Despite the excitement and thrills of Eva’s visit to my dorm room, I was not able to follow up other than with a quick phone call complimenting her for her talents and ingenuity. I still had not recovered several days later, and to this day (20 years later) I can still see that pearl necklace across her substantial tits.

I wrote some exams and dealt with more schoolwork than I had ever faced, but all the while, I remained motivated because when it was done, I could find my way back to Eva and Ray’s.

Almost a month passed before I was able to confirm another visit to my friends’ home for some recreation. By now we were not even coy about what was going on. Eva would tell me how Ray had fucked her just that afternoon or how she had put on a show for some teens at the mall. But always it came back to “when are you coming back over here, doll?”

With mid-terms out of the way I finally freed up a whole Friday afternoon for some coitus, fellatio and who knows what else. I was headed over to Eva’s house with all the intentions of making a full afternoon of it — but I would have to be back on campus for a dorm party by 9 o’clock.

As I was about to ring the bell, Ray opened up the door and welcomed me in. He told me that Eva was still out, “something to do with her hair.”

I followed him in and we went straight to his study. (This was the room from which he had watched us making out in the pool, but the window he had come all over showed no worse for the experience.)

We sat on these oversized lounge chairs and were soon sipping a very fine scotch, something a hundred years old, he told me. It was strong, but very smooth.

We chatted about current politics, what was going on in the sports world and a miscellany of other subjects, but eventually we got onto sex. No surprise there, I tell you.

Ray asked me how adventurous I felt.

“What do you mean, adventurous?”

“I know what Eva did with you in the dorm, plus what we’ve seen you participate in right here, but she’s been wanting something different and it is going to need both of us.”

Now I was getting really curious. “Go on….”

“This might sound odd and might surprise you, but she’s scared of trying double-penetration, but is dying to do so. She just doesn’t think she can handle two big cocks, but she wants me to be one of the pricks penetrating her.”

“I’m pretty much game for anything with Eva, even with you there as you know. What’s the problem?”

“Nothing really, but she’s almost phobic about it so I need you to help me work her up to it.”

I was very surprised at this seemingly minor admission. Eva had never done DP? Then again, I had not either so who was I to talk. And it did sound pretty hot, though another man’s cock right against mine? Not so sure, but Eva would be there keeping us apart, more or less.

Ray and I made a plan, and waited for Eva to get home, enjoying a little more scotch.

When we heard her pull into the driveway, we jumped into action. I went out the back door and hid out of the way (we’d moved my güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri bike into the garage where she wouldn’t see it).

Eva came in, calling out “Ray, Paul? Are you guys home?”

No answer. I watched her wandering about downstairs, calling for us. By the time she made her way to the back of the house, I had watched her wander from room to room. This little voyeur thing was fun.

Eva did not look worried, but finding no one home, she dropped off her purchases and poured herself a glass of wine. ‘Good start,’ I thought. She then wandered deeper into the house, ending up in the sunroom overlooking the pool deck. And there was Ray, all ready for her.

“Ray! What are you doing? Where’s Paul?”

Ray was reclined on the daybed by the window, stark naked but for a helium balloon tied to his monster cock. Not really hard yet, but still an impressive member. (I could never quite get over the thickness of his manhood, and I don’t even like cocks! Okay, maybe I can appreciate a great one, but that’s it.)

Eva stood at the door, laughing at the scene. Her husband was still pretty fit, but that helium balloon holding up his meat was just ludicrous. But she did not move and Ray offered only a few words “thought you might like something different, hon.”

Naturally, as Eva watched on, Ray’s cock began to grow. I could see everything from outside on the deck. Ray casually threw me a look, and a smile that made me chuckle. That guy had balls, I tell you! Eva knew nothing of our arrangement, or my secret viewing.

Little by little, the huge, thick penis tied to the balloon grew. It expanded its width, and the length grew until it was a full nine-and-a-bit inches (Eva had boasted to Suzanne and I the first time we had seen it).

Eva took a few steps forward, clearly interested now. She dropped her sweater at the door, her blouse in the middle of the floor, and her skirt at the side of the daybed. Ray just watched her advancing, cock continuing to thicken and rock a bit on its own.

Eva’s vision was locked on her husband’s crotch, clearly anticipating pleasuring herself very soon. She snapped off her bra, releasing her ample mounds of black boob, and placed a hand under each tit to present them for his inspection.

Ray noted this, “woman, you still have the best rack I have ever seen. Show me more.”

She dropped the bra, then turned away from him, bent over at the waist nearly touching the floor. I could see her boobs dangling there, nipples rigid and puckered tightly. Ray got to watch her great ass and beaver as she slipped off her lacy panties.

When they were all the way down, she carefully stepped out of them, picked them up and placed them over Ray’s massive hardon. By now the balloon was bobbing along with his metronomic jumping cock.

And I was watching it all. Now for the next part of the plan.

Ray enticed Eva onto his lap, and yes, she untied the ribbon holding the balloon and let it go free. He guided her towards his cock, letting her take it in her hands, guide güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri it to her mouth and rub it against her lips. She made love to that cock, rubbing it all over her face, into her hair and down her chest. I watched from the side as she captured his meat between her boobs and started to titfuck her husband.

