Elaine as proof that I was in fact dressed this way to go out. (Pause to look, the first pic I’m wearing a red fox coat over the bodysuit. it’ll be worth it!)So this was what I was going to wear. I stripped down and had a shower. I came out into my room and picked up the bodysuit. Without another thought I put it on. Then I had to find a pair of shoes. This was a problem because I didn’t have anything that was elegant at all. I put on a pair of black and white baby Jane’s and looked in the mirror. Yes it was atrocious, but what I didn’t realize at the time was that I had not put on a bra or panty. Both my breasts and my pussy were quite visible. I had made up my mind that I was going down to the bar downstairs to see what might be happening and see if I could have some fun. I threw a grey raincoat over the body suit, zipped it half way up and sent Elaine a text that I was going down to the bar now, with the above noted photo attached (She loved it). Elaine would not believe that I would wear something like this without someone initiating it. She said that she was quite proud of me for doing this on my own. That gave me more courage, which was enough for me to unzip my coat and let it hang open. I got the door and stopped there. The lights over the bar were bright white and illuminated the bar tender as he meticulously set each bottle where his OCD told him it should be. Around the perimeter of the room were booths that were less lit but still not dark. I thought to myself, if I sit over there in a booth, no one, if someone did come in, would see me and if they did they would assume I want to be alone. If I sat at the bar, I might have to talk to the barkeep, and he was not my type, at all. I turned around and went out the lobby to call Elaine and tell her it was a “no go” there. Immediately she suggested that other place we stayed at when we have had to stop there before. I called and took a cab over. I tried to sit in the front seat and be flirtatious but he had too much stuff already on the seat there so I sat in the back. It was dark in there and the ride seemed really quick, so I never tried anything with him. Once inside this bar, it was very dark. There was music playing rather loudly. I could see people at tables and at the bar, so in I went and found a separate place to sit at the bar and surveyed the people there. I saw a lesbian couple that were both very attractive in a younger Gen X way. There was a couple talking together quietly. He although was sneaking glances my way and then there were the two guys at the bar that were quite hammered. Other couples were further away and not really in a line of sight with me. These were the ones that might get to see something. I was showing some leg and cleavage to the man who was sitting with the woman, just to tease a little. The bartender here was a little older, more friendly and smiled a lot, and he was enjoying looking at my almost exposed breasts. “I like that outfit. I had a girlfriend who had one. Your nylons and sleeves and bodice are all the same so it must be a lacy bodysuit”, the bartender said as he handed me my Tequila Sunrise. “Now if I only knew what you had on under it?”I sipped my drink and tried to be a coy as possible at showing the bartender a little more of my body and allowing the sneaky guy a bit of a view too, without bringing too much attention halkalı escort upon myself from the two drunks. I let my coat open from the bottom to just below my crotch. Moving my legs to the music, flashing myself for the two individual men’s benefit every once in awhile, I am sure they were pleased as they stared, a lot! Then I did similar with the top. The zipper came down do around my belly button. As I moved to the music my coat would bag open and closed. The sneaky guy winked at me a couple of times, I guess expressing his appreciation for what he thought he saw. The bartender commented, “You know, you’ve almost shown me what you have on under there a couple of times, but if I had to guess, I’d say you were naked under there. You know how I know?” he asked. I looked at him and gave me head a little shake to indicate I heard him but didn’t have an answer. “You are afraid to let your coat come open down the front and if you did, I bet I’d be able to see you bare stomach through that outfit and everything else I’d want to see,” he paused, “To know that you weren’t wearing anything under it, is what I meant”.I knew he wasn’t k**ding. He would see all that he wanted, like my breasts and vagina. I thought for sure this was going where I wanted, when suddenly the bartender rushed out of the room and was replaced by a nice woman, but did not look like she was in for too much fun. About that time, the one drunk decided that he had had too much to drink was going up to bed. He no sooner left the bar than the other one spied me and made a gesture getting out of his chair and stumbled on the footrest ring around the base of the chair, a foot off the floor. I finished my drink put the glass down loud enough that I was heard and said, “Well I’m off.” I turned away from the drunk and walked out before he could get a word in. I went right outside and called a cab again. I got the same guy. This time the front seat was cleared and I sat down in the passenger seat next to him. “Leaving so soon? Must not be much happening?” he inquired. “No, nothing at either place,” I answered. “Is there anywhere else in town that has it happening?” I said and allowed me coat to open up, showing my inner thighs to within an inch or two from my almost exposed vagina.