Dojo MojoMy friend is a owner of a small martial arts studio in town. Being a small business owner it’s tough for him to be two places at once. On days where he needs to go to the bank or run errands I volunteer to keep the doors open answer phones and keep an eye on the students during open practice time. In between morning classes and evening classes Master Frank allows student to come in and work on their forms and exercise free of charge. I only had studied Judo, never getting my black belt, but would attend some of his kick boxing classes mainly for the work out.As I sat at the front desk reading back issues of Black Belt magazine the door opened and one of Master Franks students walked in. She was a hot little number 19-20 years old. Dressed in khaki shorts and a white tank top her legs were smooth and tanned but muscled and her blond hair was pulled into a ponytail. She had been a student here for five years now and she was trying to get into a Police Academy and so she worked out here often. I had seen her on several occasions learning Kung Fu and Tang So Do and today she carried in her Bo Staff. She smiled and I smiled and she asked where Master Frank was. I told her that he was out would be gone for a few hours and to feel free to practice as long as she wanted. She smiled and went to the dressing room to change. On the desk was a small tv monitor that had a security monitor display. It showed the back door and part of the dressing room door was visible. With the door shut of course you couldn’t see anything. I watched her dump her bag by the door and pick out her clothes to practice in. To my surprise and amazement she pulled off her tank top over her head leaving only her sport bra and she slipped out of her shorts. She was wearing a tiny bikini bahis siteleri panty and she bent over her bag ass facing the camera and stuffed her clothes back into the bag. She then stepped into the dressing room closing the door hiding from view. I picked my jaw off the desk and stared at the monitor hoping for another glance when the door opened again and she stepped out wearing her Gi with a black belt tied around her waist. She bowed as she walked on to the mat and began to stretch. Watching both her and her reflection in the mirror I got to see quite a bit of her as she moved with grace and power slowly building up speed going through one of her forms. She was very hot. Our eyes made contact in the mirror and I didn’t turn away, neither did she. She stood straight and asked me why she hadn’t seen me at classes anymore. I gave the standard answers about time and schedules and she turned and asked me again if I remembered anything at all from class. I smiled and stood up knowing I was being challenged. I kicked of my shoes and socks bowed and moved on to the mat. We stood apart eyes locked took our stances. She came on quickly and made a grab for my arm. Wearing only a t-shirt I had the ability to break her hold and slip away. Next she came low but this time followed with a leg sweep and I found myself on my back. We faced each other again. I made a grab at her shoulders preparing to flip her but as I did that her top opened enough to see that she wasn’t wearing a shirt and her delicious firm breast was exposed. I looked again surprised at it when I felt her weight shift and she fell back placing her foot in my abdomen the world spun as I again lay on my back but this time she sat on my chest, top wide open, her grabbing my face and kissing me. canlı bahis I had two options at this point and I chose the one that had me kissing her deeply right back. She opened fully her Gi and I used the opportunity to fondle her breasts. They weren’t very large but her nipples stuck out hard and firm I tweaked them softly and then broke our kiss to sit up and lick them and suck on them. She wrapped her strong legs around my back as I sat on the floor sucking and licking her nipples I then rocked back and forth getting my legs under me and stood up. We kissed again her head slightly above mine her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck I made our way to the back of the room to the dressing area, we were still kissing as I slammed her back into the wall and began to undo my pants. She wanted down so I let her go. She slid slowly down her nipples running over my shirt and then she knelt in front of me quickly unzipping my pants and dropping them and my underwear to the floor, she stopped and using both hands grabbed my cock and pointed it at her mouth. She looked at my eyes again and took it deep into her mouth then backing away she licked it and rubbed it over her face staring at me the whole time. Her green eyes fixed on me, my cock in her hands playing over her pretty face had me transfixed as she slowly began to suck it again. It felt too good I didn’t want it to end but I wanted I wanted her wrapped around me, I pulled her up to me and undid her tie holding her pants up and they fell loosely to the ground, she didn’t have panties on. My hands grabbed her ass this time and we resumed kissing I lifted her light but tight body off the ground and she again wrapped her legs around me. Then she worked a hand down to my cock and inserted it güvenilir bahis into the wetness of her trimmed little pussy. I popped right in and I went to work. I started lifting her with my arms she bucked her hips into me, we never broke our kiss as we fucked standing there in the backroom. I put her back onto the wall and continued to bang into her. She grunted with every thrust as I supported her in my hands. Her tongue dove deeper into my mouth, her bare breasts crushed between me and the wall, the frantic pace of our fucking continued for a few minutes when we both began to pant from the exertion. She unwrapped her legs from around my back her feet fell to the floor, she turned facing the wall hands shoulder width apart, legs spread, back arched standing on her toes, she turned to look at me our eyes met again and she smiled. I plunged back into her pussy and renewed my efforts, she shook her head her hair spilling over her shoulders I grabbed a handful and pulled tight. She thrust back into me meeting my cocks assault on her pussy. The harder I pulled her hair the more she flailed on the end of my cock. Her hands fell from the wall her face now turned to the side, she thrust her hand down to the wetness soaking the both of us. One touch to her clit and she came freezing in place on my cock. I felt it lock around me so I grabbed her hips and thrust deep into her and held it as far in as I could. I felt my cock exploded and fill her with my cum. As I pumped she rubbed her clit continuing her orgasm. When finally I could move again I pulled out. She turned to me both of us breathing like we had both just ran a marathon. She kissed me quickly and scooped her clothes from the floor and disappeared into the dressing room. I gathered my composure and dressed and went into the dojo. To my surprise sitting at the desk was Frank, paging through the magazine I had left. I came out and coughed clearing my throat. He looked up and smiled I saw the TV monitor was still on next to him.



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