He made his way across the bar, nodding and chatting a few times to fellow conference delegates as he went to the table where Jane was sitting. She was wearing a smartly tailored blue blouse and black skirt, and looked good without being flashy.

Her blouse fitted quite loosely over her matronly breasts, partly masking their DD size, and her skirt reached her knees. He glanced at her shortish, silver-blond hair, and at the somewhat lined skin above her neckline and of her throat. Her legs had doubtless once been shapely but they were still attractive enough, given that she was now fifty-eight years old and reaching retirement.

He tried not to look at her too much, anxious to preserve their discretion. He glanced round to make sure that nobody was within earshot and began to speak to her casually and with little direct eye-contact. He kept his voice just low enough for her to hear without being overheard.

“All through that last seminar I was rock-hard, Jane. There you were with your thigh resting against mine and your lovely mature DD-boobs just inches from me…”

He looked at her briefly. Her cheeks flushed. He checked again that nobody could overhear.

“I’m dying to rip your blouse open and fondle them through your bra, Jane. I’m dying to get them out and squeeze them and suck them till your nipples go big and hard in my mouth.”

She too looked round to make sure that nobody could hear. She was embarrassed to hear him speaking to her like this in public, but she had to admit that it was a turn-on too.

“That’s nice, Martin.”

“Yeah, Jane. I’ve been hard and hot for you all day. I can’t wait to bury my head in your cleavage. To have you kneel over me and sway those big ripe boobs in my face.”

He smiled and nodded at a fellow delegate a few feet away.

“Best of all, Jane, I can’t wait to bury my face between your lovely thighs and lick you out.”

She gave a low laugh and flushed. “MARTIN!” she hissed.

“I can’t wait to kiss your mature pussy and feel your thighs clasp my neck… to tease your hard clit and lap your sweet pussy juices — and I know you can’t…”

He stopped mid-sentence as another delegate approached with four drinks glasses in his hands. He had ended up sitting next to him at lunch. Andrew — one of those full-of-it know-it-alls who haunted conferences. He dressed too trendily for his age and at most question sessions piped up, “This isn’t so much a question as an observation…”, so that everybody present — including the speaker — could benefit from his vast store of wisdom and experience.

“Interesting day today, Martin?” Andrew’s speech was a bit slurred, his breath beery, and his paunch showed through the strained shirt buttons.

“Oh, hi, Andrew. Yeah. I picked up a few ideas for performance measurement. How are you finding it?”

Andrew leaned forward and nudged his arm.

“It’s a great conference. Me and my secretary are finding it VERY enlightening — especially in the evenings, know what I mean?”


The creep walked past and headed for a table where another (also beer-bellied) male and two female delegates, probably in heir mid-thirties, sat. One of the females was a pretty, slim, leggy brunette in a short skirt. The other was plainer looking, blonde, with a half-open blouse to display her inviting cleavage.

Martin leaned forward.

“Did you hear that, Jane? It’s not just us, though nobody would guess we were…”

He leaned back and glanced casually around the bar to avoid the impression of paying her undue attention. Under the table he gave her thigh a playful squeeze, then placed his hand on the table again.

“I didn’t tell him that I’m finding it very ENLIGHTENING, too, Jane.” Mimicking Andrew’s accent he muttered, “I don’t have any questions as such, more observations…”

She gave a low giggle. He reverted to his own voice.

“Yeah, Jane. I know that under your blouse you’re wearing a sexy lacy bra and under your skirt scanty matching knickers. I know that under your dress you’re wearing stockings and suspenders…”

Still he kept eye contact güvenilir bahis with her intermittent, and furtively glanced around, giving the appearance of feeling obliged to be talking to her when he would rather have other company. His casual glances around him also enabled him to monitor potential eavesdroppers.

“I’m finding it ENLIGHTENING to have it away with my sexy fifty-eight year old colleague. To run my hands up her skirt and touch and kiss her bare thighs above her stockingtops. To sniff her hot musky snatch through her lacy knickers. To feel her silky pubes twining round my fingers as I explore her mound and her hot mature, EXPERIENCED pussy…”

She giggled again with embarrassment. “Oh Martin, what if someone hears…”

He leaned forward slightly.

“Nobody can hear. I’m hot and horny, Jane. I’m dying to come to your room, put my hand up your skirt and grope your thighs and your pussy. I’m dying to squeeze and suck your big juicy tits, then take you fast and furious standing up. There’s the rest of the night for slow sensual sex. Plenty of time for me to put my tongue in your pussy and lick your sweet juices. Plenty of time for you to grind it against my face and for me to hear you moan as you cum against my face…”

She flushed at his crudity but also felt a shudder of delight. He made her feel sexy and desirable, especially as he was nearly thirty years younger than she was. They weren’t having an affair as such; they spared each other the pretence of love and commitment but enjoyed intense sex together several times a week. He assured her that he found her very sexy and his attentions spoke louder than words.