“Even with a bodysuit like that, you didn’t get anywhere? Are you laid over from the weather and airport shut down?” He asked.After I affirmed what he suspected, he said, “There is a place but it is rowdy and with that coat and shoes you look too Polly-Anna. If the coat comes off, you wouldn’t be leaving that place anytime earlier enough to catch your flight.”My first thought was to show him, who is not a Polly-Anna, but then his remark about leaving so early in the morning just rang a bell and I decided I just let it go. ……………………………………………………………………………………………So now we fast forward about 3 years, to last summer, 2019…… The summer that didn’t get cancelled. Elaine was over and after a hot tub we threw on something light and sat around the fire pit. I had on a full length lace bodysuit, with a pair patent leather ankle boots and a black sweater over it. Elaine threw on a T-shirt that she says looked like a dress, but it was too short to really be a dress, but it worked for me. Then out of the blue Elaine asks me, “Isn’t that the outfit you wore n T¬-Bay when you went bar hopping to get laid in?”Close enough to truth and if Elaine was going to visualize me like this up there to get stimulated by, then so be it. I was getting a bit of a buzz from some brownies with RSO, a couple glasses of New Zealand white wine and combined with Elaine’s pussy peeking out from under the hem of the shirt, it hit me good.Elaine ate me over and over again. I was having one orgasm after another. I was breathless when she finally stopped, but I lost my breath again for a moment when she asked me the golden question, “Wouldn’t you like a big fat penis inside you right now?”And my typical response was usually, “and I will squeeze the juices out of that cock with my pussy clamping down on it so tight,” ending with some moans and thoughtful ums.“You took me up on the dare to go out to bars in Thunder Bay that time and you chose this outfit to do it in?” Elaine was attempting to make a point.“Yeah and I did it too!” I stated showing the pride I had in the courage I mustered that night.“Well, I have another challenge for you, while wearing this same outfit, but nicer shoes and coat.”I was very leery, but I asked anyway, “What are you thinking?”“I’m doubling the dare, for you to do it tonight, but in a much more controlled way.”“What exactly do you mean?”, asked, alost afraid to hear the answer.“Do you want to go to the Truck Stop? Remember you said you wanted parade through there teasing some guys, and that maybe you find one you’d like to tease and delight the guy a bit and maybe you would get some big cock out of this too, like you just said you wanted!”My brain was not really functioning fully. The thought of getting laid by a guy in his truck sounded exciting again. Elaine continued, “You’re dressed for it now. Just, make sure you keep the sweater held together until you know you found what you were looking for. Signal me with a one handed hair flip, which means you found a possible, plus when you let go of the sweater to flip the hair, you may be letting the sweater fall open and be flashing the guy too.”“Yeah. I got it!” I replied.“And if it’s game on?”“Yes, I know, do a two handed hair taksim escort flip that ensured I flashed him, with both barrels”, I answered and chuckled. I guess that was enough confirmation for Elaine, because from there on out everything was geared toward me seeing the truckers tonight. A few minutes after I fixed my makeup and hair, and thrown on some heels, we are out the door and on our way for me to do some teasing and hopefully get some big dick, too! Just before we are almost there, Elaine pulled over and told me to drive. She would be down in the back seat, trying not to be noticed. Since having the windows tinted, we decided to go extremely tinted, unlike most Audi’s around. No one can see in unless the sun is coming in from the front, the roof or at night when the dome lights on and lighting the inside up and only then you can a person is inside. Even then, they could not see who or what was happening inside. It’s no longer a dogging car, or useful for flashing truckers. I pulled up near the sidewalk that leads up to the main doors of the restaurant. I told Elaine that it looked busy enough so I would be going inside. She reminded me to flip my hair if I see anyone interesting. I got out of the car and Elaine hit her FOB to shut the lights off inside and out. I could barely make her out as she ducked down, as I checked myself in the mirror like window, once the interior lights went