domestic discipline (short story)When Felicia married into the enormously wealthy and reclusive family, she was already aware of their reputation for „unusual“ tastes in the domestic realm, but she counted herself licky anyway. Little did she know that she had essentially sold herself into slavery to her new husband, a most demanding and authoritative man with a taste for disciplinary rituals. Felicia had learned that even obedience didn´t always spare her from punishment, but it was better than the consequences of the alternative.That´s why she allowed herself to be prepared for her husband´s bed by the maid without protest. Dressed in a lacy negligee with her hands already cuffed behind her and her ankles canlı bahis shackled, she was made to kneel on his bed and wait. The maid, who didn´t like Felicia, took an extra moment to pull down the lace and bare Felicia´s tits before leaving.Felicia´s husband looked pleased enough to see her this way, but it was always hard to tell with him. When she felt the familiar collar buckled around her throat, she knew she would once more be serving his twisted lusts. This time he began by stripping her her bare and raising her cuffed hands to the ceiling hook above the bed. The addition of straps around her tighs, chained out to the edges of the bed, forced her wide open. This made it most convenient for her bahis siteleri spouse to play between her widespread thighs with his hands and his whip until she was hot, dripping and panting heavily. Cruel as he was, he knew how to get to her, which only made her feel more helplessly humiliated.It wasn´t long before Felicia heard herself begging him for his attentions, producing the amused sneer she would have to bargain for her pleasures with her suffering.When her hands were lowered, it was not, as she had hoped, to free her for the ferocious coupling she desired., but rather to raise them up in back and bend her forward, exposing her backside to his whip. As always, he apllied it with great skill güvenilir bahis and little mercy. Her liked her best with her bottom glowing red and tears trickling down her cheeks. The fact that all these things had begun to seem so exciting to Felicia only made her situation worse. Her body betrayed her with its lusts, to her husband´s smirking satisfaction.Dropping her wrists from overhead, he shoved her down onto the bed and stretched her out, cheining her face down, legs stretched apart. Now she felt the whip on her inner tighs, snaking up to lick her pussy in the most lascivious fashion. Felicia whimpered and gasped, breathing raggedly, torn between pain and desire. It was just the condition he had hoped to produce. He threw himself down on her and satisfied himself with brutal indulgence. To her dismay, Felicia found herself coming harder with each pounding stroke. She began his slave even more than those of being his wife.



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