She glanced round, but as he had said, nobody was close enough to hear his near-mumbled talk. She caught him glancing at her breasts but he looked away quickly enough to avoid detection by anyone else. She assured herself that nobody would guess. At the same time the tawdriness and cloak-and-dagger nature of it all was highly arousing.

“I want to spend the night with you, Jane. If I wake in the night I’ll be instantly hard at the sight of you lying next to me in that sexy scarlet nightie. And even though you’ll be asleep I’ll lift it to look inside…”

“MARTIN! REALLY!” she hissed, her eyes wide at his words.

“Yes, Jane, and I’ll lie there for a few minutes just gazing at you, but then I won’t be able to keep my hands off you. We’ll do it again, and again, and in the morning when you take a shower I’ll come and join you. I want to watch the water stream down all over you. We’ll wash each other all over and…”

He stopped as a couple of guys walked past the table. Then he spoke to her again.

“I think we should go to your room soon. Go to the toilet in a few minutes, Jane. Take off your knickers there and put them in your handbag. In exactly ten minutes’ time I’ll meet you at the lift. I’ll give your phone three rings, then stop as I’m leaving the table as a signal…”

“Wouldn’t it be a bit more discreet if we went up separately?” she asked.

“Yes. But I don’t know how much longer I can keep my hands off your lovely ripe tits and those gorgeous thighs, Jane. Unless someone else gets in the lift I want to fondle and grope you there…”

Her heart was pounding as she pushed her chair back from the table. He spoke quickly and softly.

“See you in ten minutes. Go slowly and talk briefly to just one or at the most two people. Then go to the toilet and spend the rest of the time there till you get my signal.”

Her face was still flushed and he glanced furtively at the subtle swaying of her ample breasts as she walked past him, then resumed his casual glancing around the bar.

That jerk Andrew came past the table. His speech was more slurred now.

“Don’t fancy yours, mate! Pity you couldn’t find someone younger to come with you. I mean Joan or Jane, whatever… she must have been quite a looker in her time, especially given those big tits, but she’s a bit past her sell-by date now, eh? No, you should try to get someone younger to come with you so you can get shagged-up every night…”

Martin was tempted türkçe bahis to stand up and punch him. Okay, his own morals weren’t beyond reproach, and he took most opportunities for sex that came his way. But he hated Andrew’s sexist and disparaging comments about Jane. Instead he forced himself to smile politely.

“Yeah, I take your point. Maybe next time…”

“You should, mate, you should. Get yourself someone like my secretary Sharon…”

The pratt walked away again.

Martin’s anger subsided and he found himself having to stifle a grin. If the moron only knew how hot Jane was! Sure, she was in her late fifties and past her prime. But he had never known such intense sexual chemistry, such powerful desire or satisfaction as he found with her. He finished his drink slowly and darted his gaze down at his watch then slipped his mobile from his pocket. Hers was the last number he had rung, so it was easy to redial. He let it ring three times then cut the connection. He got up and walked from the bar.

She was waiting by the lift. He followed her inside. He felt a tremor of disappointment, then excitement, as a forty-something woman from the conference also stepped towards the lift. She was a little unsteady on her feet, and he pressed the hold button. She smiled and stepped inside and stood with her back to Jane and him. His heart was hammering in his chest.

He cautiously slipped his hand behind Jane and stroked her bum cheek through her skirt. He gave it a few gentle squeezes. Then he removed his hand again. The other woman got out at the first floor.

As soon as the lift door closed he swung Jane round to face him and kissed her on the mouth. He cupped her ample breasts and kneaded them through her blouse. They felt very firm through her bra. He slid one finger up her skirt, over her stockingtop and the bare skin of her thigh.

Reaching higher he found that she had indeed removed her panties — his finger encountered silky, moist pubes and pouting lips. She gave a soft groan and rubbed the back of her hand against his erection. He had selected the third floor (his own) followed by the fourth (hers), and when the lift stopped at the third floor he pulled away from her and stepped out. For discretion she continued in the lift to the fourth floor and he walked slowly up the stairs to allow her to get to her room alone.

He walked boldly along the hotel corridor, double-checked the room number, strode into her room and closed the door. She was standing leaning against the bedroom wall, with her top three blouse buttons open. He stared for a moment at her deep cleft and at the slightly lined skin above the tops of her breasts.

He pulled her to him and pressed his mouth over hers, moulding his lips hard and passionately against hers. She reciprocated, sighing softly, and parted her lips. He glided his tongue over her shiny teeth. She did the same, then pushed her hard tongue against his. They continued to kiss deeply, licking and teasing each other’s tongues. He pawed her breasts roughly through her blouse, squeezing and massaging her full orbs.