out. I straightened my sweater and walked toward the restaurant making sure to remember to place one foot in front of the other to accentuate my wiggle and make my hips sway more too.I stopped at the restaurant door, as if checking myself out in the reflection, but I was actually scanning the guys. Holy shit! There were two tables with a lone guy at each table and either one would be a ‘yes’. I opened the door with my right hand and my left hand flipped the left side of my hair and then I did it again, signaling there were two guys here, that’s is if Elaine could read Caryl speak. I figured she could after all those years as nursing partners and as lover partners, she had me down pretty good. There were two guys and I’d be happy with either one. This could be great news, even if Elaine didn’t get what my signal really meant. It was actually two guys I really liked enough to explore sex with either one of them. I strutted in and made my way down the aisle between where the two men were seated. They weren’t quite across from each other, both facing outward toward the aisle I was walking in. I didn’t look at either one directly, but I did see the one trucker on my left mouth the words, ‘Wow!”I used the ladies room and preparing for my exit. The sweater was laced just right. My nipples were in places where the seams or patterns would block the view of my tits. The guy I had not seen make the comment passed me on his way into the men’s room. He looked me up and down and I allowed my sweater to come open as we passed by each other. When I looked down I saw that it had not opened as much as I was expecting it to and did not show that guy very much, but just some lacy clothes. Trying to get the right opening in a sweater front can be difficult.The guy who commented the wow was now standing at he counter and had just paid his bill and was standing to leave as I approached where he stood. He walked to the door ahead of me and held it open for me. As I passed him I made sure that I had allowed my sweater to fall at my sides and I was showing him all I had. Finally, I was getting to use this bodysuit the way I meant for it to be used, all the way back in T-Bay.“My god, that’s gorgeous. Was that for me?” The trucker asked in bewilderment. “All for you and more, if you want it” I answered. I wasn’t sure where this forward speaking was coming from, but he liked it and I was enjoying myself, doing it. Then I said, “I know I want it! Do you want it?”“Oh yes I do. Come with me pretty lady. That big red rig, right over there,” he said pointing to the nose of a big rig, a Peterbuilt near the end of the row. He looked like a proud peacock walking me to his truck. He helped me up the passenger side and then followed me in. I stepped back between the front seats and turned back around facing him, allowing my sweater to fall off my shoulders and down my arms and unto the floor of the cab in a heap. He reached out to feel my breasts but stopped and asked, “May I?” as his hands stopped within inches of my nipples.“Please do,” I answered and leaned forward so that my tits were in his hands before he got to move. He held them more softly than I imagined a rough tough trucker would do. His hands were callused and large and he could almost scoop up my C cups in one hand, almost.He leaned into me and his lips met mine. Once more he was much more caring in his taking me than I was expecting. I guess in hindsight I was expecting more of a throw in the bunk and fuck me hard. I hadn’t thought it through past that, but this was different. Several times there were electronic sounds that I assumed were emanating from his cell phone. I could see it light up and a banner of a text note or messages were coming in. I couldn’t read it upside down very well, but then one more came in that just said, “ME NEXT !!!”I figured it was his trucker buddies that saw us get in here together and were now teasing him. Another one beeped and this guys whose name I never got, that I’ll call Peter, after his big truck and his big penis, looked at it and asked, “How much will cost me? It’s not like I can’t afford it, it’s just I was so wanting to get you in my bunk, I forgot to ask şişli escort you the price.”“Oh Honey, that is sweet. You think this old girl could be a hooker. I tell you what, if you promise to do for me what I am willing to do for you, then that’s all the payment I’ll want Okay?” was my reply. The way he kissed me after that told me that he was every bit okay with it. He continued to treat me like I was someone special to him. I was lapping it up. A man who was gentle and caressing and it just made me want to fuck his brains out, now and maybe again in a few minutes. Instead I allowed him to take me and make good on his word to pay me back. The best payback happened in a cramped 69 position. He brought me to a mini climax and held me there, leaking my juices out on his face as he pumped his hard cock slowly into my mouth allowing me to expand my mouth and throat to accept his size. I wish I could say I ate it all, but he was another big one at the base. I felt like my jaw would crack if it trying to pry my lips wider. We stayed at it for several more minutes at this place and pace together.