I could hear them making all the sounds of sex and of loving. Eva reached into the table by the bed and pulled out some lubricant then smeared it generously over her chest. She dribbled a stream onto Ray’s cock. Then she leaned back in to resume the tit-massage she was giving him.

I watched as each time the plum-sized head of his cock poked between her tits, she would capture it with her lips, sometimes holding him there and other times just offering as teasing kiss.

This went on for a few more minutes until Ray motioned her to sit on him. She climbed on and pulled herself forward until Ray could bury his cock into her wet, waiting cunt.

That was my signal to go into action.

I let myself into the house silently, dropping my own clothing as I went. I had been steel-hard ever since Eva had ‘caught’ Ray and his balloon.

I followed my cock towards the sunroom and stood at the door just as she had only half an hour earlier. From here I could see Eva fantastic ass bouncing up and down on the big black cock that she so often had enjoyed. This time there would be something new, something she would like.

Ray motioned me to get closer. Eva was in full riding position so he pulled her onto his chest, holding her terrific melons against himself. In doing this, he had exposed her ass to my view, and to my cock.

I was all ready, as I had been for quite a while, but still kept quiet. I carefully reached out for the lube Eva had dropped to the floor and proceeded to liberally coat my hardon with it. I made quite a show of it for Ray, too. I could see him holding back a laugh so I did what I had to: I made even more show of it. I placed both hands on my cock and stroked it a few times, just to coat it with the lube if you will. Ray was completely focussed on my cock and hands (hmmmm?) but still he pumped his own in time with his wife’s rising and falling hips.

He motioned me forward. As planned, is stood less than a foot behind Eva, cock pointed at her puckered hole. I hear Ray quietly ask his wife what she thought about her desire to be double-penetrated.

“I still want it, honey, but I have to be ready. You know that.”

“What would it take for you to be ready?”

“I would have to be completely and totally turned on.”

“Like you are now, baby?”

“Something like that. Why?”

“Just wondering. Have you given thought to who should take the other hole? Anyone in mind?”

“Over the past month I have been giving that a lot of thought and I would say that Paul is someone I trust enough to fuck me up the ass as you pound me from the front. What do you think, Ray. Would you have Paul’s cock rubbing up against yours in my pussy? Would you like that?”

Ray güvenilir bahis şirketleri was sure a smooth old bastard because Eva was now asking for exactly what we had planned.

“What would you say to Paul if he was here?”

Eva ground herself onto Ray’s meat, rotating her hips and giving him a joy I knew only too well. That woman could fuck like no other I have ever met, even in the two decades since I got out of university.

“If he was here right now, and damn him for being late, I would tell him to get his big tool up against my asshole and push it in!”

Ray prompted her: “Why don’t you try it now?”

“Paul,” she commanded firmly, “get that big tool of yours up against my asshole and start penetrating me back there!”

So I did. She must have jumped a foot, though not quite off Ray’s cock. To her credit, she figured out what was going on in a flash and did not even turn around. Instead, she pushed down hard on Ray and pushed he ass towards me, meeting my cockhead with her puckered hole.

Completely lubed up, my erection slid easily past the outer muscles, smoothly followed by the whole shaft as I buried the full seven inches.

What a weird fucking feeling. I was balls deep in my amazing black lover’s ass and while she was tight, the real oddity was feeling another cock pressed up hard against mine with only a few layers of flesh between us. Ray had stopped fucking Eva and I simply held myself in place, all the way up her ass. Then she took over.

Eva’s cunt control was amazing, something I had already experienced several times. But this was something else. As she held us both in place, she somehow massaged both cocks simultaneously with neither of us moving.

That stopped when I got the urge to thrust into her properly. I pulled out about halfway and then gently pushed back in. I did this a few times until I was almost coming out of her ass then driving in hard. As I was working this out, I felt Ray doing similar things from his side. We found a rhythm that has us first alternating penetration; we changed that into doing it at the same time. That’s when Eva began to cry out in joy. “Fuck me you studs! Shove it in my cunt honey, and do my ass harder, Paul.”

Each time I felt Ray’s cock against mine I got a little more curious, and a little more motivated. Within a few minutes of this wild action, Eva was screaming out with orgasmic volume.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” She went on all the while she was coming. This sure drove me to do it to her. I only lasted a few more strokes before I pulled out and came all over her chocolate ass. Calling out “I am coming, Ray (!) Fuck her hard!” I shot my seed onto her.

That’s when Ray started to come, too. He called out his own, “fuck me baby — I’m gonna come, too.”

Two more strokes and he was done. Eva took the first load deep into her pussy, but pulled off just in time for the second spurt to shoot up onto her chest. With one hand she gathered up his sperm; with the other she wiped off my cum from her ass and brought them together. Standing right there in front of us, the woman mixed the two puddles into one, smiling at each of us in turn. Then she slurped up the combined ejaculate in one big mouthful.

“Wow. Fucking wow!”

Crazy afternoon, but each visit with my lover was getting to be more adventuresome, and more memorable.



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