Although she knew what was coming, and had in fact suggested it herself, as it was not expensive, the suddenness and intensity of it startled and excited her. Still kissing her deeply on the mouth, encouraged by her soft moans and whimpers, he suddenly grabbed the top of her neckline and ripped her blouse open. She heard a button hit the dressing table.

She cradled his head, and their kissing became more eager. She sucked his tongue and chewed on his lower lip with her teeth. He pushed one hand between the wall and her backside and kneaded her buttocks roughly through her skirt. His lips found her nipple through her bra and he rasped it with his tongue, then chewed it playfully with his lips. He hiked up her skirt to her waist and pushed his other hand against her naked crotch and played with her dank, silky pubes. She groaned. He grazed her nipple and gently bit on it. He kneaded her swollen outer lips then rubbed the back of his finger against her warm, moist opening. She let out a soft moan.

“You like that, Jane?”

“Oooh güvenilir bahis siteleri yes, Martin…”

He eased his finger inside her and slowly rocked it in and out of her. He gently pinched her swollen outer lips and rubbed her clit.

“Me too Jane. I love to touch you down there and stroke your soft pussy lips… and your soft wet HOLE…”

“Give me your fingers Martin. I want to lick my juices off them…”

He eased two fingers inside her slick opening again. She gave a low gasp. He raised his fingers to her mouth and she leaned forward to take them. She sucked slowly and loudly. The sight and sound were very arousing.

“You want more, Jane?”

“Yes, Martin.”

He frigged her slimy button then slipped his fingers inside her again, enjoying the feel of her tight, enveloping warmth and wetness. She gave a few playful thrusts, then he raised his fingers to her mouth once more, gazing at the glistening moisture that coated them as she took them into her mouth and sucked them again.

He knelt down and nuzzled the tops of her black stockings. He brushed his lips over her suspenders and over the naked skin above her stockings. The scent of her arousal filled his nostrils. He fondled her puffy outer lips and gently pinched them, then he rubbed her hard clit with his fingertip. She groaned.

He stood up again, to one side of her and plunged his left hand inside her bra. He tugged her blouse off her arms and dropped it to the floor. He grabbed her bra straps and tugged them off, too, and stared as her 36DD breasts flopped forward. They were flaccid and he scooped them up and down and pinched her nipples. He cupped one breast and kneaded it firmly, murmuring and grunting his pleasure. He kissed and nuzzled her mouth and neck and with his right hand he continued to tease her pussy, rubbing the backs of his fingers against her slit.

“Ooh Martin that’s nice.”

He slid two fingers inside her and made gentle thrusting movements, then began to rub her hard clit again.

“Mmm Martin , I love you to caress my wet eager pussy. I like the feel of your fingers inside me almost as much as your hard cock pounding me…”

Her breathing was more shallow. He stepped back for a moment and gazed at her, her pendulous breasts hanging over her bra, her blouse lying untidily on the floor. He gazed at her black stockings and their lacy tops, and at her black suspenders and suspender belt. He feasted his eyes on her hairy pussy with its pale silky pubes, framed by her black suspenders. And he gazed at her skirt, bunched up round her waist. Normally refined and demure, she now stood wantonly before him, part clothed yet bared for him, begging him, urging him.

Her hand slid down her belly and her fingers stroked her pouting lips and clit. She tugged her swollen lips, stretching them away from her. Then — and the sight was highly arousing — she splayed her fingers over her protruding lips and eased them apart. The revealed raw, shiny pinkness invited him more eagerly than her spoken pleas.

“I’m wet and dying for it, Martin. I need it inside me. I need to feel it easing into me than thrusting and pounding inside me. I need you to do me hard and fast, Martin. I need to come and to feel you shoot it all deep inside me. Put it in, Martin. Put it in me — now!”

He unfastened his trousers and shoved them down, along with his underpants. She held her skirt up and stared down at his erection as he stooped to ease himself into her. She gave a low gasp as he did so, and hooked her leg around him as he began to thrust slowly and deeply, dropping his head to her breast and sucking hard on her squashy breast as he pounded inside her. He grabbed her thigh and squeezed it rhythmically and she clasped him tight, thrusting against him as they climaxed together.

They stood like that for a few delicious moments, still gently pushing against each other to prolong the moment even though they were both spent. Then they lay on the bed and, holding each other close, dozed off, though both knew that they would wake again soon and rekindle and sate their desire several more times through the night. As he began to drift off he thought of that jerk Andrew, sneering at him earlier for his bad luck in not having a hot companion at the conference, and gloating in his own. And, as he fell asleep a big grin settled on his face.



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