“Peter” gave my pussy one big dog like lapping up my past my clit and then smiled up at me. Without a word he turned and crawled around so that we were head to head, face to face on our sides. A peck on the cheek and then one on the lips, then his tongue flashed lightly across my upper lip. His mouth hovered over mine until I pushed forward and locked my mouth to his. He pressed his lips back into mine and his tongue spread my mouth lips just like he did to my cunt lips only a few moments before. I could taste my pussy juices on his breath and I’m sure he could taste the pungent odor left by his cock on my tongue. As I started to kiss his chest and seek his nipples, Peter lay back in the bunk and watched me tenderly kiss and lick him, much like I wanted him to do to me, very soon. Then out of the blue he informs me that all the noise on his phone, earlier, were other truckers that either saw us get in his rig or had heard about me getting in his truck. Apparently, I was more of a hit than I realized and these other guys were trying to queue up for who will get me next. I stopped when he said this, and wondered for a moment if this was possible, but as I crawled up face to face, over top of Peter, I told him that I would be staying there until we had finished what we started and then I was probably leaving and didn’t have any intentions of going through a queue. Or was I? One thing was certain, when Peter heard this he started gnawing on my nipples and sucking them more fiercely and holding by manhandling me. He was turned on and ready to go. I had prepared myself for the gentle licking and lapping of my nipples and instead my compete areola was sucked into this man’s mouth along with about a third of my breast in there too. He was holding me over him so that my tits hung down into his face where he could suck and pull on my nipples at will. While he held me up, I felt his hard cock start poking around my ass and my pussy. I shifted backward and he stuck a fat cockhead into me.We both paused for a moment to enjoy that first entry. I guess when I let out that little purr Peter felt obliged to ram his dick up into me with maximum force. He quickly found his rhythm of pushing me up into the air and as I was coming back down, Peter stuck his peter in my twat and rammed into her smacking our bodies together. It was only a brief time that I felt like I was having the wind knocked out of me, but the little orgasms were coming quickly and I wasn’t about to refuse myself these little powerhouses. Peter started grunting and jamming his cock up into my waiting pussy and held his position as a load of his cum erupted into me. I could feel this warmth inside me as his penis throbbed. Another burst of cum shot into me followed by Peter pistoning his cock out and back into me in time for another shot of cum to be sent deep into my vagina.I’m not sure how many times Peter exploding inside me, but the big cock orgasm hit me about then and all I can truly remember was that I was in this truck, willing my pussy to squeeze this strangers cock harder and drain every drop of cum out of this nice big dick that was currently in my vagina and get every drop of his hot thick cum as far up inside me as possible. Suddenly, I was brought back to reality, when Peter starts passionately kissing me, once again. I thought he had just gone full circle and I was now going to have to remind him that it was just a fuck, albeit a real good one, but still, just a fuck. I didn’t need to worry as Peter rolled off me and sat on the edge of his bed. I rolled onto my side and got up on my elbow looking at the man I had met less than half an hour ago and had just had several orgasms with until the biggest amazing orgasm happened less than 5 minutes ago. He told me he wished he could talk me into traveling with him for an overnight, as he had to drive, leaving soon and get to his next stop before noon, tomorrow, where he would drop this trailer and get another one in another yard not far away from there and head back this way tomorrow night. I have to admit that I was tempted, but I wasn’t going to drive off and leave Elaine in the backseat of my car, not knowing what was happening, so I told him I was tempted but had someone waiting. Then I also realized, ‘oh yeah, I just met him less than an hour ago and already had sex with him, to run off for an over-nighter with him would be very extravagant and excessive, and I thought I might do that with him, soon. He seemed okay with what I had said and I was impressed that he didn’t push me for something more, so I gave it to him, anyway. I gave him my phone number and asked him to call me when he is nearby. I will tell you this much, almost every time he has tried to call me, things were not in favor of us getting together. I had never ridden in a Peterbuilt before, but I have